FAJARDO, PUERTO RICO- World Boxing Organization (WBO) successful program “Kids Drug Free” went today to the Tomas Dones Coliseum in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to along with former world champions John John Molina, Samuel Serranos and Angel “Cholo” Espada brought boxing clinics and positive words to the kids of the Fajardo’s Summer Camp.

Molina, a former 130lb world champions, Serrano, a former 130lb world champion and Espada, a 147lb world champion lead the activity together with world ranked bantamweight Cesar Seda Jr., amateur female boxer Mercedes Alicea, former contender and trainer Juan “Golo” Gomez Trinidad and former Puerto Rican amateur medalists Rafael “Fito” Ramos and Nelson Adams.

“We are here, first to give our message of No Drugs to all of the kids and to give you sports and boxing tips and the knowledge of our champions, but the most important thing is to keep in the school, studying and practice any sport. In the name of our president Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, we want to say to you that you are the future of Puerto Rico, just work hard and you can achieve your goals”, WBO Administrative Advisor Manuel Marrero Hueca said.

The boxers and trainers showed the students some techniques, how to box and the different kind of shots in boxing.

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