SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – World Boxing Organization (WBO) will tribute all the WBO’s Puerto Rican champions during their Annual Convention, to be held in Puerto Rico in 2011, from October 24th to 29th at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, located in Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

WBO President, Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel announced that as a special recognition, this entity will tribute in Puerto Rico these former WBO World Champions since their establishment in 1988.

WBO former Champions from Puerto Rico are Héctor “Macho” Camacho at junior welter, deceased José “Cheíto” Ruiz superflyweight, John John Molina junior lightweight, José “Cagüitas” de Jesús junior flyweight, Orlando Fernández superbantamweight, Rafael del Valle bantamweight, Josué “Dicky” Camacho junior flyweight, Daniel “La Cobra” Jiménez superbantamweight and bantamweight, Álex “El Nene” Sánchez minimum weight, Samuel Fuentes junior welter, Daniel Santos welter and junior middleweight, Nelson “Fueguete” Dieppa en junior flyweight, Iván “Iron Boy” Calderón minimum and junior flyweight, Miguel Cotto junior welter and welter, Carlos “El Indio” Quintana welter, Juan Manuel “Juanma” López superbantamweight and featherweight, Román “Rocky” Martínez junior lightweight, José “Carita” López superflyweight and Wilfredo Vázquez Jr. superbantamweight.

Plus many activities for the guests, PR Best Boxing Promotions (PRBBP) will present a World Title Show during the WBO Convention. Also, in the Convention is expected the presence of some of the WBO Champions, former Champions, other boxers, known trainers, managers, promoters, officials, and other political, social and cultural personalities.

As always, at the Convention will be discussed various topics as rules, rankings, among others.

For reservations at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, can call 1 787 253-1700 Ext. 4161, 1 800 241-3333 or a accesing

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