Born on July 12, 1991 in Osaka, Japan.  He is an undefeated Japanese Mexican boxer and the youngest brother of the two world champions, Koki and Daiki.

Tomoki Kameda, created history for his clan and Japan when he beat, WBO Bantamweight Champion Paulus Ambunda in his first defense. His clan were registered officially in The Guinness Books of Records because they are the first trio of brothers world-wide champions in the history of boxing.

Kameda in his amateur career he was training for the Beijing Olympics with a record of 35-1-1 in Japan, but he was to young to participate in the Olympics, instead of waiting he choose to turn pro.  He was champion of seven regional and minor titles.


tomoki-kameda (12)

By Rene Perez –

Japan’s Tomoki Kameda lifted his first world title on Thursday, when he won a unanimous decision over WBO bantamweight champion Paulus Ambunda of Namibia in the Philippines.

tomoki-kameda (2) tomoki-kameda (9)

It was the first world title for Kameda, the youngest of three professional boxing brothers. His oldest brother, Koki, is the WBA bantamweight champion, while his brother Daiki is a former WBA flyweight champ.

tomoki-kameda (11)

“Achieving my dream, my father’s dream makes me truly happy,” Tomoki said.

tomoki-kameda (7)

According to the Japan Boxing Commission, they are the first trio of brothers to have won world titles. The younger Kameda became Japan’s first champion recognized by the WBO, which the JBC joined this year.

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tomoki-kameda (13)

tomoki-kameda (6)tomoki-kameda (3)–68251


Por Carlos Costa en Ringside en Cebu, Filipinas –

CEBU, Filipinas  –  El japones Tomoki “El Mexicanito” Kameda se convirtio en el nuevo campeón mundial gallo de la OMB al destronar por decisión unánime al ahora ex-campeón Paulus Ambunda de Namibia en la noche de hoy Jueves (Agosto 1) aquí en el Waterfront Resort y Casino en Cebú, Filipinas.

Con su triunfo, Kameda, logro que el nombre de el y su otros dos hermanos, Koki y Daiki, entraran en los libros de historia al ser la primera vez que tres hermanos se coronan como campeones del mundo de boxeo.


El invicto nuevo campeon del mundo utilizo inteligentemente sus mejor estatura, alcance, velocidad y tecnica para dominar a un voluntarioso Ambunda quien no logro descifrar ni la rapidez ni los movimientos defensivos Tomoki.


La puntuación de los jueces fue:  juez Carlos Colon de Puerto Rico 118-110, juez Thomas Miller de Ohio 116-112 y jueza W. Rolda de Nueva York 117-111, todos a favor del nuevo campeón gallo de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB).




Una de las mejores armas del japones en contra del Namibio fue su gancho de izquierda, el cual conecto de ello en reiteradas ocasiones durante el acelerado combate que nunca ceso en intensidad.


El jab de izquierda cayo un incontable numero de veces en la cabeza de Ambunda quien demostró cierto talento y excelentes condiciones fisicas, pero no suficiente técnica para meterse en la guardia de Tomoki Kameda y hacer daño.


Durante los descansos, el ahora campeon gallo de la OMB era atendido por su hermano mayor Koki Kameda, actual campeon gallo de la AMB.

IMG_8546Fue un combate caliente de principio a fin e intercambios como este fueron la norma, pero la mejor destreza del Japones lo llevo a la gloria en el dia de hoy.

IMG_8477IMG_8539Una gran cantidad de fanaticos japones viajaron de Japon a Filipinas a apoyar a Tomoki Kameda quien definitivamente es uno de los peleadores mas populares en la Tierra del Sol Naciente; y luego de la victoria de hoy, lo es aun mas. casino vulkan

IMG_8623Tomoki es declarado nuevo campeon del mundo.   En la extrema derecha se ve a su hermano Daiki Kameda, quien ha sido campeon del mundo y proximamente en Japon disputara el cinturon super mosca de la FIB.

IMG_8739aaaTomoki con matchmaker, Ricardo Rizzo.


Tomoki abraza a su padre.


Francisco “Paco” Varcarcel felicita al nuevo campeón de la OMB en Español.   Tomoki Kameda habla el idioma nuestro sin ningún problema.


Tomoki Kameda hizo historia en convertirse el primer campeon del mundo Japones de la OMB.   La OMB entro a Japón en Febrero.   Hoy 1ro de Agosta logra coronar su primer campeón, nada menos que Tomoki “El Mexicanito” Kameda.


Momento historico en el que tres hermanos han llegado a ser campeones del mundo.   De izquierda a derecha:  Koki Kameda actual campeon mundial gallo de la AMB, Shiro Kameda (padre de los hermanos Kameda), Tomoki Kameda, nuevo campeon mundial gallo de la OMB, Daiki Kameda, ex campeon mosca de la AMB y Francisco “Paco” Varcarcel, presidente de la OMB.


Tomoki es levantado en hombros por su gente hoy (1ro de Agosto) aqui en el ring del lujoso Waterfront Hotel and Casino en Cebu Filipinas.



By Jake Donovan –

The Kameda family is now forever etched into the history books.

