CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, MÉXICO. – was present as Juan Manuel Márquez (53-6-1, 39 KO’s) was putting in the work for his first fight in Mexico City in 18 years. He takes on Sergey Fedcehnko (30-1, 13 KO’s) for the WBO’s interim-junior welterweight title at the new Arena Mexico. The fight takes place on April 14th as part of a split-site HBO/Top Rank pay-per-view event.


By Salvador Rodriguez, photos by Rafael Soto

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO. – Sergey Fedchenko wasted no time. He barely set foot on Mexican soil, and the Ukrainian – 30-years-old – began training for his April 14th battle against the legendary Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight takes place at the new Arena Mexico in Mexico City. Accompanied by his coach Victor Demchenko and sparring partner Arten Ayvazidi, the boxer vowed to win.

“It was always my dream to fight for a world title,” said Fedchenko. “When I was told about the possibility of coming to fight with Juan Manuel I did not hesitate for a minute. It is an honor to fight with a Mexican fighter like him. I know that in Mexico there are many who consider me to be the next victim of Juan Manuel, and even in my country some people do not have faith in me.”

“I don’t like to talk too much, but when I step into the ring and do my work – then we’ll talk. I came to win. I have respect for Juan Manuel because he faced Manny Pacquiao three times and beat him three times, but that does not mean the same thing will happen here. I’m a different fighter, so let’s see who comes out victorious.”


By Salvador Rodriguez, photos by Rafael Soto

Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1, 39KOs) will evaluate the future of his career with each passing fight. On April 14th at the new arena in Mexico City, Marquez will face Ukrainian Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13KOs) for the WBO’s interim-junior welterweight title. If he wins, he plans to return on July 14th in Texas, and then hopes to close 2012 with a fourth meeting against Manny Pacquiao in the month of November.

He is very motivated at the moment for Fedchenko, which gives the Mexican legend the opportunity to capture a fourth world title.

“It motivates me a lot to go for my fourth divisional world championship. I have collected three, and now I am going for the fourth, at junior welterweight under the WBO. I’m no youngster, but I want to continue boxing. Right now, I can’t say if I’ll have two more fights or five more. I’m going to take things [fight by fight] and I’ll see how my body responds,” Marquez said.

Marquez expects a tough battle with Fedchenko in April. He invited Pacquiao to attend the fight, but doubts he will be there.

“He will be one of the toughest opponents of my career. I am very motivated to fight in Mexico City. I have to win because then great things will come,” Marquez said.


By Ernesto Castellanos,

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO. – Juan Manuel Marquez officially announced his return this April 14 at the Mexico City Arena, achieving his dream to fight again in the land of his birth after 19 years of not appearing in the area. Marquez, who will face Sergey Fedchenko, Marquez appeared with his coach Don Ignacio Beristían, assistant trainer Angel Heredia, the director of Zanfer Promotions, Fernando Beltran, Director of Azteca 7, Rodrigo Fernandez, Head of Public Relations at the Arena Mexico City, Alejandro Arce and COO of Zanfer, Guillermo Brito.

“It’s a great motivation to be home, very satisfying and also a great responsibility,” said Marquez, who faces Fedchenko for the vacant interim-junior welterweight title of the World Boxing Organization.

“I’ve prepared well enough, it’s is a tough fight, but I want to have a great fight on April 14 to show everyone how proud I am of being Mexican and fight again at home.”

“I am proud to still be the coach of this great athlete. We hope that the 14th, we will present the fans in Mexico with a boxing lesson,” said Nacho Beristain, a member of the Hall Fame of New York.

Fernando Beltran let it be known that if Juan Manuel Marquez wins this fight, he will appear on July 14th at Cowboys Stadium.

“We want to continue making history,” said Beltran, who expects over 20,000 fans. “I am proud to have the opportunity to present the best fighter in the world today, Juan Manuel Marquez, at the Arena Mexico City. I expect to exceed the number of attendees.”

He said that among the special guests at the event that evening – Rafael Marquez, Ulises Solis, Omar Chavez, Hernan Marquez, Juan Carlos Sanchez, Jacqueline Nava, Moises Fuentes, Jorge Arce and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., addition of Timothy Bradley and Nonito Donaire.


