By Miguel Rivera

At the negotiating table is the potential showdown between World Boxing Organization Junior Featherweight champion Jessie Magdaleno and mandatory challenger Cesar ‘Corazón’ Juarez of Mexico, tentatively scheduled for October 31.

Luis Zápari, promoter of Juarez, reveals that an agreement is in place, but some details are missing, such as the television network and the venue, which is why Juárez is already preparing in Mexico City for his second championship fight.

Juarez has previously challenged for a title against Nonito Donaire in Puerto Rico and that resulted in tough defeat for him – in one of the better fights of the year.

Magdaleno (25-0, 18 KO’s), who is managed by Frank Espinoza and promoted by Top Rank, won the WBO Junior Featherweight title from Donaire in an exciting fight that he fought with a touch of intelligence and boxing ability.

“The fight is almost done, we spoke to the promoter, the fighters have agreed and only the signatures are missing. There are details to solve but it seems that the most important thing is already done,” Zápari said to ESPN Deportes. “The fight will take place in the United States, but that’s no problem because Cesar will go anywhere to fight for the championship.”

Magdaleno’s first defense was made in April when he knocked out Adeilson Dos Santos of Brazil at the Stub Hub in Carson, California, in two rounds, and now it is now time for him to satisfy the mandatory fight against the highest ranked challenger as ordered by the WBO.

Juarez, meanwhile, is 20-5 with 15 KOs, and would arrive with a three-win streak after being beaten by Donaire in December 2015 and then by Giovanni Delgado unexpectedly in March 2016.

However, he recovered by knocking out top rated Filipino Albert Pagara.

If a deal is reached, there is a big possibility that the fight will be broadcast on ESPN, thanks to the agreement reached by the legendary promoter Bob Arum and the international sports channel.–118775?print_friendly=1



Todo un éxito resultó la vista al CECYT No 12 “José María Morelos” del Instituto Politécnico Nacional en esta ciudad de México, que esta mañana hicieran tres extraordinarios Campeones de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo, Cesar “CORAZÓN” Juárez, Moisés “MOI” Fuentes y Carlos “FINO” Ruiz, ha quedado demostrado que la OMB no solamente es Boxeo al enviar a estos tres dignos representantes del Boxeo Mundial, Moisés Fuentes resaltó, yo provengo de una cuna muy humilde pero gracias al esfuerzo y dedicación que le he puesto a este deporte que tanto amo, he tenido la oportunidad de alcanzar mis sueños al haberme coronado ya en varias ocasiones Campeón del Mundo, invito a todos ustedes ha que hagan su mejor esfuerzo y seguramente el día de mañana verán relazados sus sueños; Carlos Ruiz recalcó, actualmente estudio en este querido Instituto Politécnico y me siento tan feliz de hacer un enorme esfuerzo para sacar adelante mis dos carreras, una la de boxeador profesional y la otra mi deseo de convertirme muy pronto en un Ingeniero, por último Cesar Juárez manifestó; el boxeo es una profesión muy difícil de llevar pero con mucho empeño y dedicación tus anhelos los puedes lograr, he tenido peleas dificilísimas, pero se que estoy a punto de ver coronado mi más grande anhelo, el de convertirme muy pronto en Campeón del Mundo.

Por su parte el representante de la OMB en México Rafael López Santos hizo énfasis en que por encima del ingenio, del talento y de la inteligencia que se pueda tener, está la disciplina, la disciplina te conduce al éxito y entendamos que en la disciplina está el éxito.

Agradeció al presidente de la OMB “Paquito” Valcárcel de haber instrumentado este programa de “Juventud Libre de Drogas” que se lleva a cabo en todo el mundo y afortunadamente con mucho éxito.




The trainer/father of five division world champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire (37-3, 24KOs) believes that a rematch between Nonito and Mexico’s rugged Cesar Juarez (18-5, 14KOs) will be “a good one.”

“Dodong” Donaire told Standard that a rematch is “what the people and the network (ABS-CBN) want” and indicated he too would be ready for a rematch.

