WBO World Champion Sho Kimura returns to Japan following Thai training camp

In just over 2 weeks we’ll see the highly anticipated WBO Flyweight world title match up between defending champion Sho Kimura (17-1-2, 10) [木村翔] mandatory challenger Kosei Tanaka (11-0, 7) [田中恒成].

For the last 2 weeks Kimura has been taking part in a Thai training camp, doing 4 minute rounds and working incredibly hard on improving his stamina. He was not only sparring with top Thai talent but also Japanese Flyweight champion Masayuki Kuroda (30-7-3, 16) [黒田 雅之] .

Today the world champion returned to Japan, ending the training camp in Thailand, and he has no injuries despite a lot of intensive and hard sparring.

Despite ending his Thai camp the fighter has certainly not finished his preparation for Tanaka and stated that he would be back in the gym to focus on sparring and weight loss. It seems clear the the rest of his training will see him further working on developing the game plan to defeat Tanaka, with his stamina and mental toughness being a big part of that game plan.

(Image courtesy of boxmob.jp)