Five persons designated by the President will constitute the Complaints and Grievance Committee. They may, but need not be, members of the Executive Committee.


Of the five members of the Committee, one designated by the President will exercise the function of Chairman. The Chairman and all other members of the Committee serve at the pleasure of, and are subject to removal by the President of the WBO.


Any Appeal, Complaint, or Grievance (hereinafter referred to as a “Complaint”) shall be submitted in writing to the President. Any WBO participant may submit a Complaint. The President is authorized to attempt to resolve any such Complaint by alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiation or mediation. If, after ten (10) days of attempting methods of alternative resolution, the President determines such methods of alternative dispute resolution will not fully and finally resolve the Complaint, he shall submit such Complaint for determination to the Complaints and Grievance Committee.

All such Complaints shall:

a) Be presented in writing and directed to the President, with the identification of the interested party, including the names, surnames, domicile, nationality and the address of the place where will be made the relevant notices. This identification shall include the complete telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and mailing address of the WBO participant or participants submitting the Complaint or sought to be affected by the Complaint, and the same information for any representative. If the President determines that a WBO participant other than the Complainant is interested in the subject matter of the Complaint, the President may forward a copy of the Complaint to such interested WBO participant and require that such interested WBO participant take part in and be bound by the process of the Complaint. Said interested Participant shall file a written Appearance, which will include the complete telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and mailing address of the interested WBO participant and any representative.

b) Contain a clear and specific summary of the Complaint, reasons and arguments upon which it is based, with a clear statement of the relief that the Complainant is seeking.

c) Shall have attached clear and legible copies of all the documents, contracts, instruments, reports, tests, precedents or other materials relevant to the Complaint, and shall indicate clearly the provision of the WBO constitution, by-law, rule or regulation the Complainant considers relevant to the resolution of the Complaint.

d) Submitted in English or Spanish.

e) Any Complaint must be filed as soon as reasonable after learning of a dispute and in no event shall be filed later than 14 days after the occurrence of the event that gives rise to the complaint.


Upon receipt of the Complaint, the Chairman will confer by teleconference with the WBO Participants interested in the Complaint to determine a schedule for submittals and assembly for hearing. The hearing may be conducted by live hearing, by teleconference, or by written submittals only, in the discretion of the Chairman. The format for the hearing shall be designated by the Chairman and communicated to all participants within 10 days. In the event that live testimony is received, either by live hearing or teleconference, it shall be recorded in such manner as the Chairman determines, including by court reporter, by tape recorder, or by notations by the Chairman. The Chairman will attempt to have as many members of the Committee hear the testimony as is practical, but a committee member need not be present for testimony to participate in the decision of the Committee. The Chairman will close the hearing as soon as practical, and will prepare a summary of the testimony, documents, contracts, instruments, reports, tests, the Complaint and arguments of the interested WBO Participants for each of the members of the committee, and shall transmit a copy of said summary to each such member and the President. The Committee will render its decision as soon as practicable, and not later than ten (10) business days after close of the hearing or thirty (30) days after referral of the Complaint from the President.


The decisions of the Complaint and Grievance Committee will be issued in writing, through the vote, of the majority of its members. The Chairman shall transmit this decision to the WBO Participants at the addresses, fax numbers and/or e-mail address as identified in the Complaint and any Appearances filed by any other interested WBO Participants.


All the activities of the Complaint and Grievance Committee, recommendations and relevant conclusions, will be reported to the Annual General Assembly of the Organization. The Chairman will be available at the request of the President to report on the activities of the Committee. The Chairman will prepare an annual report to the President of the activities of the committee to be presented to the Executive Committee at the WBO Convention.


The decision of the Complaint and Grievance Committee is final unless an appeal is granted pursuant to this Article. In the sole discretion of the President, a decision of the Complaint and Grievance Committee may be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the WBO. This extraordinary review may be ordered by the President upon the independent decision of the President after receipt and consideration of a written Appeal by a WBO Participant affected by the decision within five (5) days following the date of the decision. The effect of a decision of the Complaint and Grievance Committee will not be affected by an Appeal unless the President determines to stay the decision pending Appeal.


If the President determines that an Appeal of a decision of the Complaint and Grievance Committee will be heard by the Executive Committee, copies of the Complaint, the Appearances, the Record before the Complaint and Grievance Committee and any other document or item deemed relevant by the President will be submitted by the President to each member of the Executive Committee, in such a manner as the President determines is necessary to permit due consideration by the Executive Committee of the issues presented by the Appeal. The Appeal will then be determined as a resolution of the WBO.


These Rules and Regulations may be modified or amended in accordance with the Constitution and By Laws of the World Boxing Organization. All provisions of these Rules are subject to, and shall be interpreted and enforced as consistent with, the Professional Boxing Safety Act, Title 15 Chapter 89 Sections 6301 et. seq., and any other Federal statute or regulation in force and as amended from time to time.