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Cruiserweight titleholder Marco Huck will make the 13th defense of his WBO belt against an opponent to be determined on May 3 in Germany, Sauerland Events announced on Friday.

Huck (37-2-1, 26 knockouts) was last in the ring in January, when he twice dropped Firat Arslan on the way to a sixth-round stoppage in a rematch of Huck’s unanimous-decision victory in November 2012.

“I am excited to have my next bout in Ludwigsburg,” said Huck, 29. “The atmosphere at the Arslan fight was off the charts, and I expect nothing less come May 3.”

Huck can establish a cruiserweight record for consecutive defenses with a win in May, having earned his belt with a unanimous decision over Victor Emilio Ramirez in August 2009.

The current record holder is ex-WBO titleholder Johnny Nelson, who won the belt with a fifth-round stoppage of Carl Thompson in March 1999 and defended it 12 times, retiring after a split-decision win over Vincenzo Cantatore in November 2005.

“It is giving me a vital kick,” said Huck. “I am still dreaming to step up to heavyweight, to be honest. But to achieve this milestone would definitely mean something special to me.”

Huck did lose a disputed majority decision to Alexander Povetkin in February of 2012, though that fight took place at heavyweight.

“Marco did show in his rematch with Firat Arslan that he is not only one of the best cruiserweights in the world, but a great showman,” said Kalle Sauerland.

“As Marco entered the arena, he was booed by about 90 percent of the crowd, and when he left, everyone was cheering him. Only a fighter like Marco Huck can do this, and on May 3, we will witness it again.”


Marco Huck stopped 43-year-old Firat Arslan at 2:55 of the sixth round to retain his WBO cruiserweight title Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany.

Huck, who outpointed Arslan in a close fight in 2012, put his fellow German down twice in the final round. Arslan collapsed under a flurry of punches, got up on wobbly legs, and went down again moments later from a hard right. He got up a second time but the fight was stopped with Arslan taking a beating with his back against the ropes.

The fight had been competitive through five-plus rounds, as Arslan (33-7-2, 21 knockouts) kept the pressure on Huck (37-2-1, 26 KOs) and landed his share of punches. However, Huck answered with stinging combinations throughout.


Date:  Saturday, January 25, 2014

Title:  WBO Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Location:  Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Promoter:  Sauerland Event/Wilfried Sauerland

Supervisor: István Kovács

Referee:  Mark Nelson

Judges:  Andre Van Grootenbruel, Don Trella, Terry O’Connor

Result:  Huck won by technical knockout in the sixth round over Firat Arslan.


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By Jake Donovan –

Upwards of 100 media outlets were represented during the final press conference for the upcoming cruiserweight title fight rematch between Marco Huck and Firat Arslan. The in-ring Civil War between the German cruiserweights has quickly evolved into a massive event, with more than 10,000 fans expected in attendance for Saturday’s show at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle in Stuttgart, Germany.

Huck (36-2-1, 25KO) makes the 12th defense of the cruiserweight belt he won more than four years ago. Several of his defenses have resulted in disputed outcomes, including his first fight with Arslan in Nov. ’12. Few gave Arslan, 42 years old at the time, much of a chance, but the perceived hand-picked challenger offered the performance of his career, only to come up short in the end.

Their rematch was supposed to take place last September, only for Huck to suffer a hairline fracture on his left elbow, forcing the postponement. Given the turnout for the final presser, strong ticket sales and the fight being televised in over 60 countries, it appears that anticipation has made the hearts of German boxing fans grow fonder.

“Without exaggeration I can say that in terms of media interest, this is the biggest all-German fight since Henry Maske and Graciano Rocchigiani (who met twice in 1995),” insists promoter Kalle Sauerland. “Words have flown around the stage at (Wednesday’s) press conference. On Saturday, fists will be flying inside the ring. The first fight was spectacular and I expect the same again on Saturday night.”

With the postponement of the rematch, each fighter only saw one ring appearance in 2013.

Arslan has since returned to the win column, scoring a 10-round decision in a stay-busy fight last April. However, the stay-busy factor didn’t quite serve its purpose; the challenger has since turned 43 and will be nine months inactive come Saturday evening.

None of that has diminished his belief that his destiny will be fulfilled.

“I believe in justice,” Arslan (33-6-2, 21KO) says of Saturday’s rematch. “As fate would have it, justice was not given to me in the first fight. On Saturday I will finally get some justice.

“Marco can talk all he wants but at the end of the day this won’t help him at Schleyer-Halle – all the fans will see this on Saturday.”

Huck’s lone bout and title defense on the year came in a third fight with Ola Afolabi, scoring a narrow decision in their title fight last June to go 2-0-1 in their series. All three of their bouts were closely contested, all resulting in Huck leaving the ring as champion.

The 29-year old envisions the same scenario playing out Saturday evening, this time in a far more conclusive manner.

“I am the champion and I will still be champion after Saturday night,” Huck promises. “Although Firat has unmatched stamina, he cannot box and I will prove that on Saturday.

“My preparations have been excellent. From the start of my training I have had to miss a lot of parties and for that Firat must pay. I am looking forward to an unforgettable show.”

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WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck, and former beltholder Firat Arslan, went face to face at the final press conference for this Saturday’s highly anticipated rematch at Hanns-Martin Schleyer-Halle on January 25, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany. At the press conference, both boxers promised to be victorious. Huck vowed to repeat the outcome of their 2012, where he won a twelve round unanimous decision. Many felt the outcome was highly controversial, especially Arslan, who vows to make things right by not allowing the champion to make it to the judges.

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By Jake Donovan –

Some 15 months after their first fight, Marco Huck and Firat Arslan are chomping at the bit heading into their cruiserweight title fight rematch, which takes place January 25 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Huck, a long-reigning cruiserweight titlist, was considered fortunate to escape with his crown still intact during their Nov. 2012 clash, which saw the then-42 year old Arslan deliver a surprisingly strong performance only to come up short on the cards.

“I am feeling like the world champion since my first fight against Marco, which I actually won,” Arslan stated during media day last week in Germany. “Now it is time to collect my belt from him.”

Ever the competitor, Huck didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion.

“Dream on, Firat – I am the champion,” Huck (36-2-1, 25KO) bluntly states. “But as I am not heartless, I did make a picture of my belt and signed it with a personal dedication for you.”

Huck is set to hold media day on Tuesday in Germany while putting the final touches on preparation for his 12th title defense of a reign dating back to Aug. 2009. Despite his struggles in their first fight, Huck, 29, believes the night served as one last great performance from his middle-aged challenger and that the rematch will set things straight.

“My stamina as well as my physical strength is reaching new heights. My explosiveness is unquestionable and I also advanced in terms of technique and tactics,” Huck insists. “Firat Arslan cannot have a better performance than in our first meeting. With 43 years of age, his career (has reached its best)… while I am in my prime.”–73555


WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck (36-2-1, 25 KOs) suffered a hairline fracture in his left elbow during his last sparring session in advance of his September 14 rematch with Firat Arslan in Stuttgart, Germany. “I’m totally disappointed,” said Huck. “I was in such good form and now the complete preparation was in vain.”

Huck will be out of action for between six and eight weeks. Whether the fight card will go on or not will be decided on Monday. Sauerland Event Managing Director Chris Meyer said, “We are currently exploring what alternatives are possible for the fight evening on September 14.”


There is some unfinished business between Marco Huck (36-2-1, 25 KOs) and Firat Arslan (33-6-2, 21 KOs). On November 3 of last year the two fighters squared off at the Gerry Weber Stadion in Halle/Westphalia, Germany, for the WBO Cruiserweight World Championship. Back then Huck won a close decision on points. However, Arslan saw himself ahead after the full twelve rounds.

“In our mind, this battle is a question of honor,” said Chris Meyer, Managing Director of Sauerland Event during Thursday’s press conference. “Both boxers saw themselves as the winner. But there is an easy way to end this debate, a rematch. That way Huck as well as Arslan now have the opportunity to prove who deserves to be called world champion.”

Although the cruiserweight fight of the year got a bit feisty at times, champion and challenger never forgot their sportsmanship. “Last year I underestimated Firat. That won’t happen again,” said the 28-year-old. “I did prove my worth against Afolabi just a few weeks ago. Whenever I train hard and give it my all, no cruiserweight can stop me. I am aiming to prove that once again on September 14.” Huck also believes that it won’t turn out to be a disadvantage for him, that the second fight will be close to the challenger´s home. “I have always said that I will take on anybody, anytime, anywhere. Others would have probably waited longer to face Arslan again. But I wanted to get it on as soon as possible, so that this topic is over and done with.”

And the 42-year-old Arslan, who in boxing terms isn’t they youngest anymore,  is happy to have another opportunity to win a world championship. “I am very excited that we will be fighting in Stuttgart,” said the former WBA Champion. “However, that wasn’t my decision. I would have fought him anywhere in the world. In my eyes it is more important that I got another title shot.” The former champion is convinced that this time round he will leave the ring victories. “If I perform as well as I did last time, and the judges are open-minded, I will take the WBO Belt back home with me.”

Tickets for the big fight night at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle on September 14 can be purchased at , and–67773

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Team Sauerland can finally confirm that the hotly anticipated rematch between Marco Huck (36-2-1, 25 KO´s) and Firat Arslan (33-6-2, 21 K.o.´s) is official. The WBO Cruiserweight Champion takes on his mandatory challenger at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany. The pair will once again trade blows on September 14 in a fight that promises to be a real cracker.

Last time round, the two Germans met on November 3. Back then Huck won by a disputable unanimous decision (115-113, 115-113 and 117-111) at the Gerry Weber Stadion in Halle/Westphalia, Germany. Right after their thrilling encounter Arslan demanded a rematch.

“I still believe that I won our first fight. I should be the world champion”, said the former WBA Titlist who lives close to the city of Stuttgart. The 42-year-old cruiserweight recently defeated Varol Vekiloglu and therefore made the WBO mandatory status his own. “I won’t let my second chance to capture the crown just slip away. This is a fight right on my own home turf.”

For Huck, the second outing against Arslan is a question of honor. “I understand that Firat is disappointed. I was in the same position after I fought Alexander Povetkin. I saw myself as the winner in that match-up but the judges didn’t. That is exactly why I always said that I would give Firat a rematch even if he wasn’t my mandatory challenger.”

Frederick Ness, managing director of Team Sauerland, is also excited about the constellation of the championship bout. “This is one of the fights that was right at the top of every boxing fans wish list. Their first bout was full of drama and excitement. That is why I cannot wait for September 14.”

Tickets for the big fight night at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany will be available from this coming weekend onwards at, and–67550

Date: November 3, 2012

WBO  Jr. Heavyweight Championship Title Bout

Location: Gerry Weber Stadium, Halle, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Promoter: Sauerland Events

Supervisor: Itsvan Kovacs

Referee: Celestino Ruiz

Judges: Paul Thomas (115-113), Mickey Vann (115-113), Giustino Di Giovanni (117-111)

Result: Huck won by unanimous decision


La Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) anuncia los oficiales que estarán trabajando este sábado, 3 de noviembre en la pelea por el título mundial del peso crucero entre el campeón Marco Huck y Firat Arslan, que se efectuará en el Gerry Weber Stadium de Halle Nordrhein-Westfalen, Alemania en una presentación de Sauerland Events.
El presidente de la OMB, Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, informó que para la décima defensa del cetro del serbio residente en Alemania, Huck (34-2-1, 25 KOs), frente al séptimo clasificado, el alemán Firat Arslan (32-5-1, 21 KOs), el árbitro será Celestino Ruiz, de Estados Unidos.
Mientras, los jueces que trabajarán en el encuentro Huck-Arslan serán los británicos Paul Thomas y Mickey Vann, y el italiano Giustino Di Giovanni. El supervisor de la OMB para este encuentro será el húngaro Istvan “Koko” Kovacs.



The World Boxing Organization (WBO) announces the officers who will be working this Saturday, November 3 in the fight for the world title cruiserweight champion Marco Huck from Firat Arslan and, to be held at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle Nordrhein -Westfalen, Germany on a presentation by Sauerland Events.
WBO President, Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, announced that for the tenth defense of the Serbian scepter resident in Germany, Huck (34-2-1, 25 KOs), against seventh-placed German Firat Arslan (32 – 5-1, 21 KOs), the referee will Celestino Ruiz, U.S..
Meanwhile, the judges who work in the Huck-Arslan will meet the British Paul Thomas and Mickey Vann, and Italian Giustino Di Giovanni. WBO supervisor for this meeting will be the Hungarian Istvan “Koko” Kovacs.

Por: Aleudi Rosario Cotto

El campeón mundial crucero de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), el serbio nacionalizado alemán Marco Huck (34-2-1, 25 KOs) se enfrentará al veterano ex monarca mundial alemán Firat Arslan (32-5-2, 21 KOs), intentando defender por décima ocasión su corona, en el combate estelar de una velada que se desarrollará el sábado 3 de noviembre en el Gerry Weber Stadium, de Halle, Alemania.

Esta tarde, ambos tuvieron su cara a cara en una conferencia de prensa promocional, donde ambos se mostraron más que optimistas para su choque.

“El Gerry Weber Stadium se siente como mi segundo hogar,” señaló Huck, y continuó: “Aquí es donde me convertí en campeón mundial y donde defendí mi título por sexta vez. Pero en esta ocasión, tengo un incentivo especial. Si logro defender mi título, que sería la décima defensa, seré galardonado con el status de súper campeón de la OMB”.

Sobre su retador, el “Capitán” Huck, de 27 años, manifestó: “Hubiera preferido no enfrentar a Firat. Es un tipo muy agradable a nivel personal. He visto sus últimas peleas y sé que es un oponente verdaderamente duro”.

En tanto Arslan, de 42 años, y que fuera campeón mundial crucero de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo (AMB) entre junio de 2007 y septiembre de 2008, también dijo lo suyo. “Tengo mucho respeto por Marco y por el hecho que esté dispuesto a medirse conmigo en un ring. Los otros campeones mundiales no me han dado una oportunidad. Marco tiene mucha potencia en sus golpes, pero considero que yo saldré victorioso. Soy más fuerte que los golpes arrojados hacia mi. Lo daré todo”, prometió.

A pesar de los 15 años de ventaja para el campeón, Arslan dejó en claro que aún tiene con qué enfrentarse a los mejores, y hasta vencerlos. “Sé que aún me puedo mezclar entre los muchachos que están en la cima. Quiero ser campeón mundial una vez más. Lo único importante para mí ahora es el 3 de noviembre. Estoy emocionado en que cada fanático venga a la arena. Eso generará el clima que las peleas tan grandes se merecen”, opinó.

Por su parte, Ulli Wegner, entrenador de Huck, compartió la opinión de su pupilo: “Será un combate excitante. Marco siempre muestró su clase y boxeó en forma interligente en Halle. Se convirtió en campeón mundial aquí, tras vencer al argentino Víctor Ramírez, y más tarde venció en una guerra al israelí Ran Nakash. Pero no será sencillo ante Firat dado que es muy fuerte físicamente”.

Según Dieter Wittmann, entrenador de Arslan, ya están trabajando y llegará lleno de confianza: “Será una pelea muy emocional. Firat está extremadamente determinado y convencido de sus propias habilidades”.

On November 3, WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck (34-2-1, 25 KOs) returns against former WBA champ Firat Arslan (32-5-2, 21 KOs). The bout will take place at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle/Westfalen, Germany. For Huck, it is the return to the venue where he dethroned previous champion Victor Emilio Ramirez. Since then Huck has successfully defended the title nine times. Should he win against Arslan, he will be granted a special “super champion” status by the WBO in recognition of ten successful title defenses. “Of course, that especially motivates me,” said Huck. “Currently there are no fighters on our team who can make that claim. I don’t want to miss the chance to become WBO super champion under any circumstances.” Regarding the WBO #8 Arslan, Huck stated, “He is a genuine fighting machine. He’s always applying strong pressure and he’s a southpaw. I have to be in top condition.”