Juarez who scored a stunning 8th round knockout of previously undefeated Prince Albert Pagara before a sell-out crowd  at the San Mateo Events Center on Saturday night in California, after being dropped by a classic left hook in the dying seconds of the opening round stormed back with a flurry of wicked body shots that had Pagara groggy at the end of round seven before a four-punch combination sent Pagara to the canvas in the eight round.

At that point Pagara was prostrate on all fours before he was stretched out and rushed to the Stanford Medical Center where he was pronounced “fine” after a CTScan and other tests and was cleared to fly home on Monday.

However, doctors advised Pagara that he should not engage in any contact sports for at least two weeks although existing rules of the Philippine Games and Amusements Board prescribe a 45 day layoff following a knockout.

Although he didn’t watch the fight “Dodong” Donaire  said he understands that Pagara stood in front of Juarez and exchanged big shots which was a tactical mistake and he eventually paid the price.

When Donaire and Juarez clashed for the vacant WBO title in Puerto Rico last December it was marked by several brutal exchanges in the second half of the fight which Donaire won handily following two knockdowns he scored in the 4th round that negated the comeback of Juarez in the championship rounds.–106544?print_friendly=1


Showing amazing resiliency after being knocked down in the dying seconds of the opening round by a vicious left hook from previously unbeaten Prince Albert Pagara, Mexico’s Cesar Juarez came charging back and eventually crushed the world title hopeful with a series of bludgeoning punches that sent the Filipino crashing to the canvas early in round eight where he lay prostrate on all fours for several minutes before being stretchered out and taken by ambulance to the Stanford Medical Center.

Dr. Ed de la Vega who was part of the three-man team which worked the corner of Prince Albert that included trainer Edmund Villamor and his brother Edito, accompanied Prince Albert to the hospital and informed The Standard Pagara will undergo a CTScan but was alert and conversing with him.

It was obvious that Juarez who displayed the same kind of remarkable comeback when he lost in his bid for the vacant WBO junior featherweight title to Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire in Puerto Rico last December where Donaire banked on two knockdowns in the 4th round to win by a somewhat lopsided decision which didn’t reflect the closeness or the brutality of the championship rounds, was in his elements against Prince Albert, who he claimed in a pre-fight press conference didn’t have the experience and was not in the same class to face him. Juarez regularly pushed Pagara to the ropes and bombarded him with thundering body shots that soon began to sap the energy out of the young Filipino in a fight that was regarded as the ultimate test of whether he was ready for a possible world title shot.

Juarez provided the answer in emphatic fashion as he began to dominate the fight after being stunned by the initial first round knockdown.

In the seventh round Juarez backed Prince Albert against the ropes and unleashed a two-fisted assault that had Pagara in trouble. However, Pagara used his footwork to get back into the center of the ring but Juarez pinned him down again and often connected with solid blows to the head. Pagara was on wobbly legs as he headed to the corner at the bell. Smiling in the corner before the eighth, Pagara rose slowly.




Boxing Scene noted that Pagara’s corner seemed to be helping him get his balance and he sort of stumbled out of the corner without so much as an eye on Juarez. Pagara walked right into a flush four punch combination and was deposited right back in the corner he’d just left. The referee jumped in to halt the action immediately. The official time of the stoppage was :15 seconds of round eight.

Juarez called out Donaire and asked for a rematch which Donaire readily agreed to but said his promoters would have to work it out.

Donaire who was on the ABS-CBN TV panel at the San Mateo Events Center said he thought “more than anything it was the exhaustion” that led to the first KO loss in Pagara’s while there were those who claimed that Prince Albert was too confident and bordered on being cocky.

The end was unexpected as it was sudden and stunned predominantly Filipino crowd which was still celebrating after WBO junior welterweight world No.1 ranked Jason “El Nino” Pagara, the elder brother of Prince Albert scored an explosive 3rd round knockout over Abraham “ The Swift” Alvarez who was sent crashing to the canvas with a thundering body shot followed by a picture-perfect right hook to end the scheduled eight round bout at :55 seconds of round three.

