WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham put a period on the end of the following sentence on Saturday in Germany: “Arthur Abraham is better than Robert Stieglitz.”

With an emphatic sixth-round KO in their fourth meeting, Abraham left no doubt which man holds sway in the long rivalry. He dropped Stieglitz with a hard right hand, and his opponent’s corner showed the towel, signaling the surrender.

Here’s a look at the sequence in a tweet from Only Full Fights:

Before being floored for good in the sixth, Stieglitz also hit the canvas in the fourth round. Abraham has beaten his compatriot and former champion in three of four fights now, but none of the previous victories were as definitive as this one.

Abraham was the aggressor for most of the fight, as his opponent looked out of sorts. Stieglitz moved as if he lacked energy and motivation. This fight was clearly lacking the energy and competitiveness that had made spots of the previous three fights compelling.

Many members of the boxing community seemed relieved to see the Abraham-Stieglitz saga come to an apparent end. TalkinBoxing‘s take was just one example:

At 34 years old and with his skills clearly declining, Stieglitz has to ask himself if this should be the end of the road.

He rarely fought outside of his native Germany. He and Abraham passed the WBO super middleweight championship back and forth the better part of three years. If Stieglitz stops fighting, he won’t go down as one of the best 168-pounders of his era, but he has had a nice career.

Abraham has fought far better competition. He’s beaten Edison Miranda twice and former champions Jermain Taylor and Raul Marquez. The Armenian-born champion is now 35 years old and has shown no willingness to venture outside of his adopted home of Germany to defend his title.

In fact, the last time he fought anywhere besides Germany was in 2011 when Andre Ward outclassed him in the 168-pound Super Six Tournament.

For years Abraham and Stieglitz have competed largely in a bubble. After Saturday’s decisive end to their rivalry, one of their bubbles has burst, and it’s time for the next chapter in both fighters’ careers.

We’ll see which direction they go in the coming months.


Date:   Saturday, July 18, 2015


Location: Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany

Promoter:  Sauerland Promotions / Wilfried Sauerland


Referee:  Earl Brown

Judges:  Lynne Carter; Waleska Roldan; Don Trella

Results:   The WBO Super Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham retained the title against Robert Stieglitz by TKO on sixth round.

TV:  Germany SAT.1



Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) and Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) both made weight today ahead of their fourth WBO World Super Middleweight Championship contest tomorrow night at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany.

WBO World Super Middleweight Championship:
Arthur Abraham: 76 kg
Robert Stieglitz: 75.9 kg


abraham  Image credit: MMAshare.com –

Familiarity, it is often said, breeds contempt. Something Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) and Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) may well identify with.

Take 4

Saturday night will be the fourth time the two have met in the ring in a world title fight, and depending on how you choose to look at it; the opening bell can either signify the start of round one or round 29 between the pair.

Abraham, who will be defending his WBO super-middleweight title, will begin the evening in Halle, Germany with a 2-1 series lead over his domestic rival, in a fight billed as ‘The Final Showdown’.

The pair have shared the WBO title solely between themselves for the past six years, the belt changing hands on each of their three previous meetings.

If this is indeed the closing chapter of this consuming rivalry, and both fighters have already asserted that it will be, then German boxing fans will hope this final stanza will match the high standards of what has preceded it.

Form book

It’s a rivalry that began in 2012. At the time Stieglitz was the reigning WBO super-middleweight champion and had successfully defended his title six times since defeating Hungary’s Karoly Balzsay in 2009.

Much of the media attention during the build up to the opening bout focused on the contrasting styles of the pair, Stieglitz being very much thought of as a boxer, Abraham a puncher.

Stieglitz began the fight as the favourite with the bookmakers, hardly a surprise considering the Magdeburg fighter’s numerous successful title defences, whilst Abraham had experienced a run of indifferent form since making the move from middleweight up to 168lbs.

His record at super-middleweight stood at 4-3 on fight night – his three losses incurred as part of the ‘Super Six’ against Andre Dirrell, Carl Froch and Andre Ward.

Yet despite the doubts Abraham produced an excellent performance on the night to claim a unanimous decision, the judges scoring the bout 116-112, 115-113 and 116-112 in his favour.

How they’ve technically matched up before

Whilst Stieglitz looked to press the action throughout much of the fight, and his punch output was undoubtedly greater, Abraham’s power, counter punching and exceptional defence were too much for him.

After withstanding the early, high intensity pressure of Stieglitz, Abraham took the wind from his sails with a number of solid body shots, slowing Stieglitz’s pace to something more suiting the challenger.

By remaining on the back foot and drawing Stieglitz onto him, Abraham was able to counter with leading, powerful shots, at times punching through the champion’s guard, discouraging his opponent to remain in the pocket and trade at close range.

Stieglitz’s orthodox, straight punches weren’t enjoying much success against Abraham’s infamous high-handed defence and thus Abraham was the far more efficient of the two, landing with greater regularity.

Whilst the fight was always competitive, Abraham seemed to be in control for the vast majority, controlling the distance and limiting the Magdeburg fighter’s effectiveness. Abraham was simply too cunning and wily for Stieglitz on the night, who faded gradually as the fight developed.

Fortunately, as far as Stieglitz and his promotional team at SES were concerned, he wouldn’t have to wait long for his revenge. Seven months later the pair fought a rematch, this time in Stieglitz’s home city of Magdeburg.

