Mariusz Wach has tested positive for anabolic steroids following his Nov. 10 loss to WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, according to the German newspaper Bild.

Wach’s A-sample has allegedly tested positive, but at this point, his B-sample has yet to be tested.

The Polish fighter is in danger of being suspended and could face heavy fines from the German Boxing Federation and the sanctioning bodies if he is guilty of having used performance-enhancing drugs in the heavyweight title fight.

2012 has certainly been a rough year for boxing, as Wach is now the fifth fighter to test positive for some sort of PED either before or following a major fight.

Other fighters who have tested positive for banned substances this year include current IBF junior welterweight titleholder Lamont Peterson along with former champions Andre Berto, Antonio Tarver and Erik Morales.

It should be noted that neither Peterson, Berto nor Morales were suspended for their infractions or had their licenses revoked.

All three of the previously listed men tested positive for tests administered by either the United States Anti-Doping Agency or the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency, which have no affiliation with any State Commission.

It is looking more and more like these are not isolated instances and that boxing has a serious issue with PEDs.


AFP / John Macdougall

Wladimir Klitschko venció al polaco Mariusz Wach, un adversario más pesado y más alto y defendió sus títulos de la Asociación Mundial, Federación Internacional y Organización Mundial de Boxeo, en una pelea celebrada el sábado en el O2 Arena en Hamburgo, Alemania.

Fue la primera pelea de Klitschko desde que su entrenador Emanuel Steward falleció el pasado 25 de octubre.

Klitschko se llevó la victoria por decisión unánime en 12 rounds. Las tarjetas de los jueces marcaron 120-107, 120-107 y 119-109 para Klitschko, que s´lo estuvo en problemas al final del quinto round, cuando Wach lo sprprendió con una gancho de derecha antes de lanzar una lluvia de golpes, fallando la mayoría.

La derrota fue la primera de Wach, que llegó a la pelea como el boxeador más alto en enfrentar al campeón ucraniano. Klitschko mide 1,98 metro (6 pies 6) y Wach 2,01 metros (6, 7 1/2) con mayor alcance de brazos.

Para Klitschko fue la pelea número 22 por un título mundial y llevó su foja a 59-3 (51 nocauts). Wach cayó a 27-1 (15) desde que se hizo profesional en el 2005.


Wladimir Klitschko defeated Polish Mariusz Wach, an adversary heavier and taller and defended his titles in the World Association, International Federation and World Boxing Organization, in a fight held on Saturday at the O2 Arena in Hamburg, Germany.

It was Klitschko’s first fight since his trainer Emanuel Steward passed away on October 25.

Klitschko earned the win by unanimous decision in 12 rounds. The cards of the judges scored 120-107, 120-107 and 119-109 for Klitschko, who s’lo was in trouble at the end of the fifth round, when it sprprendió Wach with a right hook before throwing a flurry of punches, failing most.

The loss was the first of Wach, who entered the fight as the fighter confront higher Ukrainian champions. Klitschko measured 1.98 meters (6 feet 6) and Wach 2.01 meters (6, 7 1/2) with wider arms.

Klitschko was fighting for number 22 for a world title and took his record to 59-3 (51 KOs). Wach fell to 27-1 (15) since turning professional in 2005.


Date: November 10, 2012

WBO Heavyweight Championship Title Bout

Location: O2 World Arena, Altona, Hamburg, Germany

Promoter: K2 Promotions

Supervisor: John Duggan

Referee: Eddie Cotton

Judge: Adalaide Byrd (120-107) Michael Ancona (120-107) Pasquale Procopio (119-109)

Result:  Klitschko won by unanimous decision



 La Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) da a conocer los oficiales que estarán trabajando este sábado, 10 de noviembre, en los combates de título mundial, que se llevarán a cabo en Alemania y en Estados Unidos.

En el O2 World Arena de Altona, Hamburgo, Alemania, el ucraniano Wladimir Klitschko (58-3, 51 KOs) expondrá por novena ocasión su título de peso completo de la OMB ante el polaco Mariusz Wach (27-0, 15 KOs), en una presentación de K2 Promotions. En este pleito, el árbitró será Edward Cotton, de Estados Unidos.

