(Photo credit: PR Best Boxing Promotions/Joel Colon) By Scott Gilfoid: WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns (35-2, 10 KO’s) will be making his third defense of his World Boxing Organization 135 pound title this Saturday night against the big punching Jose A Gonzalez (22-0, 17 KO’s) at the Emirates Arena, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The 30-year-old Burns will be getting his first taste of power since his clinch-filled 12 round decision over Michael Katsidis two years ago in London.

Since then, Burns has had two easy fights against light hitters Kevin Mitchell and Paulus Moses. Gonzalez, 29, is a much bigger puncher than Katsidis or Burns’ biggest hitting opponent to date Roman Martinez, and he’s got huge, huge power in either hand.

Gonzalez, from Puerto Rico, can punch right through guards, so if Burns is going to employ the rope and dope strategy that he used in his fight against Katsidis then I’m afraid he’s going to take a tremendous amount of punishment because you really can’t block Gonzalez’s shots because the power that he has.

The only way to try and survive against Gonzalez is to duck, dodge and run from him because if he hits you anywhere on your body you’re going to be in serious trouble.

Gonzalez is definitely the biggest puncher in the lightweight division by far and that includes WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner.

I expect that Burns will use his old arm bar and clinch techniques to keep from getting nailed by Gonzalez, but I don’t think it’s going to work.

I’ve seen some of Gonzalez’s fights where his opponents tried to hold down one of his arms the way that Burns likes to do and he kept nailing them with HUGE right hands.

Gonzalez is able to generate tremendous power even in close, so grabbing and holding one of his arms isn’t going to save Burns from punishment.

Likewise, using excellent clinches to try and tie Gonzalez up won’t work as well because he works during clinches. He doesn’t just give up passively and let his opponents survive or get rest breaks from his punishment.

Gonzalez is coming into this fight with a four-fight knockout streak that dates back to 2011. He’s stopped Alejandro Rodriguez, Oscar Cuero, Joseph Laryea and Hevinson Herrera in impressive fashion.

Burns is going to have problems taking his shots because he tends to like to slug with his opponents, but with Gonzalez you can’t do that because he hits so incredibly hard. He’ll literally punch a giant hole through Burns if he tries to slug with him.

The winner of the September 22nd fight between WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns and Kevin Mitchell could very well be merely keeping the World Boxing Organization 135 pound title warm long enough for Adrien Broner (24-0, 20 KO’s) to move in and take the belt from the winner, that is, if Burns doesn’t vacate an move up again.

Broner reportedly will be moved up to #1 in the WBO lightweight rankings as soon as the Burns-Mitchell fight is over, and that is going to put an incredible amount of pressure on the Burns-Mitchell winner. Oh, I’m sure that Burns or Mitchell won’t volunteer to fight Broner in their very next fight, because that could be like volunteering to get knocked out and have your title removed. But once Burns or Mitchell gets a nice voluntary title defense out of the way, they’ll be staring at the reality of having to defend the WBO title against Broner.

I can see some serious thinking going on when that happens – to fight Broner or vacate the title. I wish I could believe that Burns, if he beats Mitchell, will agree to take the fight with Broner, but I don’t see that happening. My prediction will be that Burns vacates and moves up to light welterweight to see how things are up there, while Broner moves in to take vacant WBO lightweight title in a fight against someone like #3 WBO Sharif Bogere.

The Burns-Mitchell fight is one that’s impossible to pick a winner. In an actual fight where punches are exchanged, Mitchell is the guy 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However, Burns likes to clinch, and he could shut down Mitchell’s offense completely if he’s allowed to grab Mitchell all night long whenever the Brit tries to let his hands go. Besides that, the fight is taking place at the Scottish Exhibition Center in Glasgow, Scotland, and it’s going to be really tough for Mitchell to win a decision fighting in Burns’ backyard.

By: Scott Gilfoid

Former WBO super featherweight champion Adrien Broner (24-0, 20 KO’s) expects WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns (34-2, 9 KO’s) to move up to the light welterweight division now that Broner is moving up and has been promised the #1 ranking by the World Boxing Organization. Broner sees Burns vacating his title rather than risking a fight against him.

Broner told “I was supposed to fight Ricky Burns [at super featherweight]. He went up. Now that I’m at his weight [lightweight], I think he’s going to 40 [140 lbs] now.”

Gosh, I hope Broner is wrong about this because I’d hate to see Burns move up in weight for a second time just when Broner is on the verge of finally getting a fight against him. Broner was hoping to get a fight against Burns last year when Burns was the WBO super featherweight champion. But just when Broner was ready to get the fight, Burns vacated the WBO super featherweight title and moved up in weight to the lightweight division. Burns picked up the WBO lightweight outside of the ring after the WBO stripped champion Juan Manuel Marquez and gave the strap to Burns.