Abraham, who arrived as the defending champion, produced one of the poorest performances of his career as Stieglitz claimed a fourth round TKO victory.

From the outset Stieglitz fought at a blistering pace, roared on by a partisan crowd. The intensity of his attacks, though at times not pretty on the eye, were too much for Abraham, who was given no room to breathe.

Stieglitz swarmed his opponent from the opening bell, laying into him with as many shots as he could throw. Abraham, for his part, seemed sluggish and unable to find any rhythm or utilise his jab.

Bereft of footwork, the Berliner was consigned to defensive mode. In the second round Stieglitz landed a huge right hand around the left eye of Abraham, which immediately began to swell.

By the end of the third round, having been deducted a point for hitting behind the head, Abraham’s left eye had almost completely swollen over and his team consulted the fight doctor.

When he failed to answer the bell for the start of round four, the fight was waved off and Stieglitz had reclaimed his WBO super-middleweight title.

Over the twelve months that followed, whilst Stieglitz defended his title against Yuzo Kiyota and Isaac Ekpo, Abraham rebuilt with a controversial decision against Namibia’s Willberforce Shihepo, a victory which saw him re-instated as the WBO’s mandatory challenger, and Giovanni De Carolis.

Styles and their best fight

In March 2014, returning again to Magdeburg, Abraham-Stieglitz III was arguably the best of the trilogy. Stieglitz once again began proceedings at a blistering pace, peppering Abraham with shots throughout much of the opening four rounds.

Abraham was forced to box off the back foot, countering when possible but predominantly covering up against the surging Stieglitz charge.

As the fight wore on, and Stieglitz’s pace began to drop, Abraham was able to find his rhythm for the first time and eat into the points lead that Stieglitz had built for himself, despite having a point deducted in round 8, again for hitting behind the head.

Whilst both men were more than prepared to let their punches go, the quality of Abraham’s defensive work meant he fared much better in the exchanges and as a result took many of the close rounds.

Stieglitz suffered for a lack of variation to his approach. He failed to use his jab effectively enough to set up his attacks and close the gap to Abraham in a fight that was largely contested from the outside.

With Stieglitz attacking in bursts and from range, his attacks became predictable and were thus far easier to counter and nullify.

In round 12, with Stieglitz requiring a stoppage to win, he charged forward relentlessly in the hope of landing something big. However it was Abraham who, having spent much of the round on the back foot, scored the first and thus far only knockdown of the series in the final minute.

Stieglitz beat the count and made it to the end of the fight, the knockdown the icing on the cake for Abraham in a lopsided split decision victory.

And that should really have been that. The public had had their deciding fight, the series had reached a natural conclusion, or so it seemed. However, the WBO had other ideas.

All signs pointing to a great fight

Stieglitz was installed as their mandatory challenger last October after defeating Belarus’s Sergey Khomitsky, though owing to the controversy following Abraham’s first victory over British fighter Paul Smith, and the subsequent rematch, this fight has until now been delayed.

With the two men already being so well acquainted, there will likely be few surprises in terms of style on fight night. Tactics as opposed to attributes will likely be the deciding factor.

Stieglitz and his trainer, Dirk Dzemski, have talked of only small tweaks being required to their game plan as opposed to wholesale changes.

For his part, Abraham, who has spoken of his desire to seek out a unification fight should he win at the weekend, has appeared full of confidence throughout the build-up, secure in the belief that his best has already been proven good enough to handle anything Stieglitz can throw at him.

Abraham will begin the fight as the favourite and will certainly carry the better form to the ring. He’s been marginally the more active of the two since their previous meeting, securing three unanimous decisions over the past 16 months against Montenegro’s Nikola Sjekloca, and the two victories against Smith.

Stieglitz on the other hand will be making his first outing of 2015. He bounced back from his loss to Abraham with a tenth round TKO of Khomitsky, before fighting compatriot Felix Sturm to a draw in November last year.

Regardless of the outcome on Saturday this will, almost certainly, be the final chapter of what has been an enthralling series of fights.

It is a rivalry that has dominated the landscape of German boxing over the past three years, particularly given the absence of Germany’s other potential super-middleweight match-up, Abraham v Sturm.

If it can live up to what has gone before, it can only mean a great fight.




Credit:  Photo by Team Sauerland –

Actions speak louder than words – at least that was the motto at today’s final press conference ahead of the ‘Final Showdown’ between WBO World Super Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) and Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) on Saturday night at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany.

Summarising the fighter’s fourth world championship contest, promoter Kalle Sauerland put it aptly. ‘’This is not a fight that needs to be hyped,’’ said Sauerland. ‘’You need only look at the first three fights between Arthur and Robert to know what we have in store for Saturday night. I’m expecting another entertaining battle and a fitting end to their epic rivalry.’’

Following their three previous encounters, Abraham holds the advantage, with two wins to one defeat. As the fourth fight approaches, the defending champion made clear his intention to claim a conclusive third victory. ‘’This is the end,’’ said the 35 year-old. ‘’There will be no fifth fight. I’ve trained extremely hard and I’m ready for whatever Robert has to offer. After Saturday, there will be no questions remaining. I will prove once and for all that I’m the better boxer.’’

The challenger from Magdeburg remained unfazed by his opponent’s comments instead renewing his promise to regain the WBO crown. ‘’I know how to beat Arthur and I’m ready to settle the score,’’ said Stieglitz. ‘’In my opinion the verdict from our last fight was unjust, but it’s not about the past. It’s about the here and now, and on Saturday I will become world champion again!’’

