Congrats to Juan Carlos Tapia, who is nominated for the third year in a row in the Broadcaster category for the International Boxing Hall of Fame Class of 2021 Boxing Hall of Fame at Canastota, New York.

He began his television program “LO MEJOR DEL BOXEO”, specialized in boxing, which has been broadcast uninterruptedly for the past 45 years and obtained the Guinness World Record on December 8, 2016, as the oldest sports program on world television with the same presenter.

Currently next January, it will be 46 years on the air.

His program has been seen in different Latin American countries such as: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, all of Central America, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc.

Mr. Tapia is the producer, director and main presenter of the program “LO MEJOR DEL BOXEO” and his greatest achievement is considered to have given his country to see all the important boxing events on open television live and by Satellite, avoiding pay-per-view or cable costs to most countries broadcasting boxing. Thanks to Mr. Tapia, Panamanians see the greatest boxing shows for free.

He has participated as a boxing connoisseur in several boxing documentaries such as:

1. The Fist of a Nation, winner of several international awards.
2. Special Program produced by ESPN worldwide, “No más”
3. Documentary made by the British company ADHOC FILMS, broadcast worldwide called “I am Durán”.

He has been a principal advisor to the following film events:

1. Hands of Stone
2. No más
3. I am Duran
4. Various boxing documentaries produced for Latin America

The World Boxing Organization (WBO), chaired by Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel, Esq. suspended the 2020 edition of its annual convention due to the current pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The annual convention was scheduled to be held next October in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The decision was made by the Executive Committee and 78 member countries of the organization. The vote was unanimous. Valcárcel, Esq. indicated that the elections for all the positions of the Executive Committee and of the regional organisms were postponed until the 2021 Convention.

For his part, WBO’s legal adviser, Gustavo Olivieri, Esq. stressed that the organization’s priority is the health of all its members and the general public.

“In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WBO’s greatest concern is the health and safety of our members, former and current champions, and the boxing community in general. Therefore, in consultation with our WBO Member Commissions around the world and the WBO Executive Committee, it was agreed that the best course of action was to postpone the annual convention for the following year (2021)”, said Olivieri.

“We hope to see and greet all of the WBO family in 2021.”

Roberto Durán is doing better after a bout with coronavirus. Durán, 69, was discharged from the hospital Thursday after testing positive for the virus in June.

Durán announced the news on Instagram. In a post, he compared his fight with the virus to a world championship fight. Durán also included video featuring him getting discharged.

In June, Durán’s son Robin announced Durán was admitted to a hospital in Panama City and tested positive for coronavirus. Robin Durán said his father wasn’t dealing with extreme symptoms, and was told his lungs were still in good condition.

Roberto Durán retired from boxing in 2001 after a lengthy and historic career. Durán — who first fought professionally in 1968 — finished his career with a 103-16 record. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007.

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Hall of Famer Roberto ‘Manos de Piedra’ Durán is recovering very well after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The multi-division former world champion has recovered to the point that he wants to be discharged from the hospital, reported one of his sons.

“My dad feels great, in fact he already wants to go home,” Robin Durán told a Panamanian television channel. “He has almost no symptoms and no fever.”

The Panamanian boxing legend, who turned 69 on June 16, was hospitalized this week with cold symptoms and subsequent examinations determined he had the COVID-19 infection. The news immediately triggered messages of encouragement on social media supporters, athletes and celebrities from all over the world.

Robin Durán said that his father will have to stay a few more days at the hospital due to precaution due to his age and the history of one of his lungs that was injured during a car accident in Argentina 19 years ago.

“The doctors told us that his evolution has been very good and that he has been attacking the disease before it reaches the point of complications,” he added to TVN Noticias.

Durán’s son told sports portal JMDeportes that his father probably became infected on his birthday when he met “a lot” of people who came to congratulate him at his home in the capital. He assured that his father had respected the quarantine.

“You already know what my dad is like, it is very difficult for him to close the doors to someone, and well, on that day, which was his birthday, they wanted to greet him, it was his mistake and he paid very dearly,” he said.

Duran had a brilliant career where he reached 103 victories, 70 of them by knockout, and 16 defeats.

The WBO family wishes as speedy recovery to our friend, the great Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán. Get well soon, Champ!

Family members have confirmed that the legendary Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran has been hospitalized in a non-life-threatening condition on Thursday, and the retired boxing has tested positive for COVID-19.

The news came on a day when Panama set a new record for daily cases.

“Test results have just arrived for my dad, and they confirm he is positive for COVID-19,” one of the boxer’s sons, Robin Duran, indicated on Instagram.

“Thank God for now he doesn’t have symptoms beyond a cold. He is not in intensive care nor on a respirator, just under observation.”

