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BJ FLORES will be defending his NABO and FIGHTING FOR THE VACANT NABA North American cruiserweight titles on September 14th in a very exciting match-up against another top 10 North American rated cruiserweight

BJ IS CURRENTLY RATED #2 IN THE WORLD BY THE WBO AND HAS BEEN CHASING the opportunity to face one of the world champions. BJ is promoted by legendary promoter Don King. This final fight against another top ten North American contender will ensure BJ marches to the top of not only the WBO sanctioning body but possibly and most likely the WBA as well as he will be fighting for the Vacant NABA title as BJ is the highest rated contender. This belt became vacant after #3 world rated cruiser Lateef Kayode 20-0, refused to face BJ earlier this year and instead faced Antonio Tarver in a Showtime televised card. BJ now will hopefully add this title to his growing trophy case but more importantly use this fight as a springboard to the #1 spot guaranteeing him a title shot next!!

BJ recently returned from New York City where he was the lead analyst for NBC to cover the Olympics for Boxing. BJ and co-host Fred Roggin were featured for 17 days in a row for the CNBC broadcast of Olympic Boxing! BJ is now returned and was quoted as saying ” I love the commentary and the opportunity to cover the Olympics was a dream come true. But it is now time to GET BACK TO WORK! I am hungry for a world title and this will be my last fight before facing one of the champions. This fight WILL NOT go all 10 rounds! I have to make a statement.”

Come tomorrow and find out who BJ will be facing!!!

Press conference Thursday at 2pm at the Youngblood Kia Dealership on South Cambell. Entire Undercard will be announced and undercard fighters will be present!

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Will Grover 6-1
Justin Ridgeway 3-1
Jessie Cook 4-0
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WBO #4 cruiserweight B.J. Flores (27-1-1, 17 KO’s) says he has turned down an offer by K2 Promotions to face #1 ranked Ola Afolabi (18-2-3, 8 KOs) on March 3rd for the WBO interim world title in Germany on the Wladimir Klitschko-Jean Marc Mormeck heavyweight title card.

“I want this fight,” Flores said, “I have been very active lately and ready for this type of challenge. But on twenty-six days notice? And having to go to Germany? This is a very serious fight for a very serious title and I demand my full 45 days of preparation, especially considering I just fought last Saturday. It’s only fair. I have worked very hard for this opportunity and combine that with a very very low $25,000 offer, it doesn’t seem like they really want this fight.”

He continued, “This is a great chance for the cruiserweight division to put on a great fight and they want to stick it on an undercard where no one will see it, for very low money with only 26 days’ notice and I would have to travel to Germany. I have just had three successful shows in Springfield, Missouri and with the cash streams we can generate, we could do the fight there and bring in a network TV station and both of us can not only make more money but it could re-energize the cruiserweight division in the States. This fight deserves to be on TV and I deserve the regulated 45 day preparation time as I am the highest rated contender. Ola, I will pay you more money than you have offered me and we can definitely get American TV to cover this event. I demand the proper amount of time and I want everyone in America to see this fight as it is good for the division. Fighting on the undercard in Germany is with 25 days notice is not the right way to win a world title Have your promoter get in touch with Don King and we can set this up easy. I want this fight!”

WBO NABO Jr. Heavyweight champion BJ Flores (27-1-1, 16 KOs) scored a sixth round TKO over comebacking 40-year-old former welterweight title challenger Hugo Pineda (39-6-1, 28 KOs) on Saturday night with an enthusiastic hometown crowd at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Missouri. Flores dominated the entire bout with Pineda not able to connect on anything significant in the six plus rounds. Flores looked exceptionally sharp and did not give Pineda an easy target to hit and at times it looked as if Flores knew what Pineda was going to throw. Both fighters were tentative in the first, each carefully measuring the other and keeping at a safe distance, however, early in the 3rd Flores connected with a thunderous left hand to drop Pineda but he was able to continue. The Missouri native then began to work Pineda’s body and from this point forward, it seemed to take the starch out of him.

Flores turned up the heat in the fourth as Pineda began telegraphing his shots allowing Flores to pick his spots, as he pounded his opponent to the body with both hands. The fifth round was much of the same as Flores seemed to not be interested in stopping Pineda just yet, continuing to feed the man across from his a steady diet of lefts and rights to his belly.

