Narvaez: I’m going to surprise them

Narvaez spoke briefly about his upcoming challenge of WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire on October 22nd at MSG’s WaMu Theater in New York City. Although Narvaez is boxing’s longest reigning world champion having held titles at 112 or 115 since 2002 and he made 16 defenses of his WBO flyweight title alone, he is given little chance to win by most pundits, but that doesn’t bother Narvaez at all.

“I know that I am the underdog for this fight. These are the kind of fights that I want to be in because this will bring out the best in me. It would have been nice if we could have fought when we both were world champions at 112 pounds but that is not the case. Everyone is going to find out that I too am fast and strong, as well. I’m going to surprise a lot of people October 22nd. I’m coming to bring those titles back to Argentina,” promised Narvaez as the large crowd at Luna Park Stadium erupted in a roar of support.