Arthur Abraham’s WBO World Super Middleweight title defence against Robert Stieglitz takes place on Saturday, July 18 at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle. Tickets are available by calling the Gerry Weber Ticket Centre on (+49) 5201 81 80 or online via http://www.gerryweber-world.de and http://www.tickethall.de. All the action will be shown live on SAT.1 in Germany and Sky Sports in the UK.



Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) has vowed to bring an end to his feud with domestic rival Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) when the German super middleweights contest the WBO World title for a fourth time on July 18 at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle. The fighters began their now familiar pre-fight routine with a kick-off press conference today, in which the reigning champion promised to provide a conclusive finish to their long-standing rivalry. ”Four fights with Robert is enough for me,” declared Abraham. ”Of course, victory is always the most important thing, but on July 18, I don’t just want to win, I want to win decisively and prove once and for all that I am the better man!”

Abraham holds the advantage, having triumphed in two of their three previous encounters, but while ‘King Arthur’ eyes a conclusive third victory, Stieglitz aims to settle the score with a second win over the Berlin-based boxer. ”I have analysed all three of our fights in detail,” reveals Stieglitz. ”With the right tactical adjustments, I have no doubt that this time I will be victorious!”

Ahead of their anticipated fourth encounter, Abraham’s coach Ulli Wegner has compared July 18’s battle with Germany’s most heated soccer rivalry. ”This is ‘Der Klassiker’,” declared the 73 year-old. ”The Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund of German boxing! Just like Munich vs. Dortmund, this great rivalry always promises excitement! Arthur must enter the ring in top condition or risk losing his position at the top of the super middleweight division.”

Stieglitz’s coach Dirk Dzemski shares Wegner’s excitement, predicting a ”spectacular fight” at the Gerry Weber Stadium. ”This fight will be on a knife’s edge,” said Dzemski. ”Both boxers know how hard it will be to beat the other and fans can look forward to a spectacular fight. Arthur had better be well prepared because we’re ready for it!”


Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) is set to reignite his feud with super middleweight rival Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) on July 18 at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany. The boxers meet for a fourth time, with the WBO crown on the line, following a memorable trilogy of world championship fights.

‘’The battle for super middleweight supremacy continues,’’ said promoter Kalle Sauerland. ‘’I’m hard pressed to think of any other trilogy in modern boxing history that has provided such a high level of drama. For that reason, we go again. On July 18, for an unprecedented fourth time, Arthur and Robert will contest the WBO super middleweight title.’’

Abraham and Stieglitz first met in August 2012, where a points decision earned Abraham the WBO strap. In a March 2013 rematch, Stieglitz got his revenge with a fourth-round technical knockout victory. The belt once again changed hands in March 2014 with Abraham flooring Stieglitz on his way to a split decision win. The stage is now set for a fourth battle between ‘King Arthur’ and his mandatory challenger Stieglitz at Germany’s famous Gerry Weber Stadium.

For the defending champion Abraham, July 18 offers him the opportunity to write the final chapter in his rivalry with Stieglitz. ‘’Robert is mandatory challenger, so of course he deserves his shot,’’ said Abraham. ‘’I’ve enjoyed our rivalry, but like all good things, this must come to an end. The Gerry Weber Stadium will provide the perfect venue for me to finish our feud. I had Robert down in the twelfth-round of our last encounter, but this time he will hit the canvas a lot sooner!’’




WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (42-4, 28 KOs) is set to reignite his feud with rival and mandatory challenger Robert Stieglitz (47-4-1, 27 KOs) on July 18 at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany. Abraham and Stieglitz first met in August 2012, where a points decision earned Abraham the WBO strap. In a March 2013 rematch, Stieglitz got his revenge with a fourth-round technical knockout victory. The belt once again changed hands in March 2014 with Abraham flooring Stieglitz on his way to a split decision win. The stage is now set for a fourth battle between ‘King Arthur’ and Stieglitz.



Credit:  Photo  afp, tk//rix

Article by Simon Van Besouw –

Felix Sturm and Robert Stieglitz have fought each other to a draw tonight in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany. In one of the better fights of the year, all three judges saw a different outcome of the fight. The official scores were 115-113 Sturm, 115-113 Stieglitz and 114-114. ThaBoxingVoice.com scored the fight 116-113 in favor of Sturm.

Sturm started the fight sensationally. While the first round was close, he completely dominated the second and the third. Sturm was able to land dazzling combinations in the middle of the ring and even managed to stun Stieglitz on several occasions.

After taking a breather in the fourth, the first round ThaBoxingVoice.com gave to Stieglitz, Sturm picked up the pace again in the fifth. This time it were his uppercuts that were making the difference in the round.

The sixth round started where the fifth ended, with Sturm landing some terrific uppercuts. The 35-year German was also very successful with right hook counters, which he landed at will every time Stieglitz tried to rush in.

From the seventh round on, the fight started to turn around. Sturm wasn’t able to throw enough punches anymore to keep his opponent off him. Stieglitz, who was very busy throughout the fight, had more and more succes with his activity and was able to pin his opponent on the ropes multiple times.

Stieglitz continued his attacks in the eight and ninth round. However it was not really the case of Stieglitz doing anything different, it was once again Sturm who gave control of the fight away with his inactivity. While he was never in trouble, Sturm was walked in to the ropes where Stieglitz was able to land some good and hard shots.

