#NewZealand For the vacant WBO Jr. Heavyweight Oriental Championship: David Light (13-0, 8 KOs) defeated Mark Flanagan (24-6, 17 KOs) via unanimous decision at ABA Stadium in the city of Auckland. Scorecards: 98-92 (x3)

CEBU CITY-Coming from a solid boxing pedigree, Dave Penalosa (14-0-0, 10 KOs), wants to extend his unblemished boxing record. 

The 27-year old Cebuano southpaw is targeting the vacant World Boxing Organization (WBO) Oriental featherweight title next month. 

The young Penalosa will be up against tough Mexican boxer Marcos Cardenas (19-6-1, 15 KOs) as the main event of another boxing extravaganza on February 16 being lined-up by no less his uncle, Gerry Penalosa, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GerryPens Promotions, Inc. 

His father Dodie Boy Penalosa, himself, a two-time former world boxing champion like his uncle, revealed a rigid training regimen for his son. 

The venue is the mountainous trek of barangay Busay here, where many professional boxers would attest to the challenge and advantages of having a sort of a high-altitude training. 

“Ako ning gipatangas sa bukid sa Busay, pa-kondisiyon gyud sa away, (I let him run the mountainous area in Busay, to really condition him for the fight), the elder Penalosa told this writer in an interview. 

Dodie boy said the morning run to Busay alternates with their gym work and sparring aimed at preparing his son well for the 12-round championship fight since Cardenas is no pushover. 

The Mexican has height advantage and has fought against world rated Filipino boxer Genesis Servania and current World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight champion Rey Vargas. 

“Taas ang Mexicano, maayo sab muduwa unya idlas, mudagan-dagan, (The Mexican is taller, he is also a good boxer and slippery, he loves to run in the ring),” Dodie explained. 

Cardenas stands 5 feet and 9 inches while Dave is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. 

Dodieboy said they trained in Cebu for a month and will continue it in the Penalosa Araneta gym in Cubao, Quezon City. 

The younger Penalosa was impressive in his two last fights. In September 30, 2018, he knocked out in just two rounds the erstwhile Tanzanian featherweight boxing champion, Twalib Tuwa. 

Earlier in August, he also dominated Indonesian journeyman Ricky Manufoe in his return to the ring in Tagbilaran City, Bohol after a hiatus of almost three years. 

The venue of the February fight will be the Skydome of SM North EDSA, the same place where the Penalosa-Tuwa fight was also held. 

According to Gerry, he will work out a possible world championship fight for Dave if his nephew will show another impressive performance in the fight against Cardenas. 

The bout will be aired live on television via ESPN5. 


By James Goyder –

Rakniran Muadransarakam faced a significant step up in opposition when he faced Tanzanian Hashimu Zuberi in Maha Sarakham this afternoon. Both fighters brought undefeated records into the ring with them but the Thai demonstrated his superiority to claim a one sided decision and the vacant WBO Oriental 112 lbs belt.

In the first round Rakniran set out his stall to attack and looked to land big left hands but was frequently beaten to the punch by the Tanzanian who caught him clean with a left hook to the head and a straight right. It proved to be Zuberi’s best round of the fight as from the second stanza onwards the Thai was firmly in control.

What Rakniran might lack in finesse me more than made up for in aggression and work rate, and his constant pressure appeared to be wearing Zuberi down in rounds three and four. The Thai repeatedly walked him down and then went to work with hard shots to the body and head.

This pattern continued for the remainder of the fight with Rakniran regularly landing left hooks to the body and head. On the occasions that Zuberi did elect to stand his ground and go toe to toe with the Thai in the middle of the ring he was encumbered by a tendency to slap with his punches instead of using the knuckle.

Zuberi did enjoy some success at the start of the ninth round but he lacked the power to trouble Rakniran who responded to a couple of flush shots upstairs with a broad grin. There was the odd moment of entertaining action as the two fighters went toe to toe in the centre of the ring but ultimately it proved to be an easy afternoon’s work for the Thai.

The scorecards read 120-108, 120-108 and 119-109 in favour of Rakniran who improves to 11-0 and wins the first title of his career. Zuberi drops to 9-1 after suffering a first ever defeat, given his obvious limitations the Tanzanian has done well to make it this far without losing a fight.

Earlier in the afternoon former world title challenger Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo (60-2) cruised to a six rounds decision win over Amos Mwamakula (12-6-2). It had the makings of a competitive matchup but the Thai was simply too good for the Tanzanian who spent six rounds frantically backtracking.


wboconvday1-680By David Finger \ Photos: Joel Colon/WBO

The World Boxing Organization 27th Annual Convention kicked off in full force this morning at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as members from around the world introduced themselves and we subsequently treated to a video presentation highlighting last year’s convention in Budapest. The first order of business for the executive committee was the Championship Committee report, which highlighted the strong position of the WBO in regards to participating in championship fights. In 2011-2012 the WBO made a strong statement to the boxing world as they had an impressive 38 championship fights. However, as that number dipped to 32 in 2012-2013, the WBO was keen on making a strong statement and to bounce back. The Championship Committee was happy to report that the WBO more than exceeded expectations here.

“This year we came back fierce and strong,” commented Luis Batista Salas, chairman of the Championship Committee. “We came back with 40 championship fights. We had more championship fights than the other organizations together.” Batista Salas also commented on the growth, and strength, of WBO Women’s boxing. “We have 25 champions in the female division, and we only began three years ago with female championship fights.”

Perhaps most noteworthy for the Championship Committee was the prominent role that mandatory defenses played in WBO championship fights. “Mandatory fights are something we take very seriously,” Batista Salas added, “(The WBO) had 32 mandatory fights! This is also a record. That is also something to be proud of.”

From there President Valcarcel announced that the President’s Report would be postponed until after lunch to allow him to speak at length about some issues, including his planned announcement for the second day of the convention, in which the WBO will petition Senator John McCain and the ABC to propose amendments to the Muhammad Ali Act, proposals that would strengthen the bill and impose harsher penalties for violations. He then took a jab at the other organizations, and in particular the recent summit of boxing organizations in Cancun, Mexico that was hosted by the WBC.

“I wasn’t there to waste time in Cancun for some public relations stunt where nothing gets done,” Valcarcel said to the Executive Committee, “there were two of them in the past and nothing got done. We didn’t intend to go and waste our time.”

Valcarcel indicated a desire to continue working with local commissions and the ABC to promote safety and proposed rule changes, noting that local laws will always trump the WBO rules, and therefore it was important to work closely with these commissions. He also added that he will be meeting with the chairman of the IBF tomorrow, as the chairman will be visiting with the WBO in Las Vegas.

