The Women’s World Boxing Championship which was held at the Stein Studios, Ratmalana ended on Saturday that pitted a defending champ against a vicious opponent and had the ingredients for a brilliant encounter.

Nao Ikeyama ,the WBO Atom-weight champion was confident from the start and did not seem swayed by her small yet ferocious opponent, Jujeath ‘Bad Girl’ Nagaowa.

Jujeath came out in to the ring with the championship belt in mind and did not falter to deliver some quick jabs and swinging around to catch the defending champ slightly surprised in the first three rounds. Ikeyama came back and found her rhythm to smartly dodge and block the fast paced jabs and came at her opponent with counters that was seemingly more efficient.

The experience of the champ showed as she watched her opponent before throwing punches but the fighting sprit of Jujeath kept the 45 year old on her toes and did not leave room for mistakes.

As the fight entered the 9th round the challenger from Philippines was trailing close behind in the judges scores but as the 10th and final round came to an end the Japanese defending champ had done her due diligence and managed to out-punch her opponent.

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