Mientras, los jueces que trabajarán en esta reyerta serán los estadounidenses Adalaide Byrd y Mike Ancona, y el canadiense Pasquale Procopio. El supervisor de la OMB para este encuentro será John Duggan.

Entretanto, en el Staples Center de Los Ángeles, California, el monarca semicompleto (175 libras) de la OMB, el británico Nathan Cleverly (24-0, 11 KOs) realizará la cuarta defensa de su correa cuando se enfrente al estadounidense Shawn Hawk (23-2, 17 KOs) en una presentación de Golden Boy Promotions. Para este choque, el tercer hombre sobre el cuadrilátero será Tony Crebs, de Estados Unidos.

Los jueces que oficiarán la pelea Cleverly-Hawk son los estadounidenses Raúl Caíz Sr., Patricia Morse Jarman y Pat Russell. El supervisor de la OMB para este combate será Richard De Cuir.


The World Boxing Organization (WBO) anounces the officers who will be working this Saturday, November 10, in world title bouts, which will take place in Germany and the United States.

The O2 World Arena in Altona, Hamburg, Germany, Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko (58-3, 51 KOs) for the ninth time expose his heavyweight title against WBO Polish Mariusz Wach (27-0, 15 KOs), in a presentation of K2 Promotions. In this case, the referee will Edward Cotton, U.S..

Meanwhile, the judges who work in this brawl are Americans Adalaide Byrd and Mike Ancona, and Pasquale Procopio Canadian. WBO supervisor for this meeting will be John Duggan.

Meanwhile, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, the monarch Heavyweight (175 pounds) of the WBO, the British Nathan Cleverly (24-0, 11 KOs) will make the fourth defense of his belt when he takes on American Shawn Hawk (23-2, 17 KOs) in a presentation of Golden Boy Promotions. For this match, the third man in the ring will be Tony Crebs, U.S..

Judges who officiate the fight Cleverly-Hawk are Americans Raul Caiz Sr., Patricia Morse Jarman and Pat Russell. WBO supervisor for this fight will be Richard De Cuir.

Aleudi Rosario

Wladimir Klitschko (58-3, 51 KOs) and Mariusz Wach (27-0, 15 KOs) participated today in the fight week press conference at the Google Germany HQ in Hamburg to talk about their fight on November 10. IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO and “The Ring Magazine” Heavyweight Champion Klitschko and his undefeated Polish contender Wach will face off next Saturday at the o2 World Arena Hamburg, Germany.

Wladimir Klitschko: “It took quite a time and I have put a huge effort in getting these belts. I am 100 per cent prepared to defend my titles again and I know what I will be facing in the ring on Saturday. I will defend the titles that I won together with Emanuel Steward.”

Mariusz Wach: “I know it will be a very difficult fight but I am prepared for anything. If it’s gonna be 12 rounds, I am prepared, if it’s gonna be a technical fight I am prepared. I will do anything to get Klitschko’s titles. This fight will be very special and will be memorized by the boxing fans.”

For the first time, the press conference was also broadcasted on the official Klitschko Brothers’ Google+ page (www.google.com/+Klitschko). Fans and journalists worldwide were thus able to follow Klitschko and Wach five days before their fight.

During the press conference it was also announced that Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, the two World Heavyweight Champions, will continue to have their fights on German TV station RTL. Bernd Bönte, Managing Director of Klitschko Management Group GmbH, and RTL Sports Chief Manfred Loppe signed a new contract for five further fights, regardless of which brother enters the ring.

KMG and RTL have been working together very successfully for six years already. In 21 fights the brothers always left the ring victorious, drawing TV crowds of up to 16 million viewers only in Germany.

Bernd Bönte: “Together we are creating great shows and neither the brothers nor myself can think of a better TV partner than RTL.”