In the tenth, Sturm was cut from an unintentional head but. Stieglitz went after his wounded prey and started a ferocious attack. Sturm, who was unable to stay away from Stieglitz punches, had no choice but the fight back.

A brawl broke out, which started half-way the tenth round and ended at the end of the eleventh. In a round with terrific back-and-forth action, both fighters were able to stun each other in the eleventh.

Sturm clearly took over the round in the last 30 seconds. With the crowd, who was clearly on the side of Sturm, going nuts, Sturm landed one great shot after another.

Both fighter were clearly tired at the start of the twelfth. Stieglitz, who seemed to be down on the scorecards, tried to knock Sturm out. But he was unsuccessful in his efforts. Sturm dominated the last two minutes and sealed the fight for most ringside observers.

But as earlier pointed out, the judges saw it differently.

Sturm was throughout his career notoriously known for getting controversial decision in his home-country. However, since leaving German promotor Universum and starting his own promotional company, he has not been able to get the nod in any close fight.

In the eyes of many, Sturm defeated Daniel Geale and Sam Soliman in their first encounter. But in both fights, the traveling fighter won the fight. Tonight, Sturm again didn’t get a decision in a fight where he probably should have gotten it.

Did Sturm piss off the boxing gods in Germany when he started his own promotional company?

On the undercard, Susi Kentikian successfully defended her WBA flyweight title in a competitive and entertaining fight. The 27-year old fighter from Germany won a unanimous decision victory over Naoka Fujioka.

The judges scored the fight 97-93, 97-94 and 96-94 in faver of Kentikian. ThaBoxingVoice.com had the fight even at 95-95.

Also on the undercard, German heavyweight Steffen Kretschmann scored a fourth round stoppage over David Gegeshidze.



Photo: Team SES / P. Gercke –

Super middleweight Robert Stieglitz, heavyweight Francesco Pianeta and SES head trainer Dirk Dzemski held a media day from their training camp at the ‘Strandhotel Fischland’ in Dierhagen, Germany. Journalists, photographers and TV crews enjoyed “Sturm-free” weather at the Baltic Sea resort.


Stieglitz (47-4, 27 KOs) will face Felix Sturm (39-4-2, 18 KOs) in a clash of former wornld champions on November 8 at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany. On the same card, Pianeta (30-1-1, 17 KOs) will take on Ivica Bacurin (18-6-1, 8 KOs).

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The fifth title fight is fix

“Super Fight Night” on July 26, 2014 in Dessau –  “The World Cup project!”

The fifth WBO title fight is now fixed:

Moritz steel from the “Team Germany” is fighting for his first Belt: WBO Youth Inter-Conti-title fight against the Spaniard Guram Natsulishvili
The Referee:

WBO Inter-Continental Super Middleweight Championship
Robert Stieglitz vs.. Sergey Khomitsky

The other title fights:

WBO International Championship Lightheavyweight
WBA Continental Cup Lightheavyweight
Robin Krasniqi vs. Oleksandr Cherviak

WBO world championship in junior middleweight
Christina Hammer vs. Anne Sophie Mathis

WBO Inter-Continental Championship in Lightheavyweight
Dominic vs. Boesel. Daniel Regi

SAT.1 is transferred fight night live from 22.15 clock in a length of nearly four hours from Dessau

+ + + SES boxing event on Saturday, July 26, 2014, Anhalt Arena in Dessau + + +

Robert Stieglitz in the fight against the “spirit” Sergey Khomitsky for the WBO Inter-Continental title, and on the way to reclaiming the world title.

Former world champion Robert Stieglitz fight for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental belt at super middleweight. His opponent in this title fight is a “spirit”. This battle name carries Sergey “The Ghost” Khomitsky (29-10-2 (12)), who secured a good two months the belt of WBO European champion in England with a knockout in the sixth round against unbeaten British Frank Buglioni. Robert Stieglitz is therefore warned that the experienced Belarusian Khomitsky has become so advanced to the position 7 of the WBO world rankings. This opponent will address “The World Cup project!” Robert Stieglitz his mission. It applies to Robert Stieglitz , now as soon as possible the position 1 of the WBO world rankings to occupy. The implicit goals: as the mandatory challenger of the reigning world champions again to fight “his” WBO world champion belt. But the “spirit” Khomitsky must first be defeated!


Photo: Team SES / P. Gercke

SES Boxing held the final press conference on Monday for Saturday’s clash between two-time world champion Robert Stieglitz against WBO #9 Sergey “The Ghost” Khomitsky (29-10-2, 12 KOs) at the Anhalt Arena in Dessau, Germany. The presser took place in front of an old transport aircraft named JU 52 at the “Hugo Junkers Museum”

Robert Stieglitz: “I am forewarned. A ghost always comes surprisingly and unexpectedly. I’ve prepared myself for the fighting style Khomitsky so I’m safe. He can’t scare me. Khomitsky is good for surprises, well rested and he boxes smart. His victory for the WBO European championship against Buglioni in England was no coincidence. One may never, ever underestimate him. He is a daredevil! If I want to get back “my belt,” then the only possible way is with a clear victory over this “ghost!”

Sergey Khomitsky: I’m something of a fear maker! That’s where my fight name ‘The Ghost’ comes from. I make pressure, move forward, makes surprises and many opponents can’t adjust. I know Stieglitz from many fights I watched myself. He will be defeated!