Tomoki Kameda bested Paulus Ambunda by unanimous decision to win a bantamweight belt Thursday evening in Cebu, Philippines. The feat makes the Kameda brothers the first trio in boxing history to have all won a major title.

Scores were 118-110, 117-111 and 116-112 in favor of Kameda, who also becomes the first ever fighter from Japan to win a WBO belt.

Kameda literally had his family in corner for the anticipated historic moment. His father served as chief second, while older brothers Koki (presently a bantamweight titlist) and Daiki (former 115 lb. beltholder in pursuit of a second title reign) served as corner assistants. All sported pink t-shirts with “3” on the front and references to Guinness Book of World Records on the back.

The 22-year old certainly did his part to ensure the family’s place in boxing history, utilizing his three-inch height advantage as he boxed beautifully in the early rounds. Ambunda, an unbeaten titlist from Namibia, tried his hardest to leave as champion, but simply couldn’t work his way inside. Worse, his leaky defense made for an inviting body attack on the occasions when Kameda chose to stand and trade.

Ambunda punched his way into the fight in round five, the first round he won outright on all three scorecards. Kameda spent most of the round avoiding the incoming, tactics which would lose him rounds even in his native Japan – where such movement is regarded by the nation’s officials as “giving your ground.”

Any chance of momentum swaying in favor of the defending titlist came to a screeching halt one round later. Kameda was back in control by round six, alternating between lateral movement and banging Ambunda’s body like a drum. Ambunda hit the deck towards rounds end, but the sequence was correctly ruled a slip.

The second half of the fight was similar to the preceding rounds. Kameda remained in control for as long as he wanted, building up a massive enough lead to where he could afford to take a break whenever he felt the need.

With three minutes to go, though, the adrenaline began to flow as he saw history well within his reach. Kameda emphatically sealed the round, complete with a last second knockdown which either went undetected or virtually ignored by the referee as the fight came to a close.

The reading of the scorecards was a mere formality, other than to cement Kameda’s place in boxing history for his nation and for his family on a much larger scale. The youngest of the fighting brother trio was understandably emotional once officially announced as winner and new bantamweight titlist.

“This is a dream come true, for myself and my father. All brothers have now become champions,” said a tearful Tomoki before turning to his family for his final shout out. “Thank you for aiding me.”

Ambunda, who turns 33 next week, falls to 20-1 (10KO). The fight was his first outside of Namibia.

Kameda’s win marks just the second time in boxing history where brothers simultaneously reign as titlists in the same weight class. Both moments are currently in the present – Tomoki and Koki both serve as bantamweight titlists, while Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko are in possession of all of the alphabet hardware.

The Kameda family could have company on its tail. The thought of three brothers winning titles – even in an era of splintered championships – is a rare feat, but the Morales brothers are within reach of the same goal. Ivan Morales is a rising super flyweight contender; a future title win would join Diego and his far more famous older brother Erik Morales as family members who have claimed champion status.

Still, there is more history to be made for the Kamedas. Middle brother Daiki, previously a super flyweight titlist, is a month – and a win – away from a potential second title reign, as he faces Rodrigo Guerrero for a vacant belt in September.

A win by Daiki would mark a feat that will most likely never be matched, as all three brothers would simultaneously serve as active title holders.

Nothing is forever – there will be future fighters from Japan to win WBO belts. As mentioned, the Morales family could become the next trio of brothers to claim championship status. There could even be another set of three brothers to win belts at the same time.

But the thing about history is that there can only be one first for each category. Tomoki Kameda’s efforts Thursday evening in the Philippines secured that right for his family.–68239

Date:  Thursday, August 1, 2013

WBO Bantamweight Championship

Location:  Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

Promoter:   Kameda Promotions

Supervisor:    Luis Perez

Referee:    Raul Caiz, Sr.

Judges:   Tom Miller (117-111), Waleska Roldan (116-112), Carlos Colon (118-110) 

Result:    Tomoki Kameda won the title, bested Paulus Ambunda by unanimous decision.  Kameda becomes the first ever fighter from Japan to win a WBO belt.


By Carlos Costa –

The weights are in. Tomoki “Mexicanito” Kameda (27-0, 18KOs) will go for his first world title at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City. Kameda challenges WBO bantamweight champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10KOs). Tomoki, 22-years-old and the youngest of the fighting Kameda brothers, wants to make history by winning world title and completing the family goal of becoming the first trio of brothers to win major world titles. Older brother Koki and Daiki Kameda have captured world crowns. Kameda weighed 117.5-pounds and Ambunda was 117.















By Rene Perez –

Things got very tense at the final press conference. Tomoki “Mexicanito” Kameda (27-0, 18KOs) will go for his first world title on August 1st at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City. Kameda got a quick welcome to the big leagues, when WBO bantamweight champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10KOs) grabbed his throat. Ambunda was calmed down by the President of the WBO. Tomoki, 22-years-old and the youngest of the fighting Kameda brothers, wants to make history by winning world title and completing the family goal of becoming the first trio of brothers to win major world titles. Older brother Koki and Daiki Kameda have captured world crowns.