Since getting the WBO title, Burns has defended it once against 34-year-old Paulus Moses in a 12 round unanimous decision last March. That wasn’t an impressive performance from Burns because he spent a lot of time clinching and trapping Moses’ arms to keep him from punching.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Burns does a repeat and vacates his WBO title now that Broner is ready to fight him again. I’d like to imagine that Burns will face Broner this time, but future events cast their shadows before. Burns might repeat what he did in the past and vacate the WBO strap rather than face Broner and risk getting battered and knocked out.

Burns is facing #1 WBO Kevin Mitchell next month on September 22nd at the Scottish Exhibition Center in Glasgow, Scotland. I figure Mitchell will lose this fight unless he can score a knockout. He’s going to be really up against it and I don’t see him walking out of Scott Exhibition Center with a decision.

By: Scott Gilfoid

Undefeated WBO Junior Lightweight World Champion Adrien Broner (Left) and NABO Junior Lightweight Champion Vicente Escobedo (Right) pose on June 13, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the press conference to officially announce their July 21, 2012 world title fight at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati which will be broadcast live on HBO Boxing After Dark. Photos by Pat Lovell/Hoganphotos

WBO NABO Jr. Lightweight Vicente Escobedo (25-3, 15KOs) is on the verge of cashing in his best career performance against Lonnie Smith last month, with a shot at one of the Jr. Lightweight champions in 2012.

The 30 year-old from Woodland, has been talked about as a possible opponent for WBO champion Adrien Broner in the coming months, but told WBN that he will take on any the belt holders at 130lbs.

“I would like a shot at Broner of course. I think I have the style and skills to beat him,” Escobedo told World Boxing News.

“But i’ll go for the first champion my manager and promoter can make a deal with and if that is Broner then I welcome it.

“He is a very talented fighter but I see chinks in his armour, although I wouldn’t tell what they were.”

Escobedo surprised many in his latest victory, not with the result itself, but with the manor of the job he did on Smith, who was undefeated in five years prior to his first round knockout loss in which he hit the canvas three times.

“I suppose that considering that I knocked out a good fighter in less than a round, you could argue that it was my best performance to date,” explained Escobedo.

“But before I think of world titles, I will be back in my hometown on May 12th in a bout televised on Telefutura again.

“The main goal is of course the title shot and we are talking about it for after my next bout. That’s what I am gearing up for,” he added.


By Phil D. Jay

In an unfortunate development, a source close to the situation has advised that Eloy Perez has tested positive for cocaine following his fourth-round stoppage loss to Adrien Broner in St. Louis on February 25.

Team Perez reportedly received a letter from the Missouri commission on Monday stating the positive result.  His license will be revoked indefinitely pending a hearing.

The Garcia Boxing Management Team, which handles Perez, gave this statement when asked about the matter:

“On Monday, March 12, Garcia Boxing has released Eloy Perez of any contractual obligation.  Due to pending matters, we are not at liberty to discuss his personal or professional conduct.”

Come back to later for more information as it becomes readily available.


By Ryan Maquiñana

El estadounidense Adrien Broner logró la primera defensa de la corona superpluma de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), al derrotar por nocaut en el cuarto asalto a su compatriota Eloy Pérez, este sábado por la noche en el principal combate de respaldo de la cartelera Maidana-Alexander que Golden Boy Promotions organizó en el Scottrade Center, de San Luis, Missouri, Estados Unidos.

Broner dominó el encuentro con su veloz y certero jab de izquierda y cruzados de derecha. Pérez trato de intercambiar al final del segundo recibiendo fuerte castigo por parte de el campeón del mundo.

El final llego en el cuarto asalto al minuto 2:24 cuando una fuerte derecha a la cara seguido por otro derechazo al tímpano mandaron a la lona a Pérez haciéndole perder el equilibrio. Trato de incorporarse dos ocasiones sin lograrlo y esto causó a que el réferi Genaro “Gino” Rodríguez   detuviera las acciones las acciones.

Broner dijo después de la pelea cada vez se siente mejor y se está preparando para subir a la categoría liviana. Con este nuevo triunfo, Broner mejoró su record a 23-0, con 19 nocauts, mientras que Pérez cayó a 23-1-2, con 7 nocauts.

En otros duelos de esta cartelera, Eddie Gómez venció por decisión unánime al veterano David López en lo que fue una pelea de un solo lado de principio a fin.

Gómez impuso su plan de ataque siempre hacia adelante con un rapido jab de izquierda ante un López que no presento mayor opocicion. Las tajetas leyeron 59-55, 60-54, 59-55 para una decicion a favor del joven nativo del Bronx, Nueva York decendente de padres Hondureños.

 Por otra parte, José Ponce gano por KO Técnico al los 2:40 del segundo asalto a Jonathan Brown

 Tyrone Chatman venció por decición uninánime a Marlon Smith. Keith Thurman venció por nocaut técnico en el primer asalto Christopher Fernández. Deontay Wilder derrotó por TKO cuando la esquina de Marlon Hayes lo retira antes de iniciar el quinto as alto.

Por Raúl Sáenz L. Luaces en St. Louis,




Broner, the undefeated 22-year-old rising star from Cincinnati, threw a crushing right hand in the fourth round that put Perez on the canvas, where the undefeated fighter was counted out at 38 seconds of the round. Broner retained his WBO super featherweight title.