SES promoter Ulf Steinforth: We want the WBO world title of Abraham as quickly as possible! Khomitsky was the highest rated fighter who would face Robert. A WBO European champion must not and will not be underestimated!

In other action, WBO #8 rated light heavyweight Dominic Boesel (15-0, 5 KOs) will take on Daniel Regi (22-9, 11 KOs), former light heavyweight world title challenger and WBO #3/WBA #7 rated Robin Krasniqi (41-3, 16 KOs) meets WBA #8/WBO #15 Oleksandr Cherviak (14-3-1, 4 KOs) and female middleweight champion Christina Hammer (17-0, 8 KOs) moves down to jr middleweight to take on the very dangerous multiple world and European champion Anne Sophie Mathis (27-3, 23 KOs).

thumbs_stieglitz-ghost-presser1            thumbs_stieglitz-ghost-presser3




Christof Hawerkamp / Foto: P. Gercke –

Mit mindestens vier großen Titelkämpfen kehrt das Magdeburger SES-Box-Team nach fünf Jahren nach Dessau zurück. In Kooperation mit „Dessau-Roßlau sportlich“ wird am 26. Juli 2014 Ex-Weltmeister Robert Stieglitz in der Anhalt-Arena am 26. Juli 2014 um den vakantenWBO-Inter-Conti-Gürtel im Super-Mittelgewicht kämpfen. Sein Gegner in diesem Titelkampf ist ein „Geist“. Diesen Kampfnamen trägt Sergey „The Ghost“ Khomitsky (29-10-2 (12)), der sich vor gut zwei Monaten den Gürtel des WBO-Europameisters in England mit einem K.o. in der sechsten Runde gegen den ungeschlagenen Briten Frank Buglioni sicherte. Robert Stieglitz ist also gewarnt, denn der erfahrene Weißrusse Khomitsky hat sich so wieder auf die Position 9 der WBO-Weltrangliste vorgearbeitet. Mit diesem Gegner wird Robert Stieglitz seine Mission „Das WM-Projekt!“ angehen. Für Robert Stieglitz gilt nun, sich schnellstmöglich in Position zu bringen, um gegen den amtierenden Weltmeister wieder um „seinen“ WBO-Weltmeistergürtel zu boxen. Dafür muss zuerst der „Geist“ Khomitsky besiegt werden!

Robert Stieglitz: „Ich bin heiß auf den Geist! Khomitsky ist für Überraschungen gut, ausgeschlafen und er boxt schlau. Sein Sieg gegen Buglioni kam nicht von ungefähr. Man darf ihn nie und nimmer unterschätzen. Ich bin gewarnt. Wenn ich mir „meinem Gürtel“ zurückholen will, dann geht der Weg nur mit einem klaren Sieg über diesen „Geist“!“

SES-Chef-Coach Dirk Dzemski: „Robert ist seit gut fünf Wochen wieder voll im Training, hochmotiviert und fokussiert. Er ist stärker, wenn er etwas haben will, als wenn er schon etwas hat!“

SES-Promoter Ulf Steinforth: „Khomitsky war der am höchsten gerankte Fighter aus der Rangliste, der sich dem Kampf gegen Robert stellt. Wir wollen die Ungerechtigkeit aus dem WM-Duell mit Abraham so schnell wie möglich wieder gerade rücken!“

Die neue große Herausforderung für Doppel-Weltmeisterin Christina Hammer: in der neuen Gewichtsklasse Junior-Mittelgewicht trifft sie im Kampf um den vakanten WBO-Weltmeistertitel gleich auf „Hochkaräter“ Anne Sophie Mathis


Die Doppel-Weltmeisterin im Mittelgewicht Christina Hammer (17-0-0 (8)), die sich im Jahr 2013 nach einem Ausflug in Super-Mittelgewicht auch in dieser zweiten Gewichtsklasse dieWBO-/WBF-Weltmeistertitel sicherte, steht nun vor einer neuen großen Herausforderung. Mit dem „Abstieg“ in die nächste leichtere Gewichtsklasse und dem sofortigen Angriff auf den vakantenWBO-Weltmeistertitel im Junior-Mittelgewicht geht die Ausnahme-Boxerin Christina Hammer aus Dortmund einen im Boxsport ungewöhnlichen und fast einmaligen Weg. Und, sie macht es sich nicht einfach.

Mit der mehrmalige Welt- und Europameisterin Anne Sophie Mathis (27-3-0 (23)) aus Frankreich hat sie bei dieser „neuen Mission“ gleich eine der stärksten Boxerinnen der Welt als Gegnerin! Mit ihrem K.o.-Rekord von 23 Ko’s in 27 siegreichen Kämpfen ist die Französin Mathis, die in ihrer Heimat spätesten nach ihren Fights gegen die Amerikanerin Holly Holm eine „Box-Legende“ ist, eine riesige Herausforderung!