The Grievance Committee report followed, and in what could considered a “short and sweet” summary, the Grievance Committee chairman Alberto Rodriguez was happy to announce that there were no complaints submitted to the committee in 2014. He then discussed the process for a party to submit to the grievance committee.

A short video followed featuring WBO women’s bantamweight champion Carolina Duer, followed by Ms. Duer thanking the WBO and expressing her appreciation for the WBO. “Since I’ve been a world champion I’ve always been only a WBO champion,” Duer said to the executive committee, “I am very proud to represent this organization.”

The next order of business was the regional vice presidents report, starting with Istvan “Koko” Kovacs and WBO Europe. Kovacs was pleased to report a very successful year for the WBO Europe. “We had the pleasure to organize the second WBO congress (in Budapest) in 2013 and according to the feedback and your comments, it was very successful. Already after the 2009 (WBO Congress) we saw an increase in the nonetheless already significant activities of WBO Europe. But I must admit that I did not expect to have such extraordinary accomplishments (in 2014).”

WBO Europe increased overall, and although WBO International saw a slight decrease, much of that was attributed to tighter restrictions and higher standards. “We tightened the requirements for the belt,” Kovacs said, “we had less fights but there is higher prestige to the belt.”

However, any drop in activity to WBO International was more than made up by the increase in activity from the WBO European titles. It went from 11 fights in 2013 to 27 in 2014. The number of WBO regional titles in Europe nearly doubled from 29 in 2013 to 53 in 2014, Kovacs then discussed the increase in activity across the board for the WBO in Europe, citing the increased number of fights from the WBO Youth (from 4 to 9) and WBO female championships (from 5 to 9). In 2014 there were also 10 WBO championship fights in Europe, which was the same number as in 2013.

Kovacs then discussed the overall history of the WBO European title since 2009, noting that they have had 92 championship fights, with 54 champions, of which 13 would go on to fight for the title, and of which 3 world champions would emerge. Kovacs then discussed the financial situation with WBO Europe, noting that since 2009 the WBO Europe brought in $95,600 for the WBO in 2014 alone, thus making it the most successful year ever for WBO Europe. Since 2009 WBO Europe has collected over $325,000 in sanctioning fees for the WBO. Kovacs then took a few moments to discuss the ways in which WBO Europe took part in the WBO Kids Drug Free program.

From there WBO Asia Pacific Vice President Leon Panoncillo took the floor to discuss both the state of boxing in Asia and in Africa.

“Asia Pacific has shown positive growth, with 17 sanctioned fights since last year’s convention,” Panoncillo said. He also added that WBO Asia Pacific brought in $28,011.57 in revenue since the last convention and that he expected to sanction five more fights before the end of the year.

He then discussed the WBO Oriental title, adding that since the last convention he sanctioned 30 Oriental Championship matches, collecting a total of $44,250 in revenue since the last convention. The impressive increase in activity marked a dramatic rise in activity for the WBO Oriental title, making 2014 one of the most successful years in the history of WBO Oriental and in striking range of being the most successful year ever for the title. Panoncillo then went on to discuss the WBO Africa, noting that WBO Africa has sanctioned 16 total championship fights since the last convention and that it has raised $21,400 in revenue. Panoncillo then closed out with a discussion of the state of affairs with WBO Asia Pacific Youth, noting that the WBO sanctioned three youth titles and subsequently raised $2,525 in revenue for the WBO since the last convention.

From there WBO first vice president John Duggan discussed the China Zone development, and his hopes to see the WBO continue to grow in the region.

After Duggan’s discussion of China the WBO handed out several awards, with Marco Huck being the most notable. Huck was recently named a WBO Super Champion, and although he did not have a Super Championship belt yet, he was awarded a plague commemorating his accomplishment.

“This is a very rare and great honor,” Huck said after receiving the award, “I am very proud to be named Super Champion after 13 title defenses.”Also given awards were Osvaldo Rivero, who was named Latin America promoter of the year by the WBO. Also given an award was Patrick Teixeira, who was awarded the OMB Latino Champion of the year.

From there Jorge Molina presented his report on WBO Latino, noting that he still embraced the philosophy that “the sky’s the limit” when considering the future of the organization. Since the last convention, Molina noted that the WBO has sanctioned 30 championship fights, an increase from 25 in 2013. Of those 30 fights, 10 were held in Argentina, 10 were held in Brazil, six were held in the United States, 3 were held in Mexico, and 1 was held in Puerto Rico. Five fights were in the welterweight division, five were in the junior bantamweight division, and four were in the junior middleweight division. Molina then discussed the proud history of the OMB Latino championship, noting that the WBO Latino held an astounding 526 title fights since 1996. Of those who fought for the WBO Latino title, 134 would go on to fight for the world title, while 41 would go on to win world championships. Molina then added that since the last convention three OMB Latino Champions have gone on to win world titles as well. Molina then closed out with a video presentation that highlighted some of the greatest moments of WBO Latino, highlighting some legendary champions like Michael Carbajal and Ener Julio.

The executive committee took a short recess for lunch, and upon returning from lunch, resumed with the treasurer’s report. WBO CPA Jaime Ceballero advised that the strength of the WBO financial situation, adding that the WBO had $1,242,724 in savings, an increase in revenue of 302%. The increase in revenue was the largest ever in the history of the WBO. He then added that the WBO accounts included nearly $2,000,000 when added with the accounts of all of the regional organizations. He then added that, if the WBO were to pay off all of their debts today, they would still hold in excess of a million dollars. The positive report prompted President Valcarcel to ask if the WBO could spend more money on the WBO Kids Drug Free program. Unfortunately there was one area where regional organization in which WBO didn’t have tremendous success initially in 2014: the NABO.

The NABO had recently changed leadership in February of 2014 after reporting substantial losses in 2013 and early 2014. New NABO Vice President Jose Izquierdo, however, had done much to turn that ship around since taking over. One area of strength was the increase in fights on “important” cards such as the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley PPV card, or the recent Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana PPV in 2014. Since taking over the helm at NABO, Izquierdo has sanctioned 12 NABO title fights and 14 Inter-Continental title fights, helping fuel a dramatic turnaround for the NABO financially.

“There is a dramatic decrease in the amount owed,” Izquierdo said, “over 46% decrease. And a 790% increase for cash on hand.”

Izquierdo has taken a much more inclusive approach to spearhead the NABO’s sudden resurgence. “I’ve called local commissions to have them recommend fighters to be considered and become part of the rankings of the NABO,” Izquierdo said.

