Christina Hammer v Mikaela Lauren


P. Gercke / Team SES –

The unbeaten Christina Hammer (14-0, 7) may well have claimed 2 Super Middleweight titles just a few short weeks ago but she returns to her more natural division this coming weekend.

On Saturday Hammer will be defending her WBF and WBO Middleweight titles for the 5th time as she takes on Swedish veteran Mikaela Lauren (19-2, 7).

The 22 year old Hammer, a naturalised German who was born in Novodolinka, Kazakhstan has become one of the sports premier fighters. She has a wonderful combination of technical skills and physical attributes that have helped her become a 2 weight world champion and yet she’s still a long, long way from her prime, something that should be scary to those fighters in the higher divisions.

In the opposite corner will be the 37 year old Lauren a fighter best known for her exploits at Welterweight where she challenged Cecilia Braekhus for the undisputed crown (coming up short on that night). Unfortunately other than the loss to Braekhus there is little of genuine note on Lauren’s record.

Looking at just the records it wouldn’t be out of line to suggest that this could be a competitive contest. Sadly looking a little bit further it’s hard to imagine anything but a 1-sided battle in favour of Hammer who really should just have too much of everything for Lauren.

With youth, power, natural size and skills on her side we imagine Hammer will manage to stop the challenger in the later rounds in what could potentially become a painful night for Lauren.