By Rafael Soto

On April 14, Ukrainian boxer Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13 KOs) will battle future Hall of Famer Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1, 39 KOs) for the interim WBO light welterweight title at the New Mexico City Arena in Mexico City. This news has become a big sensation in Ukraine and Fedchenko has drawn the attention of reporters and millions of boxing fans. Although Marquez is a fearsome opponent, the 30-year-old Fedchenko is also a very experienced boxer, who is technically solid and a very strong puncher.

“For me, it was unexpected news,” said Fedchenko. “To fight against Marquez is a great honor for me. I am happy that Juan give me a chance. The only problem is little time to prepare for battle. But I’ll make sure that on the day of the fight I’ll be in the best shape of my career.”

Sergey started his professional career in 2002. In the early years, he was fighting against unknown fighters, but all that changed when he became promoted by the Klitschko brothers. In 2008 he won his first championship, the IBF Inter-Continental belt, when he knocked out Argentine journeyman Juan Alberto Godoy. But a year later, the Ukrainian lost a close twelve round decision against South African sensation Kaizer Mabuza.

Many think the fight could be a mismatch, but Sergei disagrees. “I know that I can surprise Marquez,” he stated. “He’s an excellent counter puncher, but I’m technical, I’m smart and I’m fast. For this I received the nickname of “The Professor”. I’ve seen Marquez-Pacquiao. It was great. But I’ve also seen Mayweather-Marquez. Floyd beat him with technique and speed. He’s very smart and I am too. Do I think I’ll win on the scorecards in Mexico? Probably not. So I need to be active. I’m willing to take risks and give Marquez a spectacular fight. Now for me it’s important to prepare well for the fight. I should be well prepared physically. It’s very important to me so I can fight at a fast pace for twelve rounds. This is the most important fight of my life. This is my first fight for a world title and my opponent Juan Manuel Marquez. It’s unbelievable.”

Since the Mabuza fight, Sergey’s most notable wins were against former champion DeMarcus Corley fast Frenchman Willy Blain (whose only other loss was to Lamont Peterson). But Fedchenko is now ready for new heights.

“I know that the predictions of experts and the bookmakers are on the side of Marquez. This is my chance, as it was in Rocky Balboa. Remember that? I want to fight it. No one believed him, but he was able to make a sensation. I can do it too. Each of us when he goes into the ring only wants one thing – to win. I want to win. I have faith. If I didn’t believe that I could beat Marquez, I wouldn’t agree to fight him.”


By Alexey “Oscar” Potapov
Photo: K2 Ukraine

Three division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6, 39KOs) is taking no chances with his upcoming fight on April 14th in Mexico City. Marquez will face Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13KOs) of Ukraine for the vacant interim-WBO 140-pound title.

Marquez was originally scheduled to take on Argentine boxer Cesar Rene Cuenca, who is unbeaten with 42 wins, but only a single knockout on his record. Cuenca fell through and Fedchenko stepped in. Marquez believes Fedchenko is a very dangerous opponent, and certainly more dangerous than Cuenca.

Because Cuenca and Fedchenko present two completely different styles, Marquez and his trainer, Nacho Beristain, have to scramble to secure new sparring partners, study new tapes and change their entire fight strategy.

“I think the public will gain from the change of opponent. Against Rene Cuenca, of Argentina, [I had] a boxer with a tough style. With Fedchenko, who I know is from Ukraine, I have a very strong fighter who is always looking to get a knockout. He has a good punch, and his history reflects that. He has 30 wins, one loss and thirteen of his wins have been by knockout. He has faced the best in the world, he’s a very strong fighter and he has shown resilience. I’m definitely going to have a very dangerous opponent,” Marquez said.




By Miguel Rivera,

As reported on Wednesday, a new opponent was being pursued for Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1, 39 KOs), after Argentine boxer Cesar Cuenca (42-0, 1KO) fell out. The new opponent for Marquez is Ukrainian Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13KOs). Marquez’s trainer, Nacho Beristain, confirmed the information to BoxingScene. The fight takes place for the vacant WBO interim-140-pound title on April 14th at the new arena in Mexico City.

“In the end we are left with Fedchenko, who is more of a come forward fighter, and likes to mix it up a lot more [than Cuenca],” said Beristain after analyzing some Fedchenko videos.