The positive changes in the direction of the NABO prompted vice president Luis Batista Salas to sing Izquierdo’s praises during his presentation. “He has changed the face of the NABO,” Batista Salas said of Izquierdo.

From there President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel presented the WBO President’s Report, and as expected, he took time to again discuss a topic that has become his cause belle: the proliferation of titles in boxing. Valcarcel first commended Jose Izquierdo on scoring a knockout with WBO’s presence on social media like Facebook.com and Twitter. Noting how WBO’s Facebook page went from 7,000 followers to 334,996 followers in only one year, he commended Izquierdo for helping turn WBO boxing into one of the most popular boxing pages on the internet.

“It is the fastest way to get resolutions out and give the public an outlet (to communicate with us).” Valcarcel said.

Valcarcel then spoke time to speak about the WBO champions, noting that “the WBO is very lucky, because we have the money makers. We have the best champions around the world.”

He then took a jab at a rival organization, noting that former WBO middleweight champion Peter Quillin was making more money in his title defenses than a rival organizations champion who had become a regular fixture on television. He also noted that at the bantamweight weight class, the WBO recently received a $600,000 purse bid from a promoter for a title fight and that Marco Huck is highly successful in the cruiserweight division, earning tremendous paydays as a cruiserweight. Valcarcel then took another jab at the rival organizations and the proliferation of numerous “copper, platinum, silver, and aluminum” titles.

“We have the WBO (world) champion and that’s it! We call Klitschko a Super Champion and that’s it. We don’t have anyone (other champion) behind him. I want to be polite, but I have to speak the truth. Who cares about Alex Povetkin? The champion is Klitschko!”

Explaining the difference between the WBO and some of the other sanctioning organizations in how they recognize champions.

“We have regional titles, but others, they have 3, 4, 5 titles.” Valcarcel added. “We only have one Latino Champion…that means the WBO Latino title carries prestige. We want to keep it that way. We don’t want to have a bunch of titles.”

From there discussions turned to recent litigation involving the WBO, including a case in Puerto Rico that threatens the tax-exempt status of the WBO.

“Our financial success has attracted the attention of inland revenue in Puerto Rico,” WBOs legal counsel associated with the case told the commission, “due to new tax laws in Puerto Rico and the recession in Puerto Rico, and the degradation of Puerto Rican bonds. Puerto Rico has imposed further taxes to cover this.”

Although the WBO is a recognized non-profit according to the United States federal government, the government of Puerto Rico has refused to give full faith and credit to this designation, and their decision had initially been upheld by the Puerto Rican court of appeals. Although the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico initially refused to hear the case, the WBO remained confident that they still had a strong appeal.

Jose Izquierdo made a motion to give the President the authority to unilaterally name a committee to take on this issue at his discretion, a motion that was passed unanimously.

The second issue discussed was the issue of a trademark registration in Europe, and a fraudulent company that sent an unsolicited letter demanding payment to “register” the WBO trademark. This letter was disregarded when the WBO European Council assured the executive committee that the WBO trademarks are registered for the next several years.

Closing out the first day of the meeting, President Valcarcel again discussed the issue of the WBO’s refusal to take part in the joint summit of boxing sanctioning organizations held in Cancun earlier this year.

“We can work with other commissioners regarding safety,” Valcarcel said, “that doesn’t mean we have to meet up (with rival organizations) for it. I never heard of Coca-Cola and Pepsi having a meeting together. You have your own flavor, we don’t have to meet anyone, we don’t have to go anywhere because we are very busy. We are busy working with kids, enhancing the image of the sport. We had a meeting in 2011 and we talked about the same issues. We are doing much more than other organizations. Did you hear of other organizations doing as much for kids?”

WBO European member Markus Aslani then chimed in, “We stick to our rules and we don’t take part in the inflation of titles.”

“I think the main problem in boxing is that you have more than one champion in each division,” Valcarcel added.

“One organization that shall remain unnamed had 41 champions in 17 weight classes,” Jose Izquerdo added.

“We have the support of the most respected boxing writers of the world,” Valcarcel added, “I think in boxing, honesty is the best policy. If we are recognized as the honest organization, we are going to have success.”

From there President Valcarcel added that he will discuss proposals to Senator John McCain and Harry Reid in regards to amendments to the Muhammad Ali Act, and that the WBO would “not tolerate corruption in its ranks.”

Rounding off the opening day was a presentation on the still developing China Zone, which discussed its plans for 2015. The event closed off with a cocktail party that evening, and is set to resume tomorrow at 8:30 AM.

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Story and photos by David Finger

The 26th Annual WBO Congress in Budapest, Hungary came to a conclusion yesterday with the ever popular final day event: the Championship and Ratings committee meetings.

The final day’s events kicked off as President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel and the board entertained motions from the floor from various promoters in regards to their fighters. Although there was little movement in regards to the lighter weights President Valcarcel confirmed that mini-flyweight champion Merilito Sabillo of the Philippines is slated to fight #1 ranked Carlos Buitrago of Nicaragua in Dubai in November. At 108-pounds it was confirmed that junior flyweight champion Donnie Nietes of the Philippines is cut and will be sidelined for a short period of time. #1 ranked Moises Fuentes of Mexico is slated to fight for a International title, a move that will certainly position him for the mandatory slot when Nietes recovers from his cut. At flyweight President Valcarcel and the board confirmed that Mexican champion Juan Francisco Estrada will need to fight a mandatory defense in his next fight. Promoter Fernando Beltran requested that the winner of the November 7th matchup between #1 ranked Giovani Segura and #2 ranked Hernan Tyson Marquez, both of Mexico, declared the mandatory challenger for the champion. The board unanimously agreed.

At junior bantamweight champion Omar Narvaez of Argentina, who is coming off a split decision victory over #1 ranked Felipe Orucuta of Mexico is slated to fight in February. No word on if it will be a rematch of his war with Orucuta, who looks poised to remain at #1. Dean Powell pushed to have Paul Butler (the #13 ranked fighter) move into the top ten after his next fight on September 21st. Butler is slated to fight undefeated Miguel Gonzales for the vacant WBO Intercontinental title. The board seemed receptive to the idea of Butler moving into the top ten if he were to defeat Gonzales. At bantamweight President Valcarcel confirmed that new champion Tomoki Kameda would have six months to fight his mandatory defense as he only recently won his title.

At junior featherweight the discussion was in regards to champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and his first defense. Jesse Magdaleno (the #8 ranked NABO Youth champion) and the #1 contender Chris Avalos (the NABO champion) were both mentioned as Top Rank pushed to have their fighters positioned into a title fight. A big round of applause followed for former world champion Barry McGuigan, who was there to represent undefeated British prospect Carl Frampton (16-0). Frampton, who is ranked #14, now looks poised to enter the top ten.

