By Tracy Morin at ringside
Photos: Boxing Bob Newman –

In a fierce and bloody war, 9:1 underdog John Molina Jr. (28-6, 23 KOs) outslugged former WBO junior welterweight world champion Ruslan Provodnikov (25-4, 18 KOs) over twelve rounds on Saturday night at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY.

Even in a mostly feeling-out first round, each fighter scored a smattering of clean power punches to the head and body, setting the stage for an action-packed, back-and-forth affair. But from the opening bell of the second, tentativeness dissipated as they started to trade with little concern for defense, Provodnikov perennially pressing forward and Molina unafraid to engage.

Molina tried to work his jab in the fourth while continuing a brutal body attack, and an accidental headbutt opened a Provodnikov cut as the punches on both sides started to land with more conviction–underlined when both fighters smiled at each other at the end of round five and traded until the bell. 

In round six, Molina’s jab helped quelled his opponent’s attack, but Provodnikov landed a stumble-inducing right-left to Molina near the end of the round. Still, Molina gamely returned fire and wisely started to tie up on the ropes and work at a jabbing distance. Provodnikov’s left hooks were also finding their mark; with action heating up, the end of the seventh saw blows traded post-bell.

Provodnikov, bleeding freely by the eighth, refused to step backward and started eating uppercuts in the ninth while at times swinging wildly as Molina continued to work his jab (though he too ate his share of power shots while pressed against the ropes).

The pace slowed significantly in the tenth as Provodnikov attempted some head movement to avoid the jab–and as both perhaps steeled themselves for the championship rounds. With fewer jabs from Molina, Provodnikov started to come on in the eleventh, even uncharacteristically bouncing and moving laterally.

In the final round, both came out firing to close a competitive fight, each willing to give and take for the advantage. The judges were in agreement, however, that Molina had taken the victory, handing in scores of 116-112, 115-113 and 117-111.

“This is the fight we needed. I felt his punching power and he kept coming forward,” Molina said afterward. “I was in great shape. I knew I won that fight. I stuck to the game plan.”

“The decision was right. Molina won the fight; he was better tonight,” Provodnikov admitted. “We expected he would box and move. It wasn’t my night tonight. It just didn’t go for me today. There’s no excuses. I lost the fight tonight. Maybe it was motivation or something else. I’m sorry if I disappointed.”

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Photos: Amanda Westcott/Showtime –

Former WBO jr welterweight champion Ruslan “The Siberian Rocky” Provodnikov (25-4, 18 KOs) and John “The Gladiator” Molina (28-6, 23 KOs), who will compete on this Saturday’s Showtime tripleheader, participated in the final press conference Thursday at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY.

Ruslan Provodnikov: “Words are not so much associated with explaining this because anybody can talk and anybody can say words. I think the fans or the people have to see how my fights have been and the way that I’ve fought those fights. For me to say right now that I’m going to ‘die in the ring,’ they’re words right now. The fight will show, then the fans will have an understanding in their mind of was I just saying that or is that really the way it is. The actions show, not the words.”

John Molina Jr: “I believe in my heart of hearts the fans are going to get a treat with Ruslan Provodnikov coming forward, not wanting to take a backward step with myself coming forward not wanting to take a backward step. We’re both going to try and go in there and pose our will on each other and you’re not going to see a boring fight. It won’t be Dancing With The Stars, it’s going to be a fight.” 

In the co-feature, unbeaten former 154-pound world champion and 2008 U.S. Olympian Demetrius Andrade (22-0, 15 KOs) goes against Willie Nelson (25-2-1, 15 KOs) in a 12-round WBC super welterweight title elimination bout.

Demetrius Andrade: “I’m just going in and do my thing, you know, I’m the type of person with character. I’ve been in the ring for many years through the amateur program and fought 300-400 times, against everybody in the whole world. So, there’s not nothing I haven’t seen or fought. A tall guy like Willie Nelson with no legs or upper body, I’m going to push him to the limit. That’s pretty much the plan. I’m going in and it’s knockout season for me.”

Willie Nelson: “It’s what happens all the time. I’m always the underdog. It’s OK and I try not to worry about it much. I’m not one to predict the fights; about what can and can’t happen, but it’s going to be an interesting fight. We know each other’s background and we have sparred before at the U.S. Training Camp.”

The telecast will begin with a 12-rounder for the vacant WBC lightweight world championship between undefeated #1 ranked Dejan Zlaticanin (17-0, 10 KOs) and Franklin Mamani (21-2-1, 12 KOs).

Dejan Zlaticanin: “I’ve prepared for this hard fight for a long time because they changed opponents and it’s hard to be prepared for that. But I have waited for this opportunity for a long time. This is the most important fight of my life, and I am going to win this fight. I don’t like to talk too much. I will talk in the ring and I promise I will knock out Franklin Mamani.”

Franklin Mamani: “Zlaticanin is an aggressive, strong and talented fighter. It will be an honor to trade leather with him inside the ring and be able to win the WBC lightweight championship of the world against the number one contender in my division.”

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TdeCCQslcwM Credito: Foto de

Por Jonathan Gaudier / Prensa OMB –

SAN JUAN, PR(06/07/16)– La Organización Mundial de Boxeo, presidida por el Lcdo. Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, tendrá presencia significativa este sábado11 de junio de 2016 en el Teatro del Madison Square Garden de Nueva York, donde estarán en juego cuatro campeonatos de este organismo. 

En el choque estelar, el Campeón Mundial jr. ligero, Román ‘Rocky’ Martínezexpondrá su corona ante su homólogo de la división plumaVasyl Lomachenko. 

El Lcdo. Valcárcel fungirá como supervisor de este choque entre campeones de la OMB. Los jueces para el encuentro serán Carlos Ortiz (Ridgewood, NY), Robin Taylor (Brooklyn, NY) y Donald Trella (GrotonCT). El tercer hombre sobre el cuadrilátero lo será Danny Schiavone (Hartford, CT).    

Entre tanto, el Presidente del Comité de Clasificaciones, Luis Pérez, será el supervisor del combate entre el Monarca Latino ligero, Félix Verdejo, y el mexicano, Juan José Martínez. Los jueces serán Larry Hazzard, Jr. (Union, NJ), John Stewart (Lawnside, NJ) y Ron McNair (Nueva York). El árbitro será Michael  Ortega (East Haven, CT). 

Pérez también supervisará la defensa del Campeón Internacional mosca, Zou Shiming, ante Jozsef Ajtai. Los jueces para este encuentro serán Frank Lombardi (Connecticut), John Stewart y Anthony Paolillo (Nueva York). El tercer hombre sobre el cuadrilátero será Ron Lipton. 

Mientras, la primera defensa del Campeón Mundial Juvenil pluma, Christopher ‘Pitufo’ Díaz, ante el mexicano Neftalí Campos, será supervisada por José “Joe” Hernández. Los jueces serán John Stewart, Frank Lombardi y John Basile (Yorktown, NY). David Fields será el árbitro de la reyerta. 

Ese mismo día en el Turning Stone Resort Casino de Verona, Nueva York, habrá otros dos combates titulares. 

Demetrius Andrade defenderá su campeonato Internacional Jr. mediano ante Willie Nelson. Mientras, Ruslan Provodnikov y John Molina, Jr. disputarán la vacante faja Internacional Jr. Wélter 

HBO Boxing After Dark at The Barclays Center.

By Jerry Glick
Photos: Peter Frutkoff/

Flush with the success that he had from taking the WBO junior welterweight title from Ruslan Provodnikov back on June 14th, Star Boxing’s pride and joy, Chris “The Fighting Pride of Huntington” Algieri, was eager to talk about winning the belt and his challenge to the great Manny Pacquiao for Pac Man’s WBO welterweight belt scheduled to happen on November 22nd.

His right eye, badly damaged in his title winning effort, appeared to be completely healed, as well as the broken nose he suffered. Algieri looked in every way a superstar.

HBO Boxing After Dark at The Barclays Center.

Algieri became a boxing world champion in only his twentieth pro fight, but he explained, it isn’t the first time he became a world champion after a limited number of fights. “I became a kickboxing world champion in only my fourth fight.”

Algieri admitted that fighting Pacquiao, “Is surreal, because it is something I’ve been thinking about so long, and visualizing this moment and now it’s here.”

He actually began to discuss the possibility of challenging Pacquiao even before he won the Provodnikov fight. The prospect was initially discussed by Top Rank’s head man, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum.

“I didn’t know how real it was,” said the newly crowned champ. “I know that Bob Arum mentioned it prior to the Provodnikov bout, and generally when Bob says something it’s a big deal. There were murmurs about the fight and about a week later (after the Provodnikov fight) we had worked out the details.”

The naysayers have come out of the woodwork for Pacquiao fight as they did for the Provodnikov contest, although he admits the critics are a lot more unsympathetic regarding the Pacquiao matchup.

“I am a self motivating person,” he said, “It doesn’t affect me negatively or positively.”

Algieri’s promoter, Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing, is taking a backseat to the venerable Bob Arum for the November 22nd showdown with Pacquiao.

“Chris is going to carry this promotion, and that’s why Bob is the top promoter in the industry,” explained DeGuardia. “Bob’s a Hall of Famer who’s been in the business for fifty years promoting top fighters…..Ali, Leonard, Hearns, you name it. He saw it before the Provodnikov fight. He knew it before. He saw it because it’s there, Chris will be the attraction.”

Algieri is very confident of a victory over Pacquiao and stated that he will gain even more confidence during training.

“I’m not the same person I will be on November 22nd as I am today.”