Christina Hammer: „Ich liebe Herausforderungen und ich will im Frauenboxen neue Maßstäbe setzen. Anne Sophie Mathis ist natürlich in dieser für mich neuen Gewichtsklasse eine echte Größe mit einer riesigen Ko-Quote. Das schockt mich aber nicht und ich stelle mich der Herausforderung, die Besten zu boxen. Es gibt genügend Frauen, die vor mir immer wieder davonlaufen!“

Robin Krasniqi trifft auf Oleksandr Cherviak – der Angriff auf die WM-Titel-Chancen bei  derWBO und der WBA


SES-Halb-Schwergewichtler Robin Krasniqi (41-3-0 (16)) hat neben der Verteidigung seines WBO-International-Titels im Halb-Schwergewicht auch den vakanten WBA-Continental-Titelim Visier. Nach seinem krachenden Ko-Sieg gegen Emmanuel Danso im März in Potsdam hat sich Krasniqi beeindruckend in der Box-Szene zurück gemeldet. Gegen den Ukrainer Oleksandr Cherviak (14-3-1 (4)), der bei der WBA auf Position 8 und bei der WBO als Nummer 15 geführt wird, kann der Münchener Krasniqi nun in zwei Weltranglisten den Sprung nach ganz vorne schaffen. Als Nummer 3 der WBO-Weltrangliste und als siebter im WBARanking hat Robin Krasniqi eine ideale Ausgangsposition, um sich bei einem Sieg zeitnah wieder eine WM-Chance zu erarbeiten.

Robin Krasniqi: „Mein K.o.-Sieg in Potsdam war das Resultat einer klaren Strategie. Mit der Verbesserung meiner taktischen Varianten kann und werde ich jeden schlagen. Cherviak hat gute Namen geboxt und geschlagen, ich aber werde ihn besiegen. Mein einziges Ziel ist ein nächster WM-Kampf. Dieser kann gerne auch gegen Jürgen Brähmer sein!“

SES-Promoter Ulf Steinforth: „Mit dem Kampf um die Titelverteidigung des WBO-International-Titel und um den vakanten WBA-Continental-Titel schlagen wir bei Cherviak „zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe“! Auch ein deutsches Duell mit Jürgen Brähmer kann so dann  möglich werden. Nur, erst einmal muss Robin seine starke Leistung aus dem letzten Kampf in Potsdam wieder abrufen!“

14488835682_e1f5766f7e_nWBO-Inter-Conti-Champion Dominic Bösel wird sich mit großer Fan-Gemeinde erster Titelverteidigung stellen

Dominic Bösel (15-0-0 (5)) aus Freyburg/Unstrutkommt mit seiner großen Fan-Gemeinde in die Dessauer Anhalt Arena. Der ungeschlagene frühere WBO-Junioren-Weltmeister, die Nummer 8 der WBO-Rangliste und der aktuelleWBO-Inter-Conti-Champion im Halb-Schwergewicht,kann sich bei seiner ersten Titelverteidigung im „Senioren-Bereich“ wieder der Unterstützung seiner Fans sicher sein. Mit Bussen werden diese zahlreich nach Dessau reisen und für eine großartige Stimmung sorgen.

Dominic Bösel: „Mit dem Kampf in Potsdam und dem Niederschlag bin ich im „Seniorenbereich angekommen. Es war ein starker Gegner, er hat mir alles abverlangt und ich musste mich in einer Extremsituation beweisen. Das habe ich geschafft und gewonnen!“

SES-Coach Dirk Dzemski: „Dominic hat Willensstärke bewiesen, sich durchgebissen und nach hinten heraus den Kampf wieder „gerade gebogen“. Diese Erfahrung braucht ein junger, hochgelobter Boxer und diese nimmt ihm keiner mehr!“




Photo:  Arthur Abraham official page –

On May 3, Arthur Abraham plans to defend his WBO super middleweight crown against Nikola Sjekloca.

In this interview, the prodigy of coach Ulli Wegner talks about his quick return to the squared circle – having regained the title just this past March – and what he thinks about a possible fourth match up with compatriot Robert Stieglitz.

Only two months ago, you won back the WBO Super Middleweight World Championship from Robert Stieglitz. You will defend that title on May 3. Do you have something to prove?

No. I do not have to prove anything to anyone, except myself. I want to show that I am still hungry for success and also want to conserve my current shape by staying active. I can take a break when I am 40 years old – being retired for good.

Before you beat Stieglitz for the WBO Title, a lot of fans and experts said that you have had enough. Was your answer inside the ring also an answer to your critics?

I also had good tactics at hand in the rematch with Stieglitz, but his “lucky punch” rendered them void. I had the same kind of preparation for our rubber match and you saw what happened there. If I would have a lack of motivation I would have hang the gloves up rather today than tomorrow. I do not give a damn about what the critics say about it.

What about a fourth meeting with Stieglitz in the future?

We have given the fans an action-packed fight recently and I can envision that we can still give them another good fight. However, if it will come this far – I do not now. First, Stieglitz has to earn the chance to make it happen. Maybe he has to go up against someone like Tyron Zeuge, who might be too much for Stieglitz to overcome.

Next up for you is a title defense against Nikola Sjekloca. What are your thoughts on him?

He is physical strong and has only lost once to current world champion Sakio Bika. His technique is also respectable but it still will not be enough to beat me.

When you first met Sjekloca at the kick-off press conference earlier this month, he talked more about a possible unification with Bika than about fighting you. Does he lack the proper respect for you?

I do not care for his future plans. And by the way: who is the world champion – him or me? Before it gets tough inside the ring, a lot of fighters can talk a good game but cannot follow up their words with action. Watch my fight on May 3 to see this happen again.

Moreover, how do you want to earn Sjekloca’s respect?

