Liam Smith: I don’t think any 154 will bully me around the ring


By Jeff Zimmerman
Photos: Robert Hughes

On how he feels fighting on the big stage, AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys – Very good. Not every fighter is asked to be on one that I was asked to be on. I am going to show why I was asked to fight in a fight of this magnitude.

On being the “road” fighter to Canelo’s home crowd advantage in Texas – He said this is his 2nd home, but I can’t wait. I can draw some fans from this fight myself once I beat Canelo Alvarez.

If he learned anything from Canelo’s KO of Amir Khan – I don’t really take anything from that fight. Canelo attitude was I am going to land sooner than later. That’s the way he went about his business in the fight looking for that one perfect shot. He went under and one did land and the fight was over. His reaction was about time. I don’t take no fear from the shot that knocked Amir out.

His motivation in this fight – I need no more motivation than what I have already drawn from my family. If I can’t get up for a fight with Canelo Alvarez then I don’t deserve to be at that level. 

On how the fight may go – I think the fact is, if both of us come to fight, who’s ever winning the fight will carry on fighting and the other one will have to change and try to outbox so, like I said I am coming to fight. If it’s not working, I am not worried, if it doesn’t work I will outbox Canelo. Believe me I am coming to fight, I’m confident it will work.

Comfortable in going toe to toe with Canelo – Yea, very. I’m comfortable size at 154 to go with anyone at 154. I don’t think any 154 will bully me around the ring.

Anticipated weight fight night – Every fight, I have been getting in around 172. So I will say it again, weight will not be a factor. You tell me now if Canelo comes in at 175, one of the guys over there is going to tell me he comes in at 180. I don’t believe it all to be honest with you anyway. I think he probably comes in 175, 176. But whether he does or comes in at 180, I’m comfortable in myself at 172. Whatever he comes in, he comes in. It won’t play a factor in the outcome of the fight.

Advantages over Canelo – I just think I got things that can draw on his negatives. He’s not defensively the best fighter. His non-punching hand is not very good. He doesn’t throw a left and he keep his right hand on his chin. Little things like that. For a long time, he has not fought a fighter who will take a gamble with him and take risks with him. Cotto tried to, but he’s just too small of a man.

Canelo possibly sleeping on his deceptive power – Trust me, yes I am confident in my power. I am confident that if I fight any super welterweight, you will get a reaction, they will feel it. I got enough power to stop anyone.

On feeling comfortable coming to America for this fight – I’m very comfortable with the American surroundings. I have been to America numerous times. I think I have been here 10 or 11 times in the last two to three years. I go to the Wild Card Gym twice a year. I went to San Francisco to spar Amir Khan for the Canelo fight. I have been to New York, I have been all over, Vegas obviously. So if anything Dallas just checked another box that I haven’t been.

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