i In just his second pro fight, Vasyl Lomachenko, left, lost a split decision against Orlando Salido in 2014. Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports –

LAS VEGAS — On June 4, junior lightweight titlist Francisco Vargas and former titleholder Orlando Salido battled to a draw in an epic action fight that is easily the leading contender for fight-of-the-year honors.

It was exactly what most expected as Vargas was coming off a dramatic comeback knockout of Takashi Miura to win the 130-pound belt in November in the 2015 fight of the year, and Salido is almost always in an exciting fight.

In fact, the fight with Vargas was Salido’s fourth consecutive ridiculous action fight, all of which were fight-of-the-year contenders. There were also two sick fights last year against Rocky Martinez (a loss and a draw, both debatable results) and an 11th-round knockout of Terdsak Kokietgym in a knockdown-filled slugfest.

The fight before Kokietgym, Salido scored a split-decision win against Vasyl Lomachenko (6-1, 4 KOs), the brilliant two-time Ukrainian Olympic gold medalist fighting for a featherweight title in only his second pro fight. Salido got the better of him, although not by much, in their March 2014 fight.

Now it’s time for Salido (43-13-4, 30 KOs), a fan favorite from Mexico, to figure out his next move. At 35 and with a ton of wars on his resume, he wants (and deserves) the biggest possible fight for the most amount of money.

A rematch with Vargas was the obvious move. However, Vargas was badly busted up in the fight and his team is not interested in an immediate rematch, and who can blame them? He will heal up and then look for a fight that won’t be nearly as demanding, with the potential for a rematch against Salido in the second half of 2017.

That makes the obvious match for Salido a rematch with Lomachenko, who moved up in weight and knocked out Martinez to win a junior lightweight title in June. He would love nothing more than to exact revenge on Salido. It is a fight that is certainly makeable with no promotional or television network entanglements.

Salido promoter Zanfer Promotions wants to make it. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, Lomachenko’s promoter, has designs on putting it together this fall, perhaps at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, site of Vargas-Salido. HBO, which aired the first fight, should have interest as it is in the Lomachenko business.

“Lomachenko is the fight that Orlando wants as long as he’s paid,” Sean Gibbons, Salido’s manager, told ESPN.com last week in the Terence Crawford-Viktor Postol media center at the MGM Grand. “At StubHub, the people will be there for him. At this point it’s strictly business. He’ll be 36 in November. At this point you want to make him the best fight for the most money.

“If he can’t get Lomachenko and get paid like he feels he should he will go to Mexico and have a stay-busy fight waiting for Vargas. That’s the fight people want to see. He’s finally in position to get paid. He has fought four fights in the last three years that were either fight of the year or candidates for fight of the year. The guy does not make a bad fight.”

Salido has taken short money plenty of times, but Gibbons said he would not do so again for rematches with either Vargas or Lomachenko. But he also said their side would not be unreasonable.

“We’re not Nicholas Walters,” Gibbons said, referring to the former featherweight titlist who turned down career-high money twice to avoid Lomachenko. “We’re here to make the fight, not kill the fight. Tell Bob to get creative. He’s a Hall of Fame promoter. He knows how to come up with the funds.”

Gibbons said whatever direction Salido goes in it should be figured out in the next week or so.  Salido says he wants to fight Lomachenko again, especially with Vargas unavailable.

“You did not see the best Orlando Salido in the first fight [with Lomachenko]. I had issues with my weight and I want to put all doubts aside by beating Lomachenko again,” Salido told ESPN.com, referring to the fact that he missed weight and was stripped of his featherweight belt. “I am tired of hearing all the excuses why I beat him the first time.

“The media says it was his second fight. He chose to fight me too soon. Then they say it was the referee. Then they say it was the weight. Enough with all the excuses. Let’s do it again and I will show everyone how a real Mexican fights! I am not a Frankenstein boxer like Rocky Martinez. I have real skills and, at the end of the day, Lomachenko can make a million excuses for what happened the first time but he will see I have his number when we fight again. I have told my manager, Sean Gibbons, and my promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, go and get me the biggest and best fights that are out there.”

Salido also took a swipe at Vargas for the disinterest in an immediate rematch.

“I realize that Francisco Vargas does not have the heart of a real champion and give me the rematch I deserve so I turn to a fighter that wants to fight a real champion, Vasyl Lomachenko,” Salido said. “I have never ducked a challenge in my 20 years of boxing and I will not start now. This is how all the great ones have done it — Julio Caesar Chavez, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Israel Vasquez, Juan Manuel Marquez. Real Mexicans do not make excuses. They fight the fights the fans want to see.”