At featherweight the big discussion was over the fight between #1 ranked Orlando Cruz and #3 ranked Orlando Salido. That fight, which is scheduled to take place on October 12th for the vacant world title. There was a push to introduce Oscar Gonzalez (23-2) into the world rankings based on his impressive win over Rico Ramos as well as a push for undefeated Filipino prospect Jun Doliguez (16-0) to move up the ranks. Doliguez is ranked #9. The next discussion was over a fighter who is quickly becoming the most talked about rookie in recent memory: debuting amateur standout Vasyl Lomachenko. Lomachenko, who is slated to fight tough Jonathan Oquendo in his first pro fight, now will be fighting Oquendo for the vacant WBO International title. Despite some concern over allowing a debuting fighter to fight for a WBO belt, the board was nearly unanimous in recognizing what a unique and special talent Lomachenko is.

“Thank God there was no Lomachenko in my division at the time,” former Olympic gold medalist Istvan “Koko” Kovacs said, “I never saw a fighter like him before.”

The board approved Lomachenko for the title fight, making his planned world title fight in his second professional fight a more realistic scenario assuming he can get past the seasoned Jonathan Oquendo. Representatives for #5 ranked Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo of Thailand asked to have their fighter move up the ranks after the planned clash between the # and #3 ranked contenders.

At junior lightweight the WBO confirmed it was issuing a letter to champion Roman Martinez of Puerto Rico, informing him that he now has 30 days to begin negotiations for a fight with #1 ranked Miguel Angel Garcia.

In the lightweight division it was confirmed that champion Ricky Burns would fight #6 ranked Raymundo Beltran on September 7th. From there the board confirmed that Burns would need to begin negotiations with Terrence Crawford, the #1 contender, by December. Undefeated Denis Shafikov of Russia looked poised to move up as well from the #3 slot. In a bit of a shocker, promoter Fernando Beltran told the board that #12 ranked junior welterweight Jose Zepada was now moving down in weight to campaign at lightweight.

In the junior welterweight division the board voted to approve allowing Juan Manuel Marquez to enter the ring against Tim Bradley as WBO champion on October 12th. Mike Alvarado would then be declared the full champion after October 12th. A request to move #3 Serhiy Fedchenko up also came from the floor.

In the welterweight division Dean Powell asked to have #8 ranked Frankie Gavin move up in the ranks as he is slated to fight on September 21st for the European title. In junior middleweight some controversy arose over the next fight of #4 ranked Brian Rose. Both Charlie Ota of Japan (who is ranked #11) and Javier Maciel of Argentina (who is ranked #5) appeared to have an fight against Rose at the same time. After a round of phone calls it was confirmed that Rose would be fighting Maciel and not Ota in his next fight. Fernando Beltran also asked to have Omar Chavez, son of Julio Cesar Chavez, enter the world rankings. Dean Powell asked to have Liam Smith, who is challenging for a British title, move into the world rankings as well.

At middleweight it was confirmed that #1 ranked Brian Vera (the NABO champion) was slated to fight #2 ranked Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on September 28th. Champion Peter Quillin is slated to fight on October 26th. Several promoters moved to have their fighters positioned for an elimination fight as the Vera-Chavez fight created an opening for other fighters looking to move up in the rankings. #4 ranked Lukas Konecny of the Czech Republic and #5 ranked Max Bursak of the Ukraine look poised to emerge as the frontrunners to take part in an elimination fight. #15 ranked Patrick Neilsen of Denmark looks poised to crack into the top ten as well.

At 168-pounds there was a push to move Paul Smith into the rankings. #4 ranked Arthur Abraham looks poised to move into the #1 slot off the basis of his win last week. WBO champion Robert Stieglitz is slated to fight in October, and may end up fighting a rubber match with Abraham after that. When asked is Stieglitz would be willing to fight Abraham in a mandatory, Hedi Taouab indicated he would be.

“It’s for the WBO to decide,” Taouab said, “we are ready to negotiate and talk.”

Arthur Abraham was subsequently voted into the #1 ranking by the board.

At light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev has 120 days to defend his title. #13 ranked Erik Skoglund of Sweeden is slatefd to gfight #14 ranked Dominic Boesel of Germany in a rare WBO youth unification fight. At cruiserweight Marco Huck is slated to fight #1 ranked Firat Arslan on September 14th. #7 ranked Mateusz Masternak of Poland is slated to fight #14 ranked Grigory Droz of Germany on October 5th and wants to move up in the rankings as well. At heavyweight the discussion was over WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko’s 27-month gap since he fought a WBO mandatory challenger. With Klitschko fighting Alex Povetkin on October 5th, there was an issue over the fact that, according to President Valcarcel, the top ranked contenders of the WBO didn’t meet the “criteria for a mandatory”. #1 ranked Denis Boytsov is now slated to fight #11 ranked Christian Hammer. With #2 ranked Bermane Stiverne now the WBC mandatory for Klitschko it did look likely that Boytsov’s long wait may be over and the WBO may award him the mandatory slot if he emerges victorious over Hammer. There was a push to have #5 ranked Deontay Wilder fight for the vacant NABO title as well, and a push to have #13 eanked Andy Ruiz move up into the top ten. Dean Powell also pushed to have #15 ranked Dereck Chisora move up into the top ten on the basis of his knockout win over undefeated Malik Scott.

“His losses have been only at the highest level,” Powell said, “and some are very controversial.”

WBO Vice President Leon Panoncillo pushed to have Alex Leapai versus Andy Ruiz for the WBO Asia Pacific and WBO Oriental championship in Macao in November as well.

From there several awards were handed out, with Liam Welch being awarded the European fighter of the year award, Tia Yi being awarded the matchmaker of the year for China, and the Sports Management Group being awarded the Promoter of the Year. The Japan Boxing Association presented a letter to the WBO and Mario Margossian was awarded a special recognition award. The location of the 2014 and 2015 conventions were decided as well, with Las Vegas, Nevada being the host to the 2014 convention, with Puerto Rico as the backup. In a bit of a surprise, the Philippines will be the location of the 2015 Convention , with Cebu and Manila as the most likely venues.