According to Algieri, Pacquiao has not fought his style in years and although Algieri is moving up in weight, he is actually the bigger man.

“Margarito was bigger,” he pointed out. “But not an athletic guy; a straight forward slugger. Not a guy who is going to be moving pushing, pulling, using his jab. Manny kills those guys; he picks them apart.”

Algieri said that he has watched all of Pacquiao’s fights and knows that he will be facing a great fighter, but he remains confident.

Much has been said about drug testing especially where Pacquiao is concerned, given his history of being questioned about whether he is juicing, but this does not worry Algieri.

“I think every fighter should be blood tested. There’s no reason not to. When I got approached about drug testing I said of course. I got nothing to hide. I have no fear about what I put into my body and what I can do.”

He added that he has no comment about whether Pacquiao uses PEDs and he has confidence that Pacquaio will be carefully tested and all things should be fair.

He believes that when Pacquiao was smaller he was an explosive powerhouse and that he is more affected by his moving up in weight than the fact that he is aging (Pac Man will be a month short of 36 by fight time).

“I’m expecting what he is,” said Algieri. “He’s an explosive guy, very quick. In and out, I think he’s one of the best in and out, side to side guys out there. He puts on pressure without just going forward. Ruslan is a straight ahead guy and puts on pressure. Manny puts on pressure too but it’s more like an ebb and flow, he cuts an angle and moves laterally. He can use his jab when he needs to, he can box. He fires fast combinations moving in and out.”

HBO Boxing After Dark at The Barclays Center.

Will Algieri be faster?

“We will find out that night,” countered Algieri. “You know what the great equalizer is, and I say this all the time, the jab. I don’t care if he’s faster, I don’t care if he hits harder, I don’t care if he’s bigger, stronger; I got a jab and I got a brain. That’s the great equalizer. Not power, it’s the jab.”

He said that the biggest thing that he learned about himself against Provodnikov was that strategy comes before pride.

“I learned that I’m not too proud to take a knee,” admitted the fighter. “When I was younger I would have been too proud to go down. He (Provodnikov) didn’t knock me down a second time, I took a knee. I was trying to figure out what was going on. At the time my eye was still blurry. After I got up I could see. So my vision returned. I don’t think I would have done that back in my kickboxing days.”

HBO Boxing After Dark at The Barclays Center.

It may be to the advantage of Algieri that due to the time differential between Macao and the US, he will be entering the ring at 10 AM local time so that HBO PPV can broadcast the event in the evening hours in the US.

“I’m a morning person,” said Chris. “I hate having to fight at midnight.”

He said that he feels fine now, but he is not sparring yet, and won’t until doctors clear the broken nose he also suffered in that first round.

Algieri is healing fast. “The eye was opened on the second day,” he recalled. “The swelling was gone in the first week. I was on FOX Business on Wednesday. I put shades on and you couldn’t tell.”

He anticipates he’ll begin training in earnest about eight to ten weeks before the big fight.

“The end of August or early September.”

An admitted gym rat: “This is the longest I’ve been out of the gym,” admitted Algieri, “Because the doctors advised me to.”


He is already looking forward to the press tour, the travel to China, and the training that awaits him.

“I like the fact that we will have a civil tour,” said Algieri. “We are not going to get aggressive, there’s not going to be some ugly stare downs.”

After a tour of Asian cities including Shanghai, Macao, and others, it’s off to a tour of the United States. So far DeGuardia is sure of only Los Angeles and New York as tour stops, with more to be added later. DeGuardia called this the biggest fight in that part of the world since Tyson-Douglas back in 1990 in Tokyo.


Chris’ dad was at this interview and attends all his fights including the Provodnikov fight. His mother stays home. How did she react when she saw his damaged eye?

“Funny story,” stated Chris. “This guy here,” pointing at his father, “Almost had a heart attack. Mom? Cool, just happy I won. It didn’t faze her one bit.”

AlgieriChris Algieri (blue trunks), from Huntington, defeated Ruslan Provodnikov by split decision to win the WBO junior welterweight title in the Barclays Center on June 14, 2014. (Credit: HBO / Ed Mulholland)


It had all the makings of a storybook upset. Local hero, on his home turf, faces a Russian powerhouse looking for future glory. No one expects the local to be anything more than a steppingstone for the favorite, but he steps in and derails any title hopes in front of the adoring masses.

Sounds like a movie plot. But Saturday night in Brooklyn, it actually happened: a champ grew in Brooklyn.

Huntington’s Chris Algieri (20-0, eight KOs), claimed the WBO junior welterweight title with a split decision, 109-117, 114-112, 114-112, over Russia’s Ruslan Provodnikov (23-3, 16 KO’s) at Barclays Center.

Algieri, 30, dropped to his knees in his corner as famed ring announcer Michael Buffer shouted the phrase every challenger wants to hear: “And the new . . .”

“I feel great. I showed the boxing world who Chris Algieri was,” he said in the ring after the fight. “As heavy as this title belt is, I don’t even feel it.”

Algieri used his finesse approach all night to eliminate the power of Provodnikov.

Algieri’s only trouble was in the first round, when an uppercut dropped him to the canvas with 1:19 left in the round. But the Huntington hero popped right back up.

“Getting out of the first round was very helpful,” Algieri said. “I had a slow start, but I found my rhythm and was able to anticipate his rhythm.”

With 50 seconds remaining in the first, Algieri went to a knee but stood up quickly.

“I took the knee, not because he hit me, but to clear my head,” Algieri said. “My lip was numb and I wanted to make sure my eye was OK. It was just a precaution.”

Once Algieri weathered the first four rounds, he was able to fully settle in.

“The shots in the first four rounds were his most powerful,” Algieri said of Provodnikov. “But they were few and far between.”

A cut that swelled up over Algieri’s left eye caused him problems in the final four rounds.

“I saw pretty well until the eighth,” he said. “By round 12, I was blind in that eye. I couldn’t see. I was able to anticipate his left hook and his rhythm.”

Provodnikov hit Algieri with a haymaker in the ninth, the first truly hard punch he had landed since the second round, but Algieri stayed on his feet.

In the 11th round, the fight got more aggressive, with both fighters throwing haymakers, but neither going down.

It was a storybook entrance for Algieri, wearing a blue warm-up jacket and a Brooklyn Nets hat. The challenger left a champ.

Long Beach’s “Irish” Seanie Monaghan (23-0, 13 KOs) went all 10 rounds with Elvir Muriqui (40-7, 24 KOs) to retain his WBC Continental Americas light-heavyweight title by unanimous decision.

Brooklyn middleweight Simeon Hardy (13-0, 10 KOs) led off the night securing a TKO over Tennessee’s Malcolm Terry at 1:02 of the second round.


Date:  Saturday, June 14, 2014

WBO Jr. Welterweight Championship Title

Location:  Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Promoter:  Banner Promotions / Star Boxing

Supervisor:   Jose Izquierdo II, Esq.

Referee:  Harvey Dock

Judges:   Don Trella (112-114);  Tom Schreck (112-114);  Max DeLuca (117-109)

Results:    Chris Algieri won the WBO Jr. Welterweight Title by Split Decision over the champion Ruslan Provodnikov.

TV:  USA HBO / Hungary Sport 1


This past Saturday, WBO Jr. Welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov and undefeated challenger Chris Algieri met with journalists at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse in New York City to talk about their June 14 title bout at Barclays Center. Their world title bout will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark, beginning at 10 PM ET/PT.

Ruslan Provodnikov: My job on June 14 is to chase Algieri and hunt him down. He should be more worried about me. His style of fighting is not my favorite. I prefer an opponent who likes to engage and fight toe-to-toe, not a runner. I don’t have trouble with runners. They have trouble with me.

Chris Algieri: I was in a couple camps with Marcos Maidana and Brandon Rios, sparring for weeks. Both of them, like Ruslan are aggressive, very strong fighters who I had success against in training.

Below are more quotes and images from the media conference.


“Despite winning the title I still feel like a challenger and I train like one. The only thing that has changed for me now that I am a world champion is that I now have more responsibilities, like interviews and appearances.

“This is a very important fight to me because it will show how many fans I can attract. Brooklyn feels like a second home. I hope Barclays Center can become my home arena in the same manner Miguel Cotto has at Madison Square Garden.

“I am focusing on a shorter, more prominent career. I only want the big fights. The fights the fans want to see. I want to make an impact and leave. I do not want to outstay my welcome in boxing. Money has never been my primary goal. I want to make the most out of my abilities to be my best in the ring. The respect of the fans and my achievements mean more to me than a title belt.

“I did not have an easy time growing up in Siberia. I don’t know where my childhood friends are now. Most are probably in jail. I stole food, sniffed glue, smoked and drank. My amateur boxing coach saved my life and helped to redirect my life toward being a productive person.

“I don’t like to spend my money on frivolous things and I haven’t. My family is secure and our life has improved since I have become a champion. The governor of my region is having a sports complex dedicated in my name built. It should be completed in 2015.

“I like to recite Russian poetry to myself as I make my ring walk.

“Most of my original goals have been achieved. When I was younger I would watch Mike Tyson fight. It was my dream to meet him and I finally realized that dream at the BWAA Awards Dinner when he shook my hand and presented me with the Fight of the Year award. Now it is time to set new goals where I can help others.”


“My training in Las Vegas was very good, we had terrific sparring and I’ve been finishing off the last two weeks of camp here in New York City.”

“I’m not in awe of fighting Ruslan at all. I’ve watched him fight in the past and I have a very strong game plan to beat him. I’ve seen what works against him and just as importantly what doesn’t.”