With the win Jason improved to 39-2 with 24 knockouts while the clearly over-matched Alvarez dropped to 21-10-1 with 10 knockouts.



By Byron Spurlock

WBO Intercontinental jr featherweight champion “Prince” Albert Pagara (26-0, 18 KOs) battles Mexican warrior Cesar Juarez (17-5, 13 KOs) on July 9th at the San Mateo Event Center in San Mateo, CA. The “Fists of the Future” press conference kicked off on Wednesday afternoon at the ABS-CBN International Studios in Redwood City. Cesar Juarez was not in attendance.

Albert Pagara: “Cesar Juarez is a strong Mexican fighter who loves to move forward and attack but I’m ready to face him. I will be ready for him. My Plan is to stick to my game plan and not fall into his, which is to have a street fight. I don’t plan to play into what the crowd wants, despite the crowd maybe being largely Hispanic. I know that the Filpino community will be there to represent as well. I’m going to stick to my game plan because I’m here to win.”

[On fighting in the USA] “With fighting here in the US the plan is for me to learn more English. Right now I understand it and I speak a little, but I know I need to fight here more and learn to speak more English.”

[On training with Freddie Roach] “It went very well. We worked on footwork and power. Freddy Roach worked with my brother and I on improving our stamina for preparation of a fight lasting twelve rounds. Not every fight is going to end in a KO. Also what I learned is that training is the key and I don’t have a fear of losing. With proper training, I feel very confident. I’m very confident with the power of my punches and if I hit my target than it better be ready.”

Jason “El Nino” Pagara: “I don’t need to say much, I’m looking for a knockout, that’s it! My specialty punch is the uppercut and he will feel it come July 9th.”

[On if he’s afraid of losing] “I have already tasted defeat before, and I’m not having that feeling again, so there isn’t anything that I’m scared of.”

Ricky Resureccion (ABS-CBN Marketing): “This is a must watch fight for the people of boxing. Pagara is an up and coming Filipino fighter. Everyone saw the fight that Cesar Juarez had against WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire and that was a fight of the year nominee. So we know this is going to be a tough fight for ‘Prince’ Albert Pagara.”

Chief trainer Edmund Villamor: [On boxing in the Philippines] “The island is very historic and boxing is one of the activities that people find passion for very quickly. You have to understand that where we are from, which is the south side of the Philippines, the region Manny Pacquiao is from, there is a lot of poverty. Lots of people look to boxing as a way out of poverty, so yes the numbers of young men trying to become fighters is quite a bit, but not all of them make it to fame and glory.”

The undercard lineup:

Hector Valdez vs Vincent Jennings – 125 lbs, 6 rounds
Mauricio Zavaleta vs Darren Mallard Jr – 156 lbs, 6 rounds
Israel Hernandez vs Michael Flores – 112 lbs, 4 rounds
Lennard Davis IV vs David Figueroa – 141 lbs, 4 rounds
Rudy Macedo vs TBA – 147 lbs – 4 rounds

thumbs_62316juarez001 thumbs_62316juarez002 thumbs_62316juarez003 thumbs_62316juarez004 thumbs_62316juarez005

Albert Pagara is set to leave for his US training on Monday night.   Photo by:  Jerome Ascano

UNBEATEN Albert Pagara faces the toughest test of his young and promising career as he takes on durable Mexican Cesar Juarez in the main event of the ‘Pinoy Pride’ US edition this coming July.

The 22-year-old pride of Maasin, Leyte is well aware of the task at hand that he’ll be leaving for Los Angeles on Monday night to start training and get in shape for the 12-round super-bantamweight fight set on July 9 at the San Mateo Event Center in California.

Juarez is a familiar name for Filipino fight fans, having stretched Filipino Nonito Donaire Jr. to 12 grueling rounds before losing by unanimous decision in their World Boxing Organization (WBO) championship match last December in Puerto Rico.

