WBO Resolution-Interim WBO Bantamweight Division


WHEREAS, a petition was filed on Monday, April 12, 2019 on behalf of the representatives of WBO’s #1 Bantamweight contender and reigning WBO Bantamweight Latino Champion, Mr. Ricardo Espinoza, and former Jr. Flyweight World Champion, Mr. John Riel Casimero; and,

WHEREAS, the petitioner considers that the current inactive status of the WBO Bantamweight division held by its current champion, Mr. Zolani Tete, is due to the official dates, venues and completion of the World Boxing Series Tournament; and,

WHEREAS, the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) Tournament began on October 13, 2018, its completion is determined once they have the winners of each group in their quarter finals, semi-finals and finals that can be prolonged over the span of the year; and,

WHEREAS, the petitioner holds a scheduled WBO International Bantamweight Championship bout date between Mr. Espinoza and Mr. Casimero, he seeks the bout be sanctioned as an Interim WBO Championship bout while the tournament situation is resolved; and,

WHEREAS, the petitioner notes that due to the division inactivity the WBO Bantamweight division rated contenders suffer detrimental damages and opportunity losses, while vying for the WBO Bantamweight Championship Title; and,

WHEREAS, Mr. Tete acquired his title on April 22, 2017, he only defended it on three occasions – November 18, 2017 against Siboniso Gonya, April 21, 2018 against Omar Narvaez, and on October 13, 2018 against Mikhail Aloyan, who was also his first quarter final contender of the WBSS Tournament; and,

WHEREAS, the WBO World Championship Committee recognizes the importance of allowing their champions the discretion to participate in activities they may deem as of career importance, the Committee must also be fair to all of its rated contenders; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the WBO World Championship Committee that given all of the above and in the best interests of all our classified Bantamweight contenders and to benefit the Sport of Boxing as a whole, the WBO Interim Bantamweight Championship be approved.  

This is a final decision of the WBO World Championship Committee. The decision may be appealed to the Complaint and Grievance Committee, pursuant to WBO World Championship Section 34, which as per Rule 3(e) of the WBO Appeals Regulation, must be submitted in writing to the WBO President within fourteen (14) days of the date of this decision as its sole and exclusive remedy.

Dated in San Juan, Puerto Rico on this 16 of April 2019.

By: Luis Batista-Salas, Esq. – Chairman