According to his son, the 69-year-old Duran was only hospitalized as a precautionary measure for a “respiratory virus” – but he was tested upon admission and came up positive for COVID-19.

“We just spoke to the doctor who told us that his lungs are fine and there are no indications of severe (illness),” Robin Duran said. “We continue to have faith that everything will be ok.”

Duran, a national hero in Panama, has had numerous motion pictures and documentaries made on his life. He fought from 1970 to 2001, becoming a six time world champion along the way, and ended his career with a record of 103 wins, 16 defeats and 70 wins by knockout.

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO- El campeón de las 105 libras de la OMB, “Wilfredo “Bimbito” Méndez, defenderá por segunda vez su cetro ante el colombiano el colombiano Gabriel Mendoza en la cartelera “Torneo de Campeones OMB este sábado, 8 de febrero, en el Hotel El Panamá de Ciudad de Panamá en una presentación de la empresa G & V Entertainment junto a PR Best Boxing Promotions (PRBBP) y Spartan Boxing.

“Bimbito expondrá su correa ante Mendoza, que era el rival original desde su primera defensa en octubre, pero como (Mendoza) es militar en Colombia, pues había que esperar por una serie de permisos y se lograron, y ahora será el rival de Bimbito este sábado en la cartelera que tendremos en Panamá”, expresó Peter Rivera, vicepresidente de PRBBP.

Méndez (15-1, 5 kos), que viene de vencer por decisión técnica al mexicano Axel Aragón en octubre de 2019 en su primera defensa, encontrará en Mendoza (30-6-2, 23 kos) a un experimentado púgil dos veces retador mundial que en su más reciente compromiso derrotó a Luis de la Rosa en Colombia en mayo de 2019. Mendoza está clasificado 15 por la OMB en las 105 libras.

El boricua ganó su correa al derrotar por decisión unánime al filipino Vic Saludar el 24 de agosto de 2019 en cartel efectuado en El Ballroom del Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico en San Juan.

Este sábado en Panamá también combatirá el ex monarca Latino de la OMB en las 126 libras, Luis “Popeye” Lebrón (17-1-1, 10 kos), quien se medirá al colombiano José Antonio Jiménez (22-10-1, 9 kos) en 122 libras y a 10 asaltos.

El Campeón Mundial Mini-Mosca de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), el puertorriqueño Wilfredo “Bimbito” Méndez, expondrá por segunda ocasión su corona cuando enfrente al retador ecuatoriano Pedro “El Insoportable” Villegas, en el combate estelar del evento “Torneo de Campeones de la OMB”, que se llevará a cabo el próximo sábado 8 de febrero, en el Hotel El Panamá, de Ciudad Panamá.

El anuncio de esta cartelera fue hecho este martes, en el Salón Topascio del Hotel El Panamá, en Ciudad Panamá, en donde el Presidente de la OMB, el puertorriqueño Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, estuvo presente, junto a los representantes de la promotoras que unen fuerzas por este evento: G&V Enternainment y Spartan Boxing de Panamá, junto a PR Best Boxing de Puerto Rico.

Méndez ganó el título en agosto del año pasado, cuando derrotó por decisión unánime al filipino Víctor Saludar.

En octubre, defendió la corona ante Axel Aragón Vega, de México, y ahora se enrumba a esta segunda exposición de la corona ante Villegas, un ecuatoriano que está invicto en 12 combates, con 4 triunfos por la vía rápida. Méndez, en cambio, tiene un palmarés de 15-1, con 5 nocauts.

En esta misma cartilla, por el título latino OMB de las 115 libras, el panameño Orlando “El Jaguar” Peñalba enfrentará al venezolano Keyver Fernández, mientras que el boricua Luis “Popeye” Lebrón tendrá como rival al colombiano José Antonio Jiménez.

Además, el prospecto costarricense David “Medallita” Jiménez enfrentará a Jonathán “El Aguas” Arias, Yhorvis Pacheco tendrá como rival a Francisco De la Rosa y en los pesos pesados, Víctor “Porototipo” Delgado enfrentará a Abdiel Matute.

Los boletos ya están a la venta, en Fulltickets y al whatsapp (507) 6747-4321, y el día del evento en los jardines del Hotel El Panamá.

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Con figuras de primer nivel, inicia la trigésima primera Convención de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo en Panamá

Con un festejo especial de cumpleaños para el multicampeón Miguel Cotto y un cóctel de bienvenida para todos los miembros, arrancó la trigésima primera Convención de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo bajo un sabor muy canalero.

Y es que la OMB celebra su reunión anual en tierras panameñas, donde se espera la presencia de campeones mundiales como Terence Crawford, Jaime Munguía, quien por el momento reina en la categoría de los Pesos Welters y varios más.