Fedchenko European champion of the World Boxing Organization. He last fought on February 18 in Germany, beating Laszlo Fasekas over eight rounds. His last defeat came in September 2009 and since then he accumulated seven wins, two of them by knockout.

Nacho indicated that Marquez’s camp will have to change, regarding the sparring partners and the fight strategy, but he feels confident there is enough time to make the necessary adjustments. Marquez will get help from ‘Joya’ Herrera, Gilberto González, Juan Montiel, Alejandro Barrera and José Pinzón.


By Salvador Rodriguez

El boxeador argentino César René Cuenca esperó durante muchos años su oportunidad mundialista y al fin le ha llegado. Se enfrentará al gran peleador mexicano Juan Manuel Márquez, campeón en tres divisiones, en busca del cetro superligero interino de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), en México. En la previa a este gran combate, Cuenca (42-0-0-2sd, 1 KOs) habló en forma exclusiva con Diario Abajo del Ring y contó sus sensaciones al respecto.
-Después de tanto tiempo de esperar se te dio la posibilidad de pelear con Márquez, ¿cómo te sentís con esto?
Me siento re contento de que se me está cumpliendo el sueño de pelear por el título mundial. Yo siempre quise por lo menos intentarlo, pero yo ahora estoy con toda y voy a ir a buscar el título y a ganar, nos estamos preparando bien para recibirlo a Márquez.
-¿Cuántos condimentos le agrega a esta situación que el rival sea Márquez, que viene de pelear con Pacquiao?
Eso me preguntan todos, ‘Vas a pelear con Márquez. Márquez esto, Márquez lo otro’. Yo sé que él tiene mucha experiencia, pero nosotros ya estamos en esto, yo sé que tengo experiencia para pelear también y voy a ir a ganar. Estoy convencido de que voy a ganar.
-¿Cómo viene siendo la preparación?
Bien. Estamos entrenando duro, esta semana ya nos concentramos en Pinamar.
-¿Cuántos días antes de la peleas vas a viajar teniendo e cuenta la altura que hay en México?
Eso lo decide Mario (Tedesco, su entrenador) ahora, yo creo que diez o quince días antes, por que hay altura, pero hay que ver lo que dice mi entrenador.
-Sin ánimo de comparaciones, en el momento en el que Carlos Baldomir fue a pelear con Zab Judah, éste era uno de los grandes libra por libra y Baldomir fue silencioso y le ganó la corona. ¿Este puede ser otro caso en donde te corones frente al favorito?
Ojalá, Dios te oiga. Yo voy como siempre bien entrenado, y voy a entrenar más para esta pelea, hay que poner más voluntad y siempre calladito, hay que ver lo que viene.

Argentine boxer Cesar Rene Cuenca has spent years waiting for a world title shot. On April 14th in Mexico City, he will face one of the greatest Mexican fighters of all time, Juan Manuel Marquez, for the interim-WBO junior welterweight title. Cuenca (42-0, 1 KO) knows Marquez is a very experienced fighter, and he knows a lot of other fights are at stake for the Mexican icon – but Cuenca has no doubts about his ability to defeat Marquez.

“I am very happy, because I’m fulfilling my dream of fighting for the world title. I’ve always wanted to at least try, but now I am going to do it, and I’m going to win. We are preparing very well for Marquez. I know that he has a lot of experience, but I have experience as well. I am convinced that I will win,” Cuenca told Diario Abajo del Ring.

By Rafael Soto

As previously reported, Juan Manuel Marquez (56-6-1, 39KOs) disputed claims that he plans to retire in 2012. Marquez wants to have a big 2012, with at least three fights. For the first time since 1994, Marquez will fight in Mexico City. He faces Argentine Cesar Cuenca (42-0, 1KO) on April 14th for the vacant WBO interim-junior welterweight title.

The WBO honored Marquez on Friday in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He received a special gold ring for his achievements in the ring.

“To me, [the WBO ring] is a source of great pride and motivation to continue my career. At the moment, I will not retire – at least not this year. I would have liked to have become a champion [at welterweight] last November [against Manny Pacquiao], but everyone saw [me as the] champion coming out of that fight with my hand raised,” Marquez said.

After the fight in April, Marquez expects to return in July and then in November, and says the November date “could be against Pacquiao.”