To his credit, Pineda came out in the fifth more aggressive, trying to keep Flores off of him, letting both hands go. However, the bodywork delivered by Flores up to this point had sufficiently weakened Pineda so that Flores was able to walk right through the barrage. The round ended with Flores unleashing his own arsenal, throwing combinations at a blistering pace.

Standing from his stool to start the sixth, Flores seemed determined to end the contest. Flores began to fire the right hand, sending his opponent around the ring with every punch. After trapping Pineda against the ropes, Flores began dropping both hands on his opponent. Toward the end of the round, Referee Mike England had seen enough, determining that Pineda could not defend himself, ending the bout at 2:34.

Flores was asked after the fight how he thought he did. “I felt sharp tonight” He continued to add “this was my 3rd fight in 6 month and it was against a guy I was supposed to beat but beating someone impressively is always a tough thing. I executed my game plan and got him out faster than anybody else has ever knocked him out”.

Promoter Don King, who recently added Flores to his stable, was in attendance and was asked what was next for Flores and he said that a title fight is definitely in Flores future.


By Clint Rosser at ringside
Photos: David Martin Warr/DKP 2012

A Jan. 28 fight against Hugo Pineda is just a keep-busy bout for NABO Cruiserweight champion BJ Flores, but while the 32-year-old cruiserweight contender (26-1-1, 16 knockouts) is okay with keeping busy, he wants that activity to lead him to a world title shot.

Flores spoke with about his upcoming bout, about what he’s doing to remain active (including promoting shows in his hometown), about which cruiserweight titleholder he’d like to challenge and what he wants to do before entertaining any thoughts of moving up to heavyweight. What are you looking to get out of this fight?

Flores: “To be honest with you, it’s just another fight. This will be my third fight in six months. I faced Nick Iannuzzi, Paul Jennette — a guy I’d never even heard of — and now we’re trying to target another top 10 North American guy. And it just didn’t happen. They just don’t want to fight.

“A lot of them are kind of holding out for what they think might be a title opportunity or something, or they just don’t want to fight in my hometown. They think it’s too risky of a fight. This is a time to take what I can get. It’s going to get me back in the ring and it’s going to keep me sharp. Like I said, it’s my third 10-round fight in a six-month period. We’re kind of putting to bed those rumors of not being able to fight, not wanting to fight. I love to fight.

“Now that I’m with Don King, I’ve got an extra little bounce in my step. They’re helping me promote the show. We’ve also got Cory spinks and Sechew Powell in an IBF eliminator in the co-main event. Wayne Braithwaite vs. Chris Stallworth is another special attraction. So we’ve got a fantastic card shaking up.” You said you’re putting to bed the rumors of not being able to fight. It does seems that there are Don King fighters who just don’t get in the ring that often anymore. You’re saying that, in your case, that’s not the case?

Flores: “Not at all. This is the thing. Don maybe doesn’t have as many dates as he used to have. That’s just boxing these days. So his fighters nowadays, we’ve got to be creative and go out and develop a home base, somewhere where you can fight and the promoter doesn’t have to do all the work every single time and just put you on a card and lose money.

“When I fight at home in Springfield, it doesn’t cost Don any money. I make money with the tickets I sell, and he can put his fighters on the undercard. It’s great for me. He does still have those big dates. He can still get me the big ones, but it’s not as frequent as it used to be. So I’m a team player. I’m all about helping out.

“Me and my team, our guys, we put in a lot of work to make sure that we can build up my home state of Missouri. Springfield, Mo., is turning into a fight town. This’ll be our third show in six months. It’s an exciting time. Don is very willing to help out. We’re helping each other out. It’s a great thing.” How much distraction is there for you, running this show for Jan. 28 and also getting ready to do commentary Jan. 21 for the NBC Sports Network boxing broadcast?

Flores: “I enjoy staying busy. The prepping for the show, we teamed up with local promoters here, so he does a lot of the legwork and groundwork, I just kind of oversee everything. I really don’t have to do much — make some appearances here and there, set a couple of things up in the beginning. Since then, we’ve just pretty much been training. The broadcast doesn’t affect me at all. I’ve got all day to train. … And if you plan out your day effectively, you’ve got plenty of time.” What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?