But Pagara said he doesn’t fear his 24-year-old foe from Mexico City, who sports a 17-5 record, including 13 by KOs.

“Hindi ako takot sa kanya. Bakit naman tayo matatakot,” said the rising fighter from the ALA Promotions stable when he faced media men on Monday over lunch, just hours prior to his U.S. departure.

“Kaya natin yan,” added Pagara, whose unbeaten in 26 fights, 18 of which by KOs.

ALA Sports Promotions International Inc. president and CEO Michael Aldeguer is aware Juarez is a dangerous opponent for Pagara.

“This is the biggest test for Albert. We knew it would be a dangerous fight and a risk to his WBO No. 2 world ranking,” said Aldeguer in a statement.

“But again, just like (Mark) Magsayo, we need to find out if he has what it takes to be a world champion. Juarez gave Nonito Donaire one of the toughest fights in his career, so this should be another exciting fight. This will be a make or break for Albert.”

The younger of the two Pagara fighting brothers will be leaving for Los Angeles together with trainer Michael Domingo. They will be joined later by chief cornerman Edito Villamor shortly after Donnie Nietes’ defense of his WBO minimumweight title against Raul Garcia at La Salle Coliseum in Bacolod City on May 28.

It will be the first time Pagara will be in the US by his lonesome.

“Medyo malungkot kasi mag isa lang tayo,” said Pagara, who was joined by brother Albert, Nietes, and Magsayo during his first ever stint in America last October.

“Pero para naman sa pamilya natin ito, para sa bayan. kaya konting tiis lang.”

donaire.with.paco.151211.330w By Maloney L. Samaco

Filipino sportswriters praised Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire for his unanimous decision win over Cesar Juarez of Mexico. But international sports scribes who may had seen Donaire as the winner, had varied reactions.

Jake Donovan of Boxing Scene appreciated Donaire’s efforts: “On this particular evening, there was minimal opportunity to seek the nearest exit. Had he done so, it would have been chalked up to Father Time catching up to him. Instead, Donaire dug deep and for the first time in an already incredible career was forced to persevere in an action-packed fight.”

Dan Rafael of ESPN also had a high score for the Filipino Flash : “ also scored the fight 116-110 for Donaire, the 2012 consensus fighter of the year, who won his third fight in a row this year since returning to the 122-pound weight class. He dropped down in weight following a sixth-round knockout loss to Nicholas Walters that cost him his featherweight world title in October 2014.”

Chris Williams of Boxing News 24 picked Juarez as the winner: “I had Juarez winning the fight by a narrow margin because he clearly won rounds 7 through 12, and was robbed of a knockdown in the 10th, when he dropped Donaire with a left hook to the head. It’s unbelievable that Juarez didn’t get credit for knocking Donaire down in the 10th. It was just a really poor call by the referee because it was a left hook to the head that put Donaire down.”

Brian Mazique of Bleacher Report agreed with the judges: “Despite Juarez’s strong finish, the judges got it right. Donaire built a sizable lead early on, and he did more than enough to win the fight. That said, the 33-year-old still didn’t look as sharp as he did when he won Fighter of the Year in 2012.”

Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook scored a closer fight: “BLH had it slightly closer at 115-111 for Donaire…This was a massive test for him, not so much in skills but in desire, stamina, and heart. He proved out tonight, but how many more of these does he have in him, and is he still good enough to avoid this type of fight?”

Derek Bonnett of Seconds Out was not satisfied of Donaire’s win: “Nonito Donaire sought to re-establish himself as a world champion worthy of big-time boxing match-ups under the limelight. Donaire…did just that for about six rounds against Cesar Juarez…For the other six rounds, Donaire swelled, bled, tired, and clung to victory after injuring his ankle in a performance that can only be described as harmful to Donaire’s prospects of reclaiming a place among boxing’s elite.”

A rematch was called for and Donaire who appreciated the courage of his Mexican foe wanted to give him a return bout. Much credit must be given to Juarez who fought like a wounded tiger, a trademark for Mexican warriors.