Además Juan Manuel Márquez, Campeón de la Década de la OMB, Marco Antonio Barrera y Vladimir Klitschko, también podrían arribar en cualquier momento.

El encargado de dar el banderazo de inicio en el hotel sede de la capital panameña fue el puertorriqueño Francisco Valcárcel, quien espera que esta edición sea histórica y el 2019 sea igual el año más importante para el organismo que hoy encabeza.

Quienes ya hicieron acto de presencia en el evento boxístico fueron la regiomontana Arely “Ametralladora” Muciño, Fernando “Cochulito” Montiel e Iván Calderón entre otros.

En cuestiones de boxeo, se revisará el actual reglamento, habrá trabajos puntuales con los réferis, así como sesiones para actualizar los rankings y el cierre de acuerdos para celebrar algunas pelas mandatorias.

Durante esta Convención 31, se le rendirá un homenaje póstumo a Ramón Pina Acevedo, fundador y presidente de la OMB, quien murió en su casa en febrero pasado.





Once again we are excited to offer our members the opportunity for ABC training for referees, judges, and the certification test on Wednesday morning October 31, 2018 at our annual convention, and encourage all of our members to get this certification!

In addition we will have an additional WBO session for our judges starting at 2pm-5pm, which we expect all of our member judges to attend. This session will include group participation, exchange of ideas, and experiences. We also are excited to announce some new and exciting programs that we will be offering to our members!

I am very excited, and looking forward to seeing you in Panama!

The historic and beautiful Panama City will be hosting the 31st edition of the WBO Convention.

Panama is home to many great boxers and world champions, the people love boxing, and this, in addition to its beauty, historic locations, rich culture and great nightlife make it an ideal destination for the World Boxing Organization’s annual gathering.

This event has the purpose of bringing together the boxing family to learn more about this wonderful sport and our organization, it is also a great opportunity to share and network and have fun.

The convention this year will be held from October 29 through November 2, 2018 at the Hotel El Panama Convention Center & Casino.

Update: Judge seminar will be hosted by veteran judge Duane Ford, and Referee Seminar by Jack Reiss and Sean Wheelock. The seminars, which will be carried out under the ABC guidelines, will cover different topics, such as refereeing, judging, rules, and ethics with the purpose of giving ring officials the necessary knowledge, confidence and experience to execute good judgement of a boxing match.

Activities Itinerary:

Monday, October 29: Golf Tournament

Tuesday, October 30: WBO Assembly 8 a.m. – noon and 1 p.m. through 5 p.m.

Wednesday, October 31: Judges and Referee Seminar from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m.

Thursday, November 1: Championships and Rankings Assembly starting at 8 a.m. / Gala Dinner

To participate and make your reservations fill in the registration form (Click Here), in order to get the special group rate, register before September 30th

Click here to make your hotel reservation

For more information, please contact Michael Pernick ( WBO CHAIRMAN OFFICIALS ) at

The president of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Francisco “Paco” Varcarcel, informed today that the convention of the boxing organization will be held in Panama from October 29 to November 2.

“Nicaragua was the host, but because of the difficult situation that the country is experiencing, which I know that the Nicaraguan brothers will resolve. Therefore, it will be done in Panama, which was among the other possible sites along with Costa Rica,” the WBO chief told reporters, during his visit in Panama.

Varcarcel said the convention will be attended by great figures of world boxing and they have already confirmed the presence of former world champions among the more than 300 boxing people who will attend the WBO convention.

“We have already been confirmed by Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Miguel Cotto and Wladimir Klitschko, and WBO super lightweight world champion Terence Crawford will be confirmed, everything will depend on his schedule of fights, including Jimmy Lennon Jr., who will be the master of ceremony at the gala,” he said.

He added that Cotto and Klitschko will be part of the figures that will be in the golf tournament that is scheduled for October 29, the day of the opening of the convention.

The convention will also feature seminars to improve the work of boxing officials and referees.

“Seminars for officers are very important, because on several occasions it is very sad to see how they vote,” he said.

Puerto Rican boxing promoter Peter Rivera said a boxing event will be held on October 31, where each of the promoters attending the convention will bring their best fighter to participate in the event.

“The gala is called WBO champions’ night and will be attended by the best national and international fighters watching the action,” said Rivera.

He also said that a recognition will be given to the Panamanian fighters who shined in the organization and stressed a tribute will be paid to Pedro “El Rockero” Alcázar, a fighter born in the Central American country and former WBO champion.

Source: ACAN/EFE

WBO Convention Panama

El presidente de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), el puertorriqueño Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, en una conferencia de prensa mantuvo un convivio con altos personajes panameños involucrados en diferentes gremios de esta actividad, miembros de la prensa y como invitado especial de Peter Rivera, concertador de peleas de la empresa boricua Best Boxing Promotions.