CEBU, Philippines — The WBO head office in Puerto Rico has named a panel of neutral officials for the title clash between bantamweight world champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10 KOs) of Namibia and Japanese challenger Tomoki Kameda (27-0, 18 KOs) of Japan this Thursday (Aug 1) at the Waterfront Resort & Casino here in the City of Cebu, 1,000 Km south-east of the Philippine’s capital, Manila.

Ringside Judges are Thomas Miller of Ohio, Waleska Roldan of New York, and Carlos Colon of Puerto Rico. The referee is Mexican-American third man Raul Caiz Sr. of California and the WBO supervisor is Luis A. Perez of Puerto Rico. The WBO President Francisco Valcarcel, already in the Philippines, will be in attendance.

The Ambunda-Kameda fight billed as “BATTE OF THE UNDEFEATED” is a production of Cebuano promoter Rex “Wakee” Salud in association with Kameda Promotions and the Waterfront Hotel & Casino.



By Rene Perez –

Seven days ahead of his world championship fight, Tomoki “Mexicanito” Kameda (27-0, 18KOs) arrived with his team in Cebu City, Philippines. On August 1st at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, – Kameda will challenge WBO bantamweight champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10KOs). Tomoki, 22-years-old and the youngest of the fighting Kameda brothers, wants to make history by winning world title and completing the family goal of becoming the first trio of brothers to win world titles.

Older brother Koki and Daiki Kameda have captured world crowns.





By:  Edri K. Aznar –


WORLD Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight titleholder Paulus Ambunda arrives in Cebu City early for his first world title defense on Aug. 1 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino against unbeaten Japanese prospect Tomoki Kameda.


The 32-year-old Namibian star is scheduled to arrive at Mactan Cebu International Airport at 7 tonight from South Africa.


Ambunda won the WBO belt last March in his hometown in Windhoek, Namibia. He dethroned then-champion Pungluang Sor Singyu, who beat AJ Banal for the vacant crown, via unanimous decision. It’ll be his first title defense.


Tomoki, on the other hand, is a hungry young fighter that wants to follow in the footsteps of his brothers Koki and Daiki. Koki, the eldest of the fighting Kameda brothers, is the current World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight champion, while Daiki is a former WBA flyweight titleholder.


Tomoki made a name in the international boxing circuit by fighting in Mexico, thus the moniker “Mexicanito”. He hopes to make a name for himself in the Philippines with a win over Ambunda.


Ambunda is unbeaten with an impressive 20-0 slate with 10 knockouts, while the 22-year-old Tomoki is 27-0 with 18 knockouts.


The main supporting bout features Marlon Tapales (22-2, 9 KOs) taking on fellow Filipino prospect Fredirex Rodriguez (11-2-1, 8 KOs) for the vacant WBO Asia-Pacific bantamweight belt.


The undercard is also beefed up with an exciting war between former world champion Sonny Boy Jaro (34-12-5, 24 KOs) and 22-year-old journeyman Gerpaul Valero (14-14, 10 KOs).


By Ron Jackson

Paulus Ambunda is not afraid to go to the Philippines to defend his WBO bantamweight title. And he is unconcerned about taking on a member of the rough-and-ready Kameda family. The Namibian will make a voluntary defence of his belt when he fights Tomoki Kameda in Cebu on August 1. Known as The Rock, Ambunda knows he is in for a battle against the Japanese challenger, who is undefeated after 27 professional fights and has won 18 of them inside the distance.

The 32-year-old champion is unbeaten after 20 fights; half of them ending in short-cut victories. He won the title when he beat Pungluang Sor Singyu on points in Windhoek on March 2 this year.

His trainer, Nestor Tobias, is as confident as Ambunda is. He believes Ambunda’s training has gone well and the champion is fit and well prepared.

With the fight being held in a “neutral” city and with neutral officials in charge, Tobias feels Ambunda’s skills will enable him to retain his title. The Namibians fly to the Philippines on July 21.

Tobias has been chosen as best trainer and promoter in Africa and Ambunda as African boxer of the year, as well as Namibian sportsman of the year.

Kameda, a 22-year-old member of a famous boxing family from Tokyo, has been fighting and training in Mexico so often that he is known as Little Mexican. His brother Koki has held the WBA and WBC flyweight titles and the other brother, Daiki, now holds the WBA belt in the same division.
The brothers, and their father, Shiro, have received some bad publicity but there is no doubt about their boxing ability. Tomoki has been a professional for more than four and a half years.

He won the vacant NABF bantamweight title in February 2011 when he beat German Meraz on points in Mexico. In April last year he won the vacant WBC silver bantamweight title by stopping Jairo Hernandez in the tenth round, also in Mexico. Since then, he has beat Monico Laurente on points, stopped Javier Franco in the fifth round, Ray Las Pinas in the fourth and Nouldy Mankane in the sixth.



El retador oficial al cinturón de campeón del mundo en el peso gallo por la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), Tomoki   Kameda, se presentó el día de hoy   ante los medios de comunicación con un arsenal de tácticas boxísticas, al realizar un entrenamiento público ante más de una docena de medios de comunicación, esto en las instalaciones del gimnasio Kameda de Tokyo, Japón.


