Marquez Threat: I’ll KO Pacman

Mexican challenger Juan Marquez told your returning Counterman he’ll go for a knockout against defending champ Manny Pacquiao in their Nov. 12th titular World Boxing Organization showdown at MGM’s Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

“Nothing like beating Marquez decisively with Pacquiao’s speed,” said trainer Freddie Roach.

“This is to settle what’s bugging Juan Manuel after failing to beat the Pacman twice,” the American trainer stressed.

Speed has been Manny’s chief asset as we’ve repeatedly noted.

A calculating puncher like Manny will be in his usual side-to-side movements, unloading neat yet deadly combos when needed and

always looking for openings to drop his bombs.

Expect a hell of a brawl as the long-running telenovela winds up

in climactic finish at the Grand.

To clarify contrasting claims on “D’ Brawl,” I sought and got, the Mexican’s thoughts on the Filipino idol.

C: If a knockout of Manny Pacquiao is being worked out ‘fast and furious’ by Team Marquez, isn’t that limiting your chances of beating the pound-for-pound champ, since he can get you in more ways than the one you have in mind?

JMM: I am not sure I understand the question, but yes I will seek a knockout in this fight.

C: Without revealing plans for Pacman’s KO, what can the fans expect in this fight?

JMM: This third fight is just like the first two–closely-fought and very much a war.

C: Pacquiao is seen as the fighter gaining a knockout coup since the agreed catch-weight (144lbs) tips the balance in his favor being a natural welterweight, right?

JMM: Again, it is not about the size, it is about the mind and style. I have also knocked out bigger guys at 135 pounds. The smarter, best-conditioned fighter will win this fight.

C: You’ve had that problem when you first ventured into

the welterweight class against Floyd Mayweather Jr?

JMM: I think everyone has problems with FMJr. He is a very defensive fighter and will not engage. This makes for boring fights.

C: In your twin failures with the boxing congressman, you went down four times. What’s your take on claims that Manny will put you to bed early, what with his power-bombs as a full-sized welterweight?

JMM: We will both find out on Nov. 12 on how easy or how hard it will be for him to beat me or even try to beat me. We both know who won the first two fights and who got the decision. This third fight is a whole new chapter. The first two fights are history, let’s see what happens in the present.”

So there!

We’ll feature Manny’s side next week, assuming he ain’t that busy attending to the needs of his Canadian advisor on hygienic concerns.