With my punching power. When my first hard punch lands precisely, Sjekloca will know what he is up against. Then it will show what he is made of.

Your coach Ulli Wegner said that you are still progressing as a boxer. How long do you want to go on with your career?

I hope for at least another 2-3 years. I am feeling that I still have the potential to fight against the world’s best. I am still aiming to take revenge for some of my losses, like against Andre Ward. But now, it is all about beating Sjekloca on May 3.


Date: Saturday,  March 1, 2014

WBO Super Middleweight Championship

Location:  Magdeburg, Leipzig or Dresden, Germany

Promoter: SES Boxing; Sport Events Steinforth 

Supervisor:  Francisco Valcarcel, Esq.

Referee:  Genaro Rodriguez

Judges:  Michael Pernick (112-113); Clark Sammartino (114-111); Paul Thomas (115-110)

Result:  Arthur Abraham regained the WBO Super Middleweight title beating Robert Stieglitz via split decision.


Photos: Team SES / P. Gercke –

WBO super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz (46-3, 26 KOs) and former champion Arthur Abraham (38-4, 28 KOs) will complete their trilogy on Saturday night at the GETEC Arena in Magdeburg, Germany. The series is 1:1 so far, with Abraham winning by decision in Berlin in August 2012 and Stieglitz winning by fourth round TKO in March 2013 in Magdeburg. SES outbid Sauerland Event to bring the rubber match back to Stieglitz’ backyard.

Today’s press conference took place in Magdeburg’s Cultural History Museum.

Robert Stieglitz: I am delighted that the press conference is again here in the Cultural History Museum. That gave me luck the last time and that’s exactly how it should be again. Saturday will be a real collision in the ring. Outside the ring I’m relaxed, because I’m here at home and Arthur is coming into the lion’s den. I will defend my title successfully and not give in.

Arthur Abraham: The previous fights are in the past, we are very well prepared and promise an exciting fight the fans will like. I have many fans here backing me. I don’t feel like I’m in a lion’s den. but rather in the cave of the cat. No matter where I’m boxing, I feel at home. It’s all or nothing! There’s nothing more important!

SES trainer Dirk Dzemski: We have a good plan. The question is, who can implement their tactics best. And I’m sure that’s Robert. The difference is our great team.

Abraham trainer Ulli Wegner: I think we all can do something great on Saturday. If it’s named as “Fight of the Year”, that’s fine. I feel terrific in Magdeburg, since the public is so knowledgable. Both camps are very well prepared. This fight is what makes boxing so interesting.

SES promoter Ulf Steinforth: Robert and Dirk Dzemski were a team for the first two sensational fights. The third fight had to take place here, because we have been successful here. It’s important to me because I’m superstitious and it has always worked so far. This third fight is super exciting. We have all the support we have always wanted, which is virtually an unbeatable advantage. This is also about the rivalry of the trainers, experience against youth, and it’s a battle of the promoters. But, here in Magdeburg we’re good hosts!

Sauerland Event promoter Kalle Sauerland: We look forward to a great fight. You only have to look at the first two fights. Trilogies are better than rematches. It’s “Champions League” boxing. We know what to do and look forward to being his guest.

WBO/WBF female middleweight champion Christina Hammer defends against Jessica Balogun in the co-feature.



Date:  Saturday, October 19, 2013

Title:  WBO Super Middleweight Championship

Location:  Messehalle, Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

Promoter: Ulf Steinforth (Sport Events Steinforth)

Supervisor:   Marcus Aslani

Referee:    Eddie Cotton

Judges:    Waleska Roldan (118-110); Andre Van Grootenbruel (118-110), Frank Michael Maass (119-109)

Results:    Robert Stieglitz retained WBO Super Middleweight Title by unanimous decision against Isaac Ekpo.



101613stieglitz00tOver 500 fight fans turned up on Wednesday to see WBO super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz and his challenger Isaac Ekpo conduct public workouts at the Paunsdorf Center in Leipzig, Germany. The titleholder showed up with trainer Dirk Dzemski and appeared to be in a good mood and in great shape for the fight on Saturday at Leipzig Exhibition Hall EINS.


His opponent, Nigerian Isaac Ekpo, didn’t show much. In the training ring, he completed only a few light exercises with the jump rope and practiced shadow boxing. Ekpo was given a few pairs of goalie gloves so he can resume his career as a goalkeeper after presumably losing the world championship fight.


The world champion, however, gave the fans several minutes of pad work with his coach, then he stayed and fulfilled boxing fans’ many requests for autographs.


Also showing their skills were WBC Youth titleholder Dominic Bösel, ex-IBF champion Jan Zaveck, and Tom Schwarz and Tom Pahlmann from “Team Germany.”


On this coming coming Saturday, Robert Stieglitz defends the WBO super middleweight crown against Isaac Ekpo.

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Photos: Team SES / P. Gercke –

WBO super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz (45-3, 26 KOs) is ready to defend his title against WBO #7 Isaac Ekpo (22-1, 16 KOs) on Saturday night at the EINS Exhibition Hall in Leipzig, Germany.

Below are quotes from Monday’s press conference:

Robert Stieglitz: “I am extremely motivated. I must cap off the honors and the two victories of this year in Leipzig. Being number one and leading the success of the entire SES team makes us all very proud. I was very well prepared in recent fights. But now I have once again stepped up my game. Isaac Ekpo is physically very strong. He will want to use his first world title chance. He is boxing not only for himself but for all of Nigeria. Isaac will give everything. But I am well known for the fact that I can deal with lions!”

