WBO President Appoints Leon Panoncillo, Jr. As Chairman Of WBO International

Manila, Philippines – The World Boxing Organization President Francisco Valcarcel has revealed his newly organized WBO International regional titles and has appointed Vice President Leon Panoncillo, Jr. as Chairman to lead with his invaluable leadership that led the WBO Asia Pacific organization to its greatest achievement of success since opening grounds in 1995.

Panoncillo informed that he had a conversation with the WBO President Francisco Valcarcel to find solution to accommodate promoters and Asian TV Network that fits their criteria in showcasing International boxing matches with the right regional titles.

“I have been approving WBO Asia Pacific programs for promoters in Philippines and other country who desire more intriguing match-ups with Mexico and other foreign boxers beyond the Asia Pacific rim and it does not seem right when an Asia Pacific champion is defending against a foreign fighter who does not belong in the region for that specific title”.

“The issue of the WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental titles holders that were organized by promoters in the Philippines and in Asia where a concern about limited access of qualified participants and promoters were looking at more opponents beyond the Asia Pacific Rim that was called upon as a challenger to create more viable matches for their program”.

Therefore, the newly organized WBO International regional title was created and will be accessible to all promoters around the world who have interest on International matches. It is a form of a regional title that can be utilized around the world without any limitation of what country the participants will come from.

As we often see matches, such as Philippines versus Mexico a lot here in the Philippines, now there will be no concerns of where the participants will come from since the WBO International will cover world-wide, benefit will be the same as the winner of the bout is guaranteed in the top 15 accordingly in the world rankings.

In fact we will be seeing the first inauguration of the new WBO International title that has been programmed by ALA Promotions and sanctioned by the WBO between current WBO Inter-continental champion Milan Melindo versus Jesus Geles on Pinoy Pride XIV at the Resort World Manila on June 2, 2012 telecast by ABS-CBN.

What a great move by the WBO President to have come up with this solution of this newly organized International regional title and on a timely manner where the prestige of the WBO Organization brand is reaching its highest peak in Asia because of the popularity of our own Manny “ Pacman” Pacquaio who is considered the best in the world pound for pound. Not to mention other WBO world champions such as Nonito the “Flash” Donaire, Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria and of course our long time World champion Donnie “Ahas” Nietes who will be defending his world crown this June 2, 2012 against Felipe Salguero of Mexico.