“Emmanuel Taylor who I beat in February was a hard punching, strong fighter who had knocked out a high number of opponents. I wasn’t supposed to beat him or Jose Peralta. The underdog role fits me perfectly.”

“I’ve always loved boxing, but I had success at kickboxing and initially pursued that. My favorite fighter was Oscar De La Hoya, at his peak he could do it all. But boxing has always been my passion, my love.”

“Yes, I’ve go options with my (clinical nutrition) degree, I don’t have to fight but I don’t think that should be a factor in wanting to win any less. I’ve wanted to be a world champion since I started boxing and I want to win just as badly as Ruslan does next Saturday.”

“Barclays is a beautiful venue and I’m sure both of us will have a large fan bases cheering us on.”

“Of course I said yes immediately when offered the fight, fighting for a world title and on HBO is a terrific opportunity. But, also I know that I can beat Ruslan.”

“Sure many people will be shocked when I win, but not me.”

“Long Island has been terrific to me with their local support, it would mean a great deal to the people of Huntington for me to win the world title.”


Fight Week for the WBO world junior welterweight championship fight between defending champion Ruslan Provodnikov and undefeated scholar-brawler and Long Island native Chris Algieri continued Wednesday with a media workout at the Everlast Lab in Hoboken, NJ. Provodnikov, his Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, Algieri, WBO junior middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, mandatory challenger Brian “The Lion” Rose and female star Heather “The Heat” Hardy where among those on hand.

“The Siberian Rocky” had a chilling message for unbeaten challenger Algieri.

Ruslan Provodnikov: Algieri seems like a smart man and I expect him to be a smart boxer. We’ll see how practical his boxing theories are in the ring on Saturday. If I have to die in the ring to win, that is what I will do. Is Algieri willing to do the same? He had better or he will not defeat me. I do not like fighting boxers who do not engage, like Algieri, but I am used to it. I will chase him and hunt him down. I am a hunter when I am in the ring.

Freddie Roach: He may be undefeated, but Chris Algieri has never faced anyone like Ruslan. He may be a good student in school, but Ruslan will be teaching Algieri a crash course on how to lose on Saturday night. Ruslan is going to pour everything he has into this fight. His sole mission is to turn out Algieri’s lights.

Chris Algieri: Pressure has always made me step up to the competition. I prepared, I am in shape. Fight night, I am going to show who I really am. Ruslan has this great power in his punches but if you can’t land them, the power really doesn’t matter. I have to go out there and control the center of the ring. Push the pace and go out there and use my boxing IQ. I have been preparing for the power by not getting hit. I am not much into prediction but all I can on Saturday, “AND THE NEW….”

Provodnikov-Algieri takes place This Saturday, June 14, at Barclays Center. The fight will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark, beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. The co-main event will feature Andrade-Rose. A replay of Cotto-Martinez will also air on the telecast.

Gym workout for Fightnews.comPhotos by Peter Frutkoff

“The Pride of Huntington” Chris Algieri recently allowed FightNews to photograph his workout at his gym in Bellmore, NY.

Algieri (19-0, 8 KOs) has over the last 18 months elevated himself to a world-class contender after accumulating significant victories over top prospect Jose Alejo, former USBA champion Mike Arnaoutis, and most recently highly-rated contender Emmanuel Taylor in February.

He’s as much a scholar as he is a brawler. He graduated from Stony Brook University with Honors in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Health Care Management and then went on to receive his Masters degree from the New York Institute of Technology.

He aspires to attend Medical School.

But before he hits the books to become a doctor, he will step into the ring this Saturday to battle WBO jr welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2, 16 KOs).

Provodnikov is nicknamed the “Siberian Rocky” because of his savage style.

Algieri is a skilled fighter and it is his technical prowess that gives him a fighting chance against an all-out power-punching brawler such as Provodnikov.

Provodnikov versus Algieri will take place Saturday, June 14th, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The fight will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark, beginning at 10p ET. Hot and horny teens and coeds masturbating, giving awkward and first blowjobs, posing and swallowing cum getting fucked in hardcore scenes! If need site to download onlyfans rips you are at right place. It have a lot of rips and premium videos from onlyfans and just casual porn megapack with a lot of young and old pornstar.

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IMG_5  IMG_6  IMG_7 IMG_11

IMG_12 Gym workout for


provodnikov-algieri-kickoff680Photo by:  Peter Frutkoff –

Marc Abrams: The “Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov will defend his WBO Junior Welterweight Championship against undefeated New Yorker Chris Algieri Saturday night, June 14, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and it will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark. The card is being promoted by Banner Promotions and Top Rank, in association with Star Boxing. The telecast will kick off at 10:00 p.m. Eastern with the WBO Junior Middleweight title collision between undefeated defending champion Demetrious Andrade and mandatory challenger Brian Rose of the United Kingdom. On the call we have Ruslan Provodnikov, his manager, Vadim Kornilov; Promoter Art Pelullo and Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach. We also have Chris Algieri.

Arthur Pelullo: On behalf of Banner Promotions and Top Rank, and naturally Joe will say introduce himself dealing with his company; we’d like to thank everybody. It is going be a heck of a night. It’s going be a great show. Chris Algieri, who’s with Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing, is undefeated. A Long Island native, he’s basically fighting in his backyard. It’s going to be a very difficult fight for Ruslan Provodnikov. And we’re very excited about being at the Barclays Center. Brett Yormark and his team have been very helpful to us. HBO is going to televise the event live in the U.S. and it will be seen live in several countries as well.

Joe DeGuardia: Thank you, Artie. I’d like to echo your comments. I’m very excited for this fight on June 14. And I think it’s going be a fantastic night of boxing between being in Brooklyn, being on HBO and having such a fantastic co-feature fight — Demetrious Andrade’s first world title defense — and the main event fight, Ruslan Provodnikov, who everybody knows is one of the toughest fighters in boxing today, against undefeated Chris Algieri of Long Island. I’m really looking forward to a great fight and glad to be there on June 14.

Vadim Kornilov: We’re excited to finally have Ruslan fighting in New York, considered one of the most Russian-populated cities in the United States and we’re very excited to see all the fans come out — a lot of people from all over the United States to see the fight live. We hope that Chris is going be as well prepared as Ruslan to make this fight a great looking fight for TV and for all the fans.

Ruslan Provodnikov: I’m very happy to be fighting in New York. I’m happy to be the first big Russian fighter to fight at the Barclays Center. HBO thank you very much for supporting the rest of my team. I appreciate everybody’s support. Everything’s going well. And I’m glad to be here with Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach: We’ve had a great training camp, great sparring partners. We know Algieri is great young boxer and we’re getting as ready as we can for him. And we’re doing very well. I’m happy where we are right now and we will be in New York on Saturday night [May 31] to finish up the work and can’t wait–we can’t wait to get this one going.

Joe DeGuardia: At this point in time I’ll introduce both Chris Algieri, undefeated, 19-0 from New York, Long Island, New York, pride of Huntington and his trainer as well, Tim Lane.

Mr. Chris Algieri: I’d just like to say thank you. And I want to say hello to everybody as well. I’m very excited for June 14, preparations are going really well out here in training camp in Las Vegas and we are very happy with where things are going. June 14 is going be a great night. It’s a real honor to be fighting at the Barclays Center and being HBO and to be fighting in my home state. I’m looking forward to it.

Ruslan, do you feel that you have to win in fantastic fashion now so that big name opponents will have to face you? I know that you feel you’ve been ducked. Do you feel that in order to get big fights now you have to win in fantastic fashion?

Ruslan Provodnikov: Definitely it’s a big responsibility for me. Most importantly because now I’m a world champion and I’m defending my title. I have to fight like a world champion. I will try to finish the fight in a great fashion, as always, because I always do.

How do you feel with the frustration of not getting a big name opponent for your next fight? Chris is a very good fighter, but he doesn’t have the name value right now at least of Juan Manuel Marquez or Tim Bradley.

Arthur Pelullo: Neither did Ruslan before he fought Tim Bradley. So, you can’t look past anybody. That’s just my two cents. They thought it was going to be a workout against Bradley. And, believe me, Chris Algieri is a very difficult fight. And I’m sorry for interrupting.

Ruslan Provodnikov: No, it does not bother me. I’m very loyal to my space in life and Chris is a great opponent. He’s a great fighter. And this is what happened and this is the way it should have been. I know my time will come.

Artie, I just wanted to ask you, kind of piggy backing on what was being said, are you taking any extra measures to reassure that Ruslan doesn’t underestimate Chris or is it pretty safe going that he’s taking the fight seriously as you’d want him?

Arthur Pelullo: We always take fights seriously. And we get ready for every fight 100 percent. So, I mean at the level we’re at right now, the World Title level, you can’t take anyone for granted. And we’re in great shape for this fight.
Chris, about your underdog status right now, do you understand that it’s simply because you haven’t had a chance at the spotlight yet? I mean granted you have definitely been on Friday Night Fights as have a lot of great fighters, but you’re not getting the attention Ruslan has. Are you offended by that or do you just see it as ‘Oh well, that’s going be the case because I haven’t really established my name and I won’t be able to until I beat someone like Ruslan?”

Chris Algieri: No, I don’t take any offense to it. It’s just the nature of the game in this situation. I haven’t had those big name fights yet. I’ve only been on TV a couple of times. But I have been working very hard throughout my entire career and getting ready for this opportunity. And on June 14, everybody’s going to see who I am and see what I bring to the table and that’s when everyone can really see what Chris Algieri’s all about.