Purse Bid Minutes


Purse Bid was convened for January 12, 2016 on 12:00 Noon at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY, USA

Purse Bid Attendees:

  1. Representing Zanfer Promotions, a member of their staff, Mr. Aldo Barba
  2. Representing All Star Boxing, Inc, Mr. Felix Zabala
  3. Also present, Mr. Sean Gibbons, Orlando Salido’s Manager; and,
  4. Mr. Peter Rivera, PR Best Boxing DBA The Brothers Entertainment’s Vice-President

Prior to commencing the Purse Bid, Mr. Peter Rivera made note that a Complaint had been sent regarding the designation of Miguel Berchelt as Mandatory Challenger for Roman “Rocky” Martinez in the 130 pound division because such designation did not meet the requirements of WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests. He also stated that Roman Martinez had a contract with the Showtime Network for a match facing Orlando Salido on March 12, 2016.

The intention was to stop the Purse Bid.

President Francisco Valcarcel presided the Purse Bid and stated for the record that the designation of Miguel Berchelt as the 130 lbs. Mandatory Challenger had been made during the WBO Convention on October 29, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Furthermore, he stated that Mr. Peter Rivera, representing Roman Martinez, as well as Mr. Sean Gibbons, representing Orlando Salido, had accepted the Mandatory Challenger designation and had pledged that the winner of the bout between Roman Martinez and Orlando Salido would face within 120 days of the bout the Mandatory Challenger, Miguel Berchelet.

That at the time, neither Mr. Rivera nor Mr. Gibbons, protested the appointment of Mr. Berchelet as Challenger.

That the Championship Committee voted and approved Mr. Peter Rivera’s request for a Martinez-Salido III bout and that the winner had to face the designated Mandatory Challenger, Miguel Berchelt, within 120 days.

President Valcarcel stated for the record that Mr. Peter Rivera did not have any commitment with the Showtime Network for a March 12, 2016 bout, nor had he had one for February 20, 2016.

Mr. Valcarcel added that both Sean Gibbons, Orlando Salido’s manager, as well as Promoter Fernando Beltran, had advised him that Peter Rivera had not offered them the necessary guarantees that Showtime Network had given PR Best Boxing DBA The Brothers Entertainment the March 12, 2016 date to hold the Martinez-Salido III bout. That Mr. Peter Rivera had not sent the P.R. Professional Boxing Commission any letter stating that they committed themselves to the WBO appointing the officials of the bout and that these could not be Puerto Rico officials.

For the reasons stated above, Attorney Francisco Valcarcel proceeded with the Purse Bid given that sufficient time had been allotted to finalize negotiations, without reaching the necessary conditions for the bout to take place.

Mr. Peter Rivera announced that he would not bid.

The Purse Bid proceeded in accordance with the conditions established therein by the WBO Championship Committee regarding the 10% deposit in a certified check or cash and that the balance amount had to be deposited by the Purse Bid winner no later than 15 days after the Purse Bid.

It was stated for the record that both parties gave proof that they were World Boxing Organization Bona Fide 2016 promoters.

All Star Boxing, Mr. Felix Zabala, handed Mr. Valcarcel his first envelope containing a certified check in the amount of $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) to cover the Purse Bid Service Fee. Zanfer Promotions presented the first envelope that contained the cash amount of $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) for the Purse Bid Service Fee.

All Star’s second envelope contained a certified check in the amount of $20,150 (Twenty Thousand One Hundred Fifty Dollars) corresponding to 10% of $201,500 (Two Hundred One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars) with their three proposed sites and dates.

Zanfer submitted a certified check in the amount of $25,100 (Twenty-Five Thousand One Hundred Dollars) corresponding 10% of the Purse Bid amount of $251,000 (Two Hundred Fifty-One Thousand Dollars) and proposed the following dates:

March 12th 2016 –Mexico
April 2nd 2016–Mexico
April 9th 2016–Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Taking into consideration both proposals, the Purse Bid was awarded to Zanfer Promotions, who must deposit within the 15 days from the date of the Purse Bid, the amount of $225,900.00 (Two Hundred Twenty-Five Nine Hundred Dollars) on behalf of World Boxing Organization to be deposited into the “Escrow” account.