Kameda quien enfrentará a Paulus Ambunda   el día 1 de Agosto del 2013 por el título de campeón de la OMB en peso gallo, en el Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebú City Filipinas, dice sentirse muy bien preparado para llevar a cabo su compromiso por lo cual se está    acondicionando a   todo vapor,   por lo cual trabaja con sparrings tanto de filipinas como de México.

KamedaTomokiTEAM525NF4  KamedaTomokiTEAM525NF3

El peleador oriental realizó su entrenamiento ante más de una docena de medios de comunicación locales e internacionales, donde mostró   algunas de sus armas con las cuales combatirá a su rival el día de la pelea y donde promete que se llevará el triunfo logrando hacer historia en el boxeo Mundial   en ser la primera tercia de hermanos en ser campeones del Planeta.


En dicho entrenamiento, parte de la rutina, fue el trabajo ante los periodistas de intercambiar guantes por cuatro asaltos con uno de los sparrings que tienen para esta pelea y quien es Fredirex Rodríguez peso gallo y posicionado número 13 de la OMB.

KamedaTomokiTEAM525NF2   KamedaTomokiTEAM525NF6

Dijo Tomoki: “Estoy pensando en esta pelea como siempre, hay una presión, la cual no nos quita el sueño ni nos desenfoca hacia dónde vamos y de lo que queremos y quiero que sepan que   voy a ganar la pelea y quiero que los aficionados vean el nacimiento de tres hermanos campeones del mundo, sabiendo que sería un momento histórico   y pasaríamos a los libros del boxeo y estamos muy felices ya que el público de Japón que acudirán bastantes aficionados y de filipinas ya mostraron el gran interés por mi combate ya que a poco más de un mes ya no hay boletos para dicha función y por eso no les voy a fallar y eso se los pagaré con el cinturón de Campeón del Mundo”.




By:  Lemuel P. Maglinte –

CEBU, Philippines – Unbeaten Japanese world title challenger Tomoki ‘Mexicanito’ Kameda is raring to showcase his skills in front of Cebuano fans, even as he expessed confidence of seizing the WBO bantamweight crown from Namibian champion Paulos Ambunda when they slug it out in the  main event of ‘Battle of the Undefeated’  fightcard on August 1 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Since Kameda is not the mandatory challenger, the Japan Boxing Commission won’t let him fight for the belt in his own country.

Still, the Japanese boxer feels that he has hometown advantage fighting on Philippine soil.

“I will do my best so that Filipino fans will enjoy this fight. I want to showcase my skills in front of them and I can say that I have a very big chance of beating him (Ambunda) to get that belt,” said Tomoki, the youngest of the three fighting Kameda brothers of Japan.“I would love to make my own name here in the Philippines just like I did when I was fighting in Mexico where I get my ring name Mexicanito.”

Tomoki,  who also holds the WBC Silver bantamweight belt, vows to follow in the steps of his elder brothers Koki, the reigning WBA bantamweight champion, and Daiki, the former WBA flyweight titlist.

“This is something unique because this is the first time that a world title fight featuring foreign boxers will happen here in Cebu and we Cebuanos should be proud,” said Cebuano promoter Rex “Wakee” Salud.


By Miguel Rivera

Undefeated bantamweight Tomoki Kameda (27-0, 18KOs) has been asking for a title shot for the last twelve months and now he has it. A deal has been reached for Kameda to challenge the WBO champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10KOs) on August 1st at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City, Philippines. Kameda Promotions are staging the event, which is going to be televised in Japana and in the Philippines.

21-year-old Tomoki, the youngest of the three fighting Kameda brothers, is the only sibling who has yet to capture a major title. Older brother Koki is the WBA “regular” bantamweight champion and Daiki has held the WBA flyweight crown.–66314


WINDHOEK – Following his trouncing of Thailand’s Pungluang Sor Singyu to become Namibia’s 3rd world champion, undisputed World Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight world champion Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda will on August 4 make his first title defence when he squares off against Japanese boxer Tomoki Kameda, in the Philippines City of Cebu.

Under normal circumstances, Ambunda should only be obliged to fight a mandatory fight after nine months from the date of winning the world title but his promoter Nestor Tobias said they have accepted the challenge from the Japanese camp because Ambunda is in good shape and hungry for more success.

Tobias said both camps have agreed on a neutral venue, so that also gives Ambunda more room to successfully defend his first title fight. “We would have loved to stage his first title defence fight in Namibia but unfortunately due to lack of funds, we have to fight away from home but luckily it’s a neutral venue. We expect a very tough fight, but we are confident to retain this world title not only for now but for a very long time to come,” said Tobias.

“We have received a number of offers from across the world to fight  Ambunda and have considered them all but opted for the best quality fighter, who is Kameda,” he added.

Kameda, 22, is the current reigning WBC silver champion and rated number 4 in the world under the WBC and number 6 in the world under the WBO. He is an undefeated Japanese Mexican boxer, who is also the current WBC FECARBOX, WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation bantamweight and WBC youth world super bantamweight champion.