El encuentro sirvió para que el jerarca de la OMB ratificara a Panamá como sede de 31 Convención Anual de este organismo, programada para el 29 de octubre al 2 de noviembre, cuyo país anfitrión había sido asignada originalmente a Managua, Nicaragua, pero que debido a los conflictos sociales y políticos que enfrenta dicha nación, se cambió a Panamá.

Valcárcel dijo estar contento con la nueva sede, alegando la buena ubicación donde fluyen muchas líneas aéreas con infinidades de destino, donde a la fecha ya se han ido adelantando algunas acciones para que la convención llene las expectativas,

Adelantó que el evento se vestirá de gala con la presencia de grandes figuras del boxeo como Wladimir_Klitschko, Marco Antonio Barrera y Miguel Coto, siendo esta la segunda convención que se realiza en Panamá.

Por su parte Rivera manifestó que en el marco de tal acontecimiento, reconocidos promotores de todo el mundo traerán a sus mejores púgiles para organizar una mega cartilla, la cual ya se encuentra en sus primera fase, incluyendo, sin lugar a dudas a las de Panamá.

WBO Kids Drug Free visits Panama and Colombia

Once again the WBO is proud to have had the opportunity to contribute through the Kids Drug Free program in different countries across the world. This time we visited Panama and Colombia to contribute with exemplary organizations that work every day to make a difference in the lives of many children.

Round 1: San José de Malambo Orphanage

As promised in January of this year, the WBO revisited this past Monday, March 6th, the San José de Malambo Orphanage in Panama, a non-governmental organization that looks out for children and teens in vulnerability conditions, this time with the purpose of donating backpacks that the children need to attend school.

Education is an important tool to keep children away from the streets; we sincerely admire the work done by the Sisters that run this institution and that give children here love, attention, and a chance of a better life.


Photo (left to right): Julio C. Alvarado, Sister Zoila, Boxing Promoter Tutico Zabala, Director Sister Lourdes Reiss, WBO President Francisco Valcárcel and children at the San José de Malambo Orphanage


Our next stop on Tuesday, March 7th, was in Cartagena, Colombia, where we were received by the dedicated personnel of FUNVIVIR, a non-profit organization founded in 2006 with the purpose of assisting children battling cancer and their families who have limited resources and many necessities that become more evident when dealing with the illness and undergoing treatment. The WBO had already visited this institution back in March of 2016.

The donation was given at the Bernardo Caraballo Coliseum. This organization was picked in life by our friend and colleague Luis Pérez, who recently passed away victim of cancer; this made the activity much more meaningful for all of us.

All children battling cancer are true fighters, especially when they are faced with limitations and difficult financial realities; the WBO congratulates FUNVIVIR for their wonderful work and joins them in their noble mission to alleviate the immediate needs of these young fighterscolombia

Photo: Boxing Promoter Tutico Zabala (blue shirt), WBO President Francisco Valcárcel (center-black shirt) representatives and children of FUNVIVIR in Cartagena Colombia

WBO Kids Drug Free:

As part of our Social Responsibility Program, the World Boxing Organization takes the Kids Drug Free program to 35 countries around the world, carefully picking institutions and organizations that require different forms of assistance to continue in their job of providing the new generations with opportunities, education, health and love.

Este jueves 19 de enero 2017 el Orfelinato San José de Malambo, en El Carrizal, Arraiján, volvió a recibir una donación económica por parte de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), por medio de su presidente,  Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcárcel quien ademas fue acompañado por el Lic. Luis Batista Salas, Presidente Fundador de la OMB y Presidente del Comité de Campeonatos Mundiales, junto a Joe Hernández y Rubén De Jesús, cercanos colaboradores de la Organización y don Marco Hermoso representante de la OMB en Panamá quien escogió al Orfanato de Malambo para recibir la donación.

“Es un compromiso que tenemos y pasamos por varios países”, dijo el dirigente de la OMB, programa conocido como Kids Drug Free y que esta semana se llevo acabo importantes donaciones en los países hermanos de Costa Rica y Nicaragua. Mientras, Sor Lourdes, anfitriona hace muchos años de esta organización, agradecía a la entidad boxística, este hogar es casa para niños y jóvenes huérfanos y que algunos inclusive tienen que enfrentar enfermedades como el Sida, por lo que la ayuda siempre es importante para seguir con tan importante labor que conlleva gastos diarios.

Como parte importante del acto realizado ayer en la entrega de la donación, también se recordó a Luis Pérez, un miembro importante en la consolidación mundial de la OMB, quien perdió la batalla con el cáncer el pasado mes de diciembre y que siempre en vida apoyo el programa Kids Drug Free en Panamá.


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