We don’t disappoint, says Ambunda

PAULUS ‘The Rock’ Ambunda believes that Namibians have become accustomed to seeing local boxers win, a trend that will continue on November 5.

Speaking at a press conference in Windhoek yesterday, the WBO Africa bantamweight champion promised to defeat challenger Bongani Mahlangu from South Africa in order to keep his supporters happy and defend his title for the sixth time.
Ambunda said he was confident that stablemates Bethuel ‘Tyson’ Uushona and Wilberfoce ‘Force’ Shihepo, who are undercard highlights, would back up his sentiments with victories of their own.
“We always do good,”Ambunda said of himself and his compatriots.
“The supporters come to see us because we give them good results. This time we will give them good results as always.”
Ushoona is set to battle Ghanaian powerhouse Francis Gakpetor in a welterweight eight-round bout, while ‘Force’ faces Johannes Peiterson from South Africa in the super-middleweight class, also over eight rounds.
Fight promoter Nestor Tobias echoed Ambunda’s comments, saying the fighters thrived on the support of their followers.
“People want to watch good boxing and these guys perform when there is a big crowd supporting them,” he said. “We have to keep grooming them to become more attractive to the public.”
Tobias also used the platform to have a go at the Namibia Sport Awards selectors, whom he believes have failed to recognise his efforts and those of his boxers.
Former world lightweight champion Paulus Moses and Jafet Uutoni are the only nominees from boxing that made the cut.
The pair are vying against Welwitschias captain Jacques Burger, triathlete Abrahm Louw, shooter Gielie van Wyk and cricket’s Craig Williams for the Sportsman of the Year Award.
“I’m being acknowledged internationally but locally I’m not there. I’m not saying my name should be there but we have good administration in boxing also. There are many good coaches, judges and boxers who have performed well over the last year.”