Terence Crawford knocks Thomas Dulorme down in the sixth round.

Terence Crawford landed a stunning right that Thomas Dulorme never really saw.

Soon after that, Crawford was a two-time WBO champion, winning the latest title in his first fight since moving up in class.

Crawford won the vacant WBO junior welterweight title with a sixth-round technical knockout Saturday night, knocking down Dulorme three times in quick fashion after that big blow.

“I knew I hurt him, I felt it,” Crawford said. “I knew he was hurt real bad. I wanted to just jump on him. … He was woozy.”

With Dulorme stunned, Crawford hit him again and knocked him down for the first time. Then Crawford delivered a flurry of punches, leading to another knockdown. When Dulorme got back up, Crawford unloaded again — and the fight was stopped as Dulorme staggered against the ropes near his corner.

“Basically a shot that I didn’t see, and the shot got me,” Dulorme said through an interpreter.

Crawford remained undefeated, winning as a heavy favorite in his first fight moving in the 140-pound class. He won the WBO lightweight title 13 months ago and defended in the 135-pound division twice in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

The scheduled 12-round fight in North Texas came a week before Crawford, now 26-0 with 18 knockouts, is scheduled to be in New York to accept his 2014 fighter of the year award from the Boxing Writers Association of America.

After the fight ended, promoter Bob Arum shouted “That’s why he’s the fighter of the year!”

Dulorme, the 27-year-old Puerto Rican, is 22-2. He had won his last six bouts since moving down in class after being knocked out by Luis Carlos Abregu at 147 pounds in a welterweight fight in October 2012.

“It was a great opportunity for us,” Dulorme said. “It wasn’t the best night. We were winning in the cards, it’s something that basically happened. … We did the fight that we came here to do.”

Crawford seemed measured in his approach the first two rounds against the quick-starting Dulorme, who entered the ring wearing a gladiator helmet and breastplate. Dulorme was clearly the aggressor early against Crawford, who went with a red Nebraska Cornhuskers cap for his entry.

But in round 3, there was a quick exchange of punches, and later a hard body blow by Crawford.

There were times in the fourth and fifth rounds when Crawford either smiled or shook his head after taking blows from Dulorme. Crawford taunted him, and at the end of the fourth had him back into a corner and delivered two big rights.

Crawford was also smiling at the end of the fifth round, then came out in the sixth and ended the fight.

“Just having fun with it,” he said. “When I’m having fun, I don’t think nobody can beat me because that means I’m in my rhythm.”

Crawford’s trainer, Brian McIntyre, said the first couple of rounds were just a matter of Crawford getting his timing down. McIntyre said they knew the punching Dulorme would wear out, though he lasted longer than they expected.

Arum this week called Crawford a new superstar on the horizon, and said this fight a “very, very crucial first step” for Crawford to join the truly elite group of fighters.

Arum was at the bout halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth that came only two weeks before the long-awaited fight in Las Vegas between another of his boxers, Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In an earlier eight-round lightweight matchup of previously unbeaten fighters, Ismail Muwendo from Minneapolis improved to 17-0 with a majority decision over Rolando Chinea from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. One judge had the fight as a draw, while the others had it in favor of Muwendo. Chinea dropped to 10-1-1.

Benjamin “The Blaxican” Whitaker from San Antonio improved to 9-1 as a pro with a unanimous decision over Skender Halili, a boxer from nearby Fort Worth whose had won each of his previous eight professional fights by knockout.

Michigan’s Anthony Barnes won a unanimous decision over Fort Worth’s Martinez Porter in a six-round super middleweight bout.




By Glenn Erby – Terence “Bud” Crawford (26-0 18 KO’s) last night became a two weight world champion and a rising star — when he overcame Thomas Dulorme (22-2 14 KO’s) to win the vacant WBO Light Welterweight title at the University of Texas, Arlington.

Crawford — the man Bob Arum refers to as the next big thing in boxing — won the vacant WBO junior welterweight title with a sixth-round technical knockout Saturday night, knocking down Dulorme three times in quick fashion after a slow start.

“I knew I hurt him, I felt it,” Crawford said. “I knew he was hurt real bad. I wanted to just jump on him. … He was woozy.”