Flores: “I just hope to continue to stay active, if I don’t get a title fight. I’m ranked [No. 4] by the WBO, No. 7 by the WBA and No. 8 by the WBC. I just want to continue to move up the ratings and whatever opportunity I have as soon as possible to fight for a world championship, that’s obviously what I want. This will be my third fight in six months. I feel like my timing is back, my reflexes are back.

“A long layoff is any fighter’s downfall. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot before I went into a big fight. Everybody’s so good, that if you’re not active, you’re really doing a huge, huge disservice to yourself. That’s how it was when I fought Danny Green. I was coming off a 16-month layoff. I had to weigh 195 pounds for the fight. He wanted to handicap for me. I want to make sure the next opportunity I get that I’m 100 percent. We’re doing the right thing by staying active.” Of the major world titleholders, is there somebody specific that you want?

Flores: “To be honest with you, Marco Huck is the guy that I really want, but now he has the fight with [heavyweight beltholder Alexander] Povektin. I hope he wins that fight with Povetkin, so the WBO title can become vacant. That’s where I’m ranked the highest, so hopefully I’ll be in position to fight for that vacant belt.

“I also want Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. I think, style-wise, I match up with him really well. He’s coming off a big win over Danny Green, a fight that he was losing by four points until he scored the knockout. I think that’d be a great stylistic match-up. That’s the guy I would absolutely love to fight.” You’re mentioning other cruiserweights. Every other cruiserweight under the sun seems to have heavyweight aspirations. Are we going to count you someday among those ranks, too?

Flores: “I think there’s way too much unfinished business at cruiserweight. I don’t want to talk about moving ahead until I handle the business here. There’s just not enough name guys in the states to really be able to stay active and fight name guys, so I’ve got to stay busy fighting whoever I can find pretty much in America to keep me busy and keep me sharp until I get the big fight.

“But once I get that title, once I defend it a time or two, then we can talk about that, but I’m not even thinking about that until I accomplish my goals at cruiserweight, which is to win one of four major world titles. I will not go to heavyweight until that happens. That’s a guarantee.”


by David P. Greisman

Cruiserweight contender BJ Flores has informed that his opponent for his Jan. 28 fight in Springfield, Mo., will be Hugo Pineda.

“We’ve offered this fight to seven different guys in the top 10 of the NABO and NABF ratings. And to be honest with you, nobody out there wants to fight,” Flores said. “It’s very difficult to find a guy to fight without him wanting some ridiculous amount of money. I mean, this is an off-TV card. We have offered this fight to so many guys, it’s unbelievable.”

Pineda, a 40-year-old from Colombia who last appeared in the ring in 2008, losing that January by stoppage against Glen Johnson and then dropping a decision that July against Jimmy Kapanov. This will be his first fight in three-and-a-half years. He has a record of 39-5-1 with 28 knockouts.

His last two bouts were at light heavyweight and cruiserweight. Pineda, who is listed on BoxRec at 6-foot-1, challenged two times for world titles at lower weight classes, losing in 1996 to Kostya Tszyu and suffering a knockout against Felix Trinidad in 1999.

Flores, meanwhile, says he’s keeping busy while seeking a title shot.

The 32-year-old is 26-1-1 with 16 knockouts. His first career loss came in 2010 when he lost a decision to Danny Green. He’s fought twice since then, stopping Nicholas Iannuzzi in July and out-pointing Paul Jennette in October.

This will be Flores’ third fight in about six months.


by David P. Greisman

Former Golden Gloves champion and Willard native B.J. Flores’ dream bout against WBA cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones apparently is no longer on the radar of iconic promoter Don King.

In promoting a non-King fight scheduled for Jan. 28 at the Shrine Mosque, Flores revealed Monday that King would rather him face the champions of the World Boxing Organization or World Boxing Council, Germany’s Marco Huck or Poland’s Krzysztof Wlodarczyk.

King has Jones and Flores under contract, making it more possible for Flores to get his title shot.