Rounding off the 26th annual convention was the gala dinner, held at the Udvarhaz restaurant. Hungarian President János Áder attended the event, speaking to the crowd about Hungary’s proud (and at times) tragic history of great boxers. Ader’s moving tribute to Lazlo Papp brought many of the attendees to their feet as they applauded the Hungarian head of state. Rounding off the evening were the remaining awards which were handed out. Frank Warren was awarded the European promoter of the year while Dominic Boesel was awarded the WBO Youth fighter of the year. Robert Stieglitz was awarded the Gordy Volkman Award for outstanding humanitarian qualities. Poriyakoon Ratauasuban was awarded the WBO Oriental Promoter of the year while Michael Aldesguer was awarded the WBO International Promoter of the year. Felix Zabala was awarded the WBO Latino promoter of the year while Ulf Steinforth was awarded the WBO European promoter of the year as well as the European female fighter promoter of the year. Dean Powell was named matchmaker fo the year while Eddie Hearn was awarded a WBO Intercontinental special recognition award. Wilfried Sauerland was awarded a special recognition award as well. Hungary’s three most noteworthy former champions: Istvan Kovacs, Zsolt Erdei, and Karoly Balzsay were each awarded special recognition awards while Don King was awarded a “Greatest Legend in Boxing History” award. Rounding off the ceremony, Wladimir Klitschko was named WBO fighter of the year.

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Australian light heavyweight Mark Flanagan (11-3, 6 KOs) stopped former world rated Kariz Kariuki (25-11-2, 19 KOs) in round eleven to capture the vacant WBO Oriental title at the Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane, Australia Friday. Flanagan dropped Kariuki in round ten and referee Paul Tapley crowned the Queensland 175 pounder the new WBO Oriental champion at :29 of round eleven. Kariuki was born in Kenya but based in Australia since 2000. He has suffered losses to Daniel Geale, Garth Wood and Edison Miranda but scored a win over former WBA middleweight challenger Randy Griffin in 2010. Flanagan lost to Ben McCulloch and Manny Vlamis in 2011.


Saturday December 1, 2012 at The Harv at Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Chester, WV undefeated former IBF World Champion Paul “The Pittsburgh Kid” Spadafora (46W-0L-1D, 19KO) faces reigning WBO Oriental Champion & former Olympian Solomon Egberime (22W-3L-1D, 11KO). Spadafora, currently world ranked WBA #11, WBC #19, defeated Humberto Toledo in his last bout in August. Egberime, currently world ranked WBO #14, defeated Joel Dela Cruz in his last bout in July. Both fighters need the victory to catapult into world championship positions in 2013.

The event is presented by 8-Time World Champion Roy Jones Jr. in association with TNT Promotions.

The evening also features a rematch of an entertaining back-&-forth battle in July between crowd-pleasing & former #1 world ranked contender Monty Meza-Clay (33W-3L, 21KO) & Emmanuel “El Carnicero” Lucero (26W-12L-1D, 14KO) & Youngstown, OH’s Jake “The Bull” Giuriceo (16W-1L-1D, 3 KO) attempts his next step towards cracking the world rankings vs. former WBO African Title Challenger “Mr.” Peter Oluoch (11W-6L-2D, 6KO).

Other bouts scheduled for the event include: Billy “Hutch” Hutchinson (4W-1L-2D, 2KO) in a tri-state grudge match vs. Jose “The Puerto Rican Prince” Caraballo (5W-4L, 1 KO). Prospect “Big Chief” Morgan Fitch (7W-0L, 3KO) in a dangerous matchup with Cameron Allen (4W-11L, 2KO). Allen is coming off of a shocking 2nd round TKO of 14W-2L fringe contender Jimmy Lubash. Debuting Joey “The Hitman” Holt takes on 20 fight veteran Alan Moore.

Tickets start at $25. Call 1-800-804-0468 Ext: 8297 or online at www.Etix.com 1st pro bout 7:30 P.M.

For the world wide audience, the event can be enjoyed via your 24/Seven Combat Connection www.GFL.tv for $12.95.


Fight fans in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental will get a chance to see reigning WBO light flyweight world champion Donnie “Ahas’ Nietes of the ALA Gym in a non-title bout against Danai Meendaeng of Thailand at the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Center this Saturday November 17.

Nietes weighed in at 110 lbs while Meendaeng was a pound lighter during the official weigh-in held Thursday noon. Nietes will try to duplicate the spectacular second round TKO win scored by his stablemate “Prince” Albert Pagara against another Thai, Tawanrung Eausampan in Maasin City, Southern Leyte last Thursday. Pagara had earlier vowed to avenge AJ Banal’s loss to Pungluang Sor Singyu.

This will also serve as a tune-up for Nietes (30W-1L-3D, 16 KO’s) as he prepares for his mandatory defense early next year against WBO minimumweight champion Moises Fuentes of Mexico. 
In his last fight, Nietes beat Mexican Felipe Salguero by unanimous decision last June at the Resorts World in Pasay City for the first defense of his 108 lb division title.

Jimrex “The Executioner” Jaca (35W-6L-3D, 20 KO’s) will face Jaypee ignacio (8W-14L-2D, 2 KO’s) of Quezon City in another ten rounder. Jaca weighed in at 140 lbs while Ignacio was a pound heavier.

Last August, Jaca showed he still has what it takes to fight on prime time when he beat Angel Martinez of Mexico by 8th round knockout at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. In his last fight, Ignacio lost on points to Philippine jr.welterweight champion Adones Cabalquinto last August in Mandaluyong City. There are four more bouts scheduled on the undercards.

By Rene Bonsubre, Jr.


PASAY CITY, Philippines- Filipino flyweight prospect Froilan “The Sniper” Saludar improved his record to 16W-0L-1D, 11KO’s after beating the tough and game Jose Alfredo Tirado (27-12, 19KO’s) of Mexico. He also captures the interim WBO Oriental flyweight title.

The bout was filled with back and forth action. Tirado started quick with a double jab to which Saludar answered with his own jabs. Tirado was aggressive but Saludar was more dominant with his power and ring generalship.

Tirado came out swinging in round 2. Both traded punches in the middle of the ring just a few seconds into the round. Tirado was all attack though it was Saludar who’s landing more accurate punches.

High octane action was witnessed in round 4 as both fighters landed clean hard shots. Saludar tamed Tirado’s attack with his jab and body shots, effectively slowing the Mexican.

Tirado bull rushed Saludar in the opening seconds of round 5. Tirado was consistent with his attack, but Saludar tried to answer with movement and jabs. However, Tirado got the best of him.

The fight was taken on the inside in round 8. Tirado was busy attacking the body while Saludar used his jab to set up his right hand. Tirado was momentarily hurt with a 1-2 combination but went on the attack soon afterwards.

Tirado was still consistent with his attack in round 9. Tirado landed a hard right hand in the middle of round 9 that started a slugfest.