Chris, your background is in kickboxing. At this point do you see it as beneficial to your boxing career having that background or detrimental?

Chris Algieri: I definitely do see it as a benefit. I’ve been in big fights and I’ve fought fighters from all over the world before. I’ve been in very tough fights, physically demanding fights, long fights. But, I think that really has carried over in my boxing career and has brought me to where I am today.

Ruslan, the nickname Siberian Rocky, I was wondering who gave it to you and if you are aware–if you have watched the Rocky movies and what the nickname means to you if you have, indeed, seen those Rocky movies.

Ruslan Provodnikov: The nickname Siberian Rocky to me means that a lot. It means to never give up.
Freddie, how much time have you had with Ruslan in contrast with the last camp ahead of the Alvarado fight?

Freddie Roach: We’ve been doing very well now and we had a full camp together and last time I was busy with Manny so I missed the last week of the camp. But, this time I’ll be there the entire time. Ruslan and Miguel Cotto will both be traveling together to New York. So, we can all work together in New York and we’ve had a full camp this time.

Was it Manny Pacquiao last time or was it really the Cotto [fight against Delvin Rodriguez] camp the week ahead of time?

Mr. Freddie Roach: It was actually the Cotto camp because the fight was in Florida so I did take Ruslan to Florida with us to be with us for that week. And then he and Marvin traveled, and Gavin traveled too, for the last fight.

From your perspective as the trainer what is the difference for Ruslan in terms of what he gets out of that additional time with you?

Freddie Roach: Well, we work very well together, but Marvin is a great assistant also because Marvin’s one of the assistants that doesn’t change. He knows my style. He knows what I want and he follows instructions very well. And he did a great job in that fight against Alvarado, so I don’t think we lose anything with Marvin and Ruslan being together.

Tell me about–you said he does a great job. On fight night and in training camp last time ahead of the Alvarado fight, what was it that Marvin really brought in terms of continuing your game plan and helping Ruslan get that success that he did?

Freddie Roach: He knows the rules and so forth. We had a little problem with the other camp [Alvarado] on a rules issue. And we won that argument. And then Marvin’s professionalism in the corner. He doesn’t get excited. He stays calm. He talks to his fighter. He doesn’t scream at them. He doesn’t yell at people. People don’t respond to being yelled at. And he’s very good at that. He’s the best assistant I’ve ever had.

How long has he been with you?

Freddie Roach: Three years.

What will Marvin’s role be with you for this upcoming fight with Chris Algieri?

Mr. Freddie Roach: He’ll be right beside me. And we’ll talk about the strategy. We have a strategy for the fight, but we’ll talk about what adjustments we need to make during the rounds and we believe the lead guy in this fight for Ruslan.

Artie, I know that the fighters themselves don’t like to look beyond the current opponent, but what are you looking at for Ruslan should he triumph on the 14th?

Arthur Pelullo: The most important thing, and you said it, is June the 14th. So, right now there are a lot of fights out there for both Chris Algieri and Ruslan Provodnikov, whoever is the winner. I really would just like to stay focused on this event. I actually don’t believe getting into details about what’s out in the horizon because that means you’re assuming you’re going to win. And I just think that right now the Algieri fight, when it was first made, a lot of people didn’t believe that it was going to be a difficult fight. And I knew it all along that it’s going be a difficult fight. I know he’s a tough guy. I know he’s coming to win. So, for me to start talking about future events, I think that’s premature. Right now it’s Chris Algieri and he has to get through fighting an undefeated kid, which is a very difficult fight.

Arthur Pelullo: So, that’s my best answer I can give you about a future event.

So, obviously, the fights that Ruslan had last year, both the closest loss with Bradley and the win over Alvarado, were big for his career and brought him to this position where he’s at now — where he gets to be the A side. But, should he triumph over Algieri on the 14th, what do you believe that that would do for his career?

Arthur Pelullo: Both of these kids have to win. Their careers are predicated on winning. It’s not like you’re Donovan McNabb, he’s playing for the Eagles. He’s getting $10 million year, whether the Eagles have a good year or a bad year. The winner of this fight will move on to a big fight. So, on June the 14th, at about 1:00 a.m., come over to ringside and ask me the question then about what the next fight is. And I’ll let you know.

Chris, you’ve seen Ruslan fight on TV. What do you think that Ruslan does well and what do you think are some of the weaknesses that you’ve seen in his game?

Chris Algieri: Ruslan is a great fighter and a great champion. It’s a real honor to be in there with him. I have seen him fight before. I’m actually a fan of watching Ruslan fight. He’s a pressure fighter. He comes forward. He’s super tough, very durable. He’s a good strong puncher and he maintains his pressure throughout the bout. He moves his head when he needs to and crosses the line and he closes the distance very well. Those are the things that my team has been studying to work on. But, just based on past fights, there is a weakness with dealing with a jab and a boxer and movement, but really those are the things that we’ve been trying to work most on. But, at the end of the day it’s a fight. Ruslan is going to press the action. I’m going o have to stand and fight at times. So, we’ll be ready for that as well.

Are there any opponents that you faced that you feel are similar to what Ruslan will be bringing to the table?

Chris Algieri: Yes, I think I’ve fought a couple of guys who were pressure fighters and big punchers. My last opponent Emanuel Taylor was a very, very well-known knockout puncher. He had one-punch power. He also threw a lot of very tight short punches. I fought a fighter, a Puerto Rican fighter, Jose Peralta, who is a shorter, stockier pressure aggressive guy as well. So, I feel like I’ve dealt with similar, but not quite like Ruslan-type fighters in the past.

Chris, how does kickboxing training translate into boxing and how do you feel you’re going to capitalize on such a big fight?

Chris Algieri: Well, in terms of the question about kickboxing — a lot of the techniques are very similar to punch techniques. The fact that I’ve been fighting without a headgear for such a long time I think has really helped with my defense in my pro boxing career. But, in terms of how this sport is fought; it’s a totally different pace. Boxing is a lot faster. Conditioning is a lot more intensive. Fights are longer. But, I think I’ve made those changes over the past 19 fights and conditioning has never really been a problem. But, in preparation for this fight, my last couple camps have been going really well. And we didn’t really see that we needed to change too much. My team, my coach, my camp, has put in a tremendous amount of work to develop a great program for this fight for my strength and conditioning. And my trainers, Tim Lane and Keith Trimble, have a great game plan that we’ve been working on. And we’ve been executing. So, we’re ready for this big fight.

Chris, what gym in Vegas have you been training at for this fight?

Chris Algieri: I’ve been training at my coach’s gym, Xtreme Couture MMA. It’s actually an MMA gym.Tim Lane, trains at that gym, so we’ve been stationed over there.

What’s the philosophy behind training in Vegas and being so far away from Long Island and how it benefits you in terms of minimizing distractions. You’ve been doing this since, what, 2010 I think?

Mr. Chris Algieri: I’ve been moving around quite a bit to training camps. Long Island is not really a great place to be a professional athlete. Things are very far away. Things are expensive. There are no other top level pros in the area. You generally have to go west and go into Brooklyn, into Manhattan, which is quite a trek from Long Island. So, it doesn’t really make sense for me to stay out there. It just makes things a lot more difficult. I have a trainer at home, Keith Trimble, who I work with while I’m in New York. And then I have my trainer here, Tim Lane, here in Vegas, so we come out here and train here. And there are just great fighters all over the place. There are great gyms that are in a very close proximity. And there are top level guys here at all times.

In terms of prepping for this fight, was your sparring specifically designed to find pressure fighters who are like Ruslan, because you’ve been talking about his ability to pressure? Was that the focus of your sparring or did you change it up?

Mr. Chris Algieri: Absolutely. My coaches set up this camp perfectly. And they were out here in Vegas scouting out perfect sparring partners for this camp while I was in New York training and getting into condition. I had some good sparring while I was in New York and then I came out here and have had great sparring thus far.

Freddie, what impresses you about Algieri when you watch him on tape?

Freddie Roach: He’s a good boxer. He moves well. He’s has a good jab. He’s a solid boxer. But nobody’s perfect and we have a very good game plan.

Do you think he’ll wilt under Ruslan’s pressure as the fight goes on? Is he vulnerable to body shots in your opinion?

Freddie Roach: I think everybody in the world is if you work on it hard enough. So, we’ll see.

Vadim, you had given me perspective on Ruslan’s popularity in Russia compared to some of the other fighters. Can you address his popularity? And, from what I understand, he the most popular of fighters from Russia?

Vadim Kornilov: Well, in Russia I think right now is between Kovalev and Ruslan. But there’s been a lot of different polls and ratings and stuff like that that have shown Ruslan coming ahead. I think they’re about at the same level. Ruslan passed the bigger fights and fought some bigger opponents. I think because of that, Ruslan has taken off a little bit more.

What do you think is his appeal? He really seems to come off, especially the night that he won the title, you know, you watched HBO’s “Two Days With”–before the Alvarado fight — and he brought his mother. And he was really emotional. He mentioned fighting for the people.

Vadim Kornilov: He’s very grounded. He’s not spoiled or jaded. And I think people can really relate to that.

Can you elaborate on that?

Vadim Kornilov: It’s the type of person that he is and the way he is with people and the fans, and the way he fights. I think people can really relate to that and just by watching the way he is in the ring. I think that basically goes to people’s love for him. Ruslan is fan-friendly inside and outside the ring.