It was the third time in his career that Perez (23-1-2) was knocked down, but this time he was unable to get up. He tried, but stumbled from one end of the ring to the other and was finally counted out by referee Genaro Rodriguez.

Broner had his way in the ring, throwing combinations seemingly at will against Perez, who showed some quickness but lacked the power to hurt Broner.

Broner (24-0, 20 KOs) threw 189 punches and landed 58 (31%), while Perez had trouble connecting on the quicker Broner, throwing 160 and landing just 26 (16%).

“I want to thank HBO for giving me another chance,” Broner said. “I knew he was going to come to fight. We’ve been going at it, back and forth. I was prepared for anything. Whatever he brought, I was ready.”

“I wasn’t even trying to knock him out. I was just trying to beat on him.” Broner added. “I caught him and and it was the same old shot. He took the right hand.”

Asked how he was able to dance around the quick Perez, the taller Broner told HBO’s Max Kellerman, “You saw it. I got the fastest feet in the game. I should be on Dancing with the Stars.”

Broner said he keeps improving with every fight. “I learn from every fight. This fight I was going to make a statement, and I did. I showed that this is what happens when you put a good fighter in with an elite fighter.”

Asked who was next on his opponent wish list, Broner said, “You can call me the ‘Can Man.’ Anybody can get some. Afri-cans, Ameri-cans, Domini-cans, Mexi-cans. Anybody can get it.”











By Bob Velin, USA TODAY


Undefeated WBO super featherweight champion Adrien Broner (22-0, 18 KO’s) defends his title on Saturday night against Eloy Perez (23-0-2, 7 KO’s) in a fight televised by HBO at the Scottrade Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. Broner, 22, who comes from Cincinnati, Ohio, sees the #1 World Boxing Organization contender Perez as being no different than the previous 22 opponents that Broner has beaten during his career. Broner sees himself stopping Perez and impressing boxing fans watching at home on HBO.

Broner told RingTV “The fights going to go however Adrien “The Problem” Broner wants it to go. You know, if I feel like I’ve got him in position and he makes a mistake in the first round, then the fight will be over in the first round.”

Broner is 100% right about that, because he’s got a lot of power and is so good at catching his opponents off guard with his counter punching ability. With Broner, all it takes is one big shot and his opponents are sufficiently hurt enough for him to land a few other well aimed shots to take them out. Broner fights a lot like Floyd Mayweather Jr. with his fighting style. If you were to look at Broner fighting with a fuzzy television screen where you couldn’t see his face, you’d swear that you’re watching Mayweather Jr. Broner has Mayweather’s style completely down pact from the shoulder roll to the check left hook that Mayweather likes to use in his fights. Broner isn’t as fast as Mayweather, but he hurts guys a lot more with his shots than Mayweather is doing nowadays at welterweight.

If Perez makes a mistake against Broner this Saturday night, he’ll be quickly taken out.


By Eric Thomas:


WBO Junior Lightweight World Champion Adrien Broner (Right)  poses on February 22, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri during a media workout in preparation their February 25, 2012 fights when Broner will defend his title against undefeated number one rated WBO junior lightweight contender Eloy Perez at Scottrade Center in St. Louis which will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark. Photos by Marc Buckner/Hoganphotos


Title bouts featuring undefeated fighters are a rarity these days, especially those between two boxers with strong local followings who wind up fighting away from their adoring local fans. But such is the rare treat we’ll get Saturday in St. Louis when Eloy Perez (23-0-2, 7 KOs), a native of Rainier, Wash., now fighting out of Salinas, Calif., makes his first attempt to win a world title by challenging WBO junior lightweight champion Adrien Broner (22-0, 18 KOs) of Cincinnati. As the fighters’ records suggest, this represents more than just a match between two in-their-prime young guns trying to set themselves up for bigger challenges. It could be a defining moment for either (or both) fighters, who have the same agenda and very similar skill sets, although Broner is clearly the heavier puncher and Perez the slicker technician.

We caught up with Perez — “El Principe” — during the last stages of his preparation for the most important fight of his career, and this is what he had to share:

What can you tell us about your training for this fight?
I’ve been training in Oakland [Calif.]. I had some great sparring partners, like Keandre Gibson, Mike Dallas [Jr.] and others. The preparation has been great; I couldn’t be happier. I am getting ready and focused, and just waiting for the final countdown.

What’s your take on Broner as a fighter?
What can I say? He is a world champion and he’s got skills. He is undefeated for a reason. But when I get my chance on [Saturday], I will show that I want it more.

Broner’s nickname is “The Problem.” What is the biggest problem he could give you Saturday?
To be honest, I can’t tell you. That’s my team’s mission, to find out what I should work on and what I need to beat him. But he hasn’t done anything to show me that I’m not better than him. I am prepared for him. I am prepared for whatever he has to offer. He’s not going to beat me.