Isaac Ekpo: “I want to use my first shot at a world title. I am very happy about it. When Robert Stieglitz enters the ring with a lion, he’ll have a hard time winning​​. There can be only one: him or me! God will help me and he’s watching over me. I believe in God’s help. Before, I was goalkeeper in soccer. But boxing is a man-against-man situation. This is much more attractive and clear for me. Therefore, I prefer boxing. ”

Ulf Steinforth: “We’ve always had an eye on Leipzig. I always wanted to host an event with championship fights here. We are particularly pleased about October 19th. About 4,500 tickets have already been sold. This makes us optimistic that we can announce in the coming days, we’re sold out.”

thumbs_101513stieglitz004  thumbs_101513stieglitz003  thumbs_101513stieglitz001  thumbs_101513stieglitz002  thumbs_101513stieglitz005  thumbs_101513stieglitz006  thumbs_101513stieglitz008  thumbs_101513stieglitz009



Photos: Team SES / P. Gercke

WBO super middleweight Champion Robert Stieglitz (45-3-0, 26 KOs) will defend his title against #7 rated Isaac Ekpo (22-1, 16 KOs) of Nigeria on October 19 at the Messe Halle in Leipzig, Germany. The card will also feature a clash between IBF flyweight champion Moruti Mthalane (29-2, 20 KOs) and Spaniard Silvio Olteanu (14-6-1, 6 KOs) plus WBO Youth jr welterweight beltholder and leader of SES Boxing’s “Team Germany” Dominic Boesel (12-0, 4 KOs) will take on Italian Mirko Ricci (10-1, 4 KOs).

“This is my last title defense of the year,” said Steiglitz at today’s press conference. “Leipzig is a special city for me. It’s not far from Magdeburg and I have a lot of fans…we did preliminary analysis of the challenger Isaac Ekpo. He’s aggressive and muscular. I’ve been working a lot with my legs and speed. My Teammate Jan Zaveck invited me to spend two weeks at a training camp in Ptuj, Slovenia.”

Regarding his WBO mandated defense third fight against Arthur Abraham, Stieglitz stated, “That’s quite normal and I’m happy about it. As world champion I must box everyone anyway.”

Trainer Dirk Dzemski added “I’m very pleased with Robert this year, especially that he came away without injury from the fight against Kiyota. Now comes the hot and stressful phaseof the preparation, the training camp in Slovenia. One thing is certain, it will only be a vacation for me (grins). Isaac Ekpo is hungry, can hit hard – this will be an exciting thing that you must take very seriously.”

SES promoter Ulf Steinforth stated: “Leipzig is something special. We’ve had the city on our list and now we bring the best of what we have. We anticipate 6,000 spectators and with the new seating system, we can expand capacity quickly. The next fight against Ekpo is difficult enough for Robert. Ekpo is the current #7 in the world rankings. That’s why we can’t make any further plans. Dominic is a worthy captain of Team Germany. That a competition is emerging within Team Germany is, of course, good. We’ve proved that there are very talented young boxers and it’s fun to promote and to see them. Robert is currently the boxer with the most fights, a true role model, a mentor for Team Germany, which is what I’m most proud of. In Leipzig we’ll have Team Germany, Jan Zaveck and the newly added IBF flyweight championship completing the card. Out of eight fights we will have four title fights.”

Ticket sales will start at the end of the week.


abraham-stieglitz (8)

By Ruslan Chikov –

Former champion Arthur Abraham (36-4, 28KOs) returns on August 24th in Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. He faces Willbeforce Shihepo (20-6, 15KOs) for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental super middleweight title.

Abraham says that he tried to get a trilogy bout with WBO champion Robert Stieglitz (44-3), who doesn’t appear interested at the moment. Abraham won  a twelve round decision over Stiegltz a year ago, but this past March Stieglitz got revenge when he stopped Abraham after four rounds due to a badly swollen eye.

“Robert Stieglitz does not want to pursue a fight with me, so my next opponent will be the representative of Namibia, who sits at number three in the world rankings [under the WBO]. I’m in the fourth position. The winner of our contest will be ranked second. Eventually the world champion will have to fight the winner of this match. I do not want to say that Stieglitz is afraid. Naturally, no one wants to meet with an opponent who is stronger than him. It is more beneficial for him to face weaker opponents. Shihepo has a very strong punch, and he is well prepared technically. He is among the top ten in the world rankings,” Abraham said.


robert stieglitz (11)SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO- World Boxing Organization (WBO) announced today that the win of the super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz over Yuzo Kiyota on July 13 in Germany has been change from a Technical Decision to a TKO after an examination of the fight video.

Stieglitz (45-3, 26 KOs) beat Kiyota (23-4-1, 21 KOs) by a Technical decision last July 13 at :40 seconds of the tenth round when the referee Celestino Ramirez determined that the cuts on Kiyota were caused by an accidental headbutt and due to he was bleeding badly, the fight went to the scorecards. The result were 100-89 (Alejandro Lopez Cid), 99-90 (Terry O’Connor) and 99-90 (Ingo Barrabas), all for Stieglitz.

But after an examination of the video by the Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer (BDB) and its President Thomas Puetz, was determined that it was not an accidental headbutt and turned the result to the 10 round TKO victory for Stieglitz. The determination was accepted by the WBO.