By Miguel Rivera

CAROLINA, PUERTO RICO-  La Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) y su presidente Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel rindieron hoy un reconocimiento a los campeones mundiales mexicanos Juan Manuel Márquez y Jorge “Travieso” Arce, en la que los peleadores recibieron sortijas de brillantes por sus logros obtenidos.

En una actividad realizada en el Hotel Verdanza de Isla Verde en Carolina, Puerto Rico, Valcárcel le entregó los obsequios a los titulares aztecas. Márquez estuvo temprano en la actividad, mientras que Arce llegó más tarde y la recibió durante el pesaje para la cartelera, en que Orlando Salido defenderá su cetro pluma de la OMB ante Juan Manuel “Juanma” López.

“Estamos honrando la carrera de estos peleadores, Márquez, uno de los mejores campeones mexicanos y de Arce, otro de los grandes monarcas de México”, dijo Valcárcel. “Márquez es nuestro supercampeón del peso ligero y le entregamos esta sortija, mientras que a Arce se la entregamos por ser el primer mexicano que gana títulos en cinco pesos distintos”.

Márquez (56-3-1, 39 KOs), quien se espera pelee por el título interino junior welter de la OMB el 14 de abril ante el argentino César René Cuenca, es el actual Supercampeón del peso ligero de la OMB y anteriormente reinó en las divisiones pluma y junior ligero. Arce (60-6-2, 46 KOs), por su parte, es campeón gallo de la OMB, y ha ganado cetros mundiales en los junior mosca, mosca, supermosca, gallo y supergallo, siendo cuatro de estos en la OMB.

También estuvieron en la actividad los ejecutivos de la OMB, Luis Pérez, Alberto Rodríguez y Adolfo Flores, así como varios oficiales del organismo y muchos fanáticos que disfrutaron con Márquez en la actividad.





Mexican three-division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez has confirmed to that his next fight on April 14th against undefeated southpaw Argentinian Cesar Rene Cuenca (42-0, 1 KO) will be at the “New Mexico City Arena” in Mexico City for the WBO super lightweight world title. There is a possibility it could be for regular crown with Bradley fighting for the WBO welterweight title against Manny Pacquiao on June 9 in Las Vegas, but for now it’s assured that Marquez-Cuenca is for the WBO interim super lightweight world title.

By Gabriel F. Cordero

WBO/WBA lightweight champion Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez (53-6-1, 39KOs) has fully denied several reports which claim the Mexican icon, 39-years-old, confirmed that 2012 would be his final year in the sport of boxing.

Marquez returns to the ring on April 21 against Cesar Cuenca for the WBO’s interim-title at 140-pounds, and then he has a date of July 14th, possibly at Cowboys Stadium against unbeaten Mercito Gesta. If all goes well, he hopes to face Manny Pacquiao in a fourth battle in November.

“I think there was a misunderstanding with the media, who said that I confirmed that I was possibly going to retire this year, but there was no confirmation [that I would retire in 2012],” said Marquez.


By Miguel Rivera


38-year-old three-division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez says that he expects to retort from boxing in late 2012. “I’ve done a lot of sacrifice and effort for 28 years but I feel that now is the time to say goodbye and begin a new phase in my life. My family is asking me and what I want to do is spend time with them.” Marquez is expected to fight either April 14 or 21 in the New Mexico City Arena against undefeated Argentinian Cesar Cuenca in a clash for the WBO super lightweight interim world title. That fight could be finalized this weekend.

“I’ll possibly do a rematch with Pacquiao, but I’ve gained a good position in the boxing world and when it comes time to retire it will be difficult but I accept it. For now, plans are to fight in April and then in July and finally in November but you know how boxing is. Nothing is certain until the night of the fight.”


By Gabriel F. Cordero


MÉXICO — El púgil mexicano Juan Manuel Márquez, súper campeón de peos ligero de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), anunció su retirada a finales de este año se concrete o no una cuarta pelea contra el filipino Manny Pacquiao.

“Nos vamos este año, si se hace o no la cuarta pelea con Pacquiao: nos vamos. No tengo nada que demostrar. Toda la gente sabe de lo que soy capaz y me voy tranquilo”, declaró Márquez a medios de prensa el jueves.