This could be seen as a classic boxer-versus-puncher type of fight. Do you see it that way?
No, I think this is going to be a fight based on speed. He’s fast, I am fast, so this is going to be the main thing. Obviously he can pop, as his record shows, but it’s going to be an exciting fight and I am going to be on top of him. There’s going to be a new world champion on [Saturday].

What’s the strategy for a relentless guy like Broner, strictly from a boxing point of view? We’re both fast, so whoever is the smarter fighter will win. It will be an exciting fight.

Is Broner the most difficult of the champs in this division?
I don’t think so. There are five champions in each weight class and we all have to fight each other to see who’s the best at 130 pounds. I think that [IBF titlist] Juan Carlos Salgado and the Japanese champs [Takashi Uchiyama and Takahiro Ao] are the most difficult ones.

You grew up professionally in front of your local fans. What do you expect for this fight on neutral ground? Do you think you’ll be able to win over fans?
From my point of view, I think it’s going to be an exciting fight for all boxing fans — and especially for my fans, to see me on such a big stage. And there’s a lot of fans in my hometown in Salinas, Calif., who are going to follow me there because they want to see the people’s champ.

How do you envision Saturday’s fight playing out?
Explosive. It’s not going to be a distance fight. Someone’s not going to make it through the 12 rounds. That’s all I can say.



Diego Morilla is a contributor to


WBO president Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, announced today the referee and judges who will work on the world title bout between WBO jr lightweight champion Adrien Broner vs Eloy Perez this Saturday at the Scottrade Center, Saint Louis, Missouri. The referee will be Genaro “Gino” Rodriguez, from Illinois/Puerto Rico. The judges for Broner-Perez are Michael Pernick from Florida, Ted Gimza from Illinois, and Jerry Griffin from Missouri. WBO supervisor for this fight will be John Duggan from Illinois.

La Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB) anuncia los oficiales que estarán trabajando en el combate de título mundial entre el campeón junior ligero Adrien Broner frente a Eloy Pérez, que se efectuará este sábado, 25 de febrero, en el Scottrade Center de San Luis, Missouri, en una presentación de Golden Boy Promotions.

El presidente de la OMB, Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, informó que para el combate, en que el estadounidense Broner (22-0, 18 KOs) defiende por primera vez su cetro de las 130 libras ante su compatriota Pérez (23-0-2, 7 KOs), el árbitro será el puertorriqueño Genaro “Gino” Rodríguez.

Los jueces que trabajarán en la pelea entre Broner y Pérez son los estadounidenses Michael Pernick (Florida), Ted Gimza (Illinois) y Jerry Griffin (Missouri). El supervisor de la OMB para el encuentro es el también estadounidense John Duggan.

Broner, de sólo 22 años, ganó el título el pasado 26 de noviembre de 2011 cuando noqueó en el tercer asalto al argentino Vicente Martín Rodríguez en Cincinati, Ohio.

El encuentro entre Broner y Pérez, por el título junior ligero de la OMB, podrá ser visto por la telecadena HBO desde las 10:00 p.m. (hora del Este). recently caught up with Eloy “The Prince” Perez who faces WBO super featherweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (22-0) on Saturday in St. Louis, MO. The fight will be aired live on HBO along with the Devon Alexander versus Marcos Maidana clash that serves as the evening’s main event.

Perez opened his camp in Oakland, CA where he sparred with Michael Dallas (who defeated Miguel Gonzalez on ESPN last Friday) and Stan Martinez before moving his camp down to Oxnard to wrap up his sparring.

“Camp has been more than perfect. I sparred with Michael Dallas and Stan Martinez in Oakland.  Then we had good sparring in Oxnard with Robert Garcia’s guys,” stated Perez.

This fight will be Perez’s HBO debut.  He has been a regular on Telefutura’s ‘Solo Boxeo’ series and is looking forward to the prestige that fighting on HBO brings.  He also said that it is a privilege to get to this point and that many prospects get lost on the way to a title shot.

“Its an honor to get to this point. I’m pumped because it’s do or die. I’m happy to be in St. Louis on HBO. Some people get sidetracked or don’t get this far. I’m ready to go,” Perez told Boxingscene.

Last year Broner struggled in his fight against Daniel Ponce De Leon who was fighting in the super bantamweight division for the first time. Despite the size disadvantage, Ponce De Leon came forward and pressured Broner throughout the fight.  Many observers felt that the Mexican fighter had earned a draw at minimum for his efforts.  Perez feels that he has the perfect game plan in place for Broner.

“We have put together a great game plan.  I didn’t see the De Leon fight but I heard it could have went either way.  Pressure bothers him but all of the fighters he fought have stood right in front of him. You know me. I’m smart and fast. I stick and move. I hope he comes after me so I can catch him,” Perez revealed.

Perez is coming into this fight with a chip on his shoulder.  He has been the subject of Broner’s verbal taunts for months now.  Since the fight has been announced, Broner has turned up the heat even more while Perez has remained silent for the most part.  Perez feels that Broner is underestimating him and is chomping at the bit for a chance to shut Broner up when they enter the ring on Saturday.