He hails from a rich boxing family and is a brother to Koko Kameda who is the current WBA and WBC bantamweight champion and also to Daiki Kameda who is the current WBA flyweight champion

“We however wish to ensure that Namibians watch this fight live and we are in negotiations with NBC TV to buy rights for Namibia so that our fans don’t miss this fight. We at MTC Nestor Sunshine Academy would also like to invite all Namibians to contact any travel agency to book their tickets and accompany us to the Philippines to support The Rock,” concluded Tobias.—–grabber-slated-for-Cebu


by Pablo Fletes  –

Japanese bantamweight Tomoki “Mexicanito” Kameda (27-0, 18KOs), ranked sixth in the ratings of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), is looking to make history in Nicaragua. On Thursday, Tomoki came to Nicaragua with his father Shiro Kameda, to sit down with Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, president of the WBO, and other local authorities, to organize a grand event in late May or early June, in which Kameda would challenge WBO champion Paulus Ambunda (20-0, 10KOs) in the country.

Shiro Kameda, the head of the Kameda Clan, said – “One of the main dreams of our company Kameda Promotions, is for all three [of the Kameda] brothers to become world champions this year. We want to set a Guinness record, with all three brothers being champions at the same time. And if WBO supports us in organizing this fight for Tomoki, we would be more than happy.”

“If we do this card, it would be a tribute to Alexis Arguello, and the event should be done before June. So next week it should be determined if the event can be done or not,” said Valcarcel.–64835


Por Pablo Fletes –

El japonés Tomoki “Mexicanito” Kameda, sexto clasificado en el ranking gallo de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), quiere hacer historia en Nicaragua.

Este jueves, Tomoki llegó a Nicaragua junto a su padre Shiro Kameda, para conversar con el puertorriqueño Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, presidente de la OMB, y autoridades del país, para organizar una función a finales de mayo o inicios de junio, en el que estaría disputando el cinturón gallo, en poder del ugandés Paulus Ambunda.

Tomoki y su padre están muy interesados en hacer pronto este combate, que convertía al invicto púgil en el primer japonés en disputar una corona mundial de la OMB, organismo que recientemente y después de muchos años de negociaciones, fue aceptado por la Comisión de Boxeo Japonés para que sus púgiles disputen sus títulos.

“Es muy importante para mí que el presidente de la OMB quiere hacer una buena pelea en Nicaragua. Sé que acá hay buenos boxeadores, acá les gusta los buenas peleas y estamos dispuestos a organizar esta pelea de Tomoki, en Nicaragua, disputando el título mundial”, dijo Shiro Kameda, el jefe del “Clan Kameda”.

“Uno de los sueños principales de nuestra empresa Kameda Promotions, es que los tres hermanos sean campeones del mundo este año. Sería a nivel de Guinnes Record, con tres hermanos siendo campeones. Y si la OMB nos respalda en la organización de esta pelea de Tomoki, estaríamos más que contentos”, dijo.

El señor Kameda insistió en ver Campeón Mundial al menor de sus hijos, Tomoki, en este 2013, luego de una exitosa carrera en la que ha conseguido un record de 27 triunfos, sin derrotas, con 18 nocauts.

“Yo tengo una imagen de Tomoki como Campeón Mundial, después de ver a mis otros hijos Koki y Daiki como campeones mundiales en otros organismos. Ahora que la OMB fue aceptada en Japón, queremos hacer historia”, reiteró el señor Kameda.

Kameda, su hijo, junto al mexicano Rodolfo Cepeda, se presentaron esta tarde en una conferencia de prensa que fue organizada en el Casino Pharaohs, de Managua. Ahí estuvo presente Valcárcel, como presidente de la OMB y el clasificador mundial Luis Pérez.

También estuvo el concertador internacional Ricardo Rizzo, los promotores Ricardo Maldonado Jr. de México, Félix “Tutico” Zabala, de Estados Unidos, y Silvio Conrado Jr., de la empresa promotora Prodesa, representante del peleador nicaragüense Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago, quien en esta misma cartelera podría disputar la corona mínima de la OMB ante el filipino Merlito Sabillo, actual campeón regular.

Conrado Jr. aseguró que están interesados en enfrentar al “Chocorroncito” contra Sabillo, pero la pelea y toda la cartelera sería un hecho, solo si cuentan con un sólido respaldo de las autoridades gubernamentales.

“Si vamos a hacer esta cartelera en homenaje a Alexis Argüello, se debe hacer antes de mediados de junio. Por eso, la otra semana se debe definir si la velada se podrá hacer o no”, indicó Valcárcel. “Queremos combinar una buena cartelera con un tributo al gran Alexis. Ya hablamos con varias personas como la empresa Kameda de Japón, para tratar de hacer una doble cartelera de carácter mundial”, reiteró Valcárcel.

639x360_1366946976_Reunion BoxBP9

Por:  Osman Rosales Cruz –

Durante conferencia de prensa realizada ayer en el Casino Pharaohs, el presidente de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), el puertorriqueño Francisco Valcárcel, aseguró el gran interés de esa entidad por rendir homenaje a la máxima gloria del pugilismo nica, Alexis Argüello, con un show que incluya dos peleas de título del orbe.

El primer combate de esa magnitud sería entre el japonés y retador Tomoki Kameda, 27 (18 KO)-0, contra el monarca originario de Namibia, Paulus Ambunda, 20 (10 KO)-0, quien se apoderó del cinturón gallo (118 libras) OMB el pasado 2 de marzo, contra Pungluang Sor, por decisión unánime. Aquí el retador oficial es el nica Randy Caballero, quien aguardaría al ganador si se realiza esta reyerta.

