juan carlos burgos

By Scott Shaffer

The WBO denied Juan Carlos Burgos’ request for an immediate rematch of his draw against WBO 130-pound titlist Rocky Martinez. Boxingtalk scored the fight in favor of Burgos and thinks he deserves an immediate rematch. However, the WBO at least conducted a serious inquiry into the request by appointing five of its judges to review the scoring of the bout and combining those five scorecards with the three official ones. The eight judges collectively found that Burgos won six of twelve rounds and Martinez won four. Two rounds were split at four judges each. With a collective score of 6 rounds for Burgos, 4 for Martinez and 2 even, the WBO determined the decision in “was not substantially irregular or a clear misapplication of the rules of boxing resulting in a manifest unfairness” and therefore declined to order an immediate rematch.