Saludar hurt Tirado with a series of uppercuts and straight rights in the opening seconds of round 11 but the Mexican kept coming even while hurt.

Saludar displayed good footwork and patience in the last round. Tirado was still consistent on the attack and gave his all in the last 10 seconds – only to get tied up by Saludar.

It was a tougher fight than expected but in the end Saludar won by unanimous decision. The scores were 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110.

“It’s a learning experience for both of us. Froilan had to know how to survive a fight like this,” told Saludar’s trainer Joven Jimenez.

Saludar also acknowledged his opponent after the fight. “He is tough. He hurt me several times with body shots and I also got tired, I just didn’t let him notice”.

In the co-main event, Mark Melligen (23-3, 16KO’s) stopped Sapapetch Sor Sakaorat (28-11, 18KO’s) in 2.

Jerwin Ancajas (15-1, 7KO’s) was also on the undercard against Miguel Tamayo (12-4, 11KO’s). Ancajas outboxed his opponent for 9 rounds then eventually stopped him in 10.

By: JM Siasat


Filipino World Boxing Organization youth flyweight champion Froilan “The Sniper” Saludar and Mexican 112-pound titlist Jose Alfredo “Galletas” Tirado slug it out Friday for the vacant WBO Interim Oriental flyweight crown headlining the 62-round Shape Up Boxing Promotions card at the newly-refurbished Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.

The 23-year-old Saludar, a former amateur standout from Polomok, South Cotabato, will also be staking his immaculate 15-0 win-loss record highlighted by 11 knockouts against the 32-year-old veteran from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico in their 12-round showdown in the main dish of what is expected a slambang offering put up by Baguio City businessman-sportsman Anson Tiu Co.

Both Saludar and Tirado tipped the scale in identical 112-pound during yesterday’s official weight-in supervised by the Games and amusements Board at the Astrodome.

“Ready na po. I have prepared hard and long for this fight at maganda ang kondisyon ko,” Saludar said after the weigh-in. “Napag-aralan ko na po ang kilos ng kalaban at tingin ko kaya naman.”

Tirado who brings with him a vast experience having fought 57 times, winning 27, 19 of them by KO, and losing 11 when he battles his much younger Filipino opponent.

“I did not come here just to lose,” Tirado, for his part said with confidence, adding though he’s impressed with Saludar’s unbeaten record. “He’s very young and I expect a good fight.”

The “Kamao: Kidlat At Maso” event is being supported by Pasay City Mayor Antonino “:Toni” Calixto, Tobi, Cooyeesan Hotel of Baguio, Cherrylume, Sumo G.I. Sheets, Omico, GMA News, Boysen, MBC, Philpost, AC Harris, SMFI, Heritage Hotel, Victor, SM Tickets, SM Cinema, Jordan Farms, MNTC, JJS, Creative D’Vision, Digipost and Metapixel.

Bacolod City pride Mark Jason Melligen goes up against Sapapetch Sor Sakaorat of Ubon Rachathani, Thailand in a 10-round bantamweight fight in the supporting main event.

Jerwin Ancajas of Panabu City in Davao del Norte tests the mettle of Miguel Tamayo, also of Mexico in the other 10-rounder featuring two super-bantamweight protagonists.

An eight-round scrap between up-coming mini-flyweight campaigners Jessie Espina and Ronelle Ferreras, a apair of six-rounders and a four-rounder complete the 62-round card.

Larry Abarra and Macrea Gandionco, both of the Shape Up boxing stable of Tiu Co, battle Danilo Gabisay and Arnold Garde, respectively in six round, while Jonathan dela Cruz, another Tiu Co fighter, takes on Dominador Mantes in the four-round curtain raiser that starts the card at 6 p.m.

By: Eddie Alines


Hong Kong is gears up for an exciting evening of international boxing headed by a young Filipino champ: WBO Oriental bantamweight king Dayer Gabutan Singwancha will defend his crown against Thailand’s Petch TwinsGym at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong on September 22.

The news was confirmed today to Philboxing by the card’s co-promoter international matchmaker Brico Santig of Highland Boxing Promotions.

For the Filipino Dayer Gabutan Singwancha, the current WBO world’s # 6 bantamweight, this will be the third title defense of the Oriental belt he claimed by outpointing fellow filipino Jilo Merlin in Angeles City, Pampanga in July of last year.

In his last combat, the Ilocos Sur Dayer Gabutan Singwancha (14-1-2, 6KO’s) scored a unanimous decision victory over Dino Lelis last May in Caloocan City, Metro Manila.

Gabutan’s dangerous opponent will be Thailand’s Petch TwinGym who comes from a KO victory in round 3 over fellow Thai Stamp Sor Saknarin last month at the legendary Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok.

“Gabutan Singwancha is excited to defend his WBO Oriental title in Hong Kong and move upwards in the WBO rankings. This title defense is the perfect chance to showcase his boxing talents in a prestigious international arena. Gabutan must be careful as Thailand boxers are always very dangerous. Most of them have combat training and experience as muay thai combatants,” commented the card’s co-promoter Brico Santig.

The september 22 fight will be Gabutan’s first combat outside of his native Philippines.

Also schedule is Pinoy welterweight Dennis Padua Singwancha (9-2, 4KOs) of Guimbal, Nueva Ecija, who will have the very tough assignment to battle Thailand’s knockout seeker Ekapol Yothinpanawet (11-1, 8KO’s).

In another high octane clash, super featherweight Randy Megrino (10-8-2, 6KOs) of Kidapawan City, Cobabato del Norte will be in a collision course against dangerous Thailander Lertsila PakdeeGym.

There will be female boxing as well.

An 8-rounder action match that will delight boxing fans: beautiful 24-year-old pinay fighter Jujeath Nagaowa of Baguio will go to into war against Thai fight girl Jujeath Nagaowa (5-1, 2KO’s).

The evening will also mark the pro debut of the popular 3-Time Hong Kong amateur champion Rex Tso who will battle China’s Wei Xing Qing.

In addition, Samoa’s cruiserweight Lawrence Tawasa will see action against undefeated Korean Kyoung-Hak Lee.

The exciting Hong Kong boxing event will feature total seven bouts from fighters from Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, Africa, Hong Kong, and Samoa.

The card is promoted and organized by Hong Kong promoter Jay Lau of DEF Boxing and co-promoted by Brico Santig / Naris Singwancha and Takaharu Hayashi of GEN International Ltd. T

he matchmaker is Raymond Chang.

Supervisor for the World Boxing Organization will be Mr. Leon Panoncillo of Hawaii.

For more information on tickets please contact the Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centerwww.kitec.com.hk or call Hong Kong Tel: 2620-2222.