Arthur Pelullo: I think he has the right nickname, the Siberian Rocky because everybody can relate to the underdog. And everybody can relate to a guy fighting his way out of less than ideal conditions — whether it’s poverty or a low income environment — to reach a better level financially in their life. A better life in general. When he fought Bradley he was considered just the opponent and it was a payday. And what he did was he rose to the occasion. People like that. People can identify with somebody who’s a working class person. There were a lot of great fighters in history that were like considered working class guys and everybody wanted to be a part of their bandwagons. And they attracted fans because they were the people’s guy. And Ruslan’s a people’s champion. He’s a tough guy. And he’s straight. He tells you the way it is. After he reviewed the tape he said listen, I could see how people thought Bradley won the fight. People like that. It’s like when he — if he lost a fight, he lost the fight. If he won the fight, he won the fight. That’s what people want to hear. People like straight stuff, straight talking. And the Russian citizens, they’re right up there. They want the truth. They don’t want a lot of good bologna. And I think they appreciate that he’s a straight forward guy. And he’s has a lot of Mexican fans and American fans because on top of all of that he’s the most TV and fan-friendly fighter right now in America. That’s my opinion.

Ruslan, please explain where you’re from, what you overcame and also what you feel personally – what you try to bring across in appealing to your audience?

Ruslan Provodnikov: I came from a small village in Russian called Beryozovo. I had a very hard upbringing. Hard work. The reason, you know, for the fans I think that’s a good question for the fans. I don’t know why. I’m doing a lot of … that’s a good question for the fans to ask why they like me.

Why do you fight the way you do and when you say things like the belts aren’t important, the money isn’t important, it’s the way I fight and what people think of the way I fight. Do you think that is an aspect of your fighting style and your personality that goes to your fans?

Ruslan Provodnikov: Everything I said is because the way I fight comes from inside of me. It’s my character. And I’m probably never going to fight differently. And people love me probably because of that, and of who I am. I am who I am in the ring and I just put everything in the ring. It’s who I am.

Chris, you talked about two of the guys on your resume who you feel are most similar to Ruslan. You talk about which fights in particular where you feel like he’s had problems, talked about his jab. The jab that seems to bother him. Can you talk about the fight that you feel like he’s had the most problems in?

Chris Algieri: I mean the Tim Bradley fight, even Alvarado when he boxed a little bit. I’m not big on watching tape or watching my opponents. I’ve seen Ruslan’s fights because I watched them live. Like I said, I was a fan while Ruslan has been fighting. And my coaches have done the studying and have watched other fights and told me what the strategy is
Okay, anything from watching his against Herrera?

Chris Algieri: No, I hadn’t seen that whole fight to tell you the truth. You know, my coaches did and they’ve said that they saw certain things and certain aspects that we want to capitalize on. And we’ve been working on those things. But, like I said, I don’t really watch too much tape. I’m a fight fan. I don’t study my opponents all that much in terms of their past performances because boxing is all about rhythm and really you can’t watch a guy’s rhythm from watching a fight. Everyone’s different on fight night.

Freddie, you talked about not wanting Ruslan to fight Manny Pacquiao. If he keeps winning and if Pacquiao beats Marquez or whichever fight is next, don’t you think the demand will increase for him to fight Pacquiao. And if it does will you then relent and allow the fight to happen?

Freddie Roach: I have both fighters and I would hate to lose one of them, one of the fighters. But, the thing is if the demand does come again, we’re going to have to let it happen and it’d be a sad day for me. But the thing is, I probably sit both fights out and just watch it on TV myself.

You wouldn’t be at either corner? You’ve said in the past Manny’s your number one guy.

Freddie Roach: Manny is my number one guy and so forth. But, Ruslan’s very close to me. And Ruslan’s been a very hard worker. But, the demand is getting closer and closer, so with the win here it could happen. And Manny is running out of opponents right now, and that’s the way it goes.

But you would watch the fight on TV?

Arthur Pelullo: We’ll give him a ticket. Freddie, you got a ticket. Don’t worry about it. See, you got a ringside seat for the fight. Freddie, no problem.

If everything goes according to plan and according to your expectation, how will this fight go and will it end in a knockout in approximately what round?

Freddie Roach: We have a tough opponent in front of us and he has been knocked out before in kickboxing matches. So, we will put pressure on him and we will do the best we can to get him out of there. And I think every fight should end in a knockout and I look. We don’t go looking for a knockout. We’re going to go out there and win every round one at a time. It won’t be easy up to that point that’s for sure.

Hey, Chris, like you I have a BA from the Harvard of Long Island Stoney Brook. And I’m curious, as you make a decision to go from possible pre-med into a sport that so many people would see as counter to healing, towards health et cetera.

Chris Algieri: The way I look at it is boxing is definitely a hurt business, but at the end of the day it is still a sport. And there are certain requirements, you know, required of each fighter medically to make sure that we’re all fit to fight. And I feel that the way that I prepare for fights and the way that my style is that I take as little damage as possible. Of course, there’s a tremendous risk involved, but my plan is to minimize that risk the best I can by being as prepared as possible and fighting the way that I do. But, in terms of just my future plans and where I come from, you know, it doesn’t really determine. Boxing is my passion. This is what I’m doing now and I can still do it. I can still perform it at this high level. And I’m honored and blessed to be able to do that. But, there’s life after boxing. And there’s always time to go to school. There’s always time for me to pursue what my future career goals are. And this is what I’m doing now because I can and I love it.

Do you feel based on your academic background and your diverse athletic background that you have an intelligence edge when you’re in the ring?

Chris Algieri: I would say so. I mean, I fight in a way that I use my intelligence when I fight in a way that definitely IQ can help. But, you know, it is about the boxing IQ when it comes to just stepping inside the ring. Being good at calculus is not going to help me in a fight. But, being able to analyze certain situations, especially in a mind-body sense, like you said, because of my athletic background definitely has helped my progression in the sport. I think I’ve learned at a fast rate because of my past experiences and because I am a student of the game.

So, truth be told, when you’re in schools like the schools that you’re in and you’re getting that kind of education and then you tell the people around you that you’re going to box professionally, how many stares did you get? How many wooly eyes did you get?

Chris Algieri: Countless. You know, I was a lab technician for years at our culture and Harvard Laboratory and initially no one really believed me that that’s really what I wanted to do was to be a fighter and that I was fighting. And then more and more people were seeing what I was doing and they were coming to fights and they were watching me fight. And I think I turned a lot of those people around. I had a lot of people in the science community trying to talk me out of fighting, but I really don’t get that much anymore. I think that people are a lot more on board because of where we’ve gone and are excited to see how far I can take it.

Chris, we’ve seen the two more rounds documentary and we saw what Ruslan did to Mike Alvarado, a true warrior, one of the best action fighters of this era. How are you prepared to deal with the mental aspect of the fight? You’ve got a man across from you, who’s willing to take your soul, so to speak, and is going to try to break you down and make you quit. But, despite the athletic nature of the fight, how do you plan on dealing with the mental aspect of the game and how do you overcome any fear you may have?

Chris Algieri: Well, I think that one of my best aspects, as a fighter, is my mental strength and my mental advantage. I am fully committed and I sacrificed quite a bit for this fight and this career of mine. And, like I said, this is a passion. And my mental focus definitely has helped me throughout my entire career and I think it’s going to continue to pay dividends in this fight.
Do you have any fear? Do you have any fear fighting Ruslan Provodnikov?

Chris Algieri: I mean I believe that there’s fear involved in any fight. But, when it’s fight night and the preparations are over, I feel nothing but confident. I’m looking forward to June 14. Everything is going the way that I had hoped and dreamed. And I’m actually really looking forward to this fight. Now, it’s an opportunity for me to showcase my skills and to be in with one of the top guys in the game. So, it’s just a great opportunity all around. I don’t concentrate too much on the fear. I’m just getting as prepared as possible.

Chris, you’ve fought so many fights of your professional career in Long Island in front of hometown crowds. And I think my understanding when this fight was made that one of the reasons, among others, that you got the fight was because it was going be in New York and most likely you would bring a crowd with you, which would perk up the attendance at the arena that you’re having this fight at. My question for you is how big of a deal is it and how much does it mean to you to be in your first world title fight and be doing it in front of your hometown people?

Chris Algieri: It’s crazy, but this is what I envisioned in my mind for my first world title fight. I had envisioned it being in Madison Square Garden, of course, because there was no Barclays Center 10 years ago when I was thinking about this. But, it’s amazing to be fighting in the Barclays Center. It’s such an incredible arena. It means a tremendous amount to me to be fighting for a world title, my first world title fight, in my home state. So, it makes it that much bigger and that much more of a grand event.

And the other thing I wanted to ask you about is style of the fight. We know, and that Ruslan has talked about in his call, he’s about pressure and coming forward and going to you the way he did against Bradley, the way he took care of Alvarado. You are more of a boxer. I mean your knockouts are not the way his are. Is this basically comes down to, if I’m wrong here, you’ve got to outbox him to win this fight. He’s not a guy that goes down very often. He’s not a guy that’s been stopped. Do you look at this as you’ve got to just go out and box pretty much the perfect kind of fight and win that decision otherwise it could be trouble for you?

Chris Algieri: No, the monster of campus and master boxer. We’ve got to go out there and be a master boxer. This is a boxing match. It’s not a barroom brawl. So, I’ve got to go out there and use my skills. And as much as Ruslan is a come forward and pressure fighter, it takes a certain amount of skills. And I know him and his team have been working on — I’m sure working on more boxing skills and trying to work their game plan. So, it’s not just a fight. This is a boxing match. And we’re both going to go out there with our strategies. And, you know, a big part of mine is going to be trying to be a master boxer.