“Yo seguiré con mi agenda, en abril, 14 o 21, posiblemente ante el argentino César Cuenca en la ciudad de México; en julio otra pelea y en noviembre se habla de otro combate, si es contra Pacquiao bien, sino, no hay problema y nos retiramos”, apuntó.

Señaló que él puso como límite este año para que el filipino aceptara la cuarta pelea. “Pero al no aceptarla ya dio la respuesta sino fuera por miedo la pelea se hubiera concretado inmediatamente”.

El púgil, con 19 años como boxeador profesional, dijo que está a punto de cerrar su ciclo en el boxeo.

“El tiempo, la familia y yo, con 28 años dedicados al boxeo, ya lo pedimos. Además buscamos iniciar un ciclo al ciento por ciento, estar concentrado en lo que se tiene que hacer”, dijo Márquez en referencia a su posible postulación a un cargo de elección por el Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).

Comentó que todavía no tiene una oferta formal del PRI para una eventual candidatura en las elecciones federales del 1 de julio próximo, en las que se renovarán los 500 diputados y los 128 senadores del Congreso.

Márquez dijo que analiza si decide participar aunque consideró que cuenta con bases ya que “en la política se necesita esfuerzo y carácter, como en el boxeo, y ya estamos acostumbrados”.

Sobre la multa de 29.910 pesos (2.248 dólares) que le impuso el Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) por mostrar un emblema político, el logotipo del PRI, en su pelea del 12 de noviembre con el filipino Manny Pacquiao en Las Vegas, Estados Unidos, dijo que por consejo de su abogados revocará el castigo.

“No nos vamos a dejar. En el IFE hasta se pelean entre ellos”, finalizó Márquez.


If all goes as expected, Juan Manuel Marquez will return to the ring on April 21 undefeated Argentinean César Cuenca (42-0, 1KO) in Morelia, Chiapas or Cancun. A source indicates the possibility of a vacant WBO junior welterweight title being at stake, although it’s not exactly clear if the belt at stake will be the interim or the full title.

The current WBO champion, Timothy Bradley, will move up to the welterweight division to challenge the WBO champion at 147, Manny Pacquiao, on June 9th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Cuenca is ranked at number 1 by the WBO at 140, and Marquez is the WBO champion at 135.

“All I know is that I’m fighting on April 21, but I don’t know the opponent or the opponent. But if [the opponent] is Cuenca, then I’ll have to look for him on Youtube, because honestly I don’t know him and I’ve never seen him fight,” Marquez said.

“Going by his record, I believe that he’ll be difficult, a good boxer and fast. If he’s ranked in the first position [by the WBO], he must have done something.”

Marquez expects to fight three times in 2012, including a fight in July and then another contest in the fall – which he hopes is a fourth meeting with Pacquiao.


By Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez covers boxing in Mexico for The Record.


Juan Manuel Marquez, the world lightweight champion of the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization is gearing up to return to the Romanza Gym in Mexico. He plans to return on April 21 in Mexico City, possibly against former champion David Diaz – but makes it clear that his April fight with Diaz is far from done. He wants to secure a fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao in the fall and says “I will not wait forever.”

Pacquiao recenty signed to defend his WBO welterweight title against Timothy Bradley on June 9 in Las Vegas.

If Pacquiao does not give him a fight in the fall, Marquez plans to close out his career in 2012.

“My plans are already set. This is my last year in boxing, and if the fight with Pacquiao gets done, the that’s great, but I will not wait around until he chooses to do it. If we fight, fine. Otherwise, my retirement has already been decided,” Marquez said.

“It’s possible that my next fight will take place on April 21 in Mexico City against David Diaz, but that is still only a possibility.”

Nacho Beristain, Juan’s manager and trainer added – [Pacquiao’s stock] plunged after what Juan did to him. I think that he wants the fight against.


By Ernesto Castellanos & Miguel Rivera,


Juan Manuel Márquez , campeón mundial ligero de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo y la Organización Mundial de Boxeo, declaró ayer, al volver a los entrenamientos en el gimnasio Romanza, que desde luego que está interesado en la cuarta pelea contra el filipino Manny Pacquiao, pero agregó que “no lo voy a esperar toda la vida”.

Juan Manuel expresó que después de que le robaron el tercer encuentro con el filipino, vio el terreno listo para que se hiciera el cuarto combate en forma directa, pero los hechos están demostrando que el filipino no combatirá con él, ya que todo está listo para que ponga en juego el cetro mundial welter de la OMB ante el californiano Timothy Bradley el 9 de junio en Las Vegas.

“Mis planes están hechos. Este es mi último año en el boxeo, y si se hace la pelea con Pacquiao, qué bueno, pero no va a ser hasta que él quiera, o no quiera hacerla. Si peleamos, qué bueno. De otro modo mi retiro ya está decidido”.

Juan Manuel comentó que está en espera de que sus dirigentes Bob Arum y Fernando Beltrán le informen sobre su siguiente pleito. “Es factible que mi próxima pelea sea el 21 de abril en la Arena Ciudad de México contra David Díaz, pero eso sigue siendo sólo una posibilidad”, resaltó.

El manager Nacho Beristáin dijo por su parte que “no me extraña que Pacquiao no quiera por ahora pelear con Juan Manuel. Sus bonos se desplomaron tras lo que le hizo Juan. Lo que ahora quieren hacer sus dirigentes es levantarlo. Creo que contra Márquez combatirá hacia fin de año”.

En las pláticas que Juan Manuel tuvo con su promotor Fernando Beltrán, quedaron en que va a combatir en su próxima batalla en 65 kilos.

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By Ernesto Castellanos,


According to Top Rank’s CEO, Bob Arum, the next opponent for WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao could be revealed as early as next Tuesday. Pacquiao’s return is scheduled to take place on June 9th, likely at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. While Arum refused to fully confirm the opponent, it appears Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12KOs) is going to secure the lucrative opportunity.

There were four names on Pacquiao’s list of potential opponents – Juan Manuel Marquez, Lamont Peterson, Timothy Bradley and Miguel Cotto. The first choice, by Pacquiao and Arum, was Cotto. But, the Puerto Rican star is now three fights forward as a full fledged junior middleweight and refuses to fight Pacquiao at 147. Arum is attempting to match Marquez and Peterson against each other  – which only leaves Bradley.

“We wanted Cotto, but he said that he can’t make 147. If the other two guys are fighting each other and Cotto can’t make the weight, then it only leaves one guy, but lets see what happens,” Arum told

“We won’t announce anything until after the Super Bowl. I don’t want to take anything away from the Chavez fight [on Saturday]. We want to wait until after the Chavez fight, and after the Super Bowl [to make the announcement]….probably Tuesday.”

However, Arum believes anything can happen between now and next week.

“What if Cotto has an epiphany and suddenly calls and says he can make 147?,” Arum noted.


By Rick Reeno


Lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez is waiting for a contract that guarantees him a fourth meeting with Manny Pacquiao. Discussions are ongoing for Marquez to take a fight in March or April, possibly in Cowboys Stadium against WBA/IBF 140-pound champion Lamont Peterson. WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao is going to return on June 9th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with WBO 140-pound champion Timothy Bradley in the other corner.

Before Marquez commits to any move, he wants a contract agreement that guarantees him a November fight with Pacquiao [or the winner of Pacquiao’s June fight].

“Before I accept an agreement, it must include a fight against Pacquiao. Otherwise I will not sign it. I will not serve as a stepping stone for others,” Marquez said.

Juan Manuel had started training last week, but a minor bout with the flu put an end to his training. He plans to return to camp next week.

“Next week I’ll return to the gym and see what they say. Fortunately for me, I’m a free agent and I have no commitments to anyone,” Marquez said.


By Ernesto Castellanos,

WBO Jr. Heavyweight champion Marco Huck has requested permission to fight at Heavyweight against Alexander Povetkin for the WBA Heavyweight title, and still keep his WBO Jr. Heavyweight title.


OUR CONDITIONS ARE: 1.) If Huck wins, he will have a maximum of 10 DAYS to decide if he stays at the heavyweight division, or goes back down to Jr. Heavyweight and continue to defend his WBO title

2.) If Huck loses, he will have a maximum of 10 DAYS to decide if he stays at the heavyweight division, or goes back down to Jr. Heavyweight and continue to defend his WBO title






WBO Lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez has requested to move up to the welterweight division on the condition that he is ranked as the #1 contender. Since he is moving up to welterweight, Marquez will vacate his WBO Lightweight title (NOTE: WBO Interim Lightweight champion Ricky Burns will now be the WBO Lightweight champion)


WBO/WBA lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1, 39KOs) will gladly fight in Mexico City – if Manny Pacquiao turns him down for a fourth fight. Promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions is looking to stage a big show at a new venue in Mexico City on the tentative date of March 17th, with Marquez as the headline attraction.

Marquez is waiting for a final confirmation that he won’t be the selected opponent for Pacquiao in early June. Marquez, along with Miguel Cotto, Lamont Peterson and Timothy Bradley, are the four opponents in the running to face Pacquiao. The Filipino star has reportedly made his selection, but he won’t reveal his pick until the end of next week.

“I would gladly fight in the arena in Mexico City, which is what they are offering me, but I want to be guaranteed a fourth fight with Pacquiao,” Marquez said. “My promoter is waiting to get the last word on Pacquiao. I already submitted my terms.”

If Marquez fights in Mexico in March, David Diaz and Lamont Peterson are two of names being mentioned by Fernando Beltran as  possible opponents.


By Ernesto Castellanos,


If Manny Pacquiao takes a pass on a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1, 39KOs), then the Mexican boxer may possibly headline a show on March 17th at a new venue in Mexico City, according to promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions. One possible opponent for the March fight is former lightweight champion David Diaz (36-4-1, 17KOs), who was once in the running to face Marquez in 2011.

“We would like the fight with Pacquiao, but if it doesn’t happen, then there is a strong possibility that he’ll fight in the new arena with a southpaw like David Diaz, so we kill two birds with one stone because [Marquez] fulfills his dream of fighting in Mexico City and he would fight a southpaw in preparation for a new fight with Pacquiao,” said Beltran.


Salvador Rodriguez covers boxing in Mexico for The Record.

El púgil capitalino pelearía en la Ciudad de México el 17 de marzo en caso de que Manny Pacquiao rechace el combate frente al mexicano

Si Juan Manuel Márquez quería pelear en la Ciudad de México antes de retirarse, todo indica que este sueño podría cristalizarse el 17 de marzo, cuando inauguraría la nueva Arena Ciudad de México ante un rival aún por designar, aunque suena fuerte el zurdo David Díaz, si es que el ‘Dinamita’ no es elegido como siguiente rival de Manny Pacquiao.

El promotor mexicano Fernando Beltrán estableció que aunque se confía en que ‘Juanma’ pueda pelear una vez más con Pacquiao para junio, también existe la posibilidad de que el mejor peleador azteca del momento tenga su cita en el nuevo escenario.

“A nosotros nos gustaría la pelea con Pacquiao, pero si no, existe una gran posibilidad de que peleé en la nueva Arena ante un zurdo como David Díaz, así mataríamos dos pájaros de un tiro pues cumpliría su sueño de pelear en la Ciudad de México y además pelearía con un zurdo como preparación para un nuevo duelo con Pacquiao”, dijo el promotor fronterizo.

Beltrán Rendón comentó además que el 2012 será el mejor para el boxeo mexicano luego de firmar una nueva alianza con Todd DuBoef de Top Rank, Rodrigo Fernández de Azteca 7 y Daniel Cuellar de Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma en una magna conferencia en la que los acompañó la Bicampeona Jackie Nava.

Jackie anunció su regreso para el 28 de enero próximo en su natal Tijuana, donde se enfrentará a la panameña Chantal Martínez por el título Supergallo de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo, duelo que consideró complicado, pero bueno para abrir el 2012.

“Queremos seguir con las buenas actuaciones que tuvimos en 2011, primero viene Chantal y luego parece que viene la tercera pelea con Ana María Torres”, dijo la ‘Princesa Azteca’, quien podría pelear con ‘La Guerrera’ durante la Feria de San Marcos en Aguascalientes en mayo.

En los enfrentamientos más importantes del primer trimestre de este año, se anunció la pelea entre Julio César Chávez y Marco Antonio Rubio del 4 de febrero en San Antonio, la pelea de Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce para el 18 de febrero en Durango y el retorno de Rafael Márquez para el 25 de febrero.