By Carlos Costa


Touch Gloves Stable’s undefeated knockout sensation Jun “Hercules” Doliguez has been training intensively in Agoncillo, Batangas in preparation for his WBO Oriental Title bout with Ciso “Kid Terrible” Morales. In as much as Batangas City is very excited for this major boxing event in their home, Doliguez is much more excited about getting a belt for his own and in putting Morales to sleep.

“When I started my boxing career, I only wanted to gather more wins for my record and just keep on winning every fight placed in front of me. I never thought about having a KO victory as a requirement in every fight. But as I worked harder in the gym, I have seen my power immensely improving. I was knocking out opponents left and right and it gave me more confidence. I want to be an exciting fighter just like my idol Manny Pacquiao. For me being a boxer is all about entertainment and I know the fans always want a knockout as much as possible. I know that Ciso Morales is a skilled fighter but I guarantee the fans, Ciso will just be another victim on my knockout list”, Doliguez told philboxing.com.

Saved by the Bell Promotions President Elmer Anuran also expressed his excitement of staging this important event in Batangas City. “I want to give this as a treat to the good people of Batangas City. They love boxing. Our new organization ALA EH (Association of Local Athletics Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists) is also supporting this event for the advancement of local boxing in the province of Batangas. I hope boxing fans will support this fight. Al Sabaupan will also be co-headlining this event. This will be a total sell-out”, Anuran stated.

The Doliguez-Morales WBO Oriental Featherweight match up will be held on October 13, 2012 at the Batangas City Coliseum.











Hard hitting undefeated prospect Jun “Hercules” Doliguez (W13 KO9 L0) will have his first break for a regional title as he faces Ciso “Kid Terrible” Morales (W16 KO9 L2) for the vacant WBO Oriental Featherweight Belt. Doliguez is managed and promoted by Saved by the Bell Promotions CEO Elmer Anuran.

Doliguez recently knocked out veteran Ariel Delgado in the second round in a fight held at Lemery, Batangas. Morales is also on a three fight winning streak his latest being a knockout victory over Jo-as Apercio in Cebu City.

The Doligues – Morales title fight will be held on October 13, 2012 at the Batangas City Coliseum in Batangas City and is being presented by Saved by The Bell Promotions and sponsored by ALA EH Partylist.

Watch out for more updates from SBB Promotions.


In a text message from Thailand, world-roving boxing correspondent Carlos Costa has informed that undefeated Thailander Kwanpichit 13 Rien Express dominated visiting Filipino flyweight Fernando Ocon to retain his WBO Oriental Title by unanimous decision at the Bangla Stadium in Phuket, Thailand this afternoon. Scores were 117-111, 118-110 and 120-108 all in favor for the Thai champion.

Kwanpichit put constant pressure on Ocon by going to the body that apparently hurt the Filipino who back-pedaled all night, according to Costa. Kwanpichit has now upped his record to 17-0-0 with 6 stoppages while Ocon, the Philippine flyweight title-holder, suffered his second defeat for a 10-2-0 (2KO) record.

By: Dong Secuya


PATONG BEACH, PHUKET – Filipino fighter Fernando Ocon (right) arrived this morning (Aug 23) in the paradisaical resort town of Patong Beach in Phuket, Southern Thailand, to challenge undefeated WBO Oriental flyweight champion Kwanpichit 13 Rien Express (16-0, 6KO’s) tomorrow at the Bangla Boxing Stadium.

The two fighters bumped into each other at Phuket’s International Airport and exchange polite greetings.

The 21 year-old Fernando Ocon (10-1, 6KO’s) who belongs to the stable of Cebuano promoter Rex “Wakee” Salud, is accompanied here in Phuket by his trainer and cornerman former amateur bantamweight fighter Jellyper “Eper” Tepura of Liloan.

Meanwhile, Kwanpichit, 30, captured the vacant WBO Oriental crown by dismantling Noel Adelmita last May in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The weigh-in ceremony will take place today at 3pm (Thailand Time) at the plush Chang Residence Hotel in Patong Beach at 156/1 Nanai Road, Patong Beach.

Philboxing is the only international media outlet accompanying Fernando Ocon in the most important fight of his life.

Should the cheerful Pinoy born in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, emerge victorious, the doors for a WBO world rating will most likely open for him. Let’s hope for the best.

Other Filipino boxers like Rey Lorito, Roilo Golez and Jose Ocampo have won titles in Thailand and this Philboxing author has been lucky to be present.

This WBO Oriental fight card is being graced by the queen of Thailand’s boxing, Madame Pariyakorn Ratanasuban, president of Onesongchai Boxing Promotion, the largest boxing promotion company in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Philboxing will be present to photograph and report the event’s on this WBO Oriental Title here in Phuket.

By: Carlos Costa


LOVEMORE “Black Panther” Ndou says preparations for his fight against Gary St Clair are going just fine.

Ndou from Musina, Limpopo who emigrated to Australia in 1995, will fight the Australian-based Guyanese for the IBF Pan Pacific, WBO Oriental and WBO Africa junior welterweight titles in Southpark Queensland, Australia, on August 10.

Speaking from his home in New South Wales on Monday, the former IBF junior welterweight and IBO welterweight champion said: “Training is going really smoothly. The contracted weight for this fight is 64.5kg but my weight is already under that limit at 62.5kg. That is the sign of good preparation.”

Ndou said he had not felt so good in a long time and he attributed this to his one-year lay-off. “It allowed my body to recharge. Sometimes your body gets tired, especially if you train as hard as I do. I’ve been feeling really great in sparring and I’m running out of sparring partners as most of them don’t come back the next time as promised”.

He described his match against the 37-year-old former IBF and IBO junior lightweight titlist as a “good fight”.

“It will enable me to raise money for the youth. I will win it and then travel to South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria where I intend fighting for the orphans of the HIV-Aids epidemic. I won’t fail because I believe I’m fighting a good fight,” he said.

“Forget all the university degrees I hold (he is a lawyer by profession) and forget the world titles I have already won. I want to be remembered as someone who fought for the children of the world. I’m a fighter and I’m prepared to put my body and health on the line to save the children.”

Ndou has 48 wins (31 KOs), 13 losses and a draw while St Clair has 24 wins (18 KOs), two draws and 11 losses – including defeats to Cassius Baloyi, Malcolm Klassen and Mlungisi Dlamini.

By: Bongani Magasela


Rugged Danilo Pena has lost by a 7th round technical decision in his battle for the WBO Interim bantamweight title against world No. 1 Phuengluang Sor Singyu in Sukhothai, Thailand.