“I want to shut his mouth.  I think people do underestimate me because of my knockout ratio. He definitely is going to feel my power,” said a confident sounding Perez.

“I definitely think I am his biggest test. He has never fought a guy like me. I do think he is underestimating me and he is making a mistake. I think he will be in for a surprise.  On Saturday night I will be the answer to The Problem,” he continued.


By Ryan Burton


NABO Jr Lightweight champion Eloy “The Prince” Perez who will be taking on WBO Super Featherweight champion Adrien Broner in St. Louis on February 25th on HBO is training hard and putting the finishing touches on his training camp. Perez chose to move the final phase of training to Oxnard, CA at Robert Garcia’s Boxing Academy which has become a boxing hotbed. caught up with Perez and he explained the reason for the change in sites for his training.

“Just different work, a different look. Different atmosphere. I guess here its puro putasos (Spanish for hard hitting)” said Perez as he chuckled. “You know, here with Brandon [Rios], its good. It’s my last two weeks and everything is going as planned and I’m glad I’m here in Oxnard”.

Brandon Rios is also currently doing light training in anticipation for his next fight at the gym and it’s a wonder if Perez and Rios have sparred or done any work together.

“No, just been training side by side. But I’m going to come back after my fight and help him out for the Gamboa fight for like a month. Help my boy out” revealed Perez.

It’s no secret Adrien Broner possesses something that tends to give plenty of fighters trouble and that’s speed. Perez will have to deal with it on fight night but he feels he’s prepared to deal with whatever Broner brings to the ring.

“I’ll just be prepared and have my experience come in. I’ve fought and sparred a lot of fast guys. I’ve sparred Mike Dallas [Jr]. I’ve fought Dannie Williams. So I’ve worked with a lot of fast guys” explained Perez. “I’m prepared for whatever Adrien Broner is going to bring. Like I said, he is the champ so I got to respect him”

Adrien Broner has seemed extremely confident going into this fight. Recently he even took to Twitter to taunt Perez directly and promised to put on a show on February 25th. It almost appears as if Broner might be underestimating his opponent but Perez thinks it’s something else.

“I don’t think he’s underestimating me, I think he’s scared sh*tless. I haven’t tried to fight him back or talk sh*t back to him. We’ve come face to face a lot, I kept my mouth shut and looked him straight in his eyes and there was no eye contact. So I think he’s scared but he would never admit it. But February 25th when we’re both in the ring, there’s no fear, there’s no words, it’s time to play” said the undefeated Salinas native.

Perez and his team plan to leave for St. Louis a week before the fight to get acclimated. This will be Perez’s first world title fight and first time appearing on HBO.


by Luis Sandoval

You can follow Luis Sandoval on Twitter @Truewest007. You can also tune in to The Boxing Lab, Boxingscene’s official audio show every Tuesday from 6-8PM PST with hosts Ernest Gabion, Luis Sandoval, and Ryan Burton.


NABO junior lightweight titlist Eloy “The Prince” Perez went through 10 hard rounds of sparring at King’s Gym of Oakland on Friday as he continues to prepare for his Feb. 25 challenge of Adrien “The Problem” Broner’s WBO 130-pound world title.

“Here at King’s Gym, it’s a good atmosphere,” said Perez, who is walking around at 138 pounds for the moment.  “It’s where champions are made, and come February 25th, I’m going to be prepared.”

Trainer Max Garcia and his son, Sam, worked Perez’ corner while’s 2011 Northern California Trainer of the Year Virgil Hunter counseled junior welterweight Mike Dallas Jr. and lightweight Stan Martyniouk, who did five rounds apiece with Perez.

Dallas, a boxer-puncher, and Martyniouk, who is more of a stylist, are both taller than the 5’6’’ Perez (23-0-2, 6 KOs), which is a similar situation he will face against Cincinnati’s Broner (22-0, 18 KOs), who has an inch on him.

Over the course of the 10 rounds, the order of the day for “The Prince” was the left hand, as the orthodox Perez displayed a strong jab as well as a very accurate counter hook that he employed in the pocket.

“We’re doing a little more boxing,” said the elder Garcia.  “The last few fights, he was having to go in there, and guys came in to fight, so he was happy to go in there and go at it.

“But now we’re using a little more movement, a little more feints, a little more angles, [and] making [our opponent] reach.  It’s that old Familton Boxing,” Garcia added, referring to the late Don Familton, Perez’ former trainer.

Perez, who traveled north from his usual home of Salinas to the Bay Area to hold camp, addressed his war of words with Broner, who has continued to direct disparaging remarks toward his foe.

“I’ve seen [Perez] in the press conference,” Broner told BoxingScene’s Jake Donovan on Friday. “He had a lot of fat under the chin.”

“It doesn’t bother me,” Perez responded.  “I saw the pictures on the press conference. I did look kind of fluffy, but I’m not fluffy. I’m always in shape. I’m always ready. But he’s a world champ.  I can’t underestimate him.  He’s done his job, and he’s done the dream, and now it’s my time to shine and take it from him.”