La segunda sería la de Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago, 24 (15 KO)-0, quien retaría al campeón mínimo (105 libras), el filipino Merlito Sabillo, 21 (11 KO)-0, quien noqueó en ocho asaltos al colombiano Luis de la Rosa el pasado 9 de marzo.

“Ya existen negociaciones con el apoderado del monarca africano y aunque escuché que no estaban dispuestos a venir a Nicaragua, tengo que hablar con el manejador del campeón, para ver qué pasa”, dijo Valcárcel.

Según el presidente de la OMB, a los organizadores de la cartelera no les costaría un solo centavo el montaje de esta pelea, porque los promotores japoneses se encargarían de todos los pagos.

En el caso del enfrentamiento de Buitrago contra Sabillo, según Valcárcel aquí se tendría que hacer cierta inversión para cumplir con la bolsa del filipino, y el nica tendría que ser más mesurado en sus pretensiones y aprovechar la oportunidad.

“Soy optimista y creo que se podrán realizar estos combates de título mundial. Ya hablamos con el Vicealcalde de Managua, Enrique Armas, para ver si es posible contar con el apoyo del gobierno municipal y central para este proyecto”, concluyó el dirigente de la OMB.

En la actividad también estaban y se involucrarían Silvio Conrado Jr. (Prodesa), Tuto Zavala (All Star Boxing), Ricardo Maldonado, los manejadores de Tomoki Kameda, que es su papá Shiro, y Ricardo Rizo.

Date: March 2, 2013

WBO Bantamweight Championship Title Bout

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Promoter: Nestor Tobias Sunshine  Boxing

Referee:  Paul Thomas

Judges:  Fernando Laguna (115-113), Manuel Oliver Palomo (116-112), Manfred Kuechler (116-112)

Supervisor:  John Duggan, Esq.

Result:  Won a 12-round unanimous decision over WBO Champion Pungluang Sor Singyu at the Windhoek Country Club Resort, Windhoek, Namibia.

Pungluang Sor Singyu will make the first defense of his WBO Bantamweight belt on March 2nd against the unbeaten Paulus Ambunda in Namibia.

The Thai fighter won the title by stopping AJ Banal in Manila earlier this year and will be putting a 43-1 record on the line when he takes on Ambunda who is 19-0 but has never fought outside of Namibia.

Despite having over twice as many fights Pungluang is eight years younger than the Namibian who is the WBO International Bantamweight champion and the WBO Africa Bantamweight Champion.

The fight is set to take place at Windhoek in Namibia.

By: James Goyder


WINDHOEK – There seems to be no stopping Namibian boxers in their quest to become world-class hard punchers in the rigorous sport of professional boxing.

This was confirmed by Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda, Tyson Uushona and Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses after the trio emerged victorious in their respective international bouts at a fully packed Ramatex Hall in Windhoek on Saturday evening.

Undisputed World Boxing Organization (WBO) Africa Bantamweight Champion Ambunda was clearly in no mood to compromise as he gave his Brazilian opponent William Prado a decent hiding to successfully defend his belt. In doing so, Ambunda extended his record to 20-wins from the same number of bouts in the paid ranks.

Both fighters started off like a house on fire with Ambunda closing in with a few decent blows to which the streetwise Brazilian responded well in the opening two rounds.

The subsequent rounds saw Ambunda up his tempo as he unleashed a combination of impressive blows that had Prado on the back foot for the duration.

In the 5th and 8th rounds of heated action, the hard-punching Ambunda kept his momentum going and fired some well-calculated body blows coupled with a few upper-cuts that left Prado bleeding profusely from the nose with a Kilmanjaro to scale.
In the final four rounds, the Brazilian desperately tried to salvage something from the contest with some short-lived attacks, but Ambunda kept coming forward until the final seconds of the bout to emerge the well-deserved victor.

In another crackerjack affair, Uushona retained the WBO Africa Welterweight title when he defeated South African opponent Isaac Hlashwayo on points after 12-rounds of heated action, to claim the WBO Africa Welterweight title.

Crowd favourite and former World Boxing Association (WBA) Lightweight champion ‘The Hitman’ Moses signaled his desire for another shot at the coveted world title when he gallantly defeated his namesake Cassius ‘The Hitman’ Baloyi from South Africa in a WBO International Lightweight title bout over 10-rounds.

Abmerk Shindjuu also retained the WBO Africa Flyweight crown with a courageous victory over Khanyekude Mukhansi (RSA) after 12-rounds of brawling action.

In other under card bouts, Peter ‘The Butcher’ Malakia defeated Zimbabwean Tawanda Chigwida on points in an International lightweight non-tile bout over 4-rounds, while Samuel Kapapu returned the compliment to his compatriot by trouncing Richard Muriri from Zimbabwe on points in another Lightweight four rounder.

In the Junior Lightweight division, Abraham Ndaendapo easily waltzed past Matthew Chimbi on points, while Niilo Frans saw off Manfred Haimbanga in an all-Namibian affair.