The fight will be shown live on RTL in Germany. EPIX will show the fight in the US at 4:30 p.m. ET / 1:30 p.m. PT.

Heavyweight contender Mariusz Wach (27-0, 15 KO’s) is being billed by some as the fighter to end the title reign of WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO and Ring Magazine heavyweight titlist Wladimir Klitschko (58-3, 51 KO’s). Wach and “Dr. Steelhammer will clash on November 10 at the O2 World Arena in Hamburg, Germany.

Wach enthusiasts are quick to point out that “The Viking” as his fans call him, will be the first fighter who is not dwarfed by Wladimir’s sheer size.

Mariusz stands 6’7 ½” and tips the beam at roughly 250 pounds. There is no question that Wach is huge, powerful and has KO power. His knockout over journeyman Kevin McBride (35-10-1) in four rounds in July 2011 was noted by boxing observers for its brutality. In that fight Wach landed his trademark right hand and the 296 pound McBride went crashing to the floor. McBride whose only claim to fame was his stoppage of a badly faded Mike Tyson in 2005, had to be carried from the ring on a stretcher.

Wach and his supporters are buoyed by the fact that the ring giant has scored seven straight KO victories and are hopeful that he will add Wladimir to that list. Klitschko’s detractors, of which there are many, gleefully point out that Wlad’s chin is suspect and that he has already suffered three KO losses in his career.

Of course it is a good thing to have confidence as a fighter, particularly when you are embarking on the quest to defeat a heavyweight champion who has dominated the division for the last several years.

It should be pointed out however that “Dr. Steelhammer” has improved dramatically since he was stopped by the likes of Corrie Sanders, Ross Purity and Lamont Brewster.
Wladimir, pushed by his brother, did a self assessment after he suffered his 3rd KO loss. Vitali even suggested that it may be time for Wladimir to hang up the gloves and try something else.

It was at that point that Wladimir took on arguably the best trainer in boxing, Emanuel Steward. Manny worked on the areas he thought Wlad needed to improve on while helping him to refine his god given talent. The lack of proper conditioning was one of the first aspects of Klitschko’s game that Steward went to work on. Manny believed that Wladimir’s chin was not the only culprit in his KO losses. Steward felt that Klitschko’s lack of conditioning was one of the primary reasons that he was KO’d three times.

Steward turned Klitschko around and played a big part in making him the fighter he is today. For Wach to be competitive with Wladimir he needs to improve in every aspect of his game. Unfortunately “The Viking” has only competed against 2nd and 3rd tier opposition. Wach’s boxing skills and ring generalship are nowhere near that of Klitschko’s.

Wladimir will have the opportunity to demonstrate to boxing fans that it is not just his size which makes him the fighter he is. More than likely Klitschko will pick his larger opponent apart in the early rounds and after softening him up go for the KO.

By: John F. McKenna (McJack)


World heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko punches during his boxing fight on July 7, 2012 in Bern. Klitschko will defend his WBO, IBF and WBA belts against Poland's Mariusz Wach in Hamburg on November 10, it was announced on Wednesday. (AFP Photo/Fabrice Coffrini)World heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko punches during his boxing fight on July 7, 2012 in Bern. Klitschko will defend his WBO, IBF and WBA belts …

World heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko will defend his WBO, IBF and WBA belts against Poland’s Mariusz Wach in Hamburg on November 10, it was announced on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old Klitschko, who is based in Hamburg, faces his 23rd world title fight against the undefeated Wach, four months after the champion’s sixth-round knock-out of US boxer Tony Thompson in Basel.

“It is always something special to box in Hamburg,” said Klitschko.

“This fight will also be special because I have never fought against a boxer who is bigger than me and has a longer reach.”

At 2.02 metres (6ft 7.5in) tall with a reach of 2.08m, Krakow-born Wach, who is based in the United States, is four centimetres taller than Klitschko with a reach two cms longer.

Klitschko last fought in Hamburg on July 2, 2011, when he earned a clear points win over Britain’s David Haye to add the WBA belt to his collection.