Vacant WBO World Jr. Bantamweight Clash: Ioka and Palicte go face to face at signing ceremony

Next Wednesday in Japan Kazuto Ioka (23-2, 13) [井岡一翔] and Aston Palicte (25-2-1, 21) will fight for the WBO Jr. Bantamweight title in Chiba. Today, ahead of their bout, the two men went face to face as they both took part in a signing ceremony for the bout.

The event saw both men talk to the press and fans in attendance and, unsurprisingly, both men talked up their chances.

Ioka stated that he had not major impression form Palicte, and had prepared to face him, realizing the Filipino is no push over.

Palicte, on the other hand, praised Ioka as a former champion but added that he had practiced hard, wanted to win and wanted to entertain, whilst coming across as incredibly confident and self assured.

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