Broner-Perez is the co-feature to Devon Alexander’s welterweight scrap with Marcos Maidana, which will be televised on HBO and all take place at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.


By Ryan Maquiñana

WBO super featherweight champion Adrien Broner (22-0, 18KOs) is hoping to have a very active 2012. The unbeaten champion returns on February 25th and defends his belt against fellow unbeaten Eloy Perez (23-0-2, 7 KOs), in St. Louis. The fight will be televised on HBO as a co-feature to a welterweight clash between Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana. Broner wants to fight at least four times in the new year.

Andrew Williams, a co-promoter of Broner along with Golden Boy Promotions, told Cincinnati News that his Broner’s next fight after St. Louis will be back in Cincinnati in May.

“We’re looking to fight four times in ’12 – two on the road, two here,” Williams said. “HBO was very impressed with how we did here. It’s good that he’s staying active – he’s the kind of kid who needs to be in the ring. He loves to box. He’s a gym rat.”


By Edward Chaykovsky

Adrien Broner (22-0, 18 knockouts) is wasting no time getting back into the ring, now that he holds the World Boxing Organization belt at 130 pounds. He’s defending his junior lightweight title Feb. 25 against Eloy Perez (23-0-2, 7 knockouts), in St. Louis as the co-feature event with his close friend, Devon Alexander.

“It helps both of them,” said Broner’s father, Thomas. “And it’s on HBO again, so it’s in both their interest to fill the place up, and I think they will.”

Andrew Williams, a co-promoter of Broner along with Golden Boy Productions, said Broner’s next fight after St. Louis will be back in Cincinnati in May.

“We’re looking to fight four times in ’12 – two on the road, two here,” Williams said. “HBO was very impressed with how we did here” Nov. 26, when Broner won the vacated WBO title by knocking out Argentinian Martin Vicente Rodriguez in the third round at U.S. Bank Arena.

Williams said he expects Broner to have an especially big fight at the end of 2012, and that it will be in Cincinnati.

“It’s good that he’s staying active – he’s the kind of kid who needs to be in the ring. He loves to box. He’s a gym rat.”

And, apparently, Broner’s beginning to make a name for himself nationally.

Wrote senior boxing writer Dan Rafael recently:

“Broner has quickly polarized boxing fans … Some love his flashy, brash style …. Others despise it.”|head

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Adrien Broner told that he’s planning to make it an early night when he makes the first defense of his WBO belt against contender Eloy Perez Feb. 25 on an HBO-televised card.

“Don’t go and get no popcorn,” said Broner, THE RING’s No. 6-rated junior lightweight. “I can’t give you a round, but it can end early. It will end early.”

The main event will feature junior welterweight Devon Alexanderagainst Marcos Maidana in a show that has potential to land at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo. caught up to Broner on Friday at the Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C., where he was in attendance for Saturday night’s HBO-televised clash between Amir Khan (26-1, 18 KOs) and Lamont Peterson (29-1-1, 15 KOs).

In June, Broner (22-0, 18 KOs) dispatched of Jason Litzau dismantling him with 11 unanswered blows over the final 16 seconds of a first-round knockout victory in June. Prior to that, Broner had scored a unanimous 10-round decision over Mexican former WBO super bantamweight titlist Daniel Ponce de Leon in March.

In his last fight, Broner took only 1:43 to vanquish Martin Rodriguez (34-3-1, 19 KOs) for the WBO’s vacant belt in Broner’s hometown of Cincinnati on Nov. 26. Broner’s victory ended Rodriguez’s unbeaten streak at 13-0-1, with nine knockouts.

“That was okay,” said Broner of his victory over Rodriguez. “In this next fight, I’m going to have fun.”

THE RING’s No. 9 jr. lightweight, Perez (23-0-2, 7 KOs), who turned 25 on Oct. 25, was recently named NABO Fighter of the Year, and is coming off his second straight knockout, scored in the sixth round over Ira Terry (24-7-0, 14 KOs) on Oct. 28.

Prior to that, Perez came up with an impressive second-round knockout of Daniel Jimenez (20-4-1, 12 KOs), who had won three straight bouts before falling to Perez in their Solo Boxeo Tecate main event on Sept. 2.

Perez also has a victory over feared lightweight prospect Dannie Williams(19-1, 15 KOs), a winner of eight consecutive bouts, six of them by knockout, since being out-pointed by Perez in a thrilling 10-rounder in September of 2009.

Perez had been considered to face Broner for the vacant WBO 130-pound belt before facing Terry but the deal fell through, according to Perez’s manager, Kathy Garcia.

“It’s the styles. Perez tries to be somebody that I think that he’s not,” said Broner. “But at the end of the day, he’s a Mexican.”

What does that mean?

“Come on, man, I’m from Cincinnati, man,” said Broner. “I’m the flashy guy, man. It gets no better than this.”


by Lem Satterfield

Eloy Perez heads the list of potential opponents for newly crowned WBO junior lightweight champ Adrien Broner.