By: Otniel Hembapu

Paulus Ambunda retained his WBO African bantamweight title at the Independence Boxing Bonanza in Windhoek on Tuesday night but the star of the show was Immanuel Naidjala.

At a packed Windhoek Country Club, Naidjala retained his WBO Africa Interim Bantamweight title after a sensational performance against South Africa’s Lwazi Mzoliso.

In an unbelievable fight, Naidjala was knocked down three times but showed great courage to recover before eventually knocking Mzoliso out in the sixth round.

After a tentative first round, Naidjala exploded into action in the second and soon knocked Mzolisi down with a right hook for the count of eight.

Mzolisi managed to get up but was once again knocked down towards the end of the round. He got up but was clearly in trouble and was saved by the bell.

Mzolisi recovered quickly and caused a major stir when he knocked Naidjala down in the third round. It was not to clear whether Naidjala slipped or was knocked down, but he had to take the eight-count all the same.

Mzoliso was all over Naidjala and there was no doubting the second knockdown as he sent Naidjala to the canvas with a hook to the head. The capacity crowd was stunned into disbelief, but Naidjala managed to beat the count and somehow managed to see out the rest of the round.

The momentum had shifted to the South African, and early in the fourth round he sent Naidjala to the canvas with a straight left. Naidjala once again got up and recovered well, fighting back with some quick combinations at the end of the round.

With fortunes swaying to and fro, Naidjala once again took the initiative in the fifth round as he knocked down Mzoliso with a big right hook, but he got up and fought back strongly at the end of the round.

The drama continued in the sixth round as Naidjala went down, but the referee ruled that he had slipped. He immediately came back and a cracking right hook 2:13 into the round put an end to the contest as Mzoliso went down and stayed down for the count of ten.

The crowd went crazy, hailing a magnificent performance, and Naidjala was further honoured as he received donations worth N$15 000 from various companies after the fight.

Naidjala is now unbeaten after 13 pro fights and should now improve on his WBO world ranking of eighth.

Ambunda unconvincing against Mbele

In the evening’s main fight, Paulus Ambunda comfortably beat Cleutus Mbele of South Africa on points although his performance was not very convincing.

All three judges scored the fight in Ambunda’s favour – 119-108, 119-108, 17-113, but he hardly dominated as much as the scoreline indicates.

Mbele was far the busier boxer, throwing a steady stream of jabs, while Ambunda looked for one big knockout punch that never landed.

Mbele’s punches though had little effect and as the fight wore on, Ambunda did manage to land some big punches. Mbele however defended well and Ambunda seldom managed to breach his defence.

Mbele went down after a low blow by Ambunda in the third round and the fight had to be stopped for about five minutes to allow him to recover, but once back in action, he continued to jab away.

Ambunda stepped up the pressure in the fifth round, catching Mbele on the ropes with combinations to the body and head but the South African fought back well.

Ambunda looked increasingly frustrated as he tried to land a big bunch but struggled against his southpaw opponent, who kept him at bay with some good body movement and a tight defence.

By the eighth round some of Ambunda’s punches started landing and by the ninth, Mbele’s left eye was swollen closed.

In the final rounds, Ambunda stepped up the pressure with some big combinations but the nuggety South African fought back bravely as the boxers slugged it out toe to toe to the delight of the crowd.

Ambunda is now unbeaten after 19 pro fights and with a WBO world ranking of three, he could soon be in line for a world title fight.

Julius Indongo retained his unbeaten status in the lightweight ranks when he beat Misheck Kondwane of Zimbabwe with a fourth round TKO.

Indongo used his long jab to good effect, raking in the points and by the third round had opened up a big welt under Kondwane’s left eye. The ringside doctor inspected it and allowed the fight to continue but the referee stopped the fight 2:02 into the fourth round as Indongo landed combinations at will.

It was Indongo’s 10th straight victory as a lightweight, while Kondwane now has a record of 19 wins and 19 defeats from 38 pro fights.

Sacky Shikukutu made his long awaited return after a long injury layoff but was given a tough time by Pohamba Mandume in a 65kg catchweight fight over four rounds.

The fight started dramatically with Shikukutu throwing big uppercuts and combinations to the head and body, but Mandume gave as good as he got and slugged it out toe to toe to the delight of the crowd.

Shikukutu continued to land some big shots, looking for a knockout, but Mandume fought back with some great combinations and as the fight wore on, he grew in confidence.

By the fourth and final round Mandume slugged it out toe to toe with Shikukutu to the delight of the crowd.

The crowd, however, was not happy with the result, booing away as it was announced a draw, while Mandume left the ring in disgust.

One judge scored the fight 39-38 in Mandume’s favour, while the other two scored draws – 39-39 and 38-38.

Shikukutu now has a pro record of 13 wins and one defeat, while Mandume’s record stands at 4 wins and 4 defeats.

In a lightweight fight over four rounds Mathias Shimbi beat Hosea Daniel on a unanimous points decision.

The powerful Shimbi landed some big blows and in the second round knocked Daniel through the ropes and out of the ring.

In the fourth round Daniel took two standing eight counts and Shimbi eventually won the fight on a unanimous decision, 37-34, 36-34, 37-35.

The results of other fights were as follows:

Featherweight 4 rounds:

Sakaria Lukas beat Lazarus Namalambo on points, 40-37, 40-37, 40-36.