But meanwhile, it’s so ecstatic for the nation to celebrate another champion coming home in the Yuletide Season.

CONGRATS NONITO! We are so proud if you!



Pound for pound star Guillermo Rigondeaux has moved to withdraw his appeal against the World Boxing Organization stripping the Cuban of his WBO super bantamweight title.

The 35 year-old was initially hoping to reverse the decision which the WBO stated was due to lack of activity as champion, although ‘Rigo’ has now decided to focus on his career moving forward.

As the belt remains vacant and number one Nonito Donaire faces number two ranked Cesar Juarez this Friday night, the WBO’s Jose Izquierdo was asked to clarify if the bout would be sanctioned for the vacant belt in light of recent events.

“Guillermo Rigondeaux withdrew his appeal. However, we have not yet received any request for Donaire-Juarez. As it stands, the fight is for the WBO International Title,” Izquierdo exclusively told World Boxing News.

That could still change in the run-up to Friday’s fight and would seem to be a no-brainer for the WBO as the pair would certainly have been ordered to face-off for the vacant championship under any other circumstances.

For Rigondeaux, the talented ex-champion can continue a new dawn in his career following victory over Drian Francisco on what was his debut under new promoters Roc Nation in Las Vegas, Nevada at the back end of last month.



By Chris Williams: The World Boxing Organization recently stripped their unbeaten super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux for him having failed to defend the belt in 11 months.

The vacant WBO 122lb title will be on the line this Friday night for the clash between #1 WBO Cesar Juarez (17-3, 13 KOs) and #2 WBO Nonito Donaire (35-3, 23 KOs) at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Donaire, 33, has lost 2 out of his last 6 fights, and is a very poor option to be fighting for a world title after his defeats to Rigondeaux and Nicholas Walters. By stripping Rigondeaux and letting the guy that he easily beat just two years ago, the WBO is putting their organization in the position where they could wind up with a much weaker champion than the one they had when Rigondeaux was holding the title.

“As expected, WBO announces that Friday’s @filipinoflash-Cesar Juarez fight will be for organization’s vacant 122 world title. #boxing,” Dan Rafael said on his Twitter.
Juarez, 24, is an even worse candidate for the WBO’s 122lb title, as he’s previously been beaten by Hugo Partida, Jorge Lara and Edgar Lozano. Juarez has done nothing to deserve the #1 WBO ranking that he’s currently holding with the WBO. Juarez’s recent controversial 8 round decision win over Cesar Ceda appears to be the reason for him getting the No.1 ranking with the WBO.

That fight should have been a 12 round fight rather than an 8 rounder, and Juarez should have had to fight someone better than the guys he’s been fighting to get the ranking.

Donaire will likely win the WBO title and wind up being seen as a paper champion. It would be nice if Donaire volunteered to fight Rigondeaux to try and clear up his one-sided loss to him, but I don’t see that happening. Donaire’s 84-year-old promoter Bob Arum will likely never let him fight Rigondeaux ever again.

I think it was a really bad experience for Arum the last time that Donaire and Rigondeaux fought, because the loss for Donaire really took the wind out of the sails of his pro career. Donaire still hasn’t gotten his career back to where it was before his one-sided loss to Rigondeaux, and beating the little known Juarez with his inflated resume won’t do anything to make boxing fans forget about his loss to the Cuban star or to Nicholas Walters.

It’s like that Arum will look to match Donaire up against the winner of the Scott Quigg vs. Carl Frampton unification fight in 2016. Rigondeaux, who is seen as the best fighter in the 122lb division by many boxing fans, will probably be locked out of a fight against any of those guys, especially against Donaire. No way do I see Arum letting Donaire get schooled a second time by Rigondeaux, because the way that he was beaten by him suggests that the will always get beaten by him no matter how many times they fight.

In other news, Arum will be announcing Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent this Friday on the Donaire-Juarez card on truTV. The name that is being mentioned by boxing fans is WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley in what would be a third fight between Pacquiao and Bradley.