The proposed fight would occur on Feb. 25 in St. Louis on the undercard of Devon Alexander vs. Marcos Maidana, a deal which is all but completed.

“Negotiations are in progress right now,” said Max Garcia, who shares training duties of Perez with Dean Familton. “They’re working hard on it, and once it’s signed.  we’ll be ready to go Feb. 25th.  Eloy’s ready and we’re due for something like this.”

Perez and Broner were in serious talks two months ago to fight for the 130-pound strap vacated by Ricky Burns of Scotland, but the two sides could never agree.  Broner ended up getting the opportunity, stopping Vicente Rodriguez in his hometown of Cincinnati last Nov. 26.

Perez scored a technical knockout of his own in his adopted hometown of Salinas against Ira Terry on Oct. 28, but now comes to the table as a challenger this time around.  Both fighters are promoted by Golden Boy.

“Last time, we were supposed to fight Broner, but it was in his backyard and we weren’t getting a fair enough offer,” Garcia added.  “Then there was a counter-offer in San Jose, but Oscar [De La Hoya] himself called it off because he wanted Eloy to get a title and unify it with Broner to make it a bigger fight.”

Now Broner has the belt, and Team Perez can wait no longer; they want a title shot now.

“We want to fight the best, and Adrien Broner’s the champ,” Garcia said.  “It doesn’t necessarily means he’s the best, he just has the title.  Eloy will show he’s the best come the 25th of February.  It’s going to be a war, and he better be ready to stand and fight.  Like my lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army said on a sign in front of his office almost 40 years ago, ‘You’re Here to Fight, and Don’t You Forget It.’ “


By Ryan Maquiñana

THE RING’s No. 6-rated junior lightweight Adrien Broner will make the first defense of his WBO belt against the magazine’s No. 9-rated contender Eloy Perez on a Feb. 28 HBO-televised card.

Both fighters have signed and agreed to the fight.

The main event will feature former WBC/IBF junior welterweight titleholder and THE RING’s No. 4-rated 140 pounder Devon Alexanderagainst No. 3-rated Marcos Maidana, has learned.

The 22-year-old Broner (22-0, 18 knockouts) took only 1:43 to vanquish Martin Rodriguez (34-3-1, 19 KOs) for the WBO’s vacant belt in Broner’s hometown of Cincinnati on Nov. 26. Broner’s victory ended Rodriguez’s unbeaten streak at 13-0-1, with nine knockouts.

In June, Broner dispatched of Jason Litzau dismantling him with 11 unanswered blows over the final 16 seconds of a first-round knockout victory in June. Prior to that, Broner had scored a unanimous 10-round decision triumph over southpaw Mexican former WBO super bantamweight titlist Daniel de Leon in March, winning all but one round on the card of judge Tony Crebs, who scored it in his favor, 99-91.

Perez (23-0-2, 7 KOs), who turned 25 on Oct. 25, was recently named NABO Fighter of the Year, and is coming off his second straight knockout, scored in the sixth round over Ira Terry (24-7-0, 14 KOs) on Oct. 28.

Prior to that, Perez came up with an impressive second-round knockout of Daniel Jimenez (20-4-1, 12 KOs), who had won three straight bouts before falling to Perez in their Solo Boxeo Tecate main event on Sept. 2.

Perez also has a victory over feared lightweight prospect Dannie Williams(19-1, 15 KOs), a winner of eight consecutive bouts, six of them by knockout, since being out-pointed by Perez in a thrilling 10-rounder in September of 2009.

Perez had been considered to face Broner for the vacant WBO 130-pound belt before facing Terry but the deal fell through, according to Perez’s manager, Kathy Garcia.

In the main event, the hard-hitting, 28-year-old Maidana (31-2, 27 KOs) is coming off fourth-round knockout of Peter Petrov (29-3-1, 13 KOs) in September.

The triumph over Petrov was Maidana’s second straight win since rising from a first-round knockdown during a unanimous decision loss to WBA/IBF junior welterweight beltholder Amir Khan(26-1, 18 KOs) last December.

The 24-year-old Alexander (22-1, 13 KOs) lost his WBC junior welterweight belt following an 11th-round technical decision loss to Timothy Bradley(27-0, 11 KOs) in January.

But Alexander has bounced back with a 10-round decision win over hard-hitting RING No. 5-rated junior welterweight Lucas Mathysse(28-2, 26 KOs) of Argentina in June.

Prior to facing Bradley, Alexander struggled through a decision over former titleholder Andriy Kotelnik in August of 2009, and claimed that extreme weight loss contributed to what he considers to have been less-than-stellar efforts against Kotelnik, Bradley and Matthysse.

