• Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury came face to face in Germany
  • The pair, who clash in October, spoke as part of their pre-fight preparations
  • Fury claimed his opponent has never faced someone as good as him
  • The Gypsy King wants to smash Klitschko’s face like a bottle 
  • The pair will do battle at the Esprit-Arena in Dusseldorf on October 24 

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Tyson Fury (left) and Wladimir Klitschko are preparing to face each other for the world heavyweight title.  The pair will do battle at the Esprit-Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany in front of a sell-out crowd .

Wladimir Klitschko asked the first question at the start of what will be a long pre-fight ritual and Tyson Fury gave him the answer in his usual uncensored fashion.

Klitschko inquired: ‘How do you feel about fighting for the world heavyweight championship for the first time?’

Fury replied: ‘It is my mission to rid boxing of you because you’re a boring old man. You have as much charisma as my underpants.

2AB9850C00000578-3169515-image-a-1_1437489200034Fury used explicit language throughout the press conference as he looked forward to the fight

2AB98D1F00000578-3169515-image-a-2_1437489238676Klitschko has heard these kind of taunts throughout his career and laughed off his opponent’s jibes 

‘You’re a wrinkled old man with a glass chin and I am going to make that glass explode like a bottle hitting a wall.’

What had begun as a mutually respectful first media conference to begin setting up Fury’s return to Dusseldorf for his stadium mega-fight on October 24 suddenly had lift off.

Fury used some bad language: ‘I’m an American-style fighter with European fitness and that adds up to you’re f*****.’

Klitschko and Fury – head-to-head

Age (on Oct 24) 39 Age (on Oct 24) 27
Height 6ft 6in Height 6ft 9in
Reach 81in Reach 85in
Nationality Ukrainian Nationality British
Total fights 67 Total fights 24
Wins 64 Wins 24
Wins by KO 53 Wins by KO 18
Losses 3 Losses 0
Draws 0 Draws 0

There was an unprintable obscenity hung around the first syllable of the multiple champion’s surname.

There were more threats and insults as the giant Manchester traveller pointed at the five belts – WBA, IBF, WBO. IBO and The Ring –  on the table in front of Klitschko and said: ‘I don’t care about those. I don’t care about money. I don’t care about my legacy or going down in history.

‘I just want to smash your old face and I don’t give a f*** what anybody thinks because I don’t give a f*** about being a role model.’

The Germans made much of how victory would take Klitschko to 28 world title fights, one more than the old record held by the immortal Joe Louis.

But Fury said: ‘Are you greater than Louis, Ali, Frazier, Holmes? I think not. You’ve just fought bums well selected for you by your management.

2AB9543F00000578-0-image-m-38_1437484123557Fury attempted to provoke Klitschko into a reaction during the photoshoot but he kept calm

‘When I look at you I’m not feared. I don’t even see a big man because you’re not only shorter than me (Fury is 6ft 9in, Klitschko 6ft 6in) but you’re light for a modern heavyweight.

‘When I went to your training camp once I saw just your tired old jab-and-grab routine. I came away full of confidence. You’re nothing. History tells that when even great heavyweights get to your age (Klitschko is 39) they go into rapid decline. It also says that old men give way to young lions like me (Fury is 26).

‘You look old even though I think you’ve had botox. Jab-and-grab won’t be enough against me.’


The ‘Gypsy King’ has warned the 39-year-old that he will be the best fighter he’s ever faced 

Klitschko, a sports psychologist, talked of repeating the ‘therapy’ he administered in beating David Haye ‘which made him a better person.’

Fury reacted: ‘I’ll hire you as my therapist after the fight because you’ll be out of a job.’

But when that, and much more, was said and done, it would not be correct to depict as a rant and a bust-up on this preview visit to Dussledorf’s magnificent football stadium, under the sliding roof of which 55,000 will watch these two have the argument which really matters.

The tickets went on sale on Tuesday. Klitschko announced a renewed five-fight deal with his German TV paymasters. Bidding for the UK broadcast rights began with Sky, BoxNation and BT all in contention.

Klitschko laughed at the Tyson tirade and said: ‘Good. Now he’s being entertaining. That means the fight will be exciting. This is business.’

Fury had been the personification of politeness at the opening of the session: ‘Wladimir is a great champion and at his age I admire him for taking on a young gun like me. He never ducks anyone.’

Then he said: ‘It’s not business for me. It’s personal. You’re a robotic bore and I fell asleep listening to your long speech. ‘I will shut you up.’


The Ukrainian has an impressive record of 64-3 and is looking to improve that against Fury

That, certainly, was easier said than done. Klitschko – in suit-and-tie contrast to Fury’s smart sports shirt – controlled the occasion and enjoyed doing so, drawing Fury out by saying: ‘You sing, you dance, you’re a cool dude.’  The reply: ‘I’m also unique, the one-in-a-thousand-years fighter you have never faced before and never will again.’


The 39-year-old fighter had all five of his heavyweight belts with him at the press conference


Fury looks down on the Ukrainian and he’ll have a height advantage of three inches when they fight

‘And I don’t have words to express my delight that he has to fight someone so old. Because with age comes wisdom. My fists will speak louder than his mouth.’

But both men were trying hard not to smile, even when they continued the banter while posing for the customary stare-down photographs.

The box office reported brisk opening sales. Business is booming.

They shook hands on it.


Klitschko addressed the media and kept a cool head with Fury goading him throughout the briefing 




Pound-for-pound number one Cecilia Brækhus (24-0, 7 KOs) will defend her WBC, WBA & WBO Female Welterweight titles against Jessica Balogun (24-3, 12 KOs) on June 7th at the Sport and Congress Centre in Scherwin, Germany.

The First Lady returns to action following a unanimous points victory over Myriam Lamare at the Nordic Fight Night in Frederikshavn, Denmark in February.

Says Cecilia Brækhus: “I can not wait to get back in the ring again. I’ve been training hard the last five-six weeks, hoping to get a fight before the summer. Now I am very happy, and very pleased that Team Sauerland and Team Brækhus have left our winter and spring disagreements behind us, and found a common path that is good for both parties. My great desire to fight on German TV is an added bonus.”

Braekhus faces Jessica ‘’The Hammer’’ Balogun in a return of their 2012 contest.

“I have great respect for Jessica Balogun. She gave me a tough match when I beat her almost two years ago. But since then I have improved myself on all levels of my boxing, so she will not get any snuggle time in the ring in Scherwin”, Brækhus adds.

Said promoter Nisse Sauerland: ‘’We are pleased to have reached an understanding with Cecilia. As we have always said the most important thing is that Cecilia remains active and I am delighted that the parties have found a solution and that she will be boxing for Team Sauerland. We hope that Cecilia can still box three times this year. She is a fantastic athlete and we look forward to seeing her back in the ring.

‘’Balogun is a strong opponent and must not be overlooked. She gave Cecilia a tough test the first time round and will be out for revenge in Schwerin.’’

Brækhus joins an action packed show on June 7th, which also features WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Juergen Braehmer and British Heavyweight star David Price. Norwegian boxing fans can watch Brækhus’ in action on Viasat 4.

Said Stian Kleppo, Head of Sport at Viasat Norway: “We are very pleased that Cecilia Brækhus’ next fight will be broadcast on Viasat 4. Cecilia is one of Norway’s biggest sports stars, and we are looking forward to showing the Norwegian people another fantastic fight when “The First Lady” returns on June 7th.”