Crawford remained undefeated — in his first fight moving in the 140-pound class. He won the WBO lightweight title 13 months ago and defended in the 135-pound division twice in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

Crawford is scheduled to be in New York to accept his 2014 fighter of the year award from the Boxing Writers Association of America this coming week.

Crawford came out slow — feeling out Dulorme — who entered the ring wearing a gladiator helmet and breastplate.

The action sped up a bit in third round — with Crawford grwoing in confidence because Dulorme could never hurt him. By rounds four and five — Crawford taunted him, and at the end of the fourth had him back into a corner and delivered two big rights.

“Just having fun with it,” he said. “When I’m having fun, I don’t think nobody can beat me because that means I’m in my rhythm.”

Arum this week called Crawford a new superstar on the horizon, and said this fight was a “very, very crucial first step” towards becoming an elite fighter.


Date:  Saturday, April 18, 2015


Location:   University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA

Promoter:    Top Rank (Bob Arum)

Supervisor:   Rudy Paz

Referee:  Rafael Ramos

Judges:  Larry Hazzard Jr., Levi Martinez, Robert Hoyle

Results:   Terence Crawford wins the WBO Junior Welterweight Title by TKO against Thomas Dulorme.   Thomas Delorme down three times in round 6th.



By Jeff Zimmerman –
Credit:  Photos by Mikey Williams / Top Rank –

Undefeated World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight champion and the Boxing Writers Association of America’s (BWAA) Fighter of the Year Terence “Bud” Crawford (25-0, 17 KOs), from Omaha, NE, hosted a workout and spoke to the media today at the Irving PAL Boxing Gym in his final days of training for his WBO junior welterweight world title rumble against Puerto Rican buzz saw Thomas “Thunder” Dulorme (22-1, 14 KOs), the #2 world-rated contender.

The Crawford-Dulorme world title fight will take place this Saturday at College Park Center, located on the campus of the University of Texas Arlington in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The world championship fight will be televised as part of a split site doubleheader live on HBO Boxing After Dark, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.

Crawford spoke to Fightnews and other media prior to his workout at the Irving PAL Boxing Gym.

On the recent HBO broadcast – 2 Days: Terence Crawford – where it showed how grueling it was to make weight, how has it been for this fight? 

This is a piece of a cake, a walk in the park – as you can see I don’t have any problems doing anything. 

What are your thoughts on guys that don’t make weight, such as Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin this past weekend against Andy Lee?

I just think it’s unprofessional. You know, I just feel like if you know deep down in your heart that you can’t make the weight, then don’t fight at that weight.

Do you think the belts don’t matter as much anymore?

I don’t think so, because you can get walked into a title and fight somebody that is not even worthy enough to fight for the title instead of fighting a champion. Like there are so many titles out here, who knows who the champion is. You got the interim, you got the champion, you got the super champion. You know I’m just into one champion. If you got the WBO Belt, you’re the champ. If you’re the WBA you’re the champ, not the WBA Interim Champion, not the WBA Super Champion, IBF this or IBF that. I just feel like it’s uncalled for to have so many belts out there.

So the belt does matter to you still?

It does. The belts always going to matter, but I just feel like there are a lot of belts out there. You know, anybody can be a champion if you have a good record, a good promotional team behind him, and a good manager behind him.

With the chance to become 2 division weight champ – what’s that mean for you to win multiple titles at this stage of your career since you are still on the rise?

It means a lot. There is no telling where I am going to end up in my career. You know I feel like it is all beginning and it starts Saturday. I got to get the job done.

With all the 140-pounders fighting lately and it being a stacked division, do you feel like you have to make a statement in this fight.

Well every time I step foot in the ring I like to make a statement – that’s nothing new. I like to put on a good show and great performance every time I step foot in the ring that way I leave something with the fans every single time.

Did you add anything new in training?

Not really. You know we got little secrets but you know we are going to show that Saturday.

What do you expect from Dulorme Saturday?

Well I expect him to come hard and try and knock me out, boxing whatever he wants to do, but I am going to be prepared for whatever – so that’s what training is for – to be prepared for whatever you don’t just prepare for one thing. He (Dulorme) likes to throw a looping right hand, a straight right hand, more than just one punch. We are going to have to capitalize on a lot of mistakes that he makes in there too.

How does it feel to be fighting in Omaha recently and now back on the road in Dallas?

It feels normal. It feels normal. At the end of the day, we are still going to have to get in that square, no matter if we are in Omaha or Dallas.

How was the atmosphere in your last fight in Dallas?

It was a great atmosphere. I like it, the support that I got from the fans here and the fans that came from Omaha coming to support me – it was great.

What are the challenges that Dulorme poses since he is a bigger, tougher guy?

See a lot of people think he’s bigger and tougher until you get in the ring you don’t know that.

You might see a fighter on video but may be different in the ring?

That’s correct. You might think one thing but when you get in the ring you might see something else. So I don’t prepare for what I have seen in his last fight, I prepare for me. I worry about myself, what I am going to do when I get in there, that way I don’t get any surprises.

Do you feel stronger at 140?

Of course.

In what way?

In every way – you know – come Saturday you’re going to see.

What are the differences from fighting a lightweight to fighting at 140?

There’s really no difference. You are just fighting a stronger lightweight. Beltran was a strong lightweight. I don’t know how strong Dulorme is. I have never been in the ring with him, but Saturday we will all see how strong he is.

In years past, a fighter of your caliber would have all the attention in boxing, but with Mayweather vs Pacquiao out there and you are also fighting on a HBO Doubleheader, do you feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle with all the skill you bring to the table?

Not really. I feel like everybody is still excited about the fight, they still take notice, but you know Mayweather and Pacquiao, come on (laughing). No fight out there is going to get even close to comparing to that fight. That’s the fight that people have been wanting to see for many, many years, you know now that it’s here; it is going to take the big chunk of any fight that’s put together.

What about the chance of fighting Pacquiao down the road after getting through this fight?

That has never been run across me.

Would you like to fight him at some point?

If that’s the fight my manager, promoter, everybody agree upon so be it.

What do you think about the new PBC series on regular TV?

I think it’s good for boxing. You know you have the people that can’t afford cable to watch great, championship boxing on regular TV and that causes boxing to get bigger, more people to tune into it. You know, you see the UFC on Spike TV and that’s huge and I feel like it’s great for boxing that it’s back on regular TV.

Did you watch the Garcia vs Peterson fight? What were your thoughts?

Yes, I thought it was kind of iffy, because I felt some of the early rounds they could have gave to Peterson and Peterson took the later rounds so in my eyes I would have gave Peterson the edge, but in a way I would have gave Garcia the edge. It was kind of hard to say who really won because I am not a judge.

How about fighting Garcia or Peterson one day?

If that fight presents itself, so be it. I am up to fighting anybody as you can see; I never turn down any fight. If my manager comes to me to say this is the fight that we are going to fight, that’s fight we are going to fight.

At 140, not 143 (like the catch weight for Garcia vs Peterson)?

At 140!

thumbs_41415crawford001  thumbs_41415crawford002

thumbs_41415crawford003  thumbs_41415crawford004

thumbs_41415crawford005  thumbs_41415crawford006

thumbs_41415crawford007  thumbs_41415crawford008




By Jeff Zimmerman
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Although North Texas got hit with a large snowstorm late Wednesday evening it could not dampen the official press conference Thursday afternoon to announce the battle between undefeated WBO lightweight champion Terence Crawford (25-0, 17KOs) and #2 rated Thomas Dulorme (22-1, 14KOs) for the vacant WBO junior welterweight world title on April 18 at College Park Center on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington. The world championship fight will be televised as part of a split site doubleheader live on HBO.

Crawford, always cool as ice, fit right into the elements that covered the outside of the arena right on campus of UTA in the city of Arlington, a sometimes forgotten city in the middle of Dallas Fort Worth. Ironically, this arena sits only a few miles from AT&T Stadium aka Jerry World where another Top Rank fighter by the name of Manny Pacquiao fought a couple times to huge crowds. 

Any potential fight between Top Rank’s prized pupils may be scrapped for good now that the mega-fight has finally been made between Pacquiao and Mayweather. Crawford knows that for bigger fights to come, with Pacquiao or anyone else, he has to continue to deliver as he did in 2014 when he won BWAA Fighter of the Year.


Fightnews caught with both Crawford in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

How do you feel about moving up in weight? 

I feel good, feel comfortable already.

How do you end up in Dallas again after fighting in your hometown of Nebraska the last couple of fights?

Well this is the venue they have chosen, so this is the venue we are going to be fighting at.

What do you know about Dulorme?

He’s a tall, rangy type of guy. Puncher, ok boxer, you know that pretty much sums it up.

How do you feel about your breakout year in 2014 where you were BWAA fighter of the year and getting all this praise? Has it changed you?

Not at all, it makes me want to train even harder, because I know people want my spot. I know a lot of people are targeting me now to uplift their career so I know I have to be on my p’s and q’s every night of every fight.

What is your goal for this year?

Keep winning, you know, putting all those spectacular performances like that I had put on in 2014.

Are you targeting anyone? 

I don’t target fighters. I always felt like when you target fighters you are trying to be in the same place they are at and I feel like I’m getting to the point where they are calling me out, because they want what I got. And there’s no need to call anybody out.

On your Gamboa fight and how you turned some heads going from southpaw to orthodox – do you train that way?

I practice it sometimes but it mainly comes natural – something I have been doing as a kid, something I already transcend as a professional.

During the fight did you feel like you could get the advantage with your lead right when you switched to southpaw? 

Of course, of course I just always felt a great fighter always adjusts and I felt like I did that in that fight. I felt like it paid off.

Did you emulate or idolize any fighter growing up?

I always just looked up to boxers, anybody that boxed – Floyd, Pernell Whitaker, Sugar Shane Mosley when he was at lightweight, Marco Antonio Barrera after he beat Naseem Hamed – those are just a few, but anybody that boxed. I love the art of boxing.

Do you feel like you have to take it to another level this year for the general public to know who you are?

Not really. You know all I have to do is keep putting together performances that I have been putting on and keep winning and everything else is going to fall in place.





Por:  Jonathan Gaudier / Fotos por Jose Perez / Prensa OMB –

CANOVANAS, PR- Dibujando sonrisas en las caras de niños y jóvenes del barrio Cubuy de Canóvanas, Puerto Rico, la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) y su presidente, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, junto a ex campeones mundiales y prospectos del boxeo puertorriqueño presentaron su exitoso programa mundial “WBO Kids Drug Free”, llevando un mensaje positivo y repartiendo juguetes y artículos deportivos a la juventud del barrio.

El presidente de la OMB, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, junto a entrenador del Club de Boxeo de Cubuy, Jesús Ayala presentaron la actividad para los niños y sus familias.


“Estamos muy contentos con la labor que se está haciendo aquí en Cubuy. Nosotros estamos apoyando la labor titánica que están haciendo estos muchachos, sirviendo de ejemplo para toda la juventud y manteniéndolos ocupados y fuera de vicios. Este compromiso que demuestran con la juventud es justo lo que queremos llevar con nuestro programa ‘WBO Kids Drug Free’ para toda la juventud en Puerto Rico y en todos los países del mundo”, dijo el presidente de la OMB, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel.

Las decenas de niños y jóvenes recibieron regalos y reconocimientos de la mano del ex campeón mundial John John Molina, la ex campeona mundial Hanna Gabriels, los contendores mundiales Thomas Dulorme y Rey ‘El Maestro’ Ojeda, los prospectos Emmanuel ‘Pirata’ De Jesús, Alberto Mercado, Marcos ‘Marquitos’ Osorio y la integrante de la Selección Nacional de Boxeo Aficionado de Puerto Rico, Mercedes Alicea.

wbo-molina    wbo-hanna

“Le doy las gracias a la OMB por hacerme parte de está gran actividad. Me llena el corazón ver la sonrisa de estos niños y poder brindarles un poquito de alegría”, indicó el cuarto clasificado por la OMB en las 140 libras, Thomas Dulorme.

wbo-ojeda-mercado-molina    wbo-alicea

Por su parte, el clasificado número trece por la OMB en las 135 libras y líder de la comunidad, Rey ‘El Maestro’ Ojeda dijo, “Gracias a la OMB por apoyar a esta juventud. Este es el resultado de mucho sacrificio y compromiso. Sabemos que el programa ‘WBO Kids Drug Free’ seguirá apoyando a nuestra juventud. Definitivamente el deportes es nuestra mejor herramienta para mantener a nuestros niños en el camino del bien”.

La actividad fue presentada por la OMB en el Centro Esteban Meléndez del barrio Cubuy en Canóvanas, Puerto Rico.

Además de Valcárcel y los boxeadores, dijeron presente en la actividad el promotor Félix ‘Tutico’ Zabala, los entrenadores Margaro Cruz y Angel ‘Negrito’ Rosario, los miembros de OMB, el Secretario General José Izquierdo, el Comisionado Internacional Luis Pérez, el Tesorero Adolfo Flores Monge, el Director de Oficiales Genaro Rodríguez y el árbitro José Hiram Rivera.


Gary Shaw Productions en asociación con Greg Cohen Promotions , DiBella Entertainment, Thompson Boxing, Universal Promotions, Prize Fight,  Joe DeGuardia ‘s Star Boxing, y Zanfer Promotions presentará n un emocionante triple evento de boxeo el 27 de octubre de 2012, que tendrá lugar en Turning Stone Casino Resort en Verona, Nueva York. Las tres peleas serán televisadas en vivo por HBO Boxing After Dark ®, comenzando a las 10:15 pm ET / PT.
“La Nación India de Oneida se complace en tener a HBO Boxing After Dark de vuelta en el Turning Stone Casino Resort”, dijo el portavoz de la Nación Oneida  Dan Smith. “Nuestro primer evento de boxeo de HBO en septiembre recibió críticas muy favorables y esperamos que la cartelera de este mes sea aún mejor “.

El turno principal de la noche recae en la sensación del boxeo puertorriqueño, invicto,  primer clasificado en el CMB y tercer clasificado de la AMB, Thomas Dulorme (16-0, 12 KOs), quien tendrá su prueba más dura hasta la fecha, cuando enfrente al contundente peleador argentino Luis Carlos Abregú (33-1, 27KO’s). Esta pelea está pautada a 10 asaltos.

Dulorme, ha tenido un estelar comienzo de su carrera con victorias sobre el fuerte pegador venezolano Charlie Navarro (22-5, 17 KOs), y su victoria más reconocida llega contra el ex campeón mundial DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley (39-19 -1, 23 KOs).

“Estoy muy agradecido a Gary Shaw por darme la oportunidad de pelear en HBO por primera vez”, dijo Dulorme, un peleador representado promocionalmente por Gary Shaw Productions, Universal Promotions y DiBella Entertainment. “Esto es lo que todos los peleadores sueñan y estoy muy emocionado de tener la oportunidad demostrar mis habilidades en una plataforma internacional”.

“Abregu es un buen peleador y sé que esto es una pelea fuerte, así que me estoy preparando a fondo para estar en la mejor forma posible para la noche del combate. Bonilla (entrenador),  y yo hemos estado trabajando duro en el gimnasio y queremos dedicar esta victoria para el pueblo de Puerto Rico. Voy a luchar duro para no decepcionar a mis compatriotas puertorriqueños y a la comunidad latina entera. ”

“Thomas Dulorme es uno de los boxeadores jóvenes más interesantes y prometedores en todo el boxeo y el 27 de octubre va a demostrarlo contra Abregú, en vivo, por HBO” , dijo Lou DiBella, co promotor de Dulorme.

“Estamos felices y emocionados por esta oportunidad”, dijo Javier Bustillo, promotor puertorriqueño quien promueve a  Dulorme junto con Shaw y DiBella. Dulorme  demostrará a todo el mundo  su calidad  y estamos seguros de que le ganará a Abregú y que en un futuro cercano se convertirá en campeón del mundo”.

Abregú, no es ajeno a los grandes escenarios ya que perdió una difícil decisión unánime contra el actual campeón welter de la OMB, Timothy Bradley Jr. (29-0, 12 KOs), quien en su última pelea derrotó al astro filipino, Manny Pacquiao. Abregú vs. Bradley fue televisada en vivo por HBO. Después de enfrentar a Bradley  el argentino estuvo sumido en una racha de cuatro victorias consecutivas, todas por nocáut”.

“Dulorme nunca ha estado en el ring con un pegador fuerte como yo”, dijo Abregú. “Voy a quebrarlo con golpes de poder, lo cual es algo que nunca ha experimentado antes. Una victoria contra Dulorme me va a poner de nuevo en marcha para luchar por un título mundial. Nada va a detenerme de salir victorioso”.

La pelea co-estelar será  recaerá en el invicto peleador de San Francisco, el OMB / NABO campeón de peso welter Jr., Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield (16-0-1, 10 KOs), quien defenderá su título NABO  contra el californiano, Mauricio Herrera (18 -2, 7 KOs), en una pelea programada a 10 asaltos. Ambos peleadores buscan aprovechar su debut en HBO.

A principios de este año, en el mes de mayo, Mayfield fue puesto número seis  tanto en  la OMB  como en la AMB, cuando se anotó un devastador nocaut contra el ex prospecto invicto, Raymond Serrano (18-1, 8 KOs). Mayfield está listo para mostrar al mundo por qué le pertenece a los peleadores elite de su división.

“Mi oportunidad de oro por fin ha llegado y yo no voy a dejar que pase “, dijo Mayfield. “He esperado mucho tiempo por esta oportunidad de pelear en HBO y  he trabajado duro para llegar aquí. En la noche de la pelea, Herrera debe estar preparado para una guerra, porque yo voy a salir a noquearlo”.

Por su parte Herrera acotó “Mayfield es un buen boxeador, pero yo creo que tengo mejores habilidades boxísticas que él”, declaró Herrera. “Me he enfrentado a mejor  oposición y mi experiencia me guiará a la victoria. Voy a estar listo para cualquier cosa que pase en el cuadrilátero”.

Abriendo la transmisión de HBO será la reyerta a 12 asaltos en  el peso ligero, por el título mundial del  de la FIB entre el campeón, Miguel Vázquez (31-3, 13 KO’s) y el primer contendor, Marvin Quintero (25-3, 21 KOs). Ambos peleadores son mejicanos y esperan traer una emocionante pelea.

Vásquez tiene racha de 10 victorias consecutivas y sólo ha conocido la derrota contra los campeones mundiales invictos, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez (41-0-1, 31 KOs) y Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (29-0, 12 KOs), ambos de los cuales estaban por encima de la división de peso ligero, donde es el actual campeón de la FIB. Sintiéndose invencible en el peso ligero, Vásquez está decidido a salir victorioso cuando suba al ring con Quintero.

“Soy el mejor campeón de peso ligero en el mundo”, dijo Vázquez. Mis únicas derrotas han sido ante los mejores peleadores del mundo en las clases de peso más altas. Soy imparable en el peso ligero y Quintero se dará cuenta quién es el verdadero campeón cuando se enfrenten el 27 de octubre. ”

Quintero está invicto en sus últimas cinco peleas, ganando todas ellas por nocaut. Esta será su primera oportunidad titular y quiere demostrar que es un peleador élite y una victoria contra Vásquez hará exactamente eso.

“Todos los boxeadores siempre sueñan en convertirse en un campeón mundial y mi tiempo ha llegado”, dijo Quintero. “Vázquez es un gran campeón, pero voy a tomar su título y poner fin a su reinado como campeón de la FIB”.

Quintero es entrenado por Rómulo Quirarte, quien también entrena Antonio Demarco, el actual campeón del CMB peso ligero.

“Quiero agradecer a HBO, el Casino Turning Stone Resort y todos los promotores que han unido para hacer de este evento una realidad”, afirmó principal promotor Gary Shaw. “La tarjeta se perfila como una que tendrá activos a los mejores prospectos del boxeo. Todos deben sintonizar HBO el 27 de octubre, ya que esto va a ser una noche de boxeo explosiva “.

Las entradas para el 27 de octubre de HBO Boxing After Dark flutúan entre $ 25 y $ 75 y están a la venta en la oficina principal del  Turning Stone Resort Casino. Tambien puede llamar al (315) 361-7469 o visitar www.Ticketmaster.com. Las puertas se abren a las 6:30 pm y la cartelera comienza a las 7:30 pm EST con la transmisión en vivo HBO nacional, a partir a las 10:15 pm EST.

Ricardo Rodríguez-Rivera

Gary Shaw Promotions/ Español