November 3, 2015


Alberto C. Rodriguez Perez, Esq.

Chairman of the Complaints and Grievance Committee

San Juan, PR 00920-2717

 Re: Marco Huck Appeal

Dear Mr. Rodriguez:

On November 2, 2015 we received communication from Mr. Von Appen on behalf of Marco Huck, wherein they express their intention to appeal the October 20, 2015 Resolution of the World Championship Committee denying the petition for a direct return match with current WBO Jr. Heavyweight Champion Krzysztof Glowacki. I am forwarding this to you in your capacity as Chairman of the WBO Complaints and Grievance Committee and in accordance with Article 3 of the WBO Appeals Regulations and Section 34 of the WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests, establishing that:

Any Appeal, Complaint, or Grievance (hereinafter referred to as a “Complaint”) shall be submitted in writing to the President. Any WBO participant may submit a Complaint. The President is authorized to attempt to resolve any such Complaint by alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiation or mediation. If, after ten (10) days of attempting methods of alternative resolution, the President determines such methods of alternative dispute resolution will not fully and finally resolve the Complaint, he shall submit such Complaint for determination to the Complaints and Grievance Committee (Article 3 of Appeals); and,

 Any WBO Participant, including, but not limited to a Boxer, Manager, or Promoter who is or could be affected by a determination of the World Championship Committee who wishes to contest such a determination must, as his or her sole and exclusive remedy, file a Complaint pursuant to the WBO Appeal Regulations. In all cases the complaint shall be referred to the WBO President, who may attempt for a reasonable period to resolve the complaint amicably. The WBO President may reject a complaint or he may refer it to the Complaints and Grievance Committee, which shall determine the complaint or grievance in accordance with the WBO Appeals Regulations (Section 34 WBO Regulations).

Please proceed accordingly, in consultation with all WBO Interested Participants, and establish an Initial Notice as well as an Order Setting Docketing Conference.



Francisco Valcárcel, Esq.


Cc       Krzysztof Glowacki; Marco Huck