Kotelnik scored a split-decision victory over Maidana in Febraury of 2007

The Boxing Lab show welcomed newly crowned WBO super featherweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (22-0) to their most recent edition of’s official audio show.  Fighting in front of his hometown fans in Cincinnati, Broner knocked out Vicente Martin Rodriguez (34-3-1) in the third round of their title fight that took place this past Saturday.
The super featherweight division is void of star power.  Broner’s weight class is sandwiched between the featherweight division which features fighters such as Yuriorkis Gamboa, Juan Manuel Lopez, Chris John and Orlando Salido and the lightweight division that has name fighters like Brandon Rios, Juan Manuel Lopez (if he moves back down in weight) and Erik Morales who informed the The Boxing Lab that he is going to drop down in weight. 
Broner said that getting down to the super featherweight limit isn’t hard for him and that he could make featherweight if need be.  The Cincinnati native said that he would prefer to move up in weight versus moving down. 
“I make 130 easy. I was eating steak and potatoes and I still made weight easy,” said Broner.  “I could go down but why?  I would rather fight where I am comfortable or I could move up to 135 or 140. I would definitely rather move up than move down.”
Lightweight kingpin Brandon Rios would probably be the biggest challenge between 126-135 that Broner could possibly face.  Broner praised Rios but said that he and his team would be able to come up with a plan to ensure victory over the undefeated Mexican-American brawler.
“Fighting Brandon Rios would be fun. That would be a fun night. Probably one of the best nights of my career. He is great. He is rugged and he brings a lot of power. If that fight were to happen I would have a game plan for him and I would show the world how I would handle him too.”

By Ryan Burton


El boxeador estadounidense Adrien Broner noqueó en tres rounds al argentino Vicente Rodríguez, para adjudicarse el título de peso superpluma de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo (OMB), el sábado en Cincinnati, EE.UU.

Broner impuso su poder de puños al conectar una combinación de golpes y un gancho de zurda a la mandíbula del argentino para dejarlo fuera de combate a los 1:43 minutos del tercer round.

De esta manera, Broner dejó su registro en 22-0, con 18 fueras de combate, mientras que Rodríguez vio caer su marca a 34-3-1, con 18 nocáuts.

In a night filled with devastating knockouts, none was no more valuable than Adrien Broner’s as he won his first world title, the WBO junior lightweight championship, Saturday night at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. Broner, who is now 20-0 with 18 KOs, drove WBO # 6 Martin Rodriguez (34-3-1, 18 KOs) between the ropes with a crushing left hook, with referee Frank Garza reaching the count of ten at 1:47 in the third round.

Broner maintained his composure throughout the contest against the constant pressure from Rodriguez. “The guy came out there fighting and I want to thank Martin for coming here tonight. I am going to keep going forward on those things that need work.”

The new champion spent the early moments of the bout trying to figure out the swarming Rodriguez, staying at a safe distance, while establishing his jab. Broner unloaded the quick 1-2 on a couple of occasions in the first round, but the pressure from his opponent kept him on the retreat, while rolling his left shoulder to defend against the wild, looping overhand right hands coming his way. The second round had Rodriguez continuing to force the action as he pressed Broner against the ropes, again trying to land one big right hand shot. It was in between those bursts though, that Broner showed a composure that was far more mature than the 22 year old champ’s age, now the second youngest in boxing. Broner effectively used the shoulder roll and a parrying left hand to keep a majority of the wild shots from causing him harm.

Broner attempted the right uppercut on many occasions during the contest and it was in the third that the high risk power shot began to find a home on Rodriguez’ chin. When asked by Fightnews if that was something he worked on in training camp or something that he saw as the bout started, Broner answered, “I don’t watch any tape on fighters I am facing. I see what is in front of me in the ring on fight night and then adjust my game plan from there.”

Rodriguez continued the constant pressure to start the third, but as the round progressed, the counter-shots that Broner was firing in return were landing more frequently. About midway through the round, Rodriguez bull-rushed Broner into a corner, throwing both hands with abandon. Broner calmly leaned against the turnbuckles, dodging some of the punches and deflecting others. Sometime during this flurry, Broner landed a punch that bloodied the Argentinian fighter’s nose and he backed away, breathing heavily from his mouth. The champion quickly turned the tables and forced his opponent into a corner, picking his shots carefully. An opportunity flashed before him and Broner landed a lightning-quick left hook. Rodriguez appeared to not see the punch coming and it caught him flush, dropping him between the third and fourth ropes, and he sat there in disbelief with referee Frank Garza counting over him. Garza reached ten and Broner first danced in celebration, then dropped to his knees as the enormity of the moment weighed upon him.

(From Left to Right) Pro-debuting middleweight prospect Chris Pearson, undefeated lightweight prospect DeVonte Allen, undefeated number one rated WBO junior lightweight contender Adrien Broner, undefeated featherweight prospect Brandon Bennett and undefeated junior welterweight William Jackson pose on November 22, 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the final press conference for their November 26, 2011 fights when Pearson will face Steven Chadwick, Allen will face Salvador Perez, Broner will face number six rated WBO junior lightweight contender Martin Rodriguez for the vacant WBO Junior Lightweight World Title, Bennett will face an opponent to be determined and Jackson will face Juan Garcia at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati with Broner vs. Rodriguez being televised live on HBO’s Boxing After Dark. Photos by Mark Zerof/Hoganphotos.