Do you feel like if he is able to pressure you and get right close to you and take it to you that if you have to you can stand and trade with guy because that’s the–he’s going to try to impose himself on you compared to another guy that might also want to box with you.

Chris Algieri: Yeah, I mean absolutely. There’s no shot that that I’m not going to have to fight. This is a boxing match. Ruslan’s going to put the pressure and he’s going be in front of me. But, at the same time even though I’m deemed the boxer and he the puncher, once we’re inside, I can still punch. I’m still going be in there, still being able to throw and use my skills on the inside.

Ruslan, you are the pressure fighter, the guy that likes to go there and get his guy mix it up, not necessarily the technical boxer. Is it all about for you tracking this guy down and getting him out of there?

Ruslan Provodnikov: All my career I’ve had to fight guys that were taller than me and had longer arms. And all I’ve had to do is try to get to them and try to pressure them. It’s no secret what my plan is. Of course I’m going to pressure. We know what he’s going to do. I mean they all try to box me and they all try to move and jab. But, I’m going to follow my plan and always do is that break the first one down outside. I can break him down from the distance from up close and from anywhere. And but the question is always how much can–how long can he jab?

Freddie, I wanted to ask you about that also. You know, how well he’d be able to go after a guy like Chris who is longer and is also a good boxer who has good movement? I mean Ruslan has not faced a lot of guys like that in his career it seems to me.

Freddie Roach: No, we definitely have to pressure him and cut the ring off and control the ring. And Chris is a very good boxer with long arms. And we have to break him down and get inside early, set traps and we need to really control the ring. And that’s what we’ve been working on quite a bit. Ruslan’s getting very good at controlling the ring and keeping himself in the best spot. So, I think that’s the big key to the fight is who’s going control the ring.

When this fight was originally announced Nassau Coliseum was very much on the table to host this fight. I just wanted to know how close it was to actually taking place there and what swayed it to go to Barclays instead?

Arthur Pelullo: Well, it was very close to happening there. We agreed to make a deal there and then we didn’t actually — weren’t able to sign the agreement. The gentleman was out sick. And then I get a call from Vadim, ‘don’t sign anything.’ You know, we have the opportunity to move it to the Barclays Center. And that’s exactly what happened.

Is there a plan for you to build up Ruslan in the East Coast specifically? I mean he’s now fighting 30 minutes away from Little Odessa.

Arthur Pelullo: Well, that was one of the main reasons why we decided to move the fight. He is in Brooklyn. He is 30 minutes from Brighton Beach. There is a large community of Russian people there. And we believe the ticket sales are going well. And we think that he’s going to become a star in that area. And the manager, general manager, president of the arena and the president of the Nets Brett Yormark, loves it, loves the kid, loves the fight. And would like to have more than one Ruslan fight there because things are going so well. It doesn’t hurt that, the owner of the Nets, Prokhorov, is a Russian too and he’s been very good at helping us get everything through Vadim and Albert, friends of Vadim’s in Russia, to help us get this deal. The bottom line is that Ruslan Provodnikov is a ticket seller and we think it’s going be a good show. And where better for him to defend his title for his first time, but in an area where we hit the market of his people, which is a great idea. And we got lucky, timing is everything.

Chris, question for you. I know you said it was always your dream to fight in New York, well, specifically Madison Square Garden. Was there any disappointment knowing that the fight wasn’t a little bit closer to home and Nassau Coliseum as opposed to your friends having to drive in or take a train instead?

Chris Algieri: No, the only disappointment was that being as Nassau would have been a very historic event because there hasn’t been a fight there in I believe almost 20 years. But, other than that, no, not at all. You know, Barclays is, like I said, is a beautiful arena. It’s brand new. Everything in it is pristine there. And they’re holding–you know, it’s pretty much the premier venue in the New York area now. But, in terms of my fans and I think the most of the people that I talk to are–were a lot more excited for it to be at the Barclays than even Nassau. It’s very easy to get to from Long Island, so it’s no issue.

Arthur Pelullo: I’d just like to say thank you to everybody for joining us. Like I said, we think it’s going to be a great event. As we just talked about, the main event, is a very intriguing fight because Chris Algieri is now where Ruslan Provodnikov was about two years ago when he fought Bradley. So, we’ll see what Ruslan is made of and because he’s supposed to win a fight like this, but it’s a very difficult fight. And I wish both of them good luck. The co-feature being Demetrius Andrade is going to be a heck of a fight with the number one contender against Brian Rose. That will also be a fight will determine the direction of his career. As you all know, the press conference will be Thursday, the weigh in is Friday. The doors open at 6:00. The first bout will be at 7:00. We will be airing the fight live internationally. The international show will start about 9:00 p.m. There’s plenty of tickets available. The ringsides are going very fast. But, there are a few tickets available in those price ranges as well. I want to thank everybody for coming, Chris, Joe, Ruslan, Freddie, and Vadim and everybody on the call. Thank you very much, guys.

Joe DeGuardia: No, I’ll just echo your comments, Artie. I appreciate everybody being on the call. I’m certainly looking forward to June 14 where I think we’re gonna have a fantastic match and certainly a wonderful boxer, puncher, bull matador, all those kind of clichés that we’ll be able to see on June 14. I think it’ll be a great night. And be sure to be there at the Barclays Center or tune in on HBO June 14.

Ruslan Provodnikov: You know everybody, it was a great conversation and I want to wish good luck to Chris. I hope you do have a great training camp. And I’ll see everybody June 14.

Chris Algieri: I would just like to thank everybody for being involved in the call and for everybody who came and called and asked questions. I wish the best of luck to Ruslan and his team and to Freddie and the rest of your camp, that I hope it goes well. And I will see you guys on June 14.

World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion, the “Siberian Rocky” RUSLAN PROVODNIKOV defends his world title against undefeated scholar-brawler CHRIS ALGIERI, Saturday, June 14, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The fight will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark®, beginning at 10:10 p.m. ET/PT.


By Keith Idec –

There was a time not much longer than a year ago when even diehard fight fans were about as familiar with Ruslan Provodnikov as they are today with Chris Algieri.

Like the powerful Provodnikov (23-2, 16 KOs) did against then-unbeaten Timothy Bradley, Algieri will attempt to make the jump from ESPN2 fighter to HBO staple against Provodnikov on June 14 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The 30-year-old Algieri is unbeaten (19-0, 8 KOs), but Provodnikov’s famous trainer doesn’t think the ex-kickboxing champion from Huntington, N.Y., is capable of upsetting his rugged Russian fighter.

“Algieri is a tough fighter,” Freddie Roach told “He’s a good boxer and he’s a conditioning freak. I think Algieri will give us trouble at the beginning of the fight, but we’ll break him down and knock him out in the late rounds.”

The 12-round Provodnikov-Algieri fight for Provodnikov’s WBO junior welterweight title will headline HBO’s “Boxing After Dark” telecast two weeks from Saturday. HBO’s doubleheader will open at 10 p.m. ET June 14 with another 12-round bout between WBO junior middleweight champ Demetrius Andrade (20-0, 13 KOs), of Providence, R.I., and England’s Brian Rose (25-1-1, 7 KOs).


By Yuri Tarantin –

Negotiations for Ruslan Provodnikov’s next fight has been ongoing for two rounds, according to the WBO champion’s manager Vadim Kornilov. Provodnikov (23-2, 16KOs) is scheduled to make the first defense of his title on June 14th. Several names have been mentioned over the last few weeks, including Brandon Rios, Antonio DeMarco and Hank Lundy, but Kornilov says undefeated Chris Algieri (19-0, 8KOs) is potentially going to be the HBO televised opponent.

“The fight will be on June 14. We’ve already held negotiations with potential rivals for two months. This week, we need to find out who Ruslan’s next opponent will be. Possibly Ruslan’s opponent will be Algieri. The fight will likely be held in New York,” Kornilov said.–76213


By Rick Reeno –

The return of WBO junior welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2, 16KOs) is being targeted for June 14th, on HBO, according to his promoter Artie Pelullo of Banner Promotions.

The “Siberian Rocky” is looking to pick up right where he left off, with his career-defining 2013. After having a “Fight of The Year” battle with WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley in March, Provodnikov returned in October to stop Mike Alvarado in ten rounds to capture then WBO title.

Most fans were hoping that Provodnikov would face Brandon Rios, but Pelullo tells that a Rios fight is unlikely due to weight. Provodnikov wants to defend his title, and Pelullo was informed that Rios is unable to get down to 140-pounds.

Pelullo tells BoxingScene that his company will be looking very closely at the outcome of April’s rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Bradley. Provodnikov was in the running to face Pacquiao, who ultimately decided on Bradley. And a rematch with Bradley is also at the top of Provodnikov’s wish list.–74866



By:  Joseph Herron –

After winning the WBO Junior Welterweight Championship by stopping heralded tough guy and incumbent title holder “Mile High” Mike Alvarado in the reigning champ’s hometown of Denver, Colorado, on October 19th of last year, most fight fans would have guessed that big fight opportunities would be easily attainable for undefeated Russian native Ruslan Provodnikov in 2014.

With sledgehammers for fists and an iron chin to match, the irresistible force at 140 pounds always displays violent drama in the ring whenever he graces the light blue canvas…the kind that brings enthusiasm to arenas and excites fight fans around the world.

The 30 year old champ represents the kind of warrior that most avid boxing enthusiasts are willing to support.

So with a fan friendly style and a piece of coveted hardware around his waist, why is the HBO featured title holder still searching for a suitable challenger?

Ruslan’s promoter, Artie Pellulo, believes that most fighters in and around his Junior Welterweight champion’s weight division understand the obvious dangers in facing a competitor like Provodnikov.