Zanfer shall submit within 10 days the fighters contracts and the fighter have 10 days to sign the same and then, the contracts must be sent to the World Boxing Organization.

If the conditions herein exposed are not met, the second bidder, All Star, is entitled to be awarded the Purse Bid, having met within five (5) days the deposit of balance stated in the Purse Bid.

The Purse Bid ended at 12:32 P.M.


Junior lightweights Roman “Rocky” Martinez and Orlando Salido have produced two fight of the year candidates in 2015. AP Photo/Steve Marcus –

Although the television outlet and venue have not been determined, junior lightweight titlist Rocky Martinez will fight Orlando Salido for the third time on Feb. 20, Salido manager Sean Gibbons told ESPN.com.

Puerto Rico’s Martinez and Mexico’s Salido waged two ultra-exciting fights in 2015 to add to the great boxing rivalry between their countries.

On April 11, in San Juan, Martinez, 32, knocked down Salido, 35, twice, with Salido also getting a point deducted for low blows in an otherwise highly competitive fight. In the end, Martinez won a unanimous decision in a fight of the year candidate and took Salido’s 130-pound world title.

They met in a rematch on Sept. 12 in Las Vegas on the Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto undercard and put on another tremendous show. This time Martinez (29-2-3, 17 KOs) retained the title by split draw in another furious battle that most thought Salido (42-13-3, 29 KOs) deserved to win.

A third fight was approved in October at the WBO’s annual convention and now the date is locked in.

“We just need to work out the site and TV is still in the works,” said Gibbons, although the likely TV outlet would seem to be either Showtime or a Premier Boxing Champions card.

While Martinez’s camp would like for the third fight to be in Puerto Rico, Gibbons said their side would prefer for the fight to be either in the United States or Mexico.



During their annual convention in Orlando, Florida this week the World Boxing Organization approved a third fight between their featherweight champion Roman “Rocky” Martinez and former two-time world champion Orlando “Siri” Salido. Martinez and Salido fought twice in 2015 with Martinez winning a close decision at home in Puerto Rico in april and the second time this past September in Las Vegas their action packed rematch was declared a draw.

Both fights will be candidates for fight of the year and both men earned a third battle to settle who really deserves the belt. In their first battle, Martinez knocked down Salido twice in a route to a unanimous decision victory and in the second fight Salido seemingly dominated the fight was only awarded a draw in a fight that many felt he had won.

“There is no doubt in my mind that I won the second fight, but the judges didn’t see that way. So I think the only right thing to do is fight a third time to determine who really is the best of the two,” said Salido who was in Orlando, Florida along with Martinez.

A third fight is been negotiated for the early part of 2016.

“We feel that he should have gotten the win, but it did not happen that way in September. I’m happy that everyone is working on getting this third fight done, especially the champ and his team and that the WBO is good with it. I know we’ll get it done and it’s going to be another great war,” said Sean Gibbons, Salido’s manager.

The Martinez-Salido rivalry is already being compared to others great rivalry’s in boxing like Israel Vazquez-Rafael Martez and Arturo Gatti-Micky Ward.

“It seems that we are made for each other and the fights are getting better. The first one was good, the second was better and the third will be the best,” said Salido.

And of course it’s Mexico vs Puerto Rico, and in boxing there is nothing better.



El campeón Internacional de la WBO, César Juárez, ha cumplido todos sus objetivos y ahora va por el más grande en su carrera

El ser campeón Internacional de peso supergallo de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (WBO) y primer clasificado en la división, no fue un recorrido fácil para el capitalino César Juárez, quien es un peleador que ha aprovechado cada oportunidad en el ring, tal como lo demostró hace unas semanas al vencer en su propia tierra al sinaloense Juan Carlos ‘Zurdito’ Sánchez.

El púgil capitalino platicó con ESTADIO, acompañado por su representante Sean Gibbons (Top Rank y Zanfer), así como por su padre y preparador físico, Margarito Juárez, y parte del equipo, en una charla donde habló desde sus inicios, recordando que como peleador amateur venció en una final nacional al sonorense Óscar Valdez.

“Fui tres veces campeón nacional. En una de esas finales, vencí a Óscar Valdez. Lo recuerdo bien, fue en 2006, en Apizaco, Tlaxcala. Como amateur, gané 106 peleas y perdí seis”, rememoró el monarca Internacional en las 122 libras de la WBO.

IMG_20150817_104249_756  Juárez, junto a su representante Sean Gibbons.