You’ve got to wish Pacquiao and Arum good luck in trying to sell that fight to the boxing public. Even if they load up the undercard with top fighters, which seriously they will do, I doubt the Pacquiao-Bradley fight will do more than 400,000 PPV buys on HBO. I know their two previous fights have brought in between 800,000 to 900,000 PPV buys, but I see there being diminishing returns this time around.

It’s like when you play a movie at a theater for a month or so. Initially, people are interested in seeing it, but after a while people lose interest and stop coming out to see it. Finally, they just wish the theater will get a new movie and quit wasting time advertising something that people have already seen before.

It would better for Pacquiao to fight anyone else at this point as long as they’re someone new, and someone the boxing public actually cares about seeing on PPV. I don’t personally see Bradley as a PPV fighter, so I don’t have any interest at all in paying to see Pacquiao-Bradley 3. Maybe if Arum makes it a complimentary showing where it’s free, I might want to see it, but other than that, I can’t see myself paying to see a third fight between these two old timers.

hi-res-54c101ed4fb034e46543dace898c5e61_crop_north  Credit:  Photo by Alexis Cuarezma / Getty –

Former five-division champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire (35-3, 23 KO) will look to move one step closer to another shot at a world title. On Friday night in San Juan, PuertoRico, the 33-year-old Donaire will take on 24-year-old Cesar Juarez (17-3, 13 KO) for the regional WBO International junior featherweight (super bantamweight) title.

The fight is the co-featured bout on a card that will also see young Puerto Rican star Felix Verdejo in a showcase fight against JosenilsonDos Santos.

Juarez is listed as the No. 1 contender in the WBO‘s latest rankings, per the organization’s official siteDonaire is second. Despite Juarez’s higher current ranking and possession of the WBO regional title, Donaire has far more experience, and it would appear he is the more talented fighter.

When: Friday at 10 p.m. ET

Where: Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico

TV: truTV

Live Stream: truTV Live

Last Time Out

Juarez Guts Out Victory over Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr.

The Mexico native deserves credit for his heart and desire. In his last fight in July, Juarez faced Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr. The former never stopped coming forward, throwing punches and battling for the WBO International junior featherweight title. Juarez would drop Sanchez in the 10th round.

After 12 grueling frames, Juarez proved to have more in the tank than his opponent. He was rightfully awarded a unanimous-decision victory and the title. It was easily the biggest win of Juarez’s career.

hi-res-f3c241c3b3eb67df413a06e9ea7cfeca_crop_exact Credit:  Photo by Anthony Wallace / Getty Images –  Donaire punishes Settoul with a hard right hand in July.

In a vintage performance, Donaire disposed of Anthony Settoul in the second round. Donaire had all of his weapons on display in the short, but destructive bout.

He dropped Settoul twice in the first round with crushing left hooks to the body. In the second round, he masterfully slipped a Settoul jab and countered with a lighting-quick right hand over the top.

Settoul went down in a heap. Seconds later, his corner threw in the towel, giving Donaire the TKO victory.

Donaire Reflects and Looks Forward

Coming off such a spectacular win, Donaire has to feel a little better about his career than he did this time last year. In October 2014, Donaire lost his WBA Super World featherweight title when he was stopped for the first time in his career by Nicholas “Axe Man” Walters.

Top Rank Boxing tweeted a quote from Donaire discussing the loss to Walters:


“For the 1st time in my life, I touched the canvas.” – @filipinoflash on the @AxeManWalters fight

Since that loss, Donaire is 2-0, including the win over Settoul. He now has his eyes on some of the best fighters in the weight region. That includes WBO featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko:

“It’s not just @vasyllomachenko, who ever the best TR have , I want to be in there with them.” – @filipinoflash on possible opponents.

That said, Donaire doesn’t appear to be looking past Juarez. He was complimentary of his young opponent:

.@filipinoflash on Dec 11th opponent, Cesar Juarez -” He’s non stop all the time. He seems to get stronger every round ” .

