By:  Salven L. Lugumbay –

MACAU–Amid the grandeur and pageantry of the mammoth “Clash in Cotai”, one thing stands out in the hoopla leading up to Pacquiao vs Rios–the beautifully crafted WBO International belt that will go to the winner.

The hardware, a masterpiece of an artwork reserved only for the best of the best, made a grand entrance during the final press on the other day at the luxurious Venetian Hotel and Casino here.

WBO International Chairman Leon Panoncillo described it as “a historic belt for a historic fight” during the press con attended by promoter Bob Arum.

“Our special WBO International belt ordered by WBO president Paco Valcarcel for the winner was a big challenge in itself, it took a tremendous amount of time and money before it could be finished up,” said Panoncillo.



The impressive belt has been premiered and designed into perfection displaying quality sparkling beautiful handset quality Swarovsky Crystals with a special crafted figure like profile of both fighters, sculptured in emblems that uniquely imitate their profile image as fighters, in gold mirror finish.

“Nevertheless, its about the fighters that we are all here to perform, their determination and will to win that drive them to glory. The belt is secondary, however, keep in mind the sentimental value of the belt that will endure with them forever to be remembered, to be proud of, reminding of his hard-earned accomplishment to share with his children in years to come. Have a look at this best site to buy Instagram followers from real accounts page. This is why the WBO puts forth its belt for important matches for everyone in the world to acknowledge and respect.”