But Flores’ reasoning for King’s retreat on that matchup was odd Monday.

He cited the success of his Oct. 15 fight, a unanimous decision against 43-year-old Paul Jennette that drew about 3,500 to the O’Reilly Family Event Center. Flores never put Jennette on the canvas in a fight that went the full 10 rounds.

“I don’t think he knew the type of result we’d get for the fight in Springfield,” Flores said at a news conference at the north Doubletree Hotel, and then indicated King sees potential (read: big payday) should he have rights to Flores and Jones if one is a WBA or WBC champ while Jones retains his WBA title.

“He said, ‘You know, you’ve got a great thing in Springfield. I don’t want to knock one of my top guys off (Jones) and have them start back over,'” Flores said.

The public relations manager for Don King Productions, Alan Hopper, on Monday said he did not have time to respond in full.

“I want the title shot,” Flores said. “But if I can fight here again, increase my fan base here again and fight in a place that I love and then have a title shot, I don’t care what champion I fight. I just want a shot for a title.”

Meanwhile, details of Flores’ Jan. 28 fight, and the card itself, are still being finalized, including a start time and ticket prices.

But, in essence, it will be marketed at the same time as a Feb. 11 card featuring Kimbo Slice at the O’Reilly Center.

Flores will be defending his NABA and NABO belts, plus go for a vacant NABF belt. Potential opponents are Carl Davis, 38, Andres Taylor, 32, and Shane Stoneman.

“It’s going to take a little more money to get quality opponents in, and we are prepared to do that,” Flores’ trainer, Jacob Chavez, said.|head

For weeks, B.J. Flores emphasized that his pursuit of a chance at a WBA, WBO or WBC cruiserweight championship belt would rely on a total destruction in his October homecoming.

After all, the Willard native and former Golden Gloves champion is trying to convince iconic boxing promoter Don King to make his dream come true.

But Flores’ fight Saturday night arguably cast doubt on whether that will happen anytime soon.

Flores needed all 10 scheduled rounds to score a unanimous decision against cruiserweight Paul Jennette before a crowd of roughly 3,000 at the O’Reilly Family Event Center.

Jennette is 43, has not won a fight in two years and is not ranked within the top 100 of any of the top three world sanctioning bodies.

“It was the best I could do tonight,” said Flores, now 26-1-1. “I’d grade it a B-plus. I wanted to knock him out, but I didn’t get the knockout.”

The fight came two months after he signed with King, whose company could breathe life into Flores’ stalled career.

Flores, 32, is nearing his ninth year as a pro, and his fight Saturday was his second independent matchup since ending a contract last year with another promoter.

By signing with King, Flores conceivably could land his dream bout: A shot at a cruiserweight championship belt in either the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization or World Boxing Council.

King controls the rights of several cruiserweights, including WBA champion Guillermo Jones.

But two months after announcing Saturday’s fight — promoter Wes Slay said he couldn’t have anything less than a knockout — Flores may still have work to do.

Jennette avoided several of Flores’ roundhouses midway through the bout — it was for the WBA Continental Americas cruiserweight title — by adjusting his body angles and maintaining quality footwork.

It threw off Flores, who said he was forced to shift strategy and began to sense the fight would go deep — despite the crowd cheering for a knockout several times.

“I was very surprised that he was that tough,” Flores said.

Jennette, from Greensboro, N.C., wanted no part of a moral victory.

“I really didn’t feel like I won anything. I wish him the best. I wish he gets the championship fight. He deserves it,” Jennette said.

Flores and Slay for weeks had been adamant that a victory would “guarantee” Flores such a prized matchup.

But their public comments conflict with a representative from Don King Productions, Allan Hopper, who recently told the News-Leader that Flores must work his way to a No. 1 ranking in the WBA, WBC or WBO in order to challenge Jones or one of the other cruiserweight champs.

In boxing, three sanctioning bodies require a mandatory fight every six months to a year between its champion and its No. 1-rated boxer. Flores is ranked No. 4 in the WBO but No. 19 in the WBC and No. 13 in the WBA, in which Jones is champion.

“Maybe that’s what they’re going to tell you (the News-Leader),” Flores said, saying he could be in the top four to face Jones.

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