WBO Drug-Free Program Set to Kick Off Jan. 29

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) through its president Francisco ‘Paco’ Valcarcel and Asia Pacific chairman Leon Panoncillo has announced that this year’s WBO Drug Free event will take place in Mandaue City with its opening program set for January 28.

The program is a yearly WBO activity aimed at taking the youth off drugs and giving them an avenue to get involved in sports rather than see themselves get into vices.

For this year, a basketball tournament is being organized by the WBO among the youth in Mandaue City, with the winning team and runners up getting special prizes from the WBO.

“The WBO is reaching out to the youth in the poor neighborhood with our outreach program. A tournament will be held not just for one day but for a month, this program will take them off the street and into the court,” said WBO Asia Pacific Chairman Leon Panoncillo, who announced that members of the winning team will each get a bicycle as their prize.

WBO’s multi-awarded manager and promoter Sammy Gello-ani has already laid the groundworks for the said activity, and has gathered the teams that will participate in the month-long tournament.

“We will send a message to parents to remind their kids to stay off drugs.. Our message will surely be heard throughout Asia. The generosity of our president not only will help feed the children but to give them something to look forward to in winning a grand prize which every student or youth would surely would want which is a bicycle that they could use as source of transportation to school. The first and second runner up will also receive chool goods and supplies. This is surely something to strive for.” — RAQUEL SILVA