Con 23 años de edad y récord de 19-3, 14 nocauts, Juárez ya tiene experiencia internacional con la victoria que se apuntó en Las Vegas sobre el puertorriqueño César Seda, que lo catapultó a la pelea de campeonato contra el ‘Zurdito’ Sànchez.

Aunque esa noche tenía todo en contra, señaló que su gran preparación lo sacó adelante, aguantando un clima bastante fuerte con mucha humedad y muy poca ventilación tras doce rounds frenéticos.

“Las oportunidades son para aprovecharlas. Sabía que esa pelea no la podía perder, que era mi oportunidad. Soy un peleador que se prepara bastante bien, pero esta vez lo hice al doble para ganar. Todo nos resultó, salimos con el brazo, vencimos al ‘Zurdito’ y al clima al que uno no está acostumbrado”, indicó con una sonrisa, mostrando su cinturón de campeón.

IMG_20150817_104332_922 Juárez, acompañado por su equipo de trabajo.

Tiene licenciatura y maestría

En el deporte en general, es difícil encontrar a un atleta que divida su tiempo con los estudios.

César Juárez es uno de esos casos contados que hay en el deporte mexicano, al tener una carrera universitaria en Leyes y además una maestría.

“Decidí ser profesional para solventar mis gastos. Yo sabía que tenía cualidades para destacar como profesional, eso también nos impulsó para dejar el amateur y dar el salto como profesional.

“Cuando empecé a cobrar por mis primeras peleas, ese dinero lo utilizaba para pagarme la carrera. Mis padres me ayudaron mucho, ellos también me apoyaban económicamente. Ese dinero siempre lo vi como una inversión para terminar mi carrera como abogado y hacer después la maestría”, manifestó con gesto de satisfacción.

Como monarca Internacional, afirmó que lo que sigue es buscar el campeonato mundial absoluto.

“Soy una persona que ha trabajado mucho por lo que quiere. Ya tengo un título importante de un organismo que me abrió las puertas. Ahora quiero el título mundial, pero sé que eso depende de mis promotores, de cuando ellos me digan. De lo que estos seguro, es que estaré listo para esa pelea”.

Su padre, el señor Margarito Juárez contó una anécdota que a más de uno le arrebató la sonrisa en torno al por qué metió a su hijo al boxeo.

“Yo siempre hice deporte, corrí maratones de más joven. Siempre le inculqué a mi hijo el deporte. Pero lo metí al boxeo porque en la primaria había niños que lo molestaban, hasta le pegaban y dije ‘esto no puede seguir’. Lo metí a entrenar box para que se defendiera y miren hasta dónde ha llegado”, señaló sonriente.

“Queremos el título mundial”

Al ser clasificado más alto en peso supergallo, por la WBO, su representante Sean Gibbons señaló que esperarán a la decisión que tome el cubano Guillermo Rigondeaux –actual campeón supergallo WBO– al hablarse de que podría subir a la división inmediata, dejando así el título vacante.

“Parece que Rigondeaux se va a peso pluma, por ahí escuché que quiere una pelea contra Lomachenko (campeón pluma WBO). Vamos a esperar a su decisión en las próximas semanas. Nosotros queremos que César pelea en octubre o noviembre y si es por el título mundial, qué mejor”.

En este sentido, el representante de Top Rank, quien trabaja de manera conjunta con Bob Arum y Fernando Beltrán (Zanfer), señaló que, de quedar vacante el campeonato, es muy probable que se enfrente a un alto clasificado de la división por el título mundial.

“César es número uno en la división y eso lo convierte en retador al título. Si queda vacante el campeonato, es muy probable que enfrente a otro alto clasificado. Pero vamos a esperar a los próximos días”, estableció Gibbons.


WBO 130 pound World Champion Orlando Siri Salido arrives in San Juan Puerto Rico . He was with his manager Sean Gibbons , Trainer Santos Moreno , Cutman Jose Chapo Miranda . He was greeted by WBO president Paco Valcarcel , WBO Jose Izquierdo, and PR Best Promoter Peter Rivera. Orlando is defending his belt Apr 11 vs Rocky Martinez.  A formal announcement will be made Thursday in San Juan .

photo 1-2




El excampeón mundial mexicano Orlando “Siri” Salido es un peleador de probada experiencia, calidad y combatividad. Su estilo le ha alcanzado para ser campeón mundial y para brindar una de las más gratas sorpresas en los últimos años, cuando de manera espectacular noqueó a Juan Manuel López para conquistar el título mundial Pluma OMB.

