This afternoon, at the World Boxing Organization (WBO) headquarters in Puerto Rico, the purse bid for the mandatory fight between WBO Lightweight World Champion Raymundo Beltrán (35-7-1 , 21 KOs), from Mexico, and first-ranked Roman Andreev (21-0, 15 KOs), from Russia.

Top Rank won the rights for the fight with a successful bid of $ 252,000. Top Rank Vice President Carl Moretti, personally presented the winning bid. The fight is scheduled for Saturday, August 25 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The WBO exhorted both Top Rank and other promoters to submit their boxers to doping controls, not only immediately prior to and after the title fights, but throughout the entire training phase of both combatants.

 Purse Bid Minutes


Purse Bid was convened for July 3, 2018 at 12:00 Noon, but later changed to 1:30 PM. It was held at:

WBO Headquarters 1056 Muñoz Rivera Avenue Suite 711-714
San Juan, PR 00927-5013

Purse Bid Attendees:

  1. Francisco Valcarcel, President, presiding
  2. Top Rank Vice President, Carl Moretti representing Champion Raymundo Beltran
  3. Nobody representing Challenger Roman Andreev was present nor did they email.
  4. Attorney Gustavo Oliveri Miranda
  5. Media Jose Sanchez

Prior to issuing the Purse Bid Notice on June 26, 2018 for the date of July 3, 2018 to all Bona-Fide Promoters, the parties were given ten (10) days to negotiate an agreement. When no agreement could be reached, Top Rank requested the Purse Bid.

The Purse Bid officially began at 1:30 PM. Mr. Valcarcel greeted those present.

Mr. Moretti representing Raymundo Beltran handed Mr. Valcarcel his first envelope, thus initiating the Purse Bid. The envelope containing a check in the amount of $1,000.00 (One Thousand Dollars) for the Purse Bid Service Fee and proof that they are a bona fide licensed WBO Promoter.

Mr. Valcarcel stated for the record that Top Rank, Inc. is a bona fide promoter.

Mr. Valcarcel explained that Mr. Antonio Gonzalez, who had been contacted by Promoter Vlad Hrunov and would have represented the Challenger Mr. Andreev, had communicated with him via email message on July 2nd regarding the postponement of the Purse Bid for ten (10) Days. However, on the same day, Mr. Valcarcel then advised Mr. Gonzalez via text message that the Purse Bid date could not be changed. Mr. Valcarcel also advised him that Promoter Vlad Hrunov did not have a current WBO license and therefore, was not a Bona Fide Promoter.

Then, Mr. Valcarcel opened the second envelope belonging Top Rank that contained a check in the amount of $25,200.00 (Twenty-Five Thousand Two Hundred Dollars),

representing 10% of the Purse Bid Amount of $252,000.00 (Two Hundred Fifty-Two Thousand Dollars). The proposed site for the bout is Phoenix, AZ with the proposed date of August 25th 2018

The Bid was awarded to Top Rank, Inc.

Mr. Valcarcel then informed Mr. Moretti, winner of the Purse Bid, about Section 11.2.4 of the WBO Regulations for World Championship Contests that states, “…the date of the fight shall not be later than ninety (90) days or earlier than forty-five (45) days from the date of the Purse Bid…”

Finally, Mr. Valcarcel stated the following conditions:

1. Signed Contract must be submitted within 10 days.
2. If the Champion suffers an injury prior to the bout, an Interim Championship will

be held.
3. If the Challenger suffers an injury, the next available contender will be the

Mandatory Challenger.

Mr. Valcarcel then congratulated the winner, Carl Moretti (Top Rank, Inc.), and thanked all present for their participation. The Purse Bid ended at 1:45 PM.