Is that going to be enough for Juarez to pull off the improbable victory?


There’s no way Juarez has a chance to compete with Donaire. The speed and quick-twitch athleticism are drastically in favor of the more decorated Filipino fighter.

The physical advantage says nothing of Donaire‘s decided edge in experience. If this fight makes it beyond the fourth round, it’ll be a testament to Juarez’s heart.

If it goes beyond the sixth, Juarez’s corner should be investigated for allowing their fighter to take unnecessary punishment. In any case, Donaire will win by KO/TKO.


El campeón Internacional de la WBO, César Juárez, ha cumplido todos sus objetivos y ahora va por el más grande en su carrera

El ser campeón Internacional de peso supergallo de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (WBO) y primer clasificado en la división, no fue un recorrido fácil para el capitalino César Juárez, quien es un peleador que ha aprovechado cada oportunidad en el ring, tal como lo demostró hace unas semanas al vencer en su propia tierra al sinaloense Juan Carlos ‘Zurdito’ Sánchez.

El púgil capitalino platicó con ESTADIO, acompañado por su representante Sean Gibbons (Top Rank y Zanfer), así como por su padre y preparador físico, Margarito Juárez, y parte del equipo, en una charla donde habló desde sus inicios, recordando que como peleador amateur venció en una final nacional al sonorense Óscar Valdez.

“Fui tres veces campeón nacional. En una de esas finales, vencí a Óscar Valdez. Lo recuerdo bien, fue en 2006, en Apizaco, Tlaxcala. Como amateur, gané 106 peleas y perdí seis”, rememoró el monarca Internacional en las 122 libras de la WBO.

IMG_20150817_104249_756  Juárez, junto a su representante Sean Gibbons.

Con 23 años de edad y récord de 19-3, 14 nocauts, Juárez ya tiene experiencia internacional con la victoria que se apuntó en Las Vegas sobre el puertorriqueño César Seda, que lo catapultó a la pelea de campeonato contra el ‘Zurdito’ Sànchez.

Aunque esa noche tenía todo en contra, señaló que su gran preparación lo sacó adelante, aguantando un clima bastante fuerte con mucha humedad y muy poca ventilación tras doce rounds frenéticos.

“Las oportunidades son para aprovecharlas. Sabía que esa pelea no la podía perder, que era mi oportunidad. Soy un peleador que se prepara bastante bien, pero esta vez lo hice al doble para ganar. Todo nos resultó, salimos con el brazo, vencimos al ‘Zurdito’ y al clima al que uno no está acostumbrado”, indicó con una sonrisa, mostrando su cinturón de campeón.

IMG_20150817_104332_922 Juárez, acompañado por su equipo de trabajo.

Tiene licenciatura y maestría

En el deporte en general, es difícil encontrar a un atleta que divida su tiempo con los estudios.

César Juárez es uno de esos casos contados que hay en el deporte mexicano, al tener una carrera universitaria en Leyes y además una maestría.

“Decidí ser profesional para solventar mis gastos. Yo sabía que tenía cualidades para destacar como profesional, eso también nos impulsó para dejar el amateur y dar el salto como profesional.

“Cuando empecé a cobrar por mis primeras peleas, ese dinero lo utilizaba para pagarme la carrera. Mis padres me ayudaron mucho, ellos también me apoyaban económicamente. Ese dinero siempre lo vi como una inversión para terminar mi carrera como abogado y hacer después la maestría”, manifestó con gesto de satisfacción.

Como monarca Internacional, afirmó que lo que sigue es buscar el campeonato mundial absoluto.

“Soy una persona que ha trabajado mucho por lo que quiere. Ya tengo un título importante de un organismo que me abrió las puertas. Ahora quiero el título mundial, pero sé que eso depende de mis promotores, de cuando ellos me digan. De lo que estos seguro, es que estaré listo para esa pelea”.

Su padre, el señor Margarito Juárez contó una anécdota que a más de uno le arrebató la sonrisa en torno al por qué metió a su hijo al boxeo.