With the world title now vacant AJ “Bazooka” Banal who is ranked No.2 is in line for a title shot against Phungluang.

WBO Asia Pacific vice president and fight supervisor Leon Panoncillo told the Manila Standard that Pena suffered “a severely cut eye after an accidental clash of heads in the seventh round” and referee Sawaeng Thaweekoon was forced to go to the scorecards of the three judges after ring doctor Vichair Oncam recommended the stoppage to prevent further damage to the Filipino’s eye.

Judge Paradon Sangkrongkaew scored it 69 – 64 and Chewing Krutket and Kiethsak Sitti 68-66. The end came at 1:14 of round seven.

Panoncillo reported that it was “a very competitive fight” and Pena threw a lot of punches but missed several while Phuengluang “landed more of the cleaner shots.”

In a couple of the early rounds Pena hurt the champion but was unable capitialize. However, the champion continued to hurt Pena more solid upper cuts and hard body shots.

With the win Phuengluang improved to 39-1 with 26 knockouts whiole droped to 25-11-2 with 10 knockouts.

By Ronnie Nathanielsz


One Songchai M150 Promotions celebrated the Lotus Bloom Festival on Tuesday at Old Airport Stadium in Kunyuam District, Maehongson Province, Thailand by producing a boxing card presented by Maehongson Governor, Kamtorn Tavornsatit, Kunyuam District Mayor Sakchai Supasa and female promoter Pariyakorn Ratanasuban.

Live television was provided by Channel 7 from 15:00-17:00 while over 6,000 audience members watched the card for free at Old Airport Stadium

The main event was a WBO Oriental Featherweight title clash between reigning champ Chonlatarn Or Piriyapinyo and Japanese challenger Ryuta Miyagi

The opening three round were competitive and exciting until Piriyapinyo twice dropped Miyagi for the count in the third. When Miyagi was downed a third time in the same frame, the referee stopped the fight and Piriyapinyo was declared the winner.


By Ronnie Nathanielsz

Filipino southpaw Czar Amonsot fights for the WBO Oriental welterweight title and the WBO African title against Samuel Colomban in Flemington, Victoria, Australia on November 18.

The 26 year old Amonsot who has a record of 22-3-1 with 12 knockouts last fought on September 23, 2010 when he scored a 2nd round knockout over Thailand’s Sirichai Ekchumpol for the vacant WBO Asia Pacific title in a bout where the THai fighter was given a standing eight count in the opening round.

The 26 year old Colomban who is from Cameroon and fights out of Melbourne, Australia is regarded as a tough opponent with a solid record of 20-3 with 10 knockouts.

Colomban won the vacant WBO Africa title on November 27, 2010 with a twelve round split decision over Steve Heremaia and won the WBO Oriental welterweight crown wit a 4th round TKO of Thai fighter Sapaptch Sor Sakaorat last April 8 in which he dropped Sakaorat twice in the 4th round.

Amonsot who suffered a slight bleed outside the brain following a bloody ring war with Australian Michael Katsidis in a WBO interim lightweight title fight in Las Vegas on July 21, 2007 used to fight for the ALA Gym.

Amonsot returned to the ring at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu where he won a unanimous ten round decision over Jesus Singwancha (Muzaka) from the Congo who was nicknamed “The Black Tiger.”

However, after a subsequent accident at his workplace ALA boxing patron Tony Aldeguer, concerned about Amonsot’s safety refused to allow him to fight again.

Amonsot decided to go to Australia and has been fighting there since then.



WBO Oriental super bantamweight champion Jessie “The Terminator” Albaracin blasted game challenger Marvin Tampus in an action-packed bout that fight fans enjoyed at the Hoops Dome in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu.

Both fighters went toe-to-toe from the opening bell the with wicked body shots and hooks to the head with the southpaw Albaracin getting the better of the exchanges.

The champion dropped Tampus twice in the third round although one of the knockdowns called by referee Danrex Tapdasan was questionable since Tampus appeared to lose his balance after missing with a wild left hook.

In the fourth round Albaracin battered Tampus with a three-punch combination that sent the challenger through the ropes onto the ring apron where Panamanian boxing writer and fight fan Carlos Costa and ABC 5 public relations man Paul Mata were taking pictures of the action.

The end came in round five when Albaracin dropped Tampus with vicious left hook and then dropped him once more, this time with a right hook and a grazing left. Tampus was in no position to continue as referee Tapdasan counted him out at 1:56 of the round.

With the win, Albaracin improved to 15-3-3 with 13 knockouts while Tampus fell to 27-14-2 with 18 knockouts.

There was a minor controversy over 21-year-old Johnreil Casimero’s TKO win over TI Yamagata Roemart Sentillas when Sentillas’ corner claimed that Casimero, a former WBO light flyweight interim-champion, delivered a hard right after the bell had sounded.

However, a review of the AKTV IBC Channel 13 video showed that Casimero caught Sentillas as the bell sounded which was the ruling by Games and Amusement officials supervising the bout.

The moment Sentillas went down really hard GAB medical personnel rushed into the ring to help him and according to Dr. Rene Bonsubre who is also a writer for philboxing.com said Sentillas told GAB physician Dr. Jose Unabia that he did not want to continue fighting.

Casimero who improved his record to 15-2 with 9 knockouts is on the comeback trail and recently served as sparring partner of former WBO light flyweight champion Ramon “Principle” Garcia Hirales whose trainer Leo Camacho was impressed by Casimero and predicted he would become a world champion if he trains in Mexico where there are a variety of excellent sparring partners.

Garcia Hirales lost his title to Donnie “Ahas” Nietes last October 8 in Bacolod City, Philippines. Nietes had earlier relinquished his WBO minimum weight title to move up in weight and face Garcia Hirales.

Casimero who dropped a twelve round split decision to Garcia Hirales in a WBO interim light flyweight title defense on July 24, 2010 had won the interim crown with a sensational 11th round TKO of Colombia’s KO artist Cesar Canchilla (28-2, 22 KO’s) , dropping him once in round 8 and twice in round 11.

However, in his previous fight Casimero suffered a setback when he lost by a 5th round TKO top IBF flyweight champion Moruti Mthalane in South Africa on March 26 this year.

Another sparring partner of Garcia Hirales, Jason Canoy, knocked out Erwin Pulvera at 1:12 of the first round with a series of vicious hooks to the ribs. The official end came at 1:12. Canoy is another fighter that Camacho predicted had a big future and expressed interest to promoter Sammy Gello-ani of taking both Casimero and Canoy to train for one year in Mexico.

By Ronnie Nathanielsz