“He always poses that brutal knock-out threat,” professes the CEO and president of Banner Promotions. “Ruslan could be losing every round going into the final stanza of a prizefight and still pull out the victory by landing one perfect shot to the chin. Everyone who saw his fights with Bradley and Alvarado last year found out what we’ve known for a very long time…that Ruslan is one of the most devastating punchers in the entire sport.”

On March 16th, 2013, Provodnikov made his HBO debut against two division world champion and pound for pound fighter Timothy Bradley for the “Desert Storm’s” WBO Welterweight title.

Despite being a 5 to 1 underdog going into the championship bout, Ruslan made his presence felt early in the fight by staggering the customarily granite chinned Tim Bradley in the closing seconds of the opening round with a perfectly timed overhand right.

Although Provodnikov eventually received the short end of a controversial unanimous decision verdict, the hard punching challenger floored the heavily favored fight veteran in the twelfth round and arguably decked Bradley two additional times without receiving credit for the knock-downs from referee Pat Russell throughout the contest.

Directly following the entertaining war of attrition, the declared winner had much to say about his hammer fisted opponent.

“I suffered a concussion early in the fight…Ruslan is a great warrior,” admitted Tim Bradley. “He’ll beat any 140 and 147 pounder out there. I’m telling you, he’s the real deal.”

Despite losing his first big title opportunity, it was obvious to everyone who had witnessed the eventual “Fight of the Year” for 2013 that Ruslan Provodnikov had officially arrived.

The newly crowned WBO title holder truly enjoyed a break-out year in 2013, and looked very impressive in both outings against two respected champions; even in controversial loss.

Perhaps a little too impressive.

Although there was brief discussion between Banner Promotions and Top Rank, Inc, concerning possible PPV bouts with both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez respectively, the two legendary fighters elected to entertain other offers.

Pellulo believes that the best at 140 and 147 pounds can run, but they can’t hide.

“Right now, we’re working on finding Ruslan an opponent for a possible June 14th date on HBO, and it’s going to be somewhat of a ‘stay busy’ fight with a credible fighter at Junior Welterweight. Although we want to see him in the ring with the proven champions at either 140 or 147 pounds, guys like Manny and JMM don’t want any part of Ruslan Provodnikov at this time.”

“But it’s going to happen sooner or later. Pacquiao, Marquez, Bradley, and even Floyd Mayweather will have to fight him eventually, because Ruslan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”




By Ryan Burton –

WBO junior welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov has openly campaigned for a fight against Mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez ever since he picked up his title by stopping Mike Alvarado this past October.  Talks for such a fight stalled because Marquez said that he was more interested in facing Tim Bradley while Provodnikov and Bradley became finalists to be Pacquiao’s next opponent.

Pacquiao ultimately decided to face Bradley in a rematch of their controversial June 2012 fight which leaves Marquez and Provodnikov without dance partners for their next fight.  Provodnikov said that he absolutely wants to face Marquez next and went as far as to say that if the four division champion turns down the fight it is because he is scared of facing the hard charging Russian.

“I think that the Pacquiao versus Bradley rematch will be interesting but it might be very similar to their first fight.  Unless Manny decides to be more aggressive and take risks, it will be hard for him to defeat Tim Bradley on the scorecards.  I am very relieved that the fight for Manny is finally finalized.  I am glad that in my next fight I will have my trainer Freddie Roach and the rest of my team in my corner, that is very, very important to me.

“Marquez now knows that Bradley is not fighting him until maybe the end of the year, and Marquez is not getting any younger, so I know that the only possible pay-per-view fight for Marquez that will draw is against me, and if he doesn’t agree to the fight now I am sure he is just afraid of me,” Provodnikov told–74137

pacquiao-bradley (2)
Posted at 01/23/2014 3:56 PM | Updated as of 01/23/2014 3:56 PM

MANILA, Philippines – World Boxing Organization (WBO) president Francisco Valcarcel welcomes a rematch between Filipino champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and welterweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr.

Bradley won the WBO welterweight belt off Pacquiao when he defeated the Filipino boxer via a contentious split decision in June 2012.

“It’s one of the great battles that can happen this year,” Valcarcel told Boxing Scene of a potential Pacquiao-Bradley rematch.

“The controversy of the first fight makes it very interesting, adding to the fact that they are great fighters, and Bradley is a great champion. Pacquiao needs no introduction,” he added. “It is a fight that cannot be missed.”

According to Top Rank chief executive Bob Arum, the terms of the rematch has yet to be finalized, although they are working with both camps to iron out the details.

Valcarcel believes Bradley is the best option among Pacquiao’s options, which also included Russian brawler Ruslan Provodnikov.

“Among the options that were being considered, this is the most interesting,” said the WBO president. “They had a rematch clause in the contract for his fight and both belong to the same promoter.”

Pacquiao returns to the ring on April 12.


By Elisinio Castillo

The future of Juan Manuel Marquez (55-7-1, 40KOs) should become clearer by Chistmas Day. On Thursday and Friday, Marquez will be meeting with the president of the World Boxing Organization, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, who will be visiting Mexico.

Marquez would like a rematch with WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley (31-0, 12KOs), who won a split decision over the Mexican veteran in October.

Valcarcel wants to talk to Marquez about the possibility of facing the current WBO champion at 140-pounds, Ruslan Provodnikov. Marquez has rejected the idea of a Provodnikov fight in several interviews and even threatened to retire if he doesn’t get Bradley again.

Marquez did tell his promoter, Fernando Beltran of Zanfer, that he wants to fight twice in 2014 before retiring. Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum, who works with Beltran, confirmed those negotiations are ongoing.

“I spoke with Beltrán and he informed me that he is already speaking [with Marquez]. Márquez wants to do two more fights before retiring. We are going to speak before Christmas Day. We believe that a rematch can be done with Bradley and that he could also fight with Provodnikov,” Arum told Carlos Navaez.–72916

l_66fd91b3c1d5e48d8c2555b660ed907ePacquiao_Marquez LA PC_120917_010a

Por:  Ernesto Castellano –


El puertorriqueño Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, presidente de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), anunció desde sus oficinas en San Juan, Puerto Rico, que este organismo ha decidido dejar como súper campeón mundial welter junior al mexicano Juan Manuel Márquez, y le ofrece la pelea de unificación contra el monarca propietario de la misma categoría, el ruso Ruslan Provodkikov.

La OMB, como otros organismos que rigen el boxeo mundial profesional, reconocen en ocasiones en una división a un campeón propietario, a un súper campeón, y también en ocasiones a un titular interino.

En los welter juniors, la OMB tiene a Márquez como súper campeón por sus grandes logros en el ring, superior a otros campeones, y también reconoce al campeón propietario. El súper campeón tiene más privilegios, y en este caso Márquez puede ir contra Provodnikov como retador oficial.

Provodnikov alcanzó el campeonato mundial el pasado 19 de octubre, al derrotar al norteamericano Mike Alvarado.

Valcárcel llegará a México en diciembre para realizar un acto más de la campaña de la OMB “Nocaut a las drogas”, un acto benéfico, y aprovechará para platicar con Juan Manuel sobre todo lo expuesto.

Cuando Juan Manuel Márquez perdió ante Timothy Bradley por puntos el pasado 12 de octubre en Las Vegas, en principio se dijo que había perdido su titulo de súper campeón, pero la OMB acaba de ratificarlo como tal.




SAN JUAN — La Organización Mundial de Boxeo dejará en manos de Juan Manuel Márquez una posible y atractiva opción para su próxima subida al cuadrilátero.

El presidente de éste organismo, Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, dijo a ESPN que Márquez, quien conserva los privilegios de supercampeón, tendrá el derecho de retar directamente al campeón junior welter de la OMB, el ruso Ruslan Provodnikov.

Valcárcel viajará próximamente a México en donde discutirá este y otros asuntos con Márquez.

El ‘Dinamita’ viene de perder por decisión en una cerrada contienda frente al titular welter de la OMB, Timothy Bradley, el pasado mes de octubre en Las Vegas.

“Tenemos una actividad a finales de diciembre en México de nuestro programa ‘Nocáut a las Drogas’ y aprovecharé para dialogar varias cosas con Márquez, que es aún súper campeón y puede ser mandatorio en su división de las 140 libras”, comentó.

Márquez, de 40 años, y marca de 55-7-1 y 40 nocáuts, fulminó a Manny Pacquiao en diciembre de 2012 durante el cuarto encuentro entre ambos celebrado en Las Vegas.

En octubre, dejó vacante su corona de las 140 libras para ir tras el cetro welter que Bradley también le había arrebatado en el 2012 al filipino.

Pero Bradley — que venía de una guerra con Provodnikov — dejó a un lado todas las dudas que afloraron luego de su dura pelea con el ruso, al vencer por decisión dividida a Márquez.

Provodnikov, por su parte, capturó el cetro junior welter al vencer a Mike Alvarado el 19 de octubre, quien había pasado de ser campeón interino a campeón en propiedad tras el ascenso de Márquez.

“Márquez es un hombre inteligente y muy respetado. Uno de los grandes de todos los tiempos”, comentó Valcárcel. “Es un tipo tan inteligente dentro como fuera del ring. Estará en sus manos cualquier decisión. Hablaremos allá, pues somos buenos amigos”, añadió el abogado puertorriqueño.

Las opciones de Márquez están en retar a Provodnikov (23-2 y 16 KO) o una revancha con Bradley (31-0 y 12 KO).