“Yo siempre hice deporte, corrí maratones de más joven. Siempre le inculqué a mi hijo el deporte. Pero lo metí al boxeo porque en la primaria había niños que lo molestaban, hasta le pegaban y dije ‘esto no puede seguir’. Lo metí a entrenar box para que se defendiera y miren hasta dónde ha llegado”, señaló sonriente.

“Queremos el título mundial”

Al ser clasificado más alto en peso supergallo, por la WBO, su representante Sean Gibbons señaló que esperarán a la decisión que tome el cubano Guillermo Rigondeaux –actual campeón supergallo WBO– al hablarse de que podría subir a la división inmediata, dejando así el título vacante.

“Parece que Rigondeaux se va a peso pluma, por ahí escuché que quiere una pelea contra Lomachenko (campeón pluma WBO). Vamos a esperar a su decisión en las próximas semanas. Nosotros queremos que César pelea en octubre o noviembre y si es por el título mundial, qué mejor”.

En este sentido, el representante de Top Rank, quien trabaja de manera conjunta con Bob Arum y Fernando Beltrán (Zanfer), señaló que, de quedar vacante el campeonato, es muy probable que se enfrente a un alto clasificado de la división por el título mundial.

“César es número uno en la división y eso lo convierte en retador al título. Si queda vacante el campeonato, es muy probable que enfrente a otro alto clasificado. Pero vamos a esperar a los próximos días”, estableció Gibbons.



MOCHIS, Sinaloa – En un dramático final el capitalino César Juárez derrotó por decisión unánime en 12 rounds al sinaloense el ex campeón mundial Juan Carlos ¨Zurdito¨ Sánchez, quien cayó fuera del ring al final del último asalto, pero se reincorporó a los 18 segundos en la pelea estelar  en el Polideportivo  Centenario de los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Fue más bien la valentía y la insistencia de César Juárez que se impuso a la técnica y mejor boxeo de Juan Carlos Sánchez, quien se le acabaron las piernas y una mala condición física y sin efectividad.

Las tarjetas de los jueces fueron: Alejandro y Fabrizio López  114-111, 114-111 y  Victor Salomón 114-112 y el boxeador de México Distrito Federal se coronó campeón Internacional Supergallo OMB

Juárez (17-3, 13 kos) con un ímpetu sin técnica, pero impresionante fue hacia delante a pesar de que ser cortado y dominado en los primeros rounds por Sánchez (21-4-1, 9 kos), quien tuvo destellos de su buen boxeo, pero con pocas combinaciones y muchos intervalos sin ataques.

Fue una dramática pelea, sobre todo en los rounds, diez,  once y doceavo cuando ¨Zurdito¨ sin piernas, condición y pura valentía se mantuvo de pie  ante un crecido Juárez.

La pelea dio un giro a partir del octavo round, luego que Sánchez dominó con su media distancia a César Juárez, quien nunca dio un paso a tras lanzando golpes de todos los ángulos algunos desdibujados.

Pocas fueron las combinaciones del sinaloense  y cuando los lanzó conectó bien y lastimo al peleador distritense, quien nunca dio un paso atrás.

Al final del décimo round Juárez conecto un volado de derecha y envio a la lona a un agotado Sánchez y la campana vino a su salvación.

El round once fue un suplicio para el ¨Zurdito¨ tambaleante sin  aire, sin fuerza y sin piernas apenas sobrevivió a los ataques sin técnica de Juárez. llego el último round y César Juárez fue con todo atacando de con todo al ex campeón mundial, quien no podía ya  continuar agotado a su límite, fue faltando 30 segundos cuando en una serie de golpes del capitalino envio fuera del ring  de forma dramática al piso al ¨Zurdito¨ , quien cayó al piso,  nadie podía ayudarle y el réferi Miguel Canun inició la cuenta de los 20 segundos , el sinalonse logró subirse al ring a la cuenta de los 18 segundos y apenas terminó el combate.