El sábado 20, en Tijuana, el “Siri” querrá dar el tradicional grito de “Viva México” cuando busque su segundo título mundial en distintas divisiones, ahora el interino Superpluma OMB, en una espectacular velada boxística que presentará Zanfer de doble campeonato mundial, y que será transmitida por la “Casa del Boxeo”, Azteca 7.

Orlando Salido (41-12-2, 28 ko’s) se enfrentará al sólido peleador tailandés, Terdsak “Pit Bull” Kokietgym (53-4-1, 33 ko’s) en un disputado entre dos peleadores de experiencia y gran roce internacional.

El “Siri” ya fue campeón mundial y se ha enfrentado a lo mejor de su división, pero Kokietgym también tiene un fogueo impresionante. De las cuatro derrotas que aparecen en su record, sólo una ha sido por la vía rápida (ante Juan Manuel Márquez en agosto de 2006) y todas ante rivales que han sido monarcas del mundo (Joan Guzmán, Márquez, Steve Luévano y Takahiro Ao), además de que se presenta a esta contienda con una racha de siete victorias desde 2012, y tras haber ganado 23 de sus más recientes 24 peleas desde 2008.

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Photos: Pete Susens –

Former World Featherweight Champion Orlando “Siri” Salido is training hard in the intense summer heat at Arena Osuna Boxing Gym in his native Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Salido is preparing for battle against Puerto Rican Olympian and top contender, Orlando Cruz, on October 12th at The Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. The pair will be fighting for the Vacant WBO World Featherweight Title and are the semi final to legendary Juan Manuel Marquez who will be facing Timothy Bradley for the welterweight title in the main attraction.

“I am ready and as positive as I have ever been,” said Salido. “I want my title back.” He is in camp with trainer Santos Moreno and manager Sean Gibbons.

thumbs_salidotrainingcamp01  thumbs_salidotrainingcamp02

thumbs_salidotrainingcamp04  thumbs_salidotrainingcamp10

thumbs_salidotrainingcamp14  thumbs_salidotrainingcamp06

thumbs_salidotrainingcamp11  thumbs_salidotrainingcamp07thumbs_salidotrainingcamp08  thumbs_salidotrainingcamp04


thumbs_salidotrainingcamp06 thumbs_salidotrainingcamp05


Sean Gibbons, manager of WBO featherweight champion Orlando Salido (38-11-2, 26KOs), has advised BoxingScene.com that his boxer is not returning on June 2 – a tentative date being set aside in Ciudad Obregon for the ring return of former champion Antonio Margarito (38-8, 27KOs).

Per Gibbons, Salido is currently on vacation and plans to make a voluntary defense on July 21, in Ciudad Obregon. After the voluntary date, he wants to return in the fall against the winner of Jhonny Gonzalez-Elio Rojas, which takes place on April 28th.

“He is waiting for the outcome of the Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Rojas fight on April 28. Salido is targeting the winner for a unification in the fall,” Gibbons told BoxingScene.com.


By Rick Reeno



Orlando “Siri” Salido the WBO featherweight champion took a victory lap last weekend with visits to Mexico City and Miami. The Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico native, arrived in Mexico City Friday, March 30th and visited with the Mexican Media on Friday, before appearing in studio on the very popular boxing show “Golpe a Golpe” and with three-time world champion Juan Manuel Marquez host on ESPNDeportes.

Salido then flew to Miami on Saturday, to appear on Sunday, in “Republica Deportiva” in highest rated sports show in the Univision National Network at the invitation of his fine producer Rick Seara.

The Champ made an appearance on Sunday evening at WrestleMania 28 as a guest of Azteca Mexico Television.


Salido is coming of his second win over Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez, whom he stopped in the 10th round of the best fight of the year so far. The Mexican warior went back to Puerto Rico March 10 to give Lopez a rematch of their fight last April of 2010, where Salido stopped the Puerto Rican in eight rounds.


March 10th, Salido got up of the deck in the fifth round and then was part of two incredible non stop action rounds – 8th and 9tth- that will be hard to top this year.


“It was a great fight because we both wanted to win so much. I now know that I beat the best Juama Lopez this time, he was strong and smart, but at the end of the day I can take his punch and he can’t take mine. I am happy people enjoy the fight and that they will remembered it for a long time”, said Salido.


Salido was joined by manager, Sean Gibbons and Aldo Barba from Zanfer Promotions, during this victory lap.