Junior Lightweight 4 rounds:

Manfred Haimbanga beat Sem Kambonde on points 38-34, 40-35, 38-36.

Welterweight 4 rounds:

Samuel Kapapu beat Nicolla Mutonora on points 40-36, 40-36, 40-36.

Windhoek — The eagerly awaited World Boxing Organization (WBO) Africa title bout between Namibia’s undisputed bantamweight champion Paulus “The Rock” Ambunda and Cletus Mbele, is a confrontation that promises to set tongues wagging for a long time.

Ambunda squares up against the South African challenger in the main bout of the annual Independence Boxing Bonanza at the Windhoek Country Club tonight.

The unbeaten Namibian boasts a remarkable record of 18 wins from the same number of fights since he joined the paid ranks in 2007. He has an unbelievable record of 10 stoppages to his credit and says Mbele will be next on his hit list.

However, the equally impressive Mbele remains unfazed and says he has seen enough of his opponent and believes he has what it takes to bring an end to Ambunda’s dominance in the bantamweight division.

“I know he is very strong boxer but I’m well prepared for this fight and have no doubt in my mind that I will win – come tomorrow (tonight),” said the highly confident 22-year old boxer from Katlehong, south of Johannesburg.

“I’ve been training very hard and I’m fit and my primary aim is to use this fight as a tune-up for my aspirations towards a shot at the world tile. The fact that my opponent has 19 fights under his belt, despite his relatively young age, does not mean anything to me at all,” boasted Ambunda, who unfortunately hit the scale at 53.60 kg – almost 100 grams over the required limit of 53.52 kg.

His opponent tipped the scale at 52.55 kg and was given a clean bill of health by the medical team during the weigh-in and medical check-up yesterday.

The Namibian was required to shed some weight within an hour after the official weigh-in while failure to do so would see him lose 10% of his purse.

Ambunda is without doubt the best bantamweight boxer on the African continent, pound for pound, and should have little problems in adding young Mbele to his long list of casualties.

WBO Bantamweight Interim Champion Imms “Prince” Naindjala and his opponent Lwazi Mzoliso, were given the nod by the medical and inspection team after both boxers passed through the checkpoint without any hindrance.

Entrance fee is N$100 per person and N$10 000 per table seating 10 people.



By Carlos Kambaekwa

Paulus Ambunda participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics. At the 2004 Olympics he was stopped in the quarter finals of the Flyweight (51 kg) division by Germany’s eventual bronze medal winner Rustamhodza Rahimov. Ambunda won the silver medal in the same division at the All-Africa Games in Abuja,Nigeria.

Paulus Ambunda made his professional debut on June 30, 2007 when he defeated Johannes Gabriel by points. Since then, Ambunda has defeated all of his opponents. In october 2009, Ambunda captured the interim WBO Africa Bantweight title by knocking out Lwazi Mzolisa in the second round. After conquering the WBO Africa title, Ambunda still holds that belt today. On the 5th of November of this year – he successfully defended his title against Bongani Mahlangu from South Africa (12-3-0)…Bongani Mahlangu is the WBA Pan Africa champion – and in a very tightly contested fight – managed to find the extra reserves that a true champion possesses to shade his adversary over 12 rounds and win by unanimous points decision…

Well done Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda…

THE majority of Namibia’s top boxers are in for a busy festive season, promoter Nestor Tobias said yesterday.

On the cards is a boxing bonanza at the Windhoek Country Club this Saturday – headlined by interim WBO Africa bantamweight title holder Immanuel ‘Prince’ Naidjala and former WBO Africa light-heavyweight champion Vikapita ‘Beastmaster’ Meroro.
On Boxing Day, WBO Africa lightweight champion Martin ‘Black Poison’ Haikali is set for his fifth title defence when he fights George Ashie in Accra, Ghana.
Tobias also announced that Betuel ‘Tyson’ Uushona – initially part of Saturday’s main event – is set for an international title fight in Europe in January, so too are Wilberforce ‘Black Mamba’ Shihepo and Abmerk ‘The Scorpion’ Shidjuu.
WBO bantamweight champion Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda is in line for a shot at the WBO world title in January.
“There are offers coming in for our champions from all over the world,” said Tobias. “There is no Christmas for these guys. They have to be in the gym to make sure they are in top condition.”
Uushona will fight former IBF Welterweight Champion Dejan Zavec (Jan Zaveck) from Serbia at a yet to be confirmed venue in Europe at the end of January.
“Tyson was supposed to fight Michael Sangweni from South Africa on Saturday but we decided it is   better if he fights against the former world champion,” Tobias said.
“It’s a good fight and a good offer for Tyson.”
Shihepo has a chance to dislodge Germany’s Robert Stieglitz as WBO super middleweight world titleholder on January 21.
Although the ‘Black Mamba’ has dismissed his last four opponents, he has never fought an opponent of Stieglitz’s calibre.
On January 14, flyweight Shidjuu gets an opportunity to avenge his 2010 loss to Commonwealth title holder Chris Edwards.
The ‘rematch’ will take place in Liverpool with Shidjuu, who claimed to have been robbed last time,  promising to stop his opponent this time around.