Se ha hablado de una posible quinta pelea con Pacquiao, pero el propio ‘Dinamita’ ha dejado saber que prefiere dar por terminado sus épicos enfrentamientos con el filipino y mantener vivo el recuerdo de su gran triunfo por nocaut.


PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 21, 2013)—One of the most interested spectators at this Saturday night’s welterweight clash between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios will be WBO Jr. welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov.

Provodnikov will be ringside at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian and he will have more than a passing interest in the bout.

Provodnikov may see a future opponent as well he will be there to support Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach.

“I made sure I was in Macau to support my friend Manny Paquiao in his big return to the ring, and I will be rooting for him in this fight.”, said Provodnikov.

Date:  Saturday, October 19, 2013

Title:  WBO Jr. Welterweight Championship

Location:  1st Bank Center, Broomfield, Denver, Colorado, USA

Promoter:  Top Rank

Supervisor:   John Duggan

Referee:   Tony Weeks

Judges:    Dennis Nelson, Robert Hoyle, Levy Martinez

Results:    Mike Alvarado was retired in the 10th. round; the referee Tony Weeks had stopped the bout during the minute rest period between rounds 10 to 11.   Ruslan Provodnikov beat Mike “Mile High” Alvarado down and forced him to retire after 10 rounds, winning the WBO junior welterweight title.

mike alvarado (9) Denver’s very own homegrown world champion “Mile High” MIKE ALVARADO  continues the hard grind for his Saturday’s fight against RUSLAN PROVODNIKOV. Alvarado (34-1, 23 KOs) will make the first defense of his World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight title against Provodnikov (22-2, 15 KOs) at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colo.  This marks the area’s first world championship fight featuring a local fighter since September 15, 2000. Alvarado vs. Provodnikov will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.  It will be the first time HBO has ever televised a fight live from Colorado.–70676


By Karl Freitag –

WBO jr welterweight world champion “Mile High” Mike Alvarado (34-1, 23 KOs) and #1 contender Ruslan Provodnikov (22-2, 15 KOs) just hosted an international media conference call to discuss their HBO-televised showdown on Saturday night in Denver.

Mike Alvarado: “This fight has ‘war’ written all over it…there’s a chance this fight could turn into that. I have a good game plan. I know I’m going to box the way I need to to win this fight, but you never know. This fight could always turn into a crazy war.”

Ruslan Provodnikov: “I am ready for anything. I can also box. I don’t think anybody can run from me and I don’t think he will box as well as he thinks.”

Bob Arum: There’s not much I can say as a promoter. I don’t have to sell this fight. Anyone that knows anything about boxing knows that going in this fight is going to be a candidate for fight of the year. Two great warriors, two guys that entertain the public, you don’t need a sales pitch for this one.


DENVER, Colorado – El ídolo local “Mile High” Mike Alvarado expondrá su campeonato mundial de peso welter Jr. de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) en casa cuando se enfrente al clasificado mundial numero uno Ruslan Provodnikov de Rusia, el sábado 19 de octubre en el 1STBANK Center de Broomfield, Colorado. – See more at:

DENVER, Colorado – El ídolo local “Mile High” Mike Alvarado expondrá su campeonato mundial de peso welter Jr. de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) en casa cuando se enfrente al clasificado mundial numero uno Ruslan Provodnikov de Rusia, el sábado 19 de octubre en el 1STBANK Center de Broomfield, Colorado.

Esta será la primera pelea de campeonato mundial en Denver desde 15 de septiembre del 2000 cuando el ex campeón mundial Stevie Johnston empato mayoritariamente con el entonces monarca de peso ligero del Consejo mundial de boxeo (CMB) José Luis Castillo en el Pepsi Center de esta ciudad.

El duelo  Alvarado vs. Provodnikov será el duelo estelar de una función que HBO televisara en vivo en su programa “HBO World Championship Boxing” comenzando a las  9:45 p.m. Este/Pacifico.

Alvarado y Provodnikov llega a la cita después de haber escenificado en sus últimas actuaciones el pasado mes de marzo, peleas que son candidatas a las mejor del año y ambas fueron televisadas por HBO. Estos boxeadores tiene un record combinado de 56-3 con 38 nocauts y un porcentaje de victoria de 95% y un promedio de 68% de sus triunfos han llegado por la vía del cloroformo.

“Denver acaba de recibir el “Super tazón” del boxeo, estoy muy emocionado. Vamos a hacer un gran preparación y una estrategia bien definida para enfrentar a Ruslan Prodnikov, quien representa un reto diferente a Brandon Rios” dijo Alvarado.

“Estoy contento que Alvarado finalmente haya aceptado esta pelea. Sera una noche inolvidable para los aficionados. No voy a decepcionar a mi equipo o mis seguidores que saldrán muy satisfechos de este combate”, dijo Provodnikov.

“Estoy muy emocionado de ver esta pelea y contento con Bob Arum y Todd duBoef que pudieron cerrar su trato con Alvarado. Pienso que esta pelea es muy buena para el boxeo. Ruslan estuvo muy cercas de derrotar a Tim Bradley y pensamos que pueda ganar esta pelea, pero independiente del resultado todos estamos seguros que esta será una emociónate pelea”, dijo Art Pelullo, presidente de Banner Promotions.

“Mike Alvarado contra Ruslan Provodnikov es una pelea para los aficionados del boxeo que verán acción desde el primero hasta el último campanazo. Los presentes en la arena y los televidentes de HBO serán testigos a una inolvidable noche de boxeo y estamos muy agradecidos que estos guerreros haya aceptado este fuerte combate”, dijo Peter Nelson, Director de Programación de HIBO Sports.

Alvarado (34-1, 23 KOs) de Denver, Colorado quien había ganado 10 de 14 previos combates por nocaut antes derrotar a Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios por puntos el pasado 30 de marzo y conquistar el campeonato interino de la OMB de las 140 libras.

Con esa victoria Alvarado vengo su derrota ante Rios del pasado 13 de  Octubre del 2012 en Carson, California. La primera pelea fue considerad una de las mejores del año al igual que la segunda que suena como una de las mejores del 2013.

En el primer duelo Alvarado cayó en el séptimo asalto de una pelea que estaba ganado en una tarjeta y estaba empatada otras dos tras seis emocionantes rounds.

En la segunda pelea el pasado 30 de marzo en Las Vegas, Nevada, Alvarado derroto por decisión unánime a Ríos en una pelea sumamente fuerte para ambos peleadores, pero fue el ídolo de Denver quien saco la victoria al hacer uno ajustes en su boxeo que lo llevaron a la victoria de otra gran pelea entre estos dos guerreros.

Entre las víctimas por nocaut de Alvarado se encuentran Breidis Prescott, Ray Narh, Emmanuel Clottey y  Cesar Bazán.

En el 2012 Alvarado fue parte de dos peleas considerados la mejor del año. El 14 de abril en Las Vegas Alvarado se enfrasco en una guerra sin cuartel ante Mauricio Herrera (18-1, 7 KO’s) de Riverside, California, un clasificado mundial que tenía dos años sin perder, con una racha de cinco victorias, incluyendo un triunfo sobre el entonces invicto Ruslan Provodnikov (17-0) y luego vendría su increíble primer combate contra Ríos en Octubre.

Provodnikov (22-12, 15 KOs), quien es oriundo de Berezovo, Khanty-Mansi, Rusia en Siberia, es entrenado por el mundialmente reconocido Freddie Roach, miembro del Salón de la Fama en el Wild Card Boxing Club de Hollywood.

El ruso llega  a la cita tras su gran combate contra Tim Bradley el pasado 16 de marzo en Carson, California. Provodnikov subió de categoría para disputar la corona de peso welter de la OMB que está en manos de Bradley.

Prodvodnikov tiró golpes sin parar por 12 rounds, lastimo en varias ocasiones a Brandley, quien de igual manera contesto todas las arremetidas del ruso, quien al final de cuentas cayo por decisión dividida ante el norteamericano en para lo que para muchos ha sido la mejor pelea en lo que va del 2013.

Provodnikov de 29 años de edad se ha convertido en un peleador muy popular por sus emocionantes peleas y su entrega sobre el ring. Esta será su segunda oportunidad titular, pero esta vez será en su peso natural.

Provodnikov quien ha ayudado a Manny Pacquiao en varias de sus preparaciones cuenta con victorias sobre los ex campeones mundiales Javier Jáuregui y DeMarcus Corley. Ha ganado cinco de sus últimas seis peleas, cuatro de ellas por nocaut,  incluyendo triunfos sobre David Torres y Jose Reynoso, quienes tenían un record combinado de 37-5-3 cuando enfrentaron a Provodnikov.

La función es una promoción de Top Rank® en asociación con Banner Promotions y Tecate. Los boletos para la función saldrán a la venta este viernes 16 de agosto y tienen un precio de $200, $100, $50 y $25, más costo de servicio e impuestos.

Los boletos estarán disponibles en Internet en la pagina y en todas las localidades de TicketHorse outlets, incluyendo The Pepsi Center, The Paramount Theatre y Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  Por telefono llamando TicketHorse al 866-461-6556 (8 a.m. de 8 p.m. hora local de Lunes a Sabado y de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m. los domingos) En Denver los interesados pueden llamar al 303-53HORSE.

DENVER, Colorado – El ídolo local “Mile High” Mike Alvarado expondrá su campeonato mundial de peso welter Jr. de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) en casa cuando se enfrente al clasificado mundial numero uno Ruslan Provodnikov de Rusia, el sábado 19 de octubre en el 1STBANK Center de Broomfield, Colorado. – See more at: