Thompson Boxing Matchmaker/General Manager Alex Camponovo Clarifies Edwin Rodriguez’s WBO Latino Title Situation

Dear Paco,

I hope all is well, first of all, I wanted to apologize for the confusion created last Friday, August 23, when Saul Sanchez fought Edwin Rodriguez in Corona, CA.

It was reported that Rodriguez, the winner of the fight by spilt decision, was declared the new WBO latino champion, however, I’d like to clarify and confirm that we were never given authorization or sanction by your organization to stage the fight as a title match. The California bout agreement only reflected the 10-round match at 118 lbs. and all the other particulars and there were no mentions of a title match.

Moreover, the fight was not announced at any point as a title defense for champion Saul Sanchez, as we did not have the sanction letter or a WBO supervisor in attendance for the weigh in and the match. We never had a mandated rules meeting, glove selection or any other ceremonies necessary for a title match, simply because we did not have the sanction for it.

There were some mistakes by our ring announcer who made mentioned the fight incorrectly from the ring and was not corrected in due time, which falls on me.

I wanted to shed a little bit of light and I thank you for your patience and understanding on the matter, we did not want to create an adverse situation and we look forward in working with you in our next events.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Alex Camponovo