WBO Jr. Welterweight Mandatory Championship Contest José Ramírez vs. Jack Catterall Negotiation Ltr.

Luis Batista Salas, Esq.
WBO Championship Committee

August 6th 2019


Re: WBO Jr. Welterweight Mandatory Championship Contest
Jose Ramirez vs. Jack Catterall

Please be advised that on Tuesday, July 8th 2019, the WBO World Championship
Committee issued via email official sanction letter for the WBO & WBC Jr. Welterweight
Unification Championship Contest between Mr. Maurice Hooker and Mr. Jose Ramirez.
Accordingly, the aforementioned letter was duly notified via email to Top Rank, Inc, on
behalf of Mr. Ramirez and Rocnation Sports, and Matchroom Boxing, on behalf of Mr.
Hooker, respectively. Furthermore, it set forth the provision that the winner must face
within 120-days after the bout (Hooker vs. Ramirez), the Mandatory Challenger to be
designated by the WBO World Championship Committee. Moreover, said provision was to be confirmed and acknowledged by both participants.

On the same day (July 8th 2019), Mr. Carl Moretti of Top Rank, Inc., confirmed and
acknowledged via email on behalf of Mr. Jose Ramirez, the established conditions set
forth in the foregoing letter. On Saturday, July 27th 2019, Mr. Ramirez won the WBO Jr.
Welterweight Championship Title defeating Mr. Maurice Hooker via Technical Knockout (TKO) in round six (6), and consequently, triggering the foregoing provision.

In light of the above, the parties have thirty (30) days upon receipt of this letter to
negotiate and reach an agreement regarding the WBO Jr. Welterweight Championship
Contest between champion Mr. Jose Ramirez, and mandatory challenger Mr. Jack
Catterall. If an accord is not reached within the time frame set forth herein, a Purse Bid
will be ordered pursuant with the WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests.

The minimum acceptable bid for the WBO Jr. Welterweight Division is $150,000.00 (One
Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars). Any of the parties involved may request a purse bid
procedure at any time during the negotiation process.

Yours truly,

Luis Batista Salas, Esq.

Cc: Francisco Valcárcel, Esq.
Carl Moretti/Top Rank
Andy Ayling/Queensberry Promotions