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Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines – It was a great start to a New Year for Leyte residents as WBO Vice President for Asia, Leon Panoncillo, Jr. who just arrived from Hawaii, went directly to Tacloban, Leyte to continue on more relief efforts provided by the World Boxing Organization.


According to Panoncillo, after WBO President Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcarcel heard of the successful relief effort from his WBO Asia Pacific staff from the Philippines that distributed $10,000 US dollars worth of relief goods to help the survivors of the Yolanda / Haiyan Typhoon devastation this past December 8, 2013, Valcarcel has ordered more relief goods to be distributed to the people of Leyte. The continuing relief effort got the nod of the Executive Board members of the WBO to approve a second relief funds in the amount of another ten thousand US dollars that had brought both donation relief efforts now up to $20,000 US dollars, equivalent to 880,000 Philippines pesos.

The additional donation from the organization spread relief to more provinces in Leyte, especially surrounding areas in Tacloban City and hard to reach areas of Jaro and Santa Fe. Areas that was also completely destroyed by the Typhoon and news of seldom relief goods reaching in that District Barangay, after the disaster.

“It was really a good experience for me to see the disaster and got to help personally, I realize that we cannot take life for granted after seeing what I saw, anything can happen at any given time,” Panoncillo said.

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“Giving my time to help on my busy schedule was not a problem for me, in fact it was an honor to help and distribute the tons of rice, noodles, water and variety of can goods that made their way to those provinces. Thousands of families benefited from